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 Hunter's mask

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The Hunter


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PostSubject: Hunter's mask   Sun Feb 28, 2010 3:39 pm

Flash back to a hundred years ago

DK was relaxing around at Karakura town... Walking around the place without a gigai, the humans.... The realm of the living never ceased to surprise Hunter... More inventions... New styles... Hunter remembered how it was for him when he was still alive.... Being alive in those days was not glorious.... Hunter walked around the place then he noticed a powerful reiatsu arrive. It was a rogue releasing a lot of reiatsu at captain level. Then Hunter quickly pointed his zanpakutou at him and said" Bankai..." the shadow gathered right beside him then it grew...

The huge shadow was Ikasu... Made up of Shadow illusions, this guy was obviously a rogue considering he wore the twelfth divisions haori even though there already was a twelfth division captain. Then he looked up at Hunter and smiled, DK growled and wondered what he was going to do then.... BAM.... DK passed out... Like a punch to his face then it was all black... He woke up a some weird place where only one light appeared on the ceiling the rest was all dark... Then the rogue said" You'll make a nice test subject." with his wide and devilish grin Hunter lost consciousness.

The young reaper woke up on some soft grass. He seemed to be at some forest. There were birds everywhere then he yelled" WHERE THE HELL AM I?" he was angered at himself then he felt something... A pain coming from his mouth then it shot out of him... Something white... Then it gathered around his face. It was indeed a hollow mask it latched onto his face, his eyes now yellow. And there were many holes in his mask and it gathered around his head, at the top of the mask on the middle was the symbol of the fifth division... And then he yelled" What is.. NO.... This is.... The hollowfication!" then he was even more angered and agitated and it went down to his body, covering his entire body he then caught sight of the rogue.

Trying hard to control it then the rogue started laughing.... Then DK's reiatsu increased even higher than his reiatsu was before and walked slowly onwards his reiatsu shocked the rogue and felt heavy weights on his shoulder... That was the feeling he got from the reiatsu of this captain... The ground shaking even more... DK then yelled, but now in a hollow voice "DIE!!!" then he took out ikasu and disappeared and appeared behind the rogue, stabbing him at the back... He was killed instantly... Then Hunter passed out. He woke up to the sound of birds chirping, but he noticed that the hollowfication took over almost half of his body. He then grabbed his mask and pulled on it hard yelling a bit then he got it off and the rest disappeared... He walked around the place his head hurt like hell, he was quite tired and weary.... Then he made his hand into a fist and then released it, gathering strange reishi to his right hand's fingers he then tapped it on the left side of his forehead.

He pulled it down.... His mask appeared and then he said" This is... Not so bad after all." smirking under the hollow mask.. Then it started taking over again, controlling him once more then he heard a different voice in his head, not Ikasu nor himself.... Then it spoke out... It was his inner hollow... His inner hollow looked like a man with black hair, short then wearing a haori without a shirt under it then it revealed a scar that made an X. Then he had a katana much like Ikasu in his hand and said"Ey, wanna let me out? Its a bit boring in here, but if you resist... I will kill you. " then attacking Hunter in his own mind. Swinging Ikasu downwards on Hunter's head, but he quickly blocked it with Ikasu... Such a weird situation...

DK was having trouble with his inner hollow.... His inner hollow seemed to be as strong as Hunter himself, actually it looks as if his inner hollow was strong... While this happening in his mind Hunter in real world DK's form was turning into a hollow form, destroying everything in its path, luckily he was in the forest... A flash back appeared through his mind appeared. His first captain Toshiro Hijikata.... The one who was unfortunately turned into a vizard and had to abandon the soul society for good... No choice was left for him, but it seems as though the same predicament was befalling Hunter.... Hunter was now injured.... Cuts on the chest, leg, and arms... And almost got hit at the neck... He was tired... His inner hollow proved too strong for Hunter.... Without even a scratch a scratch on him... A remarkable skilled captain.. Not even a scratch? That doesn't normally happen unless against the captain commander or the legendary Sousoke Aizen... A disgrace to the fifth division... Hirako Shinji... The best captain in the history of the fifth division to Hunter... Hunter was planning on making his division the best... Too strong that Sousoke Aizen's name no longer scars the name of the fifth division..

The fifth division meant a lot to Hunter, but he was tired right now... Then Hunter was fueled by anger, he was going to scar the name of the fifth division because of this.... To be weak against a rogue? A filthy rogue? Damn that.... He then grew stronger, his level of reiatsu higher then he destroyed his inner hollow.... Finally subduing his inner hollow, he then got out of his own mind then his physical hollow form cracked and went in pieces, but then his inner hollow appeared once more and said"Finished so soon?" then slam... He slashed his zanpakutou at the back of Hunter... A large amount of blood shot out of his back, pouring down onto the ground...

