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 Wondering by...

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PostSubject: Re: Wondering by...   Fri Mar 19, 2010 1:44 pm

The bountou smirked as a devious smile appeared on his face suddenly he then yawned and said"Hwaa, I'm too tired to drink." he said as he folded both of his arms behind his head, with his ring shining as he suddenly activated his doll.. He made the hologram appear outside so the two wont notice.. As one of his friendly mosquitos appeared above him..

The mosquito had no sign of reiatsu as it flied freely, but truthfully was being controlled by the bount.. It flew close to the kid as it landed at the child's left shoulder.. It's trident set, ready to attack at will.. A sudden gust of wind arrived mysteriously.. Then another mosquito appeared behind Doctor Shamal and it flew until it landed on the foot of the lolicon.. The trident set as well.. They were prepared to bite at the will of there master.. The bartender didn't notice as a fly landed on the counter... The infestation of mosquitos stopped as they he waited for the signal of his boss...
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PostSubject: Re: Wondering by...   Fri Mar 19, 2010 2:35 pm

Zane was beginning to see way to many coincidences to call them such anymore. Primarily that the newly arrived man that was blasting music into his ears had said he was too tired to drink, even though it seemed that he had just arrived from work or somewhere that one comes to a place like this to drink afterwards. Secondly, the first man continued to accuse Zane of being a closet pervert amongst other things and Zane was starting to remember seeing his face in one of the Soul Societies books of wanted souls. And thirdly, that a pair of mosquitoes had appeared near Lith and himself. Even though there had been none in the shop moments ago and the door had not opened since the second man came in. He might not have noticed this if he had not been on the lookout for any type of suspicious movement or behavior. All this considered Zane got his soul candy at the ready in his hand and placed the palm containing the pill lightly pressed against his face. "You seem to know an interesting amount of languages,” said Zane to the man called Shamal, “let’s see here, Japanese, Russian, and unless I’m mistaken the last one was Filipino. Where may I ask did you find the time to master such a variety of forms of communication?” Zane was very concerned for litheral’s well being; he knew that he would be able to escape most situations alive. But Lith was just a kid, elevated spiritual pressure or not a child is a child. Zane did all he could to not let his slightly panicking train of thought show and pretty much succeeded. Zane picked up his pitcher of sake and chugged down its remaining contents, then with his face slightly loosened and his nerves somewhat settled he turned to the two men and pretended as though he was on the verge of becoming drunk if he did that one or two more times. “Well gentlemen, for the ones calllling meee a loooollliiiiii. You seem too have a bigger interest in the kid than I doooo. Whyyy is that, may I ask?”
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PostSubject: Re: Wondering by...   Sat Mar 20, 2010 7:47 am

He listens to them talk but cant understand most of the things being spoken, but he tries to go along with it. He then looks at the odd man with the ipod and he slightly stairs at him as if something is different about, just like the man with the eye patch. But he just cant put his finger on it. He tries to ignore it since this is a grown up talk until some giant bug thing appeared in front of Zane and him, He is instinctively surprised and his eyes widen, he then looks at the man who seems to be talking to him. He quickly clears his throat and tries to force the words out.

"Well Zane and I met at the arcade and we played a game, then gave me something that made my belly feel better, so he then promised me to take me to get something to eat since I haven't eaten in a while."

He says all that as fast as possible then he points at the bug thing in hope someone would notice it, he has sweat rolling down his forehead as he tries to point it out with out getting hit.

"Do you not notice that bug thinging!!!!"

He then again tries to get the eye patched man's attention to the bug as he tries to hide from it.
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PostSubject: Re: Wondering by...   Sun Mar 21, 2010 12:06 am

(Since you ignored the earlier blowing of the red 'smoke' on your faces, I can call a hit.)

The earlier inhalation of the gas by the apparent drunkard had triggered a strong force that soon degenerated into flames as the explosion had thrown Zane back unto his head as it would disfigure. Knocking him out, the fire spreading as another explosion followed on Litheral in just a millisecond afterward. Knocking him out too but albeit with no serious damages to his face, in comparison to the first meant to damage spiritual and physical form of the Shinigami whom he knew from scent alone. Zane's race is as obvious as his mundane disguise, his presence bringing the Bounto here in the first place.

"Auf Wiedersehn, au revoir, ciao! Oh, und bon voyage, Herr lolicon." The Captain jovially shouted as he gave a quick salute, "Didn't you know? Tricks are for kids, und you have been tricked."

Releasing his grip on the unconscious kid, Litheral, the former Kommodore grips him by the abdomen, lifting him up to leave Lith's stomach by his shoulder, basically slinging him there as he would pace away from the scenery, past the hurdles of mosquitos appearing in the noodleshop as he would scatter them away from his figure by a simple wave of his hand. Keeping them apart from himself with the cornermost of his emerald eye looking at the doctor.

"Herr Shamal, take along the lolicon and his pills with you, the one he was just about to swallow und follow me." He ordered, leaving the scenery finally caused by the spectacle of his explosive ability.

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PostSubject: Re: Wondering by...   Sun Mar 21, 2010 11:59 am

OOC: Crappy post.

IC: Doctor Shamal sighed a bit as he looked down at the unconscious shinigami, he then crouched down on the ground closely to the unconscious body.. Wondering why the bount would need a stupid shinigami like this.. He shrugged his shoulders a bit as he grabbed the guy by his left foot as he stood up and walked away, dragging him.

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PostSubject: Re: Wondering by...   

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Wondering by...
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