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 First day's for some, and last years for others (OPEN TO ALL)

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Kyle Shihouin


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PostSubject: First day's for some, and last years for others (OPEN TO ALL)   Tue Feb 16, 2010 11:19 pm

A loud ringing noise was going off in Kyle's ear. Kyle slowly rose his hand up from his bed and hit the alarm clock, turning it off. Kyle then slowly rose up from his bed, he really didn't want to get up, he would rather stay in bed all day, BUT he couldn't he had school today, he was starting his last year of high school. Kyle had passed all of his course, all his marks of course where in the 50's or low 60's; he didn't really care about marks, as long as he passed. Kyle looked around his room while scratching the back of his head. His room was a normal sized room, and looked like an average teenagers bedroom. He had a small TV with a next generation console right beside it, and a small but useful DVD player on top. The floor was littered with all dirty clothes, and books. His dresser was located beside his bed, with some clothing sticking out of it. The closet had his school uniform ready, and clean, to tell the truth the neatest place in his room was his closet.

Kyle stretched his arms up in the air while letting out a loud yawn, then a few gentle smacks to his face to wake himself up. Kyle then threw his covers over to side of his bed then threw his feet down to the ground then pushed himself up off his bed. Kyle was wearing only his boxers; which had pictures of some sponge character from a cartoon show. Kyle turned over to his left then headed towards his door. He walked like the living dead, slowly taking one step after another. His back was slouched, his black and white hair was messed up and all over the place, and his arms where hanging down just a little above his knees. Once he reached the door he slowly opened it, then continued his undead walk towards the bathroom to take a shower and clean himself up.

After entering the bathroom he closed the door then locked it. He then pulled off his boxers and threw them into a nearby hamper. Kyle then turned on the water letting it warm up before stepping in. Once in he began to wash himself off of sweat, grease, and dirt. After about 10 minutes he came out in a nice shade of red. Kyle dried his hair, then began to style it the way he always had it, which made him popular amongst the ladies. Kyle shaved soon after, taking off a few pimples here and there; he was lucky he had good skin, he'd only have the odd pimple or blackhead.

After Kyle got dressed in his school uniform he went down stairs to fix together his breakfast. Kyle was living alone since his parents where working overseas. He loved the fact he was living alone since he got to have a lot of parties; which he ended up cleaning by himself afterwords. The whole house other than his room was spotless. Kyle made sure to keep the place well taken care of, he didn't want his parents coming home to see a massive mess all over their home.

After Kyle was done with break fast he quickly made sure he had his coat unbuttoned, with his tie lose around his neck, and the white t-shirt underneath had been unbuttoned a little past his collarbone. Kyle then walked up to the mirror next to the door, then picked up his small silver cross from the basket under the mirror and put it on. Kyle was now ready for school. Before stepping outside he quickly grabbed his house keys. Kyle locked the front door then made his way down to school; he lived in walking distance of the school. Kyle hoped he'd walk into some of his friend, but most likely he'd just be a loner for the little walk. Kyle kept his bored look plastered across his scared face as he walked down with his left hand in his pocked, and his right holding his school bag over his shoulder; he has his two scars across his left eye.
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PostSubject: Re: First day's for some, and last years for others (OPEN TO ALL)   Wed Feb 17, 2010 8:43 pm

Leonidas awoke to find himself laying contently in his bed. He was a bit disoriented for he had a dream that he was somewhere totally different. It took him a while to realize this fact as he tried to remember how he got back to his room. He slowly sat up and rubbed his face as his blurry vision slowly became clear. Pulling off his covers, he slid out his bed and slowly rose to his feet as he let out a big yawn. Slowly walking out of his room, he walked into the bathroom and got in the shower.

After he finished bathing, he walked out of the bathroom and back to his room where he pulled the curtains back from his windows, letting in the sunlight. The light blinded him temporarily as he flinched and turned towards his closet. He promptly put on his school uniform and checked himself in the mirror as he unbuttoned the top button of his shirt. Leonidas lived alone in a small apartment that his older brother left for him before he died. He was currently going to high school as a junior and had a side job to help pay for bills. Walking towards the kitchen section of the apartment, Leo looked at the pots and pans as he tried to think if he should make something before he left. As though he was caught in a trance, he stood there for several minutes beforehe felt the vibrations of his cell phone in his pocket. It was time to go. Walking over to the fridge, he bent down and grabbed a soda. He quickly guzzled it down in a matter of seconds before tossing it in the trash and dashing towards the door. On his way out, he grabbed his backpack and put it on, letting it hang from his back from one strap on his right shoulder.

He began walking down the block, crossing the streets at the green lights. He lived a bit of a distance from the high school but he didn't mind the walk as it gave him a chance to think. He noticed someone wearing the same uniform and walking in the same direction as he. Leo would rather keep to himself under many circumstances, including this one but his mind was empty and he needed a distraction. As he neared the fellow student, he noticed that this person was one of the people in his science class. Although he never met him before, he believed that he definitely had some common ground with him. As Leo walked up to his left side, with a melancholy tone and an emotionless face, he looked on ahead of himself as he spoke to his classmate. "I'm not looking forward to another one of Mr. Kujaku's lectures. I often wonder how a person of his intelligence could possibly make science boring." Leo said as a joke but his tone didn't exactly "sell it" in the way it should of.

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PostSubject: Re: First day's for some, and last years for others (OPEN TO ALL)   Tue Mar 09, 2010 4:51 am

There he was... Shinji was standing on top of the roof top of the high school... Being a sixteen year old was not fun... The teenager's these days make Shinji look bad just by existing... Then he walked over to the edge of the roof... The young master quincy looked down, he saw the many people walking in and out of the school... The sun was shining brightly, but it was a bit of an annoyance... It was a very hot day... Then he stepped back a bit, then quickly ran and jumped off the roof and was heading down to the ground...

With his black trench coat, white polo with a black tie, cargo pants... The man jumped down and landed safely... Many people started as he landed safely on the ground from around five stories high... Then he put his hands into his jacket's pockets and walked onward... Yawning a bit he was tired and bored so he decided to have a bit of fun... The young vice leader quincy stopped at the side walk then took out a coin shaped disk from his jacket's right pocket then crushed it.... What was it you ask? It was the hollow bait... A large smirk appeared on his face as the hollows gathered around him... Shinji laughed out loud then disappeared from the eyes of the hollows.... He appeared above them, in mid-air... With his bow ready he fired off many arrows, one by one, he shot them at the head....

Disappeared again he then prepared his bow at the blue sky as a black gate opened up a new hollow arrived and was quickly subdued by a reiatsu arrow.. Then preparing another reishi arrow five more arrived... He dispersed his spiritual bow then started yelling" Come on, you little bastards! Come and get me, I don't have any weapons on me, I am vulnerable as hell." the screams of hollows rung in his ears as they quickly ran towards him, as they passed him by he then had his bow already and as they slowly disappeared he said "Psych... Foolish hollows... How boring." he then yawned out of boredom... The young vice leader quincy then folded his arms behind his head and walked..
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PostSubject: Re: First day's for some, and last years for others (OPEN TO ALL)   

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First day's for some, and last years for others (OPEN TO ALL)
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