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 Rping TEAM!

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PostSubject: Re: Rping TEAM!   Fri Mar 05, 2010 9:12 am

No... You failed to read the posts put up by me which say provide an RP sample.



Greed is now available because the person who signed for it is not active. We have five members Altogether

Zaquri (Me)- Joker ( Black Council)
Hiru- Insanity
Hunter- Heartless
Rekkan- Lust ( Black Council)
Shin-Whats his face- Intelligence

That is it! If you wish to still sign up go to New Divide and wait for me to put up the topic.

OH! And don't forget Members! Sign up for the Main spot of our http://genesisrpteam.webs.com/ team.
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PostSubject: Re: Rping TEAM!   Fri Mar 05, 2010 9:35 am

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Ajaket Diashi


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PostSubject: Re: Rping TEAM!   Fri Mar 05, 2010 8:18 pm

I PMed ya with interest, here's the short application.

What aspect do you want to be? Rage

Which character do you want to repreesent your character? Amagi, Miroku - main antagonist of Psyren.

RP Sample:

-Not for this character I use for this forum-
(Used on an Original forum, an immortal being whose contempt for humanity is made known to the world)

He was ... nothing really. A being born of the arcane, yet cursed by the world down under. He was, then so long ago, a pitieous sight ... an emaciated being who pale frame lay open to the elements. But, whatever reason he possessed now certainly did not exist when he came to be. And yet it tickled him, quite literally as he thought back to the good old days.

Anonymity then was perfect, allowing him to use his brunt fury with impunity ... and the attention of those who posed as threats to him were not drawn.

But it did not take long for him to understand, rather than lash out on instinct ... to understand that he was what they called a 'demon'. A chaotic being whose only desire was mayhem, and that he would indulge in for ages. Immortal in every concept of the word, reborn from every attempt by Death to snatch his self, he would terrorize the world. Solitude was his companion, Murder his comrade, Fury and Retribution his blood brothers.

His name was carved to him, a name contrived out of vain to personify his mad rampages that left gaping wakes of annihilation. He was called the 'dark' by all civilized societies ... but eventually, he abandoned whatever name he had for the German word of his title, Dunkelheit.

Why he felt an attachment to that word, he has never questioned ... instead just letting loose the boundless hate within him, channeling the negative energy within so that Destruction would flow from him and be unleashed to the world. But enough about his life story, no doubt you want to hear the recounts of his exploits? Everyone wants to hear of him ... and pray to never see him.
He came with the night. The absence of the sun brought forth his arrival, and those silver eyes, the orbs by which he viewed the world, gazed hatefully at the idllyic land. Small urban cities, it seemed to him ... with thousands of ignorants milling about, unaware of the world beyond their little pathetic bubbles.

They knew nothing of the world. They were trapped in their own little realms, shielded from the outside. And Dunkel was sickened to the core of whatever was his self, to see ignorant human beings claim a bit of peace, if only that of the mind.

Like hell. He was going to tear their world inside out! He was an immortal who suffered from nearly the beginning of the passage of time itself, who stood at the side watching Humanity rise ... and fall .. again and again. His mind droned on, with a contemptuous voice drilling him, riling him ... invigorating him. The voice carried on, his subconscience merging with it ... until sensibilty was lost in favor of primal wanton destruction.

The cars of late-night commuters were sent toppling, hunks of plastic and steel were lifted in the burly arms of a once fragile being ... and sent flying into the numerous buildings of the neighborhood. Explosions followed, screams upon the heels of the former ... the concerned called out, for answers, for reasons, for loved ones. Most got the same unvarying response, as their bodies wear torn to pieces by the superhuman strength of Dunkel.

His rage was absolute now, for it was too late to fall back and reconsider. Already, he was mowing down innocents with a lamp pole, shattering bodies and buildings with long swipes of the steel rod. And so the destruction continued, as buildings were slowly wrecked ... and crumbled down into their foundations, the signs of civiliation were completely destroyed, and the city's transformation into a shoddy grave for thousands occurred only within hours.

The once peace was long gone. The hum of city life replaced with deafening crashes of buildings, and roaring flames. The voices of the many who lived hear ... those that gave to the sounds of the ignorant and their pitiful view of life were, for the final moments, cries of agony or perhaps 'mercy!'
only to be extinguished, much like candles before a storm.

