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 Shinjou the Shinigami

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PostSubject: Shinjou the Shinigami   Mon Jan 11, 2010 3:48 pm

Shinigami Registration

Name: Kagaku, Shinjou (Last, first)

Rank: Lieutenant

Age: 321 Visual: 19

Appearance: Shinjou originally had black hair but he dyed it green and brown eyes. He often wears his hair in a messy state and he rarely combs it at all. He stands at five feet nine inches. Shinjou always wears a pair of welding goggles. The goggles have a white outline and are perfectly see-through. He wears the goggles as a sort of safety glasses as to not hurt his eyes. Shinjou always has a slight smile no matter if he’s nervous or just tinkering with his newest invention.

Shinjou wears nothing special except for the goggles and his outfit is rather bland. He wears it like that as to not stand out in a crowd because of his shyness. While in a gagai he wears a white t-shirt with black coloring around the neck and down both arms. For his pants he wears dark blue almost purple jeans and for his shoes he wears a black pair of skateboard shoes.

Gender: Male

Personality: Shinjou is always looking for a way to figure something out. If he does not understand something he is bound and determined to understand it. It would drive him crazy if he could no matter what not find a way to figure something out. In hat same way he loves to tinker with things. It gives him a chance to figure it out. Of course like all great scientists he needs time to figure something out but once he has it, he becomes very happy.

Shinjou is also, very shy. It is just a personality trait he picked up somewhere but it has stuck with him and it now dominates his personality. He rarely talks in a crowd or around people he does not know. Shinjou is shy because he always over thinks everything. He thinks of the worst possible sometimes even impossible situation and convinces himself that it will happen. This makes him remain quite and continuously fiddle with something in his hands or his hair. This is because he tries to distract himself to take his mind off of over thinking something so he is not as shy.

Shinjou loves to learn new thinks. Everything from tactical knowledge to the meaning of life means a great deal to him. He loves all knowledge no matter the kind. This is why he can often be found researching something or reading a good book. This quenches his thirst for knowledge for a little bit but it is never really quenched. Shinjou is always thinking of new ways to experiment or research something to expand his knowledge. He loves to study the Quincy and Bounte races as they were once vary rare and are now growing in numbers. He has never studied a live subject and he would love to find one to study.

1st Division


Hair Color: Green

Likes: Research, books, tinkering, knowledge, Quincy and Bounte races, experiments.

Dislikes: Fighting, sparing, large crowds, new people, people interrupting him in his research.



Aware of Micro-emotions
Photographic memory
Master of physiology and phycology
Good at detecting lies
Being able to take things apart and put them back exactly the same


Human Arc:
Shinjou grew up in downtown Halifax, Nova Scotia. He lived a fulfilling life with his mother, father and big sister. They grew up in a small house jammed in-between a convenience store and another house. Shinjou and his sister went to a local middle school when something interesting actually happened. Before that Shinjou had led the average life not doing anything out of the ordinary. Shinjou was in Grade 8 and his sister Grade 9 which was odd for children but their parents were fairly wealthy. They were attending a local dance when the lights suddenly went out. A loud sound could be heard from outside as the doors swung open and the moon’s light shinned through the gym’s doors. But there was nothing there, nothing that most of the people there could see. However, Shinjou and his sister both saw what was really there. A large bent over man stood in the doorway. Even bent over he looked as if he were about eight feet tall. The man had a white Halloween mask and a large hole in his chest. Of course not knowing that no one else could see the man the two children ran in the opposite direction. Everyone was shocked by the sudden opening of the door but they were not that scared so they looked to the two as if they had two heads.

Than the man moved, he charged towards Shinjou’s sister probably because Shinjou was in the opposite side of the gym and his sister was nearer to the door. With a sudden burst of bravery or stupidity Shinjou jumped in the way. As soon as he did this the man was slashed right in have spouting blood everywhere. The two halves feel to the ground at Shinjou’s feet as a large muscular man stood behind what used to be the evil person. Shinjou looked to the large man with his jaw almost hitting the floor along with his sister’s gasp. The man looked to the two with a strange look not being used to having people look at him. Then he just disappeared, with a flash of light he was gone. Leaving Shinjou and his sister standing there covered in blood with the whole school looking at them.

