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 Shirou's "Bows" (Finished)

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PostSubject: Shirou's "Bows" (Finished)   Wed Jan 13, 2010 2:29 pm

Name: Gewehrtanz (Gun Dance)

Bow Manifestation:
These are bigger and more powerful than they look. About 20 inches from barrels to trigger, and have Seele Schneider mods attached to them, dangling by chains off of where the clips go. These are always attached to the guns, and disappear when they do as well.

Description: Its main form, is that of two large magnums. They have excellent range and are lethal fighting weapons. It fires like any normal magnum, but with much greater force and it has unlimited ammo made of reiatsu, also, the trigger is easy so that Shirou can rapid fire them at about 10 shots each per post. This can bust through shields and armor. Also, for an unknown reason, the reiatsu of this weapon is poisonous and if absorbed, can make one deathly ill until they soon begin puking profusely after 6 posts of absorbing. If one is hit with a bullet, the poison takes 12 posts to go into full effect. It actually warps reiatsu into a poisoned state causeing it to feel like the poison is running through the entire bloodstream. No type of auto healing reiatsu can cure this, only an outside healing force.

The Seele Schneider Mods: These increase the fire rate by an extreme amount. Each gun, when charged from the Seele Schneiders, can now fire a grand total of 100 shots per post. These shots are at half their usual power, but they are still just as venomous.

The use of the "Bow":
Through analysis of thousands of recorded gunfights, Shirou has determined that the geometric distribution of antagonists in any gun battle is a statistically-predictable element. The Gun Kata treats the gun as a total weapon, each fluid position representing a maximum kill zone, inflicting maximum damage on the maximum number of opponents, while keeping the defender clear of the statistically-traditional trajectories of return fire. By the rote mastery of this art, your firing efficiency will rise by no less than 120 percent.

Allow me to translate:

"Treats the gun as a total weapon." Shirou can shoot people with his gun and pistol whip them with it.
"Maximum kill zone/damage/number of opponents." Shirou shoots a lot of people at once.
"Rote mastery of this art." It works entirely on the principle of cool poses.


Name: Trigger Happy
Effect: Shirou uses a sonic speed and catches the enemy off guard, getting his twin pistols in past the enemie's defences and then he unloads ammo at close range, strong enough to bust through large hunks of steel.
Duration/Cooldown: 4 Post cooldown

Name: Bullet Expand Shield
Effect: Shirou fires a single bullet that flettens out and expands massively and then becomes dense to serve as a barrier. It can take the form of a wall or a dome around Shirou, depending on how the bullet is shot. The shield is only able to be broken by the equivilent of a level 80 kidou.
Duration/Cooldown: Lasts for 3 posts, Cooldown is 5 posts

Cross Shape:

Custom Equipment

Name: Sanrei Rings

Type: Rings


Ability: These rings are a key feature of any Quincy's Final Form training. A quincy wears this and it has similar effects of the sanrei glove, and allows a quincy to train for their power. However, it works on a different principal. When the Quincy who wears this compiles reishi for an arrow, it will try to hold the spirit particles on the hand. This will force the quincy to fire with a much greater force for a minimal result of damage. When the quincy can fire like normal, the stage one of training is complete. The Quincy using this method must be able to fire like normal with all 5 fingers on their firing hand holding rings. If they use them on all 10 it will train their other firing hand.

A completed training with these on will increase the power of a Quincy's bow shot by 500%.



Quincy Final Form

Name: Gewehrtanz: Bruch (Gundance: Shatter)

Appearance: The two pistols shatter into spiritual energy, erupting around his arms. It continues to solidify over time, reforming into cannons over Shirou's arms after about 5 posts after activation.

Description: When activated it functions normally, like a version of Shirou's bow, only with enhanced speed. However, after it completely takes form all of the bow's abilities are massively enhanced, with a massively high firing rate and huge shots. The venomous effects are rediculously hard to cure by any means but killing Shirou while he is in final form, and no other time. (not even after the form is over) The venom becomes fatal about 4 posts after the form is over.

Duration of Final Form: 10 posts


Name: Riesiger Seele Schneider(s)
Effect: By focusing energy out through the barrels of the arm cannons, Shirou replicates extremely huge Seele Schneiders, at an extremely high power. It revolves at about 500,000,000 RPS.

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PostSubject: Re: Shirou's "Bows" (Finished)   Wed Jan 13, 2010 3:11 pm

Name: Axis Cross

Bow Manifestation: A 7 foot tall metallic cross. Shirou floats around on this like a cross-shaped surfboard. This has no effect in that form. However, this can split into 8 smaller probes, each floats around and Shirou can control them with his thoughts. These all have little reishi blasters on them, that look like mini-turrets.

Description: As its manifestation suggests, it lets Shirou fly around on it like a hover board. Shirou can control them with his mind. Because this doesn't use his hands to use this bow, Shirou can easily double wield the bows. Each reishi blaster can fire about 20 Shots per post seperately.


Name: Flurry of 100 Blasts
Effect: The 8 probes make a ring around the target and move around while firing. This will create an area surrounded by reishi bullets. These bullets will close in and strike the target from all around.
Duration/Cooldown: Takes 2 posts to create the sphere and fire, 5 Post Cooldown

Quincy Final Form

Name: Axis Cross: Securtity and Patrol

Appearance: Shirou rides on it and nothing looks changed when activates, except a sitting turret is placed on it. However, when this splits, it each probe splits further into another 8 probes each. Equaling 64 probes.

Ability: Each probe can now fire 20 each, even from their small sizes now. When in the normal cross, the turret can rapid fire a total of 250 shots per post. This form allows Shirou move around on the 7 foot cross at speeds like Hirenkyaku all the time. Hirenkyaku's speed is thereby doubled.

Limit: 10 Posts

Name: Reinigen Sie (Purify)
Effect: A mass wave of Shirou's superpowered bullets are sent at the enemy and fuse into a huge tidal wave of reiatsu, almost sucking the reishi in the air dry, while irradicating any evil being in its path.
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PostSubject: Re: Shirou's "Bows" (Finished)   Sun Jan 17, 2010 11:20 am

This is Finished for now. I'll make the other Final Form later.
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PostSubject: Re: Shirou's "Bows" (Finished)   Sun Jan 17, 2010 5:04 pm

Evalengeis no longer here take it out,make sure that when you use your ring you dont get all godmoddy wit it. UNTILL something is found to be wrong....

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PostSubject: Re: Shirou's "Bows" (Finished)   

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Shirou's "Bows" (Finished)
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