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 Ari's powers, Rewritten.

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PostSubject: Ari's powers, Rewritten.   Thu Jul 16, 2009 7:13 am

Ari calls it his personal little demon. Not quite a voice, But definitely something that attempts to influence him, The source of Ari’s power is definitely conscious in some form. It tells ari to burn, Destroy, Basically to embrace the fire. It seeds Ari’s thoughts with pyromaniacal tendencies, Which Ari has admirably been able to fend off so far.

^/{|}\*>First Release<*/{|}\^

=+=~Physical Alterations~=+=
The way this ability affects Ari physically is a matter of debate to Ari. He beleives his wings and other avian features are a ‘gift’ from his mother, His heritage from her, But he also doesn’t deny what happens when he releases his power.

When he enters his first release (Roughly equal in power to a strong captain’s shikai) The feathers on his wings all turn black, Except for one out of six which will turn a dark reddish hue. A Thick plumage of black feathers descends from his head to his mid back, Every single feather growing from his head. His hair cannot be observed anymore, And is likely not even there anymore, But ari has never checked, And neither has anyone else. All the feathers are black except for one, A single red feather, Going up from his forehead, Rising from the plane of his skull (Imagine a perfectly flat sheet balanced ontop of his head. That’s the plane I’m talking about) At a forty-five degrees angle. Black feathers cover his forearms and calves, And the skin on his feet is now the thick yellow skin of a bird’s talon. This extra growth on his feet causes his shoes to pop off. While the nails on all the toes turn into talons, Only the one on the big toe actually grows more than a millimeter past the end of the flesh, Growing a total of three inches past, In a shape similar to an Eagle’s talon. He grows similar talons on his hands, Each finger gaining a two inch long slicer. The feathers on his calves and fore arms grant him an extra degree of thermal protection, Making him less susceptible to cold and ice based attacks, And the oils (In the same way a birds does) Prevents them from becoming water logged, Lowering his susceptibility to water based attacks. They also add an extra layer of protection against heat based attacks, But this is mostly useless as he already has a high natural resistance to them. Twelve feathers on his forearm, All growing from his wrist to his elbow, Are the same red as the odd feathers in his wings and the cresting feather on his head. The muscles that control these feathers (For reference, Same muscles that control hair on humans, They’re what cause goose bumps) Are extra large. Anyone who felt his wrist could feel the large elongated bumps that these feathers grow from. These muscles allow the feathers to be flipped one-hundred and eighty degrees, So that instead of pointing to his elbow they point in the same direction as his hand. These feathers are different from his black feathers in the same way all the red feathers are different. They’re incredibly hard, Stronger than wurtzite boron nitride by a small amount. For reference, Wurtzite boron nitride is eighteen percent harder than a diamond, Which would make it an 11.8 on the Mohs scale of mineral hardness. Ari’s red feathers would be probably be around a twelve. The individual filaments that compose the feather are structured rigidly, The tips lining up so precisely that they form an edge that is as sharp as a surgeons scalpel, This edge is incredibly hard to disrupt and could be repaired by an action as simple as Ari preening the feathers. A red feather that starts on the knee and runs down to the mid shin works in the same way, Allowing him to add a sharp edge to any knee he might feel like delivering. Several short ones on the back edge of his elbow (About 3 inches long) Allow an elbow to be quite a cutting attack as well. Because of the fact that these feathers are so hard, The distribution of them on his wings allow his wings to be used as a shield against physical and certain reiatsu based attacks (Such as a cero, Depending on power, And certainly a bala). His spine extends, A tail growing from it as he gains ALOT of new vertebrae which constitute the bones of the tail. It’s about 2 inches in diameter most of the four feet of it’s length, But tapers slowly for the last foot. It ends in a 4 inch bony spike, Which flattens out for the last inch, Making a small blade of bone. The entire tail is feathered, With a nice little fluffy mane around the base of the spike. The distribution of red feathers is about the same as the wings, Allowing him to use his tail as both a sword and shield. And oddity of this form is that his eyes will seem avian much more often, Probably about half the time. The one last physical alteration that this form presents is in the form of a pair of horns, Curving out of his feathers. They arch about an inch above his head, With the points forward. They’re small horns, Not much use as weapons.

