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 Bountou Ranks

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Zeroshin Hakura


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PostSubject: Bountou Ranks   Tue Dec 29, 2009 8:09 pm

These are the list of the current Legendary Bounts:

Note: The Bounto ranks are arranged in the style of chess, starting from the Monarch, all the way down to the knights, along with the fact they are adopting names from German nobility of the German empire under Prussian sovereignty.

True Leader:
0. Die Kaiser (The Emperor/True Leader) Mr. Polk


1. Die König (The King/Vice Leader)

2. Die Grossherzog (The Grand Duke/2nd Legendary) Rommel


3. Die Erzherzog (The ArchDuke/3rd Legendary) Ben

4. Die Herzog (The Duke/4th Legendary) Niko


5. Die Fürst (The Prince/5th Legendary) Johannes Debeil

6. Die Burggräf (The Burgrave/6th Legendary) Cocaine

Keepers of knowledge:

7. Die Gräf (The Count/7th Legendary) Annaleisa

8. Die Freiherr (The Baron/8th Legendary) Lieselotte


9. Die Edler Herr (The Lord/9th Legendary) - (Commander of the Ritters) Starr Roshan

10. Die Patrizierhaus (The Patrician/10th Legendary) - The Haptism

11. Die Herr Ritter (The Lord-Knight/11th Legendary) Claus


True Leader: The real leader in charge of the Bounts, his identity is kept a secret to a point nobody knows of his existence but as a councilman with supposedly figurehead-like political power over the Bount. Foreigners may not even know of his true role but as an advisor of sorts.

Leaders: Those who are in charge of the Bounts, they possess strength, power, will, intelligence and ingenuity to be considered the strongest of the strong, being in charge of directing operations to a major scale and making many decisions, some of them diplomatic and others internal.

Inquisitors: The jack-of-all-trades, Inquisitors are the right-hand of the Leaders, doing as what they will and even holding power as well over those who are lower than them. They are almost on par with the leaders in terms of combat effectiveness, but due to that, they are sent on the field and can be seen as 'field leaders' directing the will of their superiors wherever they go. They also are supervisors in a sense, or more accurately; overseers. They are the spotter of spies, finders of enemy intelligence and detectors of betrayal, making sure Bounto loyalty is in line, they themselves the most loyal of Bounto.

Warlords: They are made for battles, being tough in just about every sense. They'll be the ones to lead troops alongside enforcers in order to bring about the victory of the Bounts. Although they are lower in skills compared to the Enforcers, they are still very capable in their own rights as warriors, and have a massive endurance to be able to withstand through all ordeals of sorts.

Keepers of Knowledge: Being a special rank, keepers of knowledge are exempt from duties of their peers to simply handle 3 fields of sorts, intelligence services, medical support and technological research. Their duties are mostly around the field of knowledge, but their skills can be called upon when need be in battle. (Since this is a special rank, anyone in this are seen as equals and there can be challenge to both ranks at any times since numbers means nothing with them.)

Auxiliary: A group of defensively minded individuals out there to defend anything that has to do with Bounts. They are basically the opposite of warlords, whereas to warlords attack, Auxiliary defend. Another thing to be noted about the Auxiliary class is that they are the highest rank a foreign species in the Ritter ranks can achieve basically. Although some Auxiliary are strong in their own right that they can match up to even an Enforcer, they're ranks are simply that for upstart Bounts and foreigner races.

Note 1: All ranks are Captain Strength but with specific tasks, only the Enforcer is slightly beyond Captain strength, while Leaders and the True Leader are Captain-Commander level.

Note 2: The Legendary Bounts are now accepting Ritters (can be anyone as long as they are allied to the Bounto's they will serve their master first but then the rest of the legendary Bounto's second). Also another note is that Ritters will be viewed as an independant rank. They don't work under anyone but will take orders from Legendary Bounto's, they are in a way similar to how the ranking of the legendary Bounto's are set up, therefore they will be of their own accord. They aren't similar to how Fráccions or Vice Captains are, their rank represents their power, not who their superior is.

The Ritter are known as Knights in German.

If you wish to be an Ritter post here.

And If you were a Ritter, you get a codename to identify you by as your true identity shall be kept anonymous.

