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 Kyrie Finished!!!

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PostSubject: Kyrie Finished!!!   Mon Mar 08, 2010 7:46 pm

Shinigami Registration

Name: Kyrie

Rank: Luitenet


Appearance:Kyrie is rather short in stature and looks quite young. She is around 5 feet tall and only looks to be around 17 or 18 years old. She has short silvery white hair that goes down to her neck and she has 2 braids that go down the side with balls of fur at the end. The most interesting thing about her is the fact that she has dog ears on the top of her head. Her eyes are a dark crescent pink that almost seem to glow. She is quite skinny with no viable fat at all along with a light hidden mussel tone still giving her young feminine look she is also quite chesty.

Kyrie is very picky about what she wheres. She cut the sleeves off her shinigami out fit as they hang from her arms and ordered her outfit bigger so it is baggie on her. When ever she is not in uniform she usually wheres a low cut top and a short skirt.

Personality: Kyrie is a very strange person. She is usually very happy and joyful. Although the way she looks often gets her teased so she is often a loner and is very shy. Although once she finds that she is accepted by someone she is very open and forward sometimes to forward. She is very easily distracted and can wonder off and explore or gust read. She has to loves in this world reading and boys. A girl always being rejected for being different she has always dreamed of falling in love with a charming guy or girl. Because of this she flirts with every cute guy she sees.



Hair Color: Silvery white

Likes: Fighting, reading, flirting,

Dislikes: Anyone making fun of her or touching her ears

every cute guy that gives her the time of day



Beginning Years
Kyrie was born out in the rukongai wilderness an orphan. She never met her parents but was raised by poor farmers that found her. They instantly knew from her ears she wasn't normal. Although they still took her in as their own and she lived with them for a while. Although after very little time she got bored of the life style and of the seemingly pointless work. So she left them and traveled into a rukongai slum. She lived there for quite a while mainly stealing or doing random jobs. Where ever she went she stood out usually and outcast always being teased and picked on.Tell one day while walking down an alley a group from a local gang attacked her and tired to rape her. To their amazement she fought them and beat them all with her bare hands. They ran back to their boss in humiliation and asked him to kill her. He saw it as an opportunity and invited her in. She saw it as fun and joined.

She loved it in the gang. They treated her with respect because of her strength no one cared what she look like just as long as she was strong they could care less. She quickly made her way up the ladder of the gang. She was obviously stronger and more skilled then anyone else in there. Almost everyone was afraid to mess with her. Although every night before she went to sleep she would lift up her mat and sighed, her zanpactou shined in the light. If they only knew what laid under there her life would be over.

Then one day as she was on a mission one of the underlings that despised serving a girl let alone a freak snuck into her room looking for a way to get her in trouble. He looked under her mat as he saw the blade. The shape and form were different from anything else the man had seen; he instantly knew it was a zanpactou. The man quickly ran off to tell the mob boss. As Kyrie came back she was greeted by many of the members. She instantly knew something was up. She was told to meet in the masters room so he could congratulate her. As she was led there she stayed on her guard. As the doors opened the master sat. She walked into the center of the room. The master looked at her coldly. We had so much hope for you, die shinigami scum. As he said this many members of the gang charged at her. Dozens of men from all directions charged at her. She quickly spotted one of them using her sword. She quickly dashed at him as she slid at him taking out his legs from under him as she quickly broke his arm releasing her zanpactou as she quickly ducked under an attacking blade twirling around cutting into him. As she grabbed another attackers wrist as her foot sent him flying back. As she stood in the room her blade rose completely outnumbered yet a slight smile rose to her face. More people charged at her but just like the rest she cut them down with only little damge. She breathed hard as she quickly glanced at the rest the attackers the room still over half way filled. She knew she could defeat them all. So as the next attacker charged at he she quickly side steped grabbing his foot as he flung him at the mob as he flew by them and cut the door in half and sprinted down the hall. She ran quickly down each hall in and out of each door tell she finally hit a dead end. As she heard the men coming she quickly turned to a window and jumped out. She fell gracefully eyes closed as she plummeted to the ground as she hit it with a thump. To her amazement she wasn't dead. As she opened her eyes she saw that she had landed in a hay pile. She quickly dusted herself off and ran off.

Kyrie silently walked to the large walls. She knew it was the only way she could continue to live. Her future was destined with Soul Society and becoming a soul reaper. As dusk fell she got closer and closer to her future. How could they reject her if she already had her own zanpactou. So Kyrie was accepted into the academy. She hated it there she was constantly picked on and had almost no friends. So she spent most of her time training and reading. She excelled very quickly through the academy graduating in only a few years. She joined squad 1. Although nothing really changed. She was still very oftenly picked on then would beat up those that picked on her, then get in trouble for fighting.
Picture of Character:

Sorry it sucks had bad writers block
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PostSubject: Re: Kyrie Finished!!!   Sat Mar 13, 2010 6:36 am

Very good, approved.
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Kyrie Finished!!!
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