They immediately rushed home and hid in their rooms after washing off their blood. When they told their parents what had happened they did not look shocked they just looked at each other as if they were communicating with thoughts alone. Then they packed up all their belongings in the same night and rushed off to live with their Grandparents on the other side of the county, Victoria, British Columbia. Once they arrived at the train station in BC they were greeted by a squadron of police being charged with the murder of two people. The kids were allowed to go to their Grandparents home but the parents were taken into custody. Their parents were charged with murder and sentenced to death. At the day of their death Shinjou vowed to as long as he lived protect his sister from all evil.

While in BC Shinjou kept his promise and protected his sister. He was never further than a yell away when it came to protecting his sister and he was a fairly good fighter. Shinjou by no means was a strong boy but he was smart and he had earned his black belt in Yōshin-ryū jujitsu. So he knew how to fight using peoples “pressure points.” Shinjou had one main enemy in his knew school in BC, a grade twelve student who had a liking for his sister but could get nowhere near her because of Shinjou. Shinjou was now in Grade 11 and his sister in grade twelve so he was not terribly out matched. This one guy was the top ranking wrestler in BC and a shoe in for any competitions that he entered. He approached Shnjou’s sister boldly one day while Shinjou was right beside her. When the guy went to reach out to lean on a desk beside them Shinjou grabbed his arm and twisted it into a chicken wing position. That move started the biggest fight Shinjou had been in sense he had made his vow. The fight ended with the other guy lying on the floor with a broken leg and nose and a concussion. Shinjou stood above him with a broken nose and dislocated shoulder. To say the least the man never bothered his sister again and Shinjou was expelled from school.

Shinjou continued to keep his vow as best he could but he was now not allowed on school grounds so his sister was left unprotected while at school. But it was not at school when she meat her end. Shinjou and his sister went for a walk through a local park on a later Sunday evening. When they saw someone that looked oddly familiar to that hollow at the dance they had seen so many years ago. Even though it had been a long time it had burned itself into their memories and now it was back, although, it didn’t look exactly like the first one. It was bigger and had tentacles sprouting from its back. But it had the same hole where its heart should be and the same creepy Halloween mask on. It attacked them but this time they were ready. Shinjou’s sister ducked behind a large boulder that was conveniently placed right beside their position. As she did this Shinjou grabbed onto the tentacle but he was not strong enough. It flung Shinjou through the air and he smacked up against a tree. Blood erupted from his mouth when he hit the tree and he felt a bone in his lower back break. Shinjou rose back to his feet to see another tentacle fly towards the boulder his sister was hiding behind. It hit the boulder, knocking it over on his sister. Shinjou yelled with rage, charging at the monster. He jumped over one tentacle then rolled under another. Shinjou jumped into the air and kicked the hollow in the face. The hollow did not move at all. His rage grew and he screamed again releasing his hidden reiatsu. The hollow flew backwards and hit a tree as Shinjou charged again. He ran up and punched it in the face cracking the mask in half and destroying the hollow.

When he settled down he soon realized his injuries. Shinjou fell to the ground with pain now knowing he could not move. Attacking the hollow and made him even weaker and now he was at death’s door. While Shinjou laid in a pool of his own blood he though of how he had failed saving his sister no matter how hard he trained he was not strong enough. But soon he would be with his sister… in the after life.

Soul Arc:

Shinjou awoke in the park with a large chain in his chest. He thought of this as quite odd because he though he would be dead. Or maybe he was. Shinjou then saw a police man looking at a body but whose body was it? He slowly approached the man asking if he could come further. Shinjou did not receive an answer the man simply continued as if he was not there. He moved closer and saw who it was. It was him. Then it hit him, he was dead. But why was he still here and why did he have a chain in his chest. Shinjou thought he would be long gone by now and with his sister but she was nowhere in sight. His heart fell, if this was the after life it would be worse than his life. Shinjou could not live or die in one spot without his sister forever.

But then someone seemed to be walking towards him. It was a man like the one would had killed that crazy mask guy so many years ago. He held a katana much like the one the other had held. The man also, wore the same outfit. When he had reached Shinjou the man told him he was going to a better place where he could be with the ones he loved. He did not resist he was so happy maybe it was not as bad as he thought. The man simply tapped him on the head with the blunt of his katana on the forehead and the world disappeared. His vision went black and as the world around his vanished.

