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 Aletta's Powers.

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PostSubject: Aletta's Powers.   Mon Apr 20, 2009 6:00 am

Name: Aeris - Latin, Air

Appearance: This has several physical effects on her, The most prominent is two angel wings on her back. They fold quite snugly against her back, Unnoticeable, Unless she nude or something. (Which she won’t be.) They have a wingspan of about 14 ft (So seven feet to each wing). Some of the less immediately noticeable features are all avian, Including her avian bones (When avian bones are made human sized, The webbing inside of them makes them incredibly strong and light.), A sarynx (Avian voice box) in addition to a larynx, Allowing her to screech like a bird, And communicate with them, Incredibly sharp eyes, And a half avian heart, Which can switch into overdrive when she’s flying. However because of this she must consume massive amounts of food (Or at least massive for her size) To meet her daily calorie requirements.

Ability: She has two main powers, The first is the manipulation of air pressure and movement. That’s really all there is too it. She has the ability to change the air pressure, Cause, Reverse, and direct winds, All to her own desires. You can’t really write a long complicated paragraph about something so inherently simple, So I’ll write a long complicated paragraph(s) about the way she uses it, Mmmk?

One of her favorite defensive actions is to compress the air around her to an amazing extent, To the point where it’ll make any movements through it incredibly sluggish, As if moving through molasses. She then sets this air spinning around her, So that anything moving like molasses in it will be whipped away. She keeps the border of the pressurized zone an inch or so above her skin, It’s usually about 3 inches thick.

She’s also figured out how to use the air pressure to grind air particles against eachother, Creating static friction, And through this lightning. She’s still getting the hang of trying to figure out how the heck to control where it goes though, So this is mostly used as a close range attack, So there’s less chance of it going awry. (I use Kariya as my precedent, He explained it all in his final fight with Ichigo)

Wind is mostly used a buffeter, To deflect attacks and weapons, But it can be use offensivly, Either tactically, Or in an attack (Refer to techniques).

Her ability does have some limitations. While she can manipulate wind in about a 20 yard radius of herself, She can only manipulate air pressure within ten feet of herself, Which is why the lightning attack has to be close ranged at best. (Note, Range will increase with proficiency)

Her second ability is to actually transfer kinetic energy from wind into a person body, Healing them. This will usually take the from of wrapping the wind around them, Much like her favorite defensive action.


Evolved appearance: Her wings turn into pure crystal, Extremely sharp and dangerous.

Evolved ability: Her evolved ability is to turn the air black with a poisonous fog. This “Black wind” Will reduce conventional visibility to zero, And also slowly sap the reiatsu of anyone caught in it, Except for allies. Her healing abilities are increased three fold, Allowing her to quickly heal even major wounds.

Wind’s blade/fist: By concentrating pressure in an extremely small area she can create a solid mass of air as thin as the cutting edge of a dagger. By propelling this at high speeds she can cut it in to people, or by concentrating pressure over a large area she makes a very large and blunt mass of air, Smacking it into people is how she uses this one.

Feather storm: She can launch the feathers off of her wings, Shooting them at her enemies like missiles. They’re extremely stiff, And the tips are sharp. In evolved form this is an extremely dangerous attack as she’s basically launches crystal daggers at people. The feathers will regrow instantly, So this attack does not hamper her flying ability.
~1 post cooldown~

Feather Shield: In a move similar to feather storm, She launches feathers off of her wings, Except instead of attack they now block attacks, Deflecting them away. Evolved form can block attacks more easily, And block more powerful attacks. Running into the shield will cut you. The shield can be moved.
~Cooldown chart~
Maintained for 1 post, 1 post cooldown.
Maintained for 2 posts, 2 post cooldown.
So on and so forth.

Maxium time maintained is 2 plus 1 for every hundred posts. Cooldown and max time increases by one in evolved form.
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PostSubject: Re: Aletta's Powers.   Mon Apr 20, 2009 1:24 pm

You have not created a character yet....so....we cant not approve this till you do.
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PostSubject: Re: Aletta's Powers.   Mon Apr 20, 2009 8:59 pm

Firstly, make a character, secondly you do not get an evolved form unless approved to be an Ascended Super Human.
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PostSubject: Re: Aletta's Powers.   

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Aletta's Powers.
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