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 The Shit that makes a Quincy a Quincy

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PostSubject: The Shit that makes a Quincy a Quincy   Fri Jun 05, 2009 1:28 am

*Since Kevin is deaf and can read lips it does not bother him. When he chooses he can communicate mentally with other Quincys. However when he speaks he talks normal. So he appears not to be deaf at all. Note all hhis arrows are Coated with rei poisen jut incase a creature asorbs rei.*

*Main Bow*
Name: Oozora(Heaven)

Bow Manifestation: The bow automatically forms from the air around His Right hand. It looks like a typical blue reishi Quincy Bow. Until it fires however. Where there is a giant surge of Noise that rings loudly enough to stun the enemie if close.

Description: Its a Moderate Rate of fire. A good 40-60mph that when fired the arrows vibrate. The vibration causes the arrows to spin in mid air. When the hit a target the cause a greater area of damage than normal arrows, just not as deep. However if the opponent barly dodges they will be sliced deeply by the arrows.

Heavens Rain: He Aims at the Clouds and fires thousands of arrows at a brilliant speed. After one Turn of waiting the will open a hole about five miles in radius around the Opponent. It will then "Rain" down a stom of reishi powered arrows that will perice the enemy. This attack causes heavy damage. This is a charge tech so the longer he waits to unleash the Attack. The stronger it will be. Five Turns will be devastating to the foe. Enough to pierce through Hierro. Charges and ready to be used every 3 turns.
*is the stronger bow*
Name: Heru(Hell)

Bow Manifestation: Its the exact same as The first bow. The only variation is the fact that the bow fires out orbs, surrounded by a saw like stream, instead of arrows.

Description: The arrows here fire out slowly. So slow that the opponent could get a good strike in if they where able to move fast enough to hit him. However these are the charge shots and when the areas fire out they are more like mines. For some odd reason he can move fast while trying to fire, making it appear he is using a version of sonido however its an illusion from the Reishi thats being produced. He never leaves his location. He can Fire out One arrow and the size of the explosion these floating mines make depends on the charge time. the max charge is three turns. That would be the same power as the Primeras Oscuras. If he fires without the charge is average bala powered. However if he fires a non charged shot it moves as fast as the first bow just with more power.

Hells Path: This attack basically is used to combat kido. When the arrow is fired a small Mirror of Reishi opens that will take a Hado and mirror it back to the user. If he is caught in Bakudo the Techs portal will mirror the effect to the user. Cooldown of 2 posts
(I gave up two techs for this ring)
Name: Enhancement Ring

Type: Jewelry

Description: It is a small gold ring located on his left index finger. It has on the inside of its ring cybernetic gadgetry.

Ability: This enhancement ring basically makes his physical power, speed, accuracy, durability, Buffed enough so he can fight and espada hand to hand on equal grounds. Mental tolerance is also buffed. However this ring Strains Him since he would have an overload in his body when he activates it. Thus he can sustain this for a good 20 posts then must take it off.His body does not change appearance however.

Name: Oozora Chuuseki(Heaven Pillar)

Appearance: Bow now resembles a Star. The Reishi color is pure white, and is blinding, piercing almost to look at.

Ability: This Ablity fires a giant blast in a straight Line , the blast would move at speeds of mach 4 with the size of a Gran Rey Cero. Its power depends on which turn the shots are fired from. On the Seventh time limit of this tech the attacks are so devastating he was told never to use them inside of the Hospital. However on the ninth it would be enough to match the Primeras Oscuras in deadlock. If he fires at the ground however it will send out a rising pillar effect till it reaches the opponent. The attack can be controlled however. It can fire out normal looking arrows.

Limit: 10

Name: Mukou Heru(Beyond Hell)

Appearance: Bow resembles a giant Onis face. The Reishi color is pitch black and his Quincy cross is in the Onis Mouth. The cloths make him appear to be in a black version of the Quincy Uniform. His Face seems demonic in this form as well.

Ability: This Ablity fires a giant blast in a straight Line that when touches the enemy, the blast would move at speeds of mach 4 with the size of a Gran Rey Cero., will trap the opponent in a illusion that Kevin can control for the Duration of this attack. The limitations to this However is that the illusions do not stop the enemy from being able to attack Kevin. If they are smart enough to tell its an illusion at all. *Must state in there history they are smarter than average*

Limit: 10

Final Note: Due to the Circumstances most races think Quincys are weak he would be able to shock and confuse them in battle without using his bows.(Hence the ring) He does carry around a sturdy katana so he appears not to be a quincy at all.
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PostSubject: Re: The Shit that makes a Quincy a Quincy   Fri Jun 05, 2009 1:36 am

approved o.O

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The Shit that makes a Quincy a Quincy
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