These are the list of current Ritter:

1st Ritter:

2nd Ritter:

3rd Ritter:

4th Ritter:

5th Ritter:

6th Ritter:

7th Ritter:

8th Ritter:

9th Ritter:

10th Ritter:



Main Requirements:

1. You be at least literate and won't use 'newb' speak when posting.
2. When having a battle make sure you use a paragraph style.

Open seat Requirements:
If there is an open seat for a legendary here is the requirements.

A. Must be active most of the time, inactivity will not be tolerated, there will be booting. (IG: A week, a full moon, etc.)
B. The RPer must follow the agenda of the whole race, if there was going to be an attack on another race, then the person will attack the other race, if he goes against the agenda and does the opposite, then the person WILL be booted as a traitor.
C. Will be judged by their character sheet, and if possible, also their posts.

Snatching the Position:
If the seat is all taken up, you can take one of this and change the one who is in there.

1. Must complete the Main requirements.
2. [edit] you must now challenge the lowest ranking Bountou for their position
3. If he/she didn't agree you will automatically get the position. But if he/she agreed your fight will be held in the position battle.
4. If the battle has no reply in 48 hours, the last poster wins.
5. If you don't have the main requirements, your challenge will be considered null and void.
6. Those who have newly joined a position have an immunity of 1 week, meaning they will not be challenged for that time period.
7. If the challenger loses they are not allowed to challenge someone for a higher rank for 3 weeks.
8. There can be exceptions to having people share the same rank, if they filled the criteria of joining that is.
9. Losing a spot to another elite means you swap spots rather than anything else.


Bounto principles:

1. Never consume the entirety of a human soul too often or it shall bring the danger of the realms of the imbalance.

2. Never expose yourself or your doll to a spiritually aware figure or it shall bring the danger of being discovered and having unnecessary attention brought forth.

3. Never fight another spiritually aware figure, unless forced to, and when forced to, be sure to eliminate if one is aware of your existence, to fail to do so, is to bring danger to our endangered race.

4. Never reveal the identity of the Kaiser, for his identity should be kept a secret, and that secret should be a privilege, to fail to do so will bring danger to the Bounts for the leader will be targeted.

5. Treat the Konig as if he was the real leader, so as to encourage deception among the enemy and to keep the leader's identity safe.

6. Never disobey those who outrank you, to do so shall invoke punishment for insubordination, for at these tough times, there must be cooperation at all times.

7. Never even think of betrayal, to do so shall invoke the punishment fit only by death.

Last edited by Zeroshin Hakura on Tue Feb 23, 2010 10:31 pm; edited 1 time in total
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The Haitian

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PostSubject: Re: Bountou Ranks   Sun Jan 10, 2010 9:09 pm

Give me my ol' vague #6 back.
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Mr. Polk


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PostSubject: Re: Bountou Ranks   Sun Jan 10, 2010 9:53 pm

Hahahahaha. Whatever nugga hahaha.

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PostSubject: Re: Bountou Ranks   Fri Jan 15, 2010 9:48 am

Requesting 4th rank of the Inquisitors.
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Mr. Polk


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PostSubject: Re: Bountou Ranks   Fri Jan 15, 2010 1:28 pm

Whatever Nuggggaaahhh!

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Xanos Talon


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PostSubject: Re: Bountou Ranks   Sat Jan 16, 2010 9:04 pm

2nd Brahzzz! ;D

pl0x? kthxbai
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Johannes Debeil


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PostSubject: Re: Bountou Ranks   Fri Mar 19, 2010 3:49 pm

5th Please.
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PostSubject: Re: Bountou Ranks   Sat Mar 20, 2010 10:21 am

Third would be nice~
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Neytos Khaddaoui


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PostSubject: Re: Bountou Ranks   Sun Mar 21, 2010 8:18 pm

Keeper of Knowledge please, doesn't matter which one, considering the rules of position battles with these ranks.
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PostSubject: Re: Bountou Ranks   Sun Mar 28, 2010 8:34 pm

I wish to be the 11th, Me!
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Posts : 19
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Age : 24
Location : The middle of nowhere, playing wii <3

PostSubject: Re: Bountou Ranks   Mon Apr 05, 2010 2:13 pm

Whatever is available please. <3 :3
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PostSubject: Re: Bountou Ranks   Fri Apr 16, 2010 6:09 pm

1. Die König (The King/Vice Leader): Mr. Voltair XD
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PostSubject: Re: Bountou Ranks   

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Bountou Ranks
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