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 Training his Cero.

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PostSubject: Training his Cero.   Tue Mar 02, 2010 1:37 am

[OOC: At last! Something to do! I get bored waiting for things. In any case, this out-of-character message obviously doesn't count in the 2K needed for training here. So!]

Down, deep within the heinous bowels of that place, Hueco Mundo, sits the dreaded Egyptian with only one name. He, the Jackal, sits alone amongst the massive trees in the Forest of Menos, down below the massive tons of sand which make the White Sands Desert. Why, though? Why did he sit here? He appeared to be meditating, or maybe just thinking. He was in the right sitting position for that exercise, but that may not have been his sole intention. Alone, for now, but not for long. It came to be that he was soon attracting some attention from the surrounding area. Before, he had cleared out every Hollow in the given area and made to sit upon a massive boulder. Now, there was a rise in reiatsu, steadily increasing as he seemed to concentrate harder. Air distorted and became several times more dense than before. The massive trees and the ground began to vibrate subtly, and the sand above his head did seem to shift in response to the energy field. Jackal sat, eyes closed, doing this for hours. And in that time, no Hollow dared investigate.

His Indian-style sitting posture was tightly-held, as though the muscles of one leg were being forced against the other to prevent either from moving at all. His hands were on the ground, palms flat and fingers arched. The chest-muscles were taut and the head was craned forward. For why? No one on the outside could say. However, Jackal was working on an ability. With careful mental precision and concentration, he was manipulating the reiatsu in a long experimentation of the spirit particles to create something that was different from his ordinary repertoire. There was, in line with this, a subtle anger growing as well. Jackal was becoming very impatient with the slowness of formulation, and the insufficient nature of the results. That's why the reiatsu was increasing. More pressure around the formation, more control over the particles, to stream them together in a particular way. It went against the ordinary physics of the attack. This was not to be an ordinary power, a Cero that was unlike any Cero known. He had to discover the way to make it flow the way he wanted...

At last, a few curious creatures managed to step forward without shuddering with total fear. Jackal was putting off enough energy to make involuntary responses in the body, delving into the natural fight-or-flight instincts which were enacted for self-preservation. The ones who pressed forward to see what it was that was going on were Adjuchas, led by a creature that was snake, toad, and shark all in one. Walking on four legs and ten times Jackal's size, the masked monstrosity crawled its reptilian body up the boulder, curious about the Espada's activity. Its breath was acid and it smelled of both swamp and sea funk. The fumes of its body strangely evaporated near Jackal, the air so thick with his energy that he would not even be able to sniff the creature. So dense was the rippling power now that the Adjuchas suspected its own skin would dissolve too. Instead, knowing that the Jackal sensed its presence and its eyes upon him, it asked the question on many Hollow's minds.

"What is it doing, Lord Espada? It shakes the ground and trees for why?"

Jackal's eyes opened. The glow in them put the Adjuchas off for a moment, and the sound of his voice did little to calm that uneasy feeling. The power in the air was even affecting his voice, as though something more than the Espada were talking, but that of a demon from hell...

"To flood the Nile...one must first take control of the flow. That which consumes all can be flung in all directions...but it is difficult to learn the method. Cacareo...Animo Cochecama!!"

Oh hell. The Adjuchas was flung right off of there and the rest of those who came to investigate were now backing off...as the gray mist flew out and swirled around the Espada. In the place of the man with but a partial-mask, a jackal-faced monster sat instead. Same position, but with the bone-white augmentations. The Mask did crack and open, revealing long fangs clenched together as now Jackal took to gripping his own shoulders in a grasp of steel, letting out a purely-inhuman growl. The eyes were glowing the mist was swirling around with the path of his reiatsu-flow. Finally, an earth-shattering roar was produced and he stood. He held up a hand and everything in the area rumbled menacingly as all the energy he was working with began to swirl and condense together. The mist was no longer mist, but raw reiatsu from his stores.

"This is the Cero that is not a Cero, the power that thinks as I do, adapting and changing with the flow and shape of all things!!"

It all came to swirl as a vortex around his fist, condensed so that it appeared to be a Cero that was both gray and spinning at a high velocity. Now, in his clawed hand at last, we see why Jackal chose this location. One: The inhabitants would mostly be too afraid to bother him, as only the predators of the White Sands Desert would attack an Arrancar to devour its strength and evolve further. It was also a fact that he didn't want actual Arrancar bothering him too. But two: This was an ideal place to test the new form of Cero which he had painstakingly put together, particle by particle. It is not easy imagining a new ability, if even taking from the same source as Cero itself. This ability, Diluvio Lo Nilo, was like an anti-Cero. It was Cero in name only, if that. A normal Cero forms to become some form of dense explosive or massive beam. It does not do what this power may do. The very design of it makes it impossible to act in the same nature as what Jackal had essentially designed from scratch.

Working the spiritual particles from the tiniest flow to the vortex you see now, he discovered the way to not condense Cero energy together, but vortex it and create this new and adaptive Cero. Adaptive how? Behold! He launched it in the direction of a passing few Menos who stood beyond some trees. You would say that they could not be hit because the Cero would detonate on the trees alone, but then...you would be wrong. The grey vortex was detonated, releasing a massive gray explosion, with the moans of souls embedded in it all. It did hit the trees, but it did also flow around as though a swirling chaos had been flying through it all. Diluvio Lo Nilo was the un-dense Cero, the ability to allow explosive power to get through confinements and differing space and passages without losing its strength. It was the power to fill the corridors, to kill without having to destroy denser objects in the way. It flowed around the trees and did only marginal damage to them. It reached the wandering Gillian...and they were flayed alive until disintegrated by the cascading power!


