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Please be sure to sit out there, all you guests, and not log in. Oh, do lurk. We enjoy the lack of activity. It's so wonderful for the forum. Thank you soooo much for your dedication. Welcome to Bleach Online. We currently have lots of Elite spots open for the Quincy, Humans, Hollow, Zanpakutou Spirits. Plus Lieutenant, Fracciōn, and Vice-Elite spots open for all races. Don't be shy, and come on down and register.

The site is currently going through a Revamp. So certain things will slow down, such as application responses. However, once we have our revamp over, the site will return to its familiar luster. Just hold with us for a moment as we implement new rules and features to the site. This Revamp is expected to begin on 5/1/10 and shall conclude on 5/20/10. It will take a full ten days at least for the first half to conclude on account of size of staff and school.
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 General Rules

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Tokujoro Seizen Το Κτήνος


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PostSubject: General Rules   Sat Oct 25, 2008 6:07 pm

Common Rules:

Rule 1. All posts you create involving Death, blood, gore, ect. are welcomed. Bleach Online is a forum intended for audiences ages Thirteen and up, and therefore should be treated as such

Rule 2. Members who hold Elite positions that are not active will be removed from that position unless they have notified an Admin that they would be gone for the alloted time, or they post that they will be gone in the Absence Section

Rule 3. Actions of the Forum's Moderators and Members can be argued, restricted or stopped by the Forum Admins. No Questions asked, The Admins are of the highest amongst the staff.

Rule 4. There shall be NO rude actions, insulting posts, flaming Posts/Personal Messages or any other sort of fight against the Admins-- or any other member of the Bleach Online communtiy. Since this rule is not a guaranteed enforcement a punishment rule has been establish. This is Common Rule # 10.

Rule 5. We do NOT tolerate multiple posting/spam. Any examples will be deleted. Multiple posting may only be allowed in the Other Section of the Forum. It is also allowed during Training and during Missions (Only if you are by yourself.).

Rule 6. The Avatar of the character should represent the description posted within the template AND the way the character is described in posts. The Avatar Limit is 200 x 200 so try to size down large ones so that other members will not lag.

Rule 7. Members who have two characters in one topic must keep the interaction between the two as short as possible, if not there should be none. Huge interactions will count as multiple posting and will be disregarded and deleted.

Rule 8. You must remain in only one place at all times UNLESS you have a Zanpaktou that produces a clone. In this case there may only be one clone and it will NOT fight with anyone else. If the clone is attacked it will be killed immediately and any effect will be disregarded.

Rule 9. Personal lives and Internet lives should be kept as seperate as possible. We all have good days, and we all have bad days, please accept it. If someone is having a bad day, understand it. If yu are having a bad day, hpe someone understands, if they don't, do not whine about it.

Game Rules:

Rule 1. Your character should act like how he/she is described within their character template. If they are a Confident know it all, Do NOT make them look like a Shy, inconfident person.

Rule 2. You cannot just kill another character just like that, be detailed - phrases like "I came and stabbed him in the head" will be ignored and deleted.

Rule 3. You cannot describe other character's actions.

Rule 4. If a member wasn't on the forum for 2 days, it's allowed to described his/hers character's minor actions aka traveling with a group of characters he/she is with, also your allowed to control his actions in battle if he/she isn't available.

Rule 5. Don't create superheroes, it's going to be boring to play (Everyone can do it so why?).

Rule 6. You cannot do 100 actions at the same time in one post. Limit actions to under 5 *attack or defense wise*

Rule 7. Play logically - If your character can't clone him/her, he/she cannot be in two places at the same time. (meaning, you are not to be in two topics at a time)

Rule 8. Be patient. Not everyone can sit on the computer all day - wait for other characters to reply.

Rule 9. If you're going to be absent more then 10 days, you should write it in the Absence topic or report to administration, and preferably act out your character's disappearance.

Rule 10. You can make your own group in the game -PROVIDED- you recruit ten neutral people.

Rule 11. If you are a scientist, to make an invention you must have 100 points.

Rule 12. You can not have more than two chars of the same race, organization, or rank. *Leaders, Scientists*

Rule 13. After the second char, all ranks must be gained rp wise, there is no instant approval of elite ranks. For Shinigami you start at 4th and work up, post count for bankai and such must be gained as well for after the second char.

