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 Decima's Chambers

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Tokujoro Seizen Το Κτήνος


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PostSubject: Decima's Chambers   Fri Apr 10, 2009 1:16 am

the chambers of the decima(tenth) espada
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PostSubject: Re: Decima's Chambers   Mon Feb 08, 2010 6:21 pm

Several millenia ago, I was but a man in the service of a god. Thousands of years ago, I became a monster. A few centuries ago, I awoke as a demon. Today, I am a man once more.

Jackal blinked, a vague smile tracing across his face.

"Interesting. I've come full-circle. Or at least, close enough."

It was kind of funny, really. He had been born to wear a mask and he had died for the sake of the visage he so prominently displayed. Carried on through the afterlife, he now some sort of creature that walked and talked like a man, but felt as so much more. Would it be right to call himself a god? No, that was folly. The god Anubis did slay anyone in his path with a mere touch, causing the bones to grind into dust and the soul to shriek for eternity. Even this powerful, feeding upon the souls of the creatures out there, in Hueco Mundo, Jackal had no illusions of godhood. Unless he were to suddenly be immune to all forms of attack from even fellow Espada, there would be no way he could claim to be a god. For nobody had the power of his lord, Anubis. Nobody.

Now lies the man, face-up in his chambers. If he had ever been to Greece, you could say he lived a Spartan existance, not caring too much for the accumulation of things. Well, there were some things that did appeal to him. For instance...sand. No being in Hueco Mundo, save for a few, could truly understand the value and the power of sand. It could be lain upon, fought upon, slept upon, walked upon... You could hide under it or dash it up and create an obscuring screen. You could throw it in someone's face for a few seconds of distraction or, if you're as strong as he was now, compress it into a ball and throw it as a projectile. So, this chamber had had some sand put in it. But lately, the Arrancar in the gray cloak considered as he lay...

I should get more. Alot more. There's sand here and there's mist here, but desert life is my lineage. And besides, I'm getting really REALLY bored.

And he had the feeling that this would maybe rile things up inside Las Noches a little.

Standing, the partially-masked Jackal-man stretched and grinned, then he tapped the end of his foot on the ground, as though getting a personal tempo ready. Then, in a blur, he was off! Out the door of his chambers and down the many halls. It didn't matter if he was still directionally-challenged around this place. He would learn it soon enough, at high speed. Around the corners and down the twisted halls, leaping off walls and ceilings in total defiance of gravity with velocity as he soon made his way...outside! Yes, outside the dome, where the sand lay. He could ask some Fraccion to do this, but remember...he was bored! From the folds of his gray cloak came the pole-arm Zanpakuto, Animo Cochecama, spun around in his hands.

"This is the only world I know, a world full of sand. Never should I be devoid of it."

Animo Cochecama stopped, and Jackal himself began to take up the spin himself. The wind picked up at a maddening pace and he felt light-headed feeling of velocity as he moved about. He laughed, and made the twister increase, greater and greater by the force of his movement, picking up a chunk of the desert of Hueco Mundo. Then, it all shifted as it headed...back the way it came! Clear the halls! Lest you get in the way of the sandstorm being dragged through them...a cackling Espada directing the flow with this speed and motion of his own body. All who stood in the way - random Arrancar - were swept up and deposited wherever. The sandstorm soon found its way back to the quarters of the Decima Espada and flowed in like a monsoon river. When the dust and the sand finally settled, there was Jackal - buried up to his waist - sitting comfortably amidst his work.

"Ahhh...much better."
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PostSubject: Re: Decima's Chambers   Tue Feb 09, 2010 8:20 pm

Without something to actually do, leaving an Espada to his own devices can be dangerous. If it was that Pereza guy, it wouldn't matter. He's a complacent sort of creature that enjoyed inactivity. That was what Jackal had observed upon seeing the guy. Come to think of it, the only thing that he'd heard from him lately was that explosion not too long ago. For reasons known only to Pereza, it had happened and Jackal had cared not to investigate. Could've been anything, after all.

Now, in the time of waiting for something to occur, Jackal undertook several actions. For starters, he played in the sand and erected a to-scale rendition of the pyramids and the Sphinx in one corner of the room. Then, while rooting through the tall mounds of sand in the room, he discovered several things: An office desk, a number of chairs, various unimportant documentation, and one stray Arrancar who had been knocked unconscious during the time of his bringing the sand in. That much, he found entirely hilarious, but the amusement didn't last and he kicked him out, unceremoniously.

"This is no good. I am in a terrible rut. At these times, there can be only one thing to do!"

Thus, he sat at the half-buried desk and took out a pen. From there, he composed a message upon a strange yellow piece of papyrus which bore the title 'Post-It'. How strange... It had a stick dew on its back to allow it to be placed upon any surface. Note written, the jackal-man headed outside of his chambers, shut the door, and placed the note on it. It worked! Now, he left the area, off on his own business. Basically, Jackal felt he was entitled to anything the others couldn't keep him from doing, which was alot.

The message on the note explained that he was going to be out hunting across the sands of Hueco Mundo. However, because it was written in Egyptian Hieroglyphs, it went: "Swirling-Sign, Different-Swirling-Sign, Semi-Circular-Mound, Braided-Twisty-Sign, Different-Swirling-Sign, Jagged-Horizontal-Line, Semi-Circular-Mound, Two-Diagonal-Lines, Jagged-Horizontal-Line, Urn-With-Triangular-Symbol", followed by the sign of the jackal. The point is that the Espada was loose and heaven or Osiris help whoever he found along the way!
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PostSubject: Re: Decima's Chambers   

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Decima's Chambers
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