Shinjou found himself lying on a dirt road in the middle of a hustling and bustling town. People were selling all kinds of goods but once again his sister was nowhere in sight. He quickly rose to his feet and marched through the town. Gently pushing aside civilians as he picked up pace. Every person was different but none of them were his sister. The man had lied he was not with the ones he loved, he was all alone… again.

Then he saw something oddly peculiar, a large ground of people surrounding one man. As Shinjou approached he noticed that they were all cheering for this man. The man looked like the one who had sent him here but slightly different. On top of the outfit he wore a sort of haori with the number eleven on the back of it in a diamond shape. Shinjou tried to go further in the circle but everyone pushed him back. But then something that had never happened before happened, the man stopped and turned to face Shinjou. He was looking directly at him, but why? The man charged towards him and pressed him against a wall, saying “Who are you? And what are you doing here,” in a quick and harsh tone. Of course Shinjou had no idea what the man was talking about but he humored him and answered in a polite tone. The man, still holding Shinjou charged of in the direction he was moving. When he insisted that the man let him go he released Shinjou and told him what was going on. He told him all about the shinigami and how he had a remarkably high reiatsu signature for anyone he might even make Vice-Captain.

So the shinigami took him deeper into Soul Society to the academy where he was dropped off. Shinjou was baffled by what had just happened and he did not know what to say so he just went along with things. He was quickly enrolled and starting classes. Zanjutsu and Hakuda were not favorites of Shinjou. Although, he wasn’t bad at them he wasn’t good at them either and they did not meet the exceptionally high standards Shinjou had set for himself. He was better at hoho and kido. Through all of this training and studying Shinjou could not keep his mind off of his sister. He had vowed to protect her and he had failed. He then made one last vow to himself that until he found his sister and knew she was okay he would never open up to anyone ever.

Shinigami Arc:

Shinjou graduated with exceptional marks in almost every course, but Hakuda, although, he did not get accepted by any squad immediately. No squad seemed to be the right fight until he looked at the twelfth squad. Before he had become obsessed with protecting his sister he had quite well at inventing things and he loved to experiment. Even sometimes on humans which would get him in some trouble every now and then. The thrill of finding something no one had ever made before excited Shinjou. He immediately asked to be a part of their squad. With much consideration of their part they accepted and let him join their ranks.

Shinjou started as most do as an unseated member of the twelfth division. His research was average and he never really stood out. Until a new Captain appeared, the squad had been without a Captain for quite some time sense the rebellion almost and they had never really accepted a new one. The lieutenant had been acting as a Captain and had done a nice job but a new face had appeared. This new Captain was strange, very strange and Shinjou liked this. The new experiments that were being conducted were quiet crude and he excelled at these. He quickly stood out among the others and was promoted to third seat. Shinjou was experimenting on a way to extend the life of someone who was dieing and he had made a major break through. His Captain was exceedingly pleased but he wanted Shinjou to turn his experiments around. He wanted Shinjou to lessen a shinigami’s life. He became very suspicious of this but it was his Captain so he did as he said. When he was just about to finish his research and hand it in his Captain disappeared and so did his research. All the lieutenants and Captains were called for a secret meeting and Shinjou was left in charge. One week later his Captain was dead and so was his lieutenant. Shinjou was told that his Captain was a traitor and his lieutenant had died a gruesome death in the fight against him. Shinjou would have been promoted to Captain right then and there but they thought he might have conspired with his former Captain so he was only promoted to Lieutenant until he could prove himself not guilty. While acting as the Lt. Shinjou provided many important research notes one of his most notable experiments was his ground breaking research in finding a way into Hueco Mondo through a large metal door that didn't always result in success hence the fact that it wasn't used openly.

Picture of Character:

Sample Chapter:

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PostSubject: Re: Shinjou the Shinigami   Mon Jan 11, 2010 6:30 pm

The Lieutenant spot of Division Twelve is taken
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PostSubject: Re: Shinjou the Shinigami   Tue Jan 12, 2010 4:43 pm

edited to the first division
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PostSubject: Re: Shinjou the Shinigami   Tue Jan 12, 2010 5:22 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Shinjou the Shinigami   

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Shinjou the Shinigami
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