And there he was, a Demon. Bathed in the blood of the dead, surrounded by the carcasses and ruins. Letting out the inhuman roar as he continued to defile the deadland, turning all into ash and dust.

Terroist Bomb Attacks, the news stations later claimed. And that the country's military would be investigating the incident. Fools, they were providing more victims and a new path for the Darkness to follow.
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PostSubject: Re: Rping TEAM!   Fri Mar 05, 2010 9:22 pm

Perfect. You just bumped our ranks by 1.

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The Seed of Judas


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PostSubject: Re: Rping TEAM!   Sat Mar 06, 2010 1:27 am


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PostSubject: Re: Rping TEAM!   Sat Mar 06, 2010 9:27 am

Aspect: destruction
Character: Lelouch from code geass.

My rp sample is an rp sample i did awhil back, I don't have much time to do a real one so have a read;

Ezekeil perched far on a building top, with the hood of her cloak bestowed upon on her magnificent head, clining just to the dorsum of her nose; from a far one would assume that having such a hood would hinder the visual sight of the wearer, however, Ezekeil, once an accomplished Captain of the Gotei 13, namely the 12th Division; division that manufactured products that intensely helped with the battle, Ezekeil had designed her own outfit, with a cloak, which retained a heavy hood, that enabled the wearer to easily see through the cloak or hood, clearly. Though, the sheer beauty of the design, only the wearer was entitled to such a comfortable feat being able to see through the cloak, others on the outside perceived the cloak for what it was, an opaque standard cloak; hiding the identy user.

"Hmm..." she said, softly to herself, as she recognised the two individual reatsu's; human and Arrancar, their trival fighting was understandable and Ezekeil was about to turn tail and leave the petty creatures to their pleasurable doings, when the sudden flux of reatsu changed the whole ordeal. The reatsu from the human changed its compostion, becoming different, twisted, evil and Arrancar like. She gritted her teeth, as the flux of reatsu woke the beast within her, from it's slumber;

>>> That is interesting....now isn't it?-<<< The inner hollow spoke from depths within her.
>>> Do not forget our pact, that is our law we created..now go! <<< He barked at Ezekeil, as she sighed and took a small step, letting reatsu trickle into her foot, calling forth the so called "shunpo", sending her into a blitz speed with intense G-forces. She gritted her teeth once again, of course I know the pact...both her and her inner hollow co-existed mainly due to the pact that they both relied upon, both inner hollow and shingami were evenly matched, nether was a victor in their monumental inner struggles for supremacy...so in the end, they both desired the body that they lived in- rightfully, Ezekeil took her place by becoming the body's main soul, though on one condition, the inner hollow craved blood...gorgeous blood that oozed with highly dense reatsu...she shook her head at such thoughts.

She landed steadily, collecting herself, as she drew her zanpakutou before the two men; they were oblivious to her and rightly they should be, for she was using the principle of annihilation, forcing her shinigami reatsu to collide with the exact polar entity of its self (hollow reatsu), caused both forms of reatsu to tear at each other making her virtually un detectable. She smirked at her own devious ideas and relished at the pride on the ones that became heavily useful....especially in times like these.

She flicked her Zanpakutou in front of her- instantly it changed shape, she felt the weight of the pressurized water, rage inside the crystal sword before her, into a elegant but virtually infinite speed that placed it in a position of making those before her believe it was "standstill" or...truly appearing that nothing existed within the clear-glass like zanpakutou. Her smile became more pronounced, as 5 glass blades formed, invisible behind her, taking full form before, snaking around their master, ready to attack or defend.

"Lets do this.." she said to herself, as her reatsu now picked up, no longer clashing against one another but working side by side- she flickered from sight, "shunpo" used once again, appearing half way between the human and arrancar, her invisible sword instantly shot forward, colliding with the cero (appearing visible upon contact) as the sword smashed into the over sized shiruken, slinging of it's course and spewing it into a building; smashing the whole entrance of the build in the process. She smirked, as the sword she used, collected the cero, fully, imbibing the whole sword in a crimson red, outlining its destructive capabilities and power.