=+=~Spiritual Signature~=+=
Ari’s spiritual pressure is normally only a little bit stronger than a Vice captain, Causing people to underestimate him. When he uses his powers (I.E. Creates or manipulates fire) It jumps up to that of a weak captain’s shikai or a strong lieutenants shikai, Once again, Causing people to underestimate him. When he activates his first release his spiritual presence jumps up to that of a weak captains bankai, Only making people underestimate him more, Thinking that that is his bankai level release when it is really just his shikai.

Ari’s primary ability is to control fire. This ability can be used both in and out of his first release, However it is weaker out of his release. He uses pure willpower to “Bend” the fire, And can spark and fuel a fire with his reiatsu, Declining the need for oxygen. He can use his hands and other body parts to guide the fire, And often does so, Enhancing his basic punches, kicks, And fancy flips with a fiery flair. He is slightly more accurate with his fire when he uses his hands to control, But the difference is negligible. While unreleased he can create and control fire of temperatures from 75(If the healing fire is used on other people it will be roughly around that temperature) to 250 Fahrenheit degrees in unreleased, and 300 Fahrenheit when he does release. While released his fire will also be black, And any fire he takes control over will turn black. His core body temperatur will rise to 350 degrees fahrenheit, And his skin to about 150. This makes touching him quite painful. (Note, Feathers are about 10 degrees hotter than his skin) Once in his first release both his strength and speed are increased threefold.

^/{|}\*>Second Release<*/{|}\^

=+=~Mental Alterations~=+=
Ari will only use this form if it is absolutely necessary because of something that disturbs him deeply. While in this form the “It” isn’t just an influence, It’s a very loud voice in his head, Telling him to do some very bad things. He’s afraid that he could lose control, And actually start doing the bad things.

=+=~Physical Alterations~=+=
Now quite a few things happen in this form, And while not as drastic as the changes in the last they are still quite important. He grows, Yes, grows, An extra three inches, Making him roughly five nine now. His wingspan also grows, His wings growing to nine feet wide, Giving him an eighteen foot wingspan. His tail gets a half foot longer, To four and a half feet, All of these six inches presenting themselves in the form of a longer bone blade. His feet are now, For lack of a better description, Those of a bird, Just bigger. Three toes in front, One in back, Nice big curving talons, Really, Quite dangerous weapons. His hands are now also lacking in skin, Instead covered by the same tough yellow stuff an eagle’s foot has, And now with nice long curving talons on his fingers. Another change sweeps through his plumage. Now all of the feathers seem to have a fire glowing inside of them, Turning them a dull beating red. The ones which had previously been that color are now a brilliant holocaust orange. All of his feathers now have that hard as wurtzite boron nitride quality, And now his entire body is covered in them. His feathers also grow quite hot, Burning off his fire proof clothing. There are no orange feathers on his torso or thighs or upper arms, Only the black ones, Beating with a fiery red light from somewhere deep inside of the thin feather. His eyes are now always completely avian, Yellow with the black slit like iris. A hard substance forms on his cheeks and the side of his face, Next to his eyes. If felt it would feel just like a bird’s beak. It is completely black except for two red lines, Descending down from his “Featherline”, Past his eyes, and then following his cheek bones till they descend down next to his mouth, Ending at his jaw. The horns grow much bigger, And he gains another pair. These horns twirl together and swirl, Forming something that looks just like a rams horn, Until they both separate, One curving up and over his head, The points about two inches past his forehead, And one curving under, Following the curve of his jaw, The points about a half inch past his chin.

His fire can now burn at incredibly temperatures, As hot as 800 degrees Fahrenheit (For reference, Skin spontaneously combusts at about 650 degrees Fahrenheit). His fire in this form is a bright orange, But at it’s center it seems to burn black. In a way this represents ari’s struggle with himself, The black in the center representing the “It” inside of him. As ari’ stays longer and longer in this form the black fire will slowly consume the orange until after twenty posts it will completely consume it. At this point ari will lose control, And the it will take it. Ari will become a vicious beast, Having no care for enemy or ally, Only wanting to destroy. After about five posts like this his body will simply give out, And he will faint, Reverting to an unreleased form. He will wake up quickly however, in the next post. In this form his body temeperatur rises to an incredible 1000 degrees fahrenheit, And his skin temperature is 600. Making him basically impossible to touch with bare hands, unless you want fourth degree burns. In this second form his control over heat is heightened to an incredible point, allowing him to shunt the heat in the atmosphere so he can control the wind, To a very fine point. This also alows him to pick up ash with that wind and grind it together, Making lightning. His speed and strength increase three fold once more, Making it a nine times increase from his original.


