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 the thieve's bow

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Kisho Kimura


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PostSubject: the thieve's bow   Tue Jun 23, 2009 10:38 pm

Name: Bow of Agincourt

Bow Manifestation: Formed from a Thieves Cross on the back of a glove worn on Kisho's left hand, it is shaped in the fashion of an English longbow. The bow itself is 5' 8" long, and unlike normal recurve bows, it is relatively straight, only bending slightly at the ends where it is pulled on by the bow string.

Description: Being a longbow, it has a greater accuracy and power, but suffers from a lack of firing speed. With a rate of fire at 75/second, it is easily able to pierce an inch of normal steel from 75 meters. With his training, Kisho is able to accurately hit a target from up to 175 meters, but anywhere past 100 meters, and it's power begins to degrade over time. At 100 meters, it can pierce 1/2" of steel, at 120m it is able to pierce through up to three people, and at 175m it is just capable of piercing 5 inches into a human body.

Sight of the Ranger- A sight will form on Kisho's bow just above where the arrow rest before being fired. This site allows Kisho to "zoom in" so to say, allowing him to hit a target the size of an average human torso from up to 400m away with the same power that it would have as if he were still 175m away. Can only fire 5 arrows when used and has a 4 post cooldown.

Hayk's Power- Using the length of his longbow to it's fullest extent, Kisho draws back the bowstring to it's fullest extent, creating a more accurate and powerful shot, but reducing his rate of fire to 20/second. With a nearly 5' long arrow Kisho is able to hit a 6" target from 150m with enough force to pierce 1" of steel. At close range 5-10m this is able to pierce through most substances, with the exception of the zanpaktous of captains or equally powerful people. 2 post cooldown.
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PostSubject: Re: the thieve's bow   Wed Jun 24, 2009 10:15 am

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the thieve's bow
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