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The site is currently going through a Revamp. So certain things will slow down, such as application responses. However, once we have our revamp over, the site will return to its familiar luster. Just hold with us for a moment as we implement new rules and features to the site. This Revamp is expected to begin on 5/1/10 and shall conclude on 5/20/10. It will take a full ten days at least for the first half to conclude on account of size of staff and school.
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 Ireneus' Bows [finished]

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PostSubject: Ireneus' Bows [finished]   Mon Jan 11, 2010 2:53 pm

Name: König von Himmeln

Bow Manifestation:

Description: It fires 80 arrows a shot.


Name: Himmlische Köpfe
Effect: Ireneus fires three volleys of arrows into the air, where they rapidly strengthen and shoot as huge beams of light onto the enemy and create a quincy zeihen. In which then Ireneus uses Sprenger in order to finish them off
Duration and Cooldown: Cooldown is three posts

Name: Orion-Krone
Effect: Ireneus Fires six volleys of arrows into the sky, they then form the shape of a crown, appearing like stars shining from the sky, then they find the constellation of Orion, and blast At full force down on the opponent.
Duration and Cooldown: Cooldown is six posts

Name: Skorpion
Effect: sucking the air dry of reiatsu, a large scorpion tail appears on the lower abdomen of Ireneus. He uses this as a boost i reiatsu and weakens the enemies that use kido/cero techniques.
Duration and Cooldown: Cooldown is six posts

Second Bow:

Name: Artemis und Apollos Sekundärteilchen

Bow Manefestation: Appears to be a circular like disk that is on his palm, when looking closely it reflects on one side the moon, the other, the sun.

Description: Shoot 900 arrows a shot

Techniques: none



Custom Equipment

Name: Sanrei necklace

Type: Sanrei Shuto/ Shirou's Rings


Ability: Like Shirou's sanrei rings, the seanrei necklace repels spiritual pressure in order to train the quincy up. However, it puts a certain amount of strain on the body of the quincy, helping it increase the agility and power and speeed of the quincy. However, this process of training must have five rp pages of training alone or with a partner to master one necklace. One who masters their power over ten necklace allows them to add more to their time with their final forms. And an evolved bow.



Name: Himmlischer Tanz der Sterne

Appearance: http://fc05.deviantart.net/fs18/f/2007/136/c/2/Angel_of_Death_by_Dezperado.jpg

Ability:The wings on his shoulders hold feathers, the feathers hide reiatsu between the folds of feathers and are able to shape them into anything they want. And Ireneus uses this fully to his advantage, he can fly, well, thats not really new, but he can fly fast enough to double an espada's sonido. The arrows he fires from his wings range from sixty to one thousand two hundred arrows a shot.

Limit: 10 posts

Second Final Form

Name: Erzengel


Ability: The wings are now made of pure diamond, and for greater speed and power use reiatsu. Ireneus' selee shneider is made of diamond as well, showing really how pure being a quincy can be.

Limit: 10


To compensate the physical weakness a Quincy shows by being merely only a
human with a ordinary body, the Evangeline technique is a released form of
their Bows which encompasses their body and causes them to be enveloped in
a new attire, pure white clothing signifying a Quincy's purity dones them, and
a long white overcoat etched with lightly blue glowing rune like markings the
effect of this is to increase their defensive power drastically to that of a
Espada's Hierro, even though they may only be mere humans. Due to the
effect that their bow becomes this clothing, the quincy then be required to fight
with hand to hand techniques of close range highly powerful spiritual
bursts.Since this transformation does not put a Quincy exactly on equal terms of
the other Kyuu and Hollow form variations, and forces them to go from long
range fighters to short range fighters, they will be aloud to register 3 new
techniques specifically that they can use in this form.

Limit: 10
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Zeroshin Hakura


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PostSubject: Re: Ireneus' Bows [finished]   Sun Jan 17, 2010 8:43 am

Approve unless denied later.
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Ireneus' Bows [finished]
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