"Don't miss understand this...Arrancar...I wasn't doing this to help you" she said, as she glared at the arrancar, only to find her eyes widened; Espada. Causing her inner hollow to enlighten her with knowledge she never wanted to know,

>>> First time seeing an Espada...<<<
he said, reading her mind and expressing his own doubts on the matter- theory on Espada was well formed however, the instability of an Espada's mind that mingled, harmonically, with it's power made it a terrible beast to come a across. She sighed, sending the newly activated sword straght at the un armed Espada, aiming to create a diagonal gash ranging from his right hip to his left shoulder....she ignored the human for now but her body was ready, attacks that were to come her way could be dealth with.
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Saikuro Sosuke


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PostSubject: Re: Rping TEAM!   Sat Mar 06, 2010 11:16 am

Character:Riku(KH2 version)

(From Bleach Unify)

The yellow haired Quincy was tossing and turning within his bed, a dribble of saliva was pouring from the side of his mouth and running across his cheek, making it's way to his pillow, in which he held firmly within his grasp. A smile crept across his face as his seemingly simple dream of hanging out with one of his female friends turned into a very exotic one indeed.

"Whoa baby, let's take it slow OK?" Saikuro said aloud as his body shifted over to his left side. His grin started to stretch even more as he was almost literally smiling ear to ear, the grin was almost one that a perv would have, giving more details of the type of dream he was having.

"You like it when I speak Spanish to ya huh? Mi gusta Marie." Saikuro said aloud again. He had said "I like Marie" in Spanish, meaning that he apparently liked the girl that was currently occupying his thoughts.

Saikuro's lips were fixed into a kiss, as he was apparently about to kiss the girl that was occupied within his dream. Just as their lips were about to touch, the girl stopped and took a moment to say something.

"All Elites located within the Hospital, make your way to the meeting as soon as possible. Thank You."

Saikuro's emerald eyes opened as he took a moment to absorb what the girl had said to him. He soon realized that his leader was gathering the Quincy together in the meeting room that the golden haired Quincy has never seen or been to, but there were clues throughout the hospital that would aid him in finding the mysterious meeting room.

Jumping from his bed, Saikuro wiped the slobber from the corner of his mouth and took a gander at himself in the mirror. The golden spiky haired Quincy frowned at his appearance, he knew that he wasn't dressed appropriately to attend a meeting. He grabbed his green vest from his closet and threw on his albino white cape. He grabbed his brown leather chaps and slid them on his legs and zipped them up tight.

He quickly rummaged through his closet looking for his sandals that he slipped onto his feet and grabbed his senrei glove and his belt that held his Sele Schneider. With a quick glance back to make sure that he didn't leave anything, he closed the door to his room and started to make his way toward the elevator.

"Where is this damn meeting room?" Saikuro asked himself. He soon saw a flier that was laying on the ground. It read:

The meeting will take place in the appropriate room on the 40th floor, failure to attend will result in dire consequences!

Saikuro signed with relief as he placed the flier back on the ground and entered the elevator. While the elevator was ascending through the floors Saikuro noticed that his pants were apparently bulging. It seemed that the effects the dream had on him hadn't worn off. He panicked at the sight of it and he used his hands to physically keep it down so nobody would notice. By the time the elevator opened up with a chime, the bulge was no longer there.

The Quincy's eyes scanned the area as he soon saw the most extravagant set of double doors he had ever seen in his life. He flung them open as he witnessed several Quincy had made it before him. He made a cheap smile and placed his hand on the back of his head, thinking of a good excuse.

"Sorry for being late. I was just...uh...I was 'busy' with an important matter." Saikuro lied as he took a seat, leaning back in his chair and stretching his legs on the table.
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PostSubject: Re: Rping TEAM!   Sat Mar 06, 2010 12:14 pm

Asran Zarae wrote:
Aspect: destruction
There is no Destruction Aspect >_>
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PostSubject: Re: Rping TEAM!   Sat Mar 06, 2010 12:16 pm

Saikuro Sosuke wrote:
Character:Riku(KH2 version)

Since no one is joining on ND >_> Sure. There are no objections to him joining right? That would bump us up to 8 people.
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PostSubject: Re: Rping TEAM!   Sat Mar 06, 2010 12:35 pm

I'll change my Aspect to Rebel then.
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PostSubject: Re: Rping TEAM!   Fri Mar 26, 2010 10:21 pm

I want in on this :'D What aspects are available? :]
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PostSubject: Re: Rping TEAM!   

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Rping TEAM!
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