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 Canon Arrancar Abilities

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PostSubject: Canon Arrancar Abilities   Thu Apr 02, 2009 5:17 pm

Name: Bala
Description: a weaker but quicker alternative to regular cero blasts. The technique hardens the user's spiritual pressure and fires it at around twenty times the speed of a cero.

Name: Cero
Description: High-powered energy blasts that can be fired from either the mouth or hand. Only Menos, Arrancar, and Vizard have so far been shown to use cero attacks, and it appears that stronger entites can use it more efficiently.

Name: Gran Rey Cero
Description: A more powerful version of cero, Only Espada are capable of using this version of the technique. In Hueco Mundo, the power of the technique is such that it warps the space around the point it was fired from.

Name: Garganta
Description: How Arrancar move to and from Hueco Mundo. It literally tears open the dimensional fabric separating the worlds, revealing a tunnel of whirling, torrential energy that must be focused and solidified to create a discernible pathway. When used, the technique opens the dimensional fabric like a door.

Name: Hierro
Description: The incredibly tough skin of the Arrancar, which is a result of their compressed spiritual power. While their skin is strong enough to block even released zanpakuto bare-handed, it is by no means impenetrable. Stronger arrancar have proportionally stronger skin.

Name: Caja Negacion
Description: Espada have a special cube-shaped device meant to simulate negacion fields, which are used to punish their subordinates if necessary. The cube, when used on a subject, traps them in an alternate dimension from which there is no escape; however, this assumes it's being used as intended. More powerful Arrancar, namely the Espada themselves, can escape given enough time.

Name: Pesquisa
Description: is the Arrancar equivalent of the Shinigami ability to sense spiritual pressure. It functions similar to sonar.

Name: Sonido
Description: The Arrancar equivalent of the Shinigami flash steps; it allows the user to travel at incredibly high speeds for short distances. Use of sonido is punctuated by a brief static sound, in contrast to the "swish" sound used for flash steps.

Cero Oscuro , Japanese for "black hollow flash", Spanish for "Dark Zero") is a black Cero, used only by an Espada in their released form. So far, Ulquiorra Schiffer is the only arrancar to utilize this attack. He compares it to Ichigo's black Getsuga Tenshō. It covers any exposed light into pitch darkness. Though the only Espada shown to utilize this technique so far, Ulquiorra told Ichigo "This is an Espada's fully powered Black Cero." This likely means that, similar to Gran Ray Cero, Cero Oscuro is an Espada specific attack. However it is too early to tell for sure, because only Gran Rey Cero coupled with any Espada above Cuatro releasing their power are forbidden under Las Noches. Obviously Cero Oscuro should be forbidden as well. Ulquiorra also referred to it as "my cero." The Cero Oscuro's range is vast, and its attack power is unknown. The Cero Oscuro is far greater than a average Cero. (For this rp site only the top four Espada may use Cero Oscuras meaning 0,1,2,3.)

High-Speed Regeneration is the ability that allows a hollow to heal any injuries very quickly. Hollows outside of the Menos class who exhibit this ability are very rare; and even then it is usually exclusive to the Gillian Class. For some reason, they seem to lose this ability once they evolve to Adjuchas Class.
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Canon Arrancar Abilities
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