=+=[~Grace of the Fire~[/u]=+=
~Fire’s grace~
In a way similar to phoenix rebirth, Fire will lick his, Or someone else’s wounds, Helping them heal quickly. It has the power to mend broken bones, Set shattered ones so they’ll heal properly, and heal all manner of cuts and bruises. Here's a chart for accelration!

Bruises, Small cuts= instant.

Major bruising (As in whole torso, Massive organ bruising, that sort of stuff) Medium cuts= healing happens over the duration of 1 post.

Large cuts, Fractures, Puncture wounds(Small to medium)= over 2 posts.

Compound fractures, Huge cuts, Puncture wounds (Large to Holy F***, how are you still alive?)= over 3 posts

Complete shattering of bone, Organ desctruction= over 4 posts

Amputation, Multiple organ destruction= over 5 posts.

Blood loss is of course the first thing to be healed. In unreleased form, Add one post to all but minor cuts and bruises, And in second release take one post off.

=+=[~Flash Fire~[/u]=+=
This is a technique extremely similar to a flash step, Except in a few ways. It’s similar because of the fact that Ari moves instantly from one place to another. It’s dissimilar because while he’s doing it he’s turned into pure fire. So quite often a streak, or a “Flash” of fire will follow him. Now an experienced fighter might be able to use this to predict an attack but the problem is Ari has a nice little counter attack to this. By simple making many such “Flashes” of fire in the sky using his power, an enemy could not predict which one is him. Now an odd little quirk of this power that can only be used while he’s released. By sort of constantly flashing he can turn his body into pure fire for a short time (Maximum of three posts with a two post cooldown incurred once he has used this for three posts, Be they consecutive or non-consecutive) Which has some nice bonuses. Because of his control over fire he can shape shift his own body, And by using the fire glass technique he can just easily turn his arm into a sword. Isn’t that just nifty?

=+=[~Crystal Fire~[/u]=+=
Ari literally hardens fire into an incredible hard crystal like substance. The substance is red, Naturally, And can assume any shape he can think of, Whether it be a blade, a hammer, a duck, Or some kind of weird fucked up polygon. While he can maintain it indefinitly it does have a breaking point. While unrealeased the glass is extremely brittle, And any decent blow will break it. Therefore any barriers made for blocking are one shot only, And blades will splinter at the first cut. In released form it is much sturdier, About as hard as a diamond, And in second release it is wickedly strong, Nearly 130% as hard as diamond. Being crystalized fire, The crystal is naturally very very hot. About as hot as is fire in the form he's in.
As long as he's touching it the crystal will be full strength for 10 feet. However if he's not touching it that distance is reduced to 7. It grows progressivly weaker over a distance until it finnally becomes so brittle it either cannot support its own weight (In the case of a floating blade or something) Or will crack and break at the slightest breath of air. While not touching it this barrier is 13 feet, While touching it is 15 feet. All distances are doubled in evolved form, And halved in unreleased.

The crystal takes about 5 seconds to actually revert back to fire after it leaves the range. This means that by creating projectiles and launching them at high speeds (Max of about five feet a second) giving him a maximum range of 32.5 feet while unreleased,40 feetwhile in first release, And 55 in Second release. A curious effect of them being so far away from his reiatsu when they revert is that they return to fire violently, Exploding. This is an effect he exploits quite often. Also by forcefully removing his reiatsu from any fire glass he can cause this explosion.

=+=~Rebirth of the phoenix~=+=
This can only be done once a battle. His corpse will litterally catch flame, Turning to ashes in seconds, And then he will rise again from the ashes, As the phoenix does. After being reborn he is only half as strong as usual.
~Can only be used once a battle~
~Only initiated by death~

Last edited by Ari on Tue Jul 28, 2009 7:06 am; edited 2 times in total (Reason for editing : My god i typo like a fricken madman =_=;)
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PostSubject: Re: Ari's powers, Rewritten.   Thu Jul 16, 2009 1:19 pm

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Ari's powers, Rewritten.
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