However, it was not yet adequate. It took him hours to do this, initially. And he had to resort to his Ressureccion in order to get it right, finally. This was still lacking. It was not worthy of he, the current Cuarta Espada. It needed more range, it needed more coverage, and it needed more stability. This was still only that of an explosive vortex. It was not the same as a dense Cero. It needed to have massive Cero-power, greater even, and enough density that it would only explode when HE wanted it to, or with the inevitable direct contact which blow ALL Ceros if strong enough. The trouble with this sort of power is that it really couldn't block a Cero-level attack itself. It would literally explode AROUND the Cero and probably get the attacker instead. That would leave a Cero in Jackal's own face. Fortunately, he could indeed stop one himself. And wouldn't THAT be nasty? Oh yes. No, this power did not have its completion yet. What it had was a trial run, an imperfect model, a facsimile to attest to the true power which he was trying to create here. It was not fully-developed. However, since he had gotten this far, and the methodology was now in mind, it would be easier to make it happen. And once he perfected the apparent 'formula', he would be able to create this thing even in his Un-Ress'd form.

"Maybe I should attempt to do this small-scale, like Bala. Mhmm...naaah. The dynamics of Bala is completely different."

Better to take it from the top. This wasn't like his normal Ceros. Those, he could create with his right eye. Thus far, he had been concentrating and he made it happen with one hand. What if he...? Oh yesss... Yes, he liked that VERY MUCH! Good, then let's begin. Clenching fists again, Jackal made the particle-stream of his reiatsu work around both of his hands. A first-stage gathering, only, though. Why both hands? You shall see! Now...the arms and the legs blasted out all of a suddenly with mist, creating large tornados of gray, soaking up reiatsu all at once! He needed to work this on a grander scale, using more than one arm, but rather the whole body and surrounding area as a living dynamo of power! Vortexes in hand, Jackal whipped himself around in a high-velocity spin. His speed was great enough to cause wind revolutions on his own, and he was cracking the boulder with the effort already. Why do this, though? More power swirling and condensing, of course! He called the tornados to revolve around him, faster and faster, pulling in all that was around like it was a black hole of death!

"I will discover the way it is done! I will create power in my own vision! NOW, BRING ME MORE!!!"


It was already beginning to envelope the trees, but now a good section of the forest quaked and snapped and crumbled as the massive final vortex of Las Muerto Torrente formed and just ripped them asunder, drinking them dry of energy as even the sand from above was sucked down, creating a large whirlpool above in the White Sands desert. Hollows of all kind were dragged in as this all-consuming force made a disaster area of its surroundings. The great rumble was soon blotted out by another sound. A drone, a strange hum...or possibly a howl. It was unsure. The entire thing seemed to be taking a life of its own as Jackal maniacally pulled the limits of his other powers through the wringer to make these terrifying ability of his work. Once he'd pulled it together, it would always fall into place, because then it would be both perfected and known to him in terms of formation. The reiatsu would come together easier, once he put it together on this one grand scale.

"Now...condense! This is my power and my will runs through it! CONDENSE!"

You could feel everything wanting to be drawn in on a massive scale. It was going in alright. It was vortexed more and more inwardly, denser and denser. It would be horrendously powerful. Jackal suddenly leapt up in the middle of his self-made chaos, drawing all this up into a hand by sheer force of will. The world seemed to crackle, but he made it behave. This area went from full to empty in seconds, and the the most damn dense vortex you could even imagine was in his hand as he was off the ground, at level with the hole in the desert. Smirking with his jackal-jaw, he flung it down into Forest of Menos and watched it detonate...MASSIVELY. It was glorious. Words escaped the speed of it, the elegance of it being not halted by solid objects. Look at how it unfolded! He could decimate populations that way, clear buildings in seconds. Can you imagine what it would do to...the Shinigami? Jackal laughed out loud, his shrill merriment unnerving to anything that was listening. Now, he surfaced to the desert, watching the hole fill itself once more. He had done quite the damage...

"Are you quite finished there, Espada?"

He turned around. There was a Hollow standing nearby, a large and multi-limbed something that was probably Adjuchas and powerful...but he couldn't recognize what TYPE of creature it was. Jackal laughed again, considering its question.

"Oh...for now. This was the form of it I wanted, but not the ease, just yet. I need to perfect the ease of calling it forth a little, make it so I can do this without already having to cause the calamity it's meant to start. No triumph is easy."

"You know, some of us do not appreciate what you Espada are up to. You are self-made kings of arrogance, not fit to rule...or so I say."

"That reminds me... I really need to work on my Fraccion..."

"Are you even listening?"

Suddenly, the Espada was plowing his fist into the face of the Hollow-thing, making it fall over onto its back as he held it there, a fiercely insane glint in his eye.

"Yeah, I can hear you, but you're speaking to the wrong one. I do what I must for a purpose greater than my own. I am not merely in it for personal satisfaction. No, that would be if I still see you here in five minutes, where I feel I can try again. That in mind, I suggest you leave. This place will be getting...VERY loud."

The Hollow-creature did indeed take this advice, leaving Jackal alone. And to his credit, Jackal felt soon like he could do this again, and it would be easier each time he worked on it. That, surely, would be of a great surprise to others. Oh yes...
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PostSubject: Re: Training his Cero.   Wed Mar 24, 2010 11:29 pm

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Training his Cero.
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