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 Haos, Gils Ability

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PostSubject: Haos, Gils Ability   Fri Apr 24, 2009 11:53 pm

Name: Haos

Looks: Looks don't change so much. Main chance, if any, is that his pupils become slit, like a sharks, and his body becomes overall faster.
In Envoled mode, the power undergoes a drastic change, but again, the physical appearance is pretty much the same. At most, his muscles grow 1.5 cm and his Hieght increases about 2 Inches. Thats all.

Ability: The base of his Ability, is to Manipulate Electricity and Magnetism. Although one would think that he has two abilities, its actaully just one. The thing is that he can use his own body like an Electro-Magnet whenever he likes. Its as natural to him as Generating Electricity is. Now, Since he can Manipulate Electricity, he has complete control over it, inculding, over positive and negative charges. So if he likes, he can even use it to simply manipulate different charges. Now this a very General description of the ability. But thats his power. To generate electricity, manipulate it, and use his body like a Magnet. He can also create Electro-Magnetic Pulses, and Plasma.

Envolved Ability: Geo-Magnetism. That is his Envolved Ability. Geo-Magnetism focuses, on alligning with the earths Magnetic Field, to manipulate Gravity, in any way he see's fit. Now, in this form, he may manipulate Gravity as he wishes, and use his Base Ability as well. He will normally remain unaffected by the changes he makes in the gravity, but he if he chooses to, he can be affected by it. Eg. He can make his body, ligher or heavier. That is what makes this form more dangerous. Plus, all base abilities become stronger in this form.



1. Bolt - A relatively Simple Technique. You basically Shoot Electricity out of your hands. The Shot Bolt has a great Variation in power, and more than one bolts can be shot at a time, and they can not only travel in a straight line, but also can be bent and turned according to his will. Its is normally fired from the index finger, and Upto too ten bolts can be fired at once, one from each finger. But to unleash its full power, its is advisable to fire a single bolt. The area which is cut by this bolt, is paralyzed for upto 1 post. 2 if a single shot is fired and hits.
Duration: 1
Cooldown: 0 [Basic attack]

2. Electro-Magnetic Shockwave: As the name suggests, these are Electric Pulses. These can range from high powered Shockwaves to low powered waves. The purpose can vary from time to time. Eg. In its high powered form, it can be used to form a Shield or launch as a wave towards the enemy, and in low powered form, it can be used for messing up machinery. The differene in using a Pulse to Pure Electricity is, that in case of Electricity, you would have to overload and that cost a lot of Reitsu. In case of Pulses. It can mess up the functioning, without having to use excess. This technique has a wider area of impact. It appears like a Energy emiting a Blue Aura, but with Electricity insied of it.

Duration: 1-3 Posts
Cooldown: 1

3. Geo-Magnetism: Negate - Unlike what the name sounds like, this technique is similiar to Shinrai Tensei from Naruto. This technique will use the ability to Manipulate Gravity, to push the enemy away from Gil. This technique can be used in any direction, in more than one directions in one go, and at 360 deg as well. But, it has a cooldown, to it asl well. This technique can not only push away an enemy, but also Reitsu, and different Techniques.

Duration: 1
Cooldown: 1

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PostSubject: Re: Haos, Gils Ability   Sun Apr 26, 2009 4:48 am

Approved, however increase the cooldown of Geo-magnetism please, as it is quite powerful for it's small amount of cooldown.
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PostSubject: Re: Haos, Gils Ability   Sun Apr 26, 2009 7:34 am

Would that be Geo-Magnetism as a whole ? or the Skill Negate ?
Its kinda like Peins Shinra Tensei.

SO here, if it is about the skill, then i would request that cooldown be based on the power.
Would that be acceptable ?
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PostSubject: Re: Haos, Gils Ability   Tue May 12, 2009 8:02 am


Since he is a trained assassin, Gil is a master in the use of certain weapons, his father used to use.
The first is a Sword, named "Ken-Haos". Thats not the real name, but Gil calls it that.

Name: Ken-Haos
Ability: It has no special Ability aside from the fact, thats its a Zanpakuto[Approved in App], and much harder than a reguler Zan. Will not break, or get harmed easily. The material from which the sword is made can conduct electricity, and can be controlled through magnetism.
Structural Patter: The sword isn't standard lenght. Its lenght is a few Cms Shorter than a conventional one handed sword, and also, a small gap exists which runs through the centre of the blade. This gap can be opened and closed at will. The gap begins 3 inches form the Hilt and ends 3 inches from the tip.

The second weapon is a set of strings, which he uses in order to carry out Assassinations when he is unable to use his sword, or feels that his enemy can't be beaten with a sword. This invovles using the strings which are made from a very special material. What he will do, is use his finger tips and wrists movements, to manipulate the strings, like whips. THe difference is, that unline a whip, these are very flexible, light, and more tha one can be used at the same time. Plus, they can conduct electricity, and are much faster, and sharper than a Whip. THey are excellent for assassinations or fights that require unconventional means. These whips can also conduct electricity, and can be magnetised, to be controlled better.

The Third are the Projectile Weapons he carries. They are basically, small Blades that he throws at the enemy, in order to attack from afar. These Blades like all of his other Weapons can also be magnetically controlled. These things are small and sharp, and about 8 Can be thrown at one time. If he uses his ability to generate Electricity with these, he ends up throwing Electric Projectiles. These Profectiles have a small holes in the end. He can insert his strings into those holes.

THe final weapons, are his guns. These are the weapons he uses the least, since he discovered his powers. But he is still a specialist in the use of firearms. He normally caries two Automatics with him, just in case.
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PostSubject: Re: Haos, Gils Ability   Tue May 12, 2009 10:17 am

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PostSubject: Re: Haos, Gils Ability   

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Haos, Gils Ability
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