Then the hollow form started taking over him again... Such a troublesome thing... Alas, Hunter had enough.... No longer will he allow this.. Being a vizard wouldn't scar the reputation of his division, but losing to his inner hollow would. He then cut his inner hollow's throat, then it slowly disappeared, DK's hollow form too..... Only his mask was left... Some may think this journey or adventure simply changed him physically, but... It in fact changed him physically and psychologically.... Hunter was now a different man... Turned heartless he was... And now he despised the soul society for casting away Hirako Shinji... Killing innocent people... The system was terrible... And now... Hunter was a new man because of this... A new power and a new mind... Something that can be gained through events like today.

He then walked around with his mask on and it dispersed into nothing as he flash stepped away...

Back in the Soul Society

Walking around the Sereitei... It was a bit quiet today, but Hunter was a bit gloomy, expressionless, but at the same time one with a heartless look... A new man...

Five days later

Not long after Hunter got back from his so called "journey" all the captains were summoned for a meeting at the first division headquarters... He hung out with the captains, laughter came from the captains as they made stupid jokes. An ordinary captains meeting... Then they gathered in a line and talked... The captain commander with his shit ass discussions annoyed Hunter... Then something rang in his ears... It was from the captain commander " Captain Hunter recently strolled around in the realm of the living, but reports of his behavior changing and" then Hunter stopped him and said" Che, behavior? Is this all? I don't need this, just leave me alone... Tell me if you got a mission for me or something.." he wanted to kill the captain commander right there right now... Wanting to use his mask and show everyone...

Though he had to hold back he wanted to so bad... Walking out the captain commander then yelled" Captain Hunter, get back to your position immediately.. I will not stand for your arrogance." Hunter turned around with his heartless look and said" Well, why don't you just sit then?" a comeback... It was the first... Then he continued walking out... When he walked out and closed the door behind him he muttered" Bakudo # 99: Bankin" and quickly flash stepped inside before it fully closed.. He couldn't be seen nor heard.. Watching from the ceiling he then heard the captain commander speak" The behavior of the fifth division captain is weird.. It is not like him... Do any of you know what happened while he was at the realm of the living?" then someone spoke out... It was the ninth division captain.. He said" I heard there was a hollow attack, but the attack was too powerful... It destroyed an entire forest and damaged most of a town, but what surprised me was that it didn't try to take over any souls... The hollow was reported to us to be human sized and half of it wearing a shinigami uniform and a haori, but we lost contact after that, so I sent a few of my men there and confirmed the shinigami who was patrolling the place was killed and cut in half..." everyone had a surprised look on there face and they captain commander said" This is most troublesome... I highly doubt one of us would go through... The hollowfication willingly... Hunter must've went through it by force and went out of control.." then pure silence among the room..

Then the captain commander again speaking" If that is true, we must... Unfortunately, kill him.." a shocked look on everyone's faces arrived... Then silence until the meeting ended. Hunter was troubled by this, but he quickly thought of an excuse...

Next Captain's meeting

Hunter was still alive and kicking, but this was when all the captains were going to kill him.. Then he said" I know that you guys think I have undergone the hollowfication process, but.... It is not me, but the ninth division captain.." an even more surprised look arrived on everyone's faces... Then he said" When I went strolling around the realm of the living I was nowhere near the town that was destroyed, but I do know that the shinigami that were killed was the ninth division captain's men and that he in fact was going to go there to inspect the town.. All from his lieutenant and third seat... " a sharp look appeared on the captain commander's face and then Hunter said" Come in.." then the door opened wide and it was the lieutenant and the third seat and they bowed down in respect and said" I am sorry captain, but even if you promised us to secrecy... We cant let you do this.." then the captains killed the ninth division captain..

Though how was DK able to do this? Its because it was true.... Soon after he gained control the ninth was talking with his division members, but Hunter was able to twist that because the ninth had yet to arrive at the town while DK was rampaging... And then he suddenly appeared there... A suspicious thing... But the ninth was indeed innocent, but his division member's doubted him too much to trust him... And were too careful.

Such a twisted man DK has become... Hunter then went over to his quarters and planned taking over the place.. It would take awhile, but it might just happen.. Urging to kill all the captains, but will they survive the next hundred or two years? Hunter planned all of there demises and thought about taking them out one by one... Until the next generation would have no idea of this past meetings.... A nice plan indeed... Taking out all the captains then waiting for the captains spot to fill up again and getting them on his side? A diabolical heartless man he was... Though he didn't call them pawns, but he called them... Weapons.... They would help him in this...

Finding new... Weapons would take a hundred years... The current Gotei thirteen are all goodie two shoes... None of them would think about betraying the soul society, but the next generation had hope.
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PostSubject: Re: Hunter's mask   Tue Mar 02, 2010 1:26 pm

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Hunter's mask
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