Rule 14. No more than 2 Elite Char's of viable rank, *Captain and Espada*

Rule 15. All weapons must be approved before you enter a topic. If you enter a topic before it is approved, you can not use it in that topic. The same gos for tec's, new abilities, and inventions.

Rule 16. If you are inactive, your account is deactivated. Meaning you have to re-register. Your character counts as dead. Meaning if you where the old Captain Commander, and you lose activeness, then once you are demoted, you have to re-register. Losing a rank battle however, does not apply to a deactivation of an account or that chars powers. So if you want to keep your power, we suggest you maintain activeness.

Post Rules:

Rule 1. Your messages must be at least 1-3 full sentences or 5 lines long.

Rule 2. Only write in third person's point of view, writing in full sentances, astericks aren't tolerated.

Rule 3. Your message should contain actions, thoughts and speech of your character
Your character's thoughts are to be written in italics.
Speech and dialogs are to be written in bold.

Rule 4. You must always write where did you come from and to what topic you're going to go.

Advertising Rules:
Rule 1. Free advertising was banned, please read the Affiliate rules

While playing on this forum, you automatically agree to read these rules and not to break them, respect the administration and other members
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PostSubject: Re: General Rules   Mon Nov 30, 2009 6:38 am

Rules For Getting an Elite position:

1. You are only allowed to two Elite positions, if you make a third account, there will be no way you can get another elite spot unless you kill one elite character and the account is deleted.

2. To gain an Elite position, please fill out the RP sample on your character sheet.

3. Do not ask an admin/mod for Elite rights and to be put into Elite Position, unless they are the Race leader.
Only Ask the Race Leaders(exception: there is not a race leader at the time)

4. "The Early Bird Catches the worm" this means the one to ask for the spot first, gets it, so do not get angry with any race leaders/mods/admins if you tried for a spot later then another.

5. Reservations are up to the race leaders, this means if you want a reservation you must ask the race leader, if they say no do not throw a fit.

6. We are trying to establish a fun environment, so please don't go begging for positions, it will only make the race leader more annoyed with you.

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Zeroshin Hakura


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PostSubject: Re: General Rules   Thu Dec 24, 2009 6:40 pm

Here are the rules that apply to the chat box:

By using the chatbox not only are you agreeing to the Terms of Service provided by Forumotion but also to the Terms of Service for this Forum. That said here are the chatbox rules.

1. No flaming. Absolutely none. If you are caught flaming on the chatbox you will be banned for a day.

2. Respect each other. Meaning, No more insults. Period. Messing around is one thing, among friends insults fly and everyone laughs, however the moment it turns serious, and actual insults like "bitch, asshole, etc etc" will no longer be tolerated. If you are told to cease and desist by a staff member you do what your told. No questions, no arguement. You listen. You don't listen? You get banned for a day.

3. Listening to Staff Members. When a staff member tells you to do something, YOU DO IT. In the terms of service it states
Quote :

Players agree to follow all administrator requests and instructions.

As such, refusal to do so will result in a kick, repeated offenses result in a ban for an undetermined amount of time, usually 2-6 hours. More offenses can result in a longer ban.

4. OOC and IC. Know the difference. OOC-Out of Character. Meaning arguments about who would beat who in a fight are pointless. None of that. IC- in character. ALL chatbox conversations are OOC. Keep that in mind. In other words, no Meta-Gaming. Rp Discussion is allowed in the chat, but using that knowledge is unfair and not cool

5.No more cries of "Abuse" It is the most commonly mis-used word by members. If you think a staff member has abused their power you MUST make a FORMAL complaint to an Administrator. The template for that is as follows.

Formal Complaint to (whichever administrator)
Name:(your name)
Complaint Against This Staff Member:(staff member you feel has abused their power)
Reason:(valid reason)
Proof:(without it your claim is invalid even with witnesses)

6. When a large scale chatbox fight occurs, Administrators reserve the right to kick everyone from the chatbox. When this happnes you are to return to the chatbox (if you wish) with no intention of continuing the arguement. This is a last resort, but if it happens and you start up the argument again a 1 day ban will be emplaced.

7. If you are going to post a picture in the chatbox please use spoilers, that way everyone stays happy.

8. No spamming the chat. A post of only dots such as "..." is pointless and is only irritating. Spammers will be warned, and if the fail to comply to the warning they will be kicked. Continuous offenders will receive a small ban.

9. Everyone is bound to these rules when you enter the chatbox. More rules may be added depending on the need for them.
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PostSubject: Re: General Rules   

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General Rules
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