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 Rommel (Finished)

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PostSubject: Rommel (Finished)   Sat Mar 13, 2010 5:15 pm

Bountou Registration

Name: Rommel Geest

Rank: Die Grossherzog


Appearance: Rommel has blue hair along, with blue eyes that match almost perfectly. He wears his hair in a long and messy condition and has jet black eyebrows showing his original hair color. Rommel has a fair complexion and isn’t overweight by any means. He has a suitable amount of muscles throughout his body and he shows no signs of disease from his compulsive smoking disorder. Rommel started smoking when he first learned he was a Bounte and hasn’t had any symptoms from it. He can breathe clearly no matter how much he exercises and he has shown no sign of any cancers. Rommel is always clean shaven and has very little hair on any other part of his body but his head. His teeth are almost bone white and perfect in length and width. Although, Geest almost never smiles showing his teeth off to the world so, they rarely get noticed for their glossy finish and perfect size. A long white cigarette usually hangs loosely from his mouth whilst, puffs of grey smoke filter through into the air.

Rommel wears a fancy blue suit with gold trim. The coattails of the coat almost reach his knees and the blue pants that cover his legs perfectly match his suit. His feet are covered by slick black leather boots, which reach an inch above his ankles. Geest wears white gloves over his hands. Rommel takes care of his appearance and always makes sure he is dressed perfectly even in battle. Although, he would not allow such things to interfere.

Gender: Male

Personality: Rommel has a kind but slightly arrogant persona. He is never overly arrogant when speaking to someone although, he can hold his own against rivals. Geest will elevate certain aspects of his personality when provoked. He is never provoked easily and when he is it is only to a certain extent. Rommel would never get to a certain point where as his battle abilities would become hindered in any way. He would use anger as a weapon but, Rommel always reminds himself that it’s a double edged sword. On the other hand Geest has been known to be able to tone his arrogance down and his kindness up. When in a casual setting he still acts with a certain confidence but, he also treats people with respect and kindness when they show him the same.

Rommel is fairly smart. He could never be as smart as a scientist but he does have a fair amount of knowledge when it comes to tactics. Geest can almost turn his brain off and on or so it seems. He doesn’t necessarily act stupid but, he doesn’t show anyone up either. Rommel is perfectly contempt with being the second fiddle when it comes to brains. He has no desire to be the centre of attention and it appears. If not for his slight aura of confidence Rommel would almost disappear into the background. Although, when he wishes to make himself noticed he will do so quite well. Geest is very logical when it comes to arguments. He will approach the sentence with calm thinking and arrogance.

Rommel is okay at telling what people are like from their first meeting. He can tell what people are like but only if their personality shines brightly through. Geest often misjudges people when they first meet meaning that the further in battle or social occurrences the more likely he is able to judge people. When Rommel gets the observation correct he uses it to his advantage throughout the fight or conversation. Geest is fairly good at using such observations to his advantage and he will use them whenever he can. He will fight without taking observations as he believes that they aren’t necessary, just a luxury.


Hair Color: Blue

Likes: People, himself, power.

Dislikes: Show-offs, unnecessary evil, silliness.

Crushes: N/A


Specialties: Diplomacy

Rommel grew up in the centre of Utrecht with his parents. He was an only child and he enjoyed his rich life. Gesst’s parents both came from extremely wealthy families and when they married formed one of the richest families in the world. Rommel’s life was extraordinarily luxurious. He had two butlers and three maids in a giant mansion on top of a hill in the middle of the city. His life was good and he enjoyed he very much until, one day when it all went spiraling out of control. Rommel took piano lessons for three hours every Thursday so, he was away when a strange man came knocking. When he arrived home Gieest was greeted by a tall man with a long back trench coat. He also wore dark black glasses that held his eyes from the world and tall black leather boats. The man was standing in the kitchen when Rommel arrived back to his dwelling. The stranger was speaking with Rommel’s parents and they immediately silenced the conversation when he walked into the room. Geest was sent to his room immediately after entering the room. He wanted to walk back down the steps and ask his parents what were going but, he knew it would only bring more questions then answers. Rommel went to sleep without any supper that night and he could still hear his parents talking as his eyes closed off the world around him and drifted off to sleep.

When Rommel awoke the next morning and went down to the ground level, there was no one there. He found this quite odd because his mother didn’t work and his father worked at home so they were both usually in the kitchen this time of the day. Geest went through the entire house which, took him awhile but he could not find a soul. There were no obvious signs of break in but then again Rommel wasn’t exactly an expert on such matters. He locked up all the doors and windows and waited for his parents to arrive back home. It was ten pm the next night when his parents arrived back to their mansion. Geest rushed to the door with enthusiasm to find his mother being carried by his father and blood dripping from both of them. His mother’s body was limb and her eyes closed shut. Rommel couldn’t believe what his father told him once his mother was out of his arms and his father was all cleaned up. His father told him of the Bounte race and just how old he was. He told Geest that he was one of the very few children born each year from Bounte parents and that he was a rare addition. Rommle’s father ended the lecture saying that he was dieing. They had been sent to help out some old friends who were under attack and they lost. He said that as his last act he would train Rommel of the Bounte ways and teach him how to gain his doll. In his last months Mr. Geest taught his son of all he said he would and Rommel just gained his doll when he father passed away. His father had completed his task and now it was up to him to keep alive his father in his memories and his actions.

As soon as Rommel turned eighteen he left the guardianship of the family butler he disappeared. He wanted to cut off all funds from his parents and inherit the money when he thought himself ready. Rommel wanted to gain power and that was exactly what he did. He trained day and night for many, many years, perfecting his powers and abilities. When he reappeared in the public eye he found himself in a bar just southwest of Scotland. There had been several murders broadcasted across the radio waves and many more not yet released around the area he was now in. Geest was practicing on humans before he would move onto bigger games. He never stayed in one place for too long in case a shinigami or Quincy caught scent of him and tried to kill him. Rommel’s next target was in the bar but, no one else could see him. His next target was a Shinigami. Geest played on the man’s overconfidence and pretended not to noticed him until, he was close enough to strike. He punched the man from the back in the liver with one hand whilst, punching his left temple with the other. The shinigami wasn’t even a seated one and had no idea what was waiting for him in the Human realm so, he fell to the ground, still awake but stunned. The Humans in the bar immediately rushed out screaming thinking the man was crazy and he placed his right foot on the man’s head while sucking the life force from his body. Rommel had successfully defeated a Shinigami and easily at that.

The police where getting close to discovering Rommel so he thought it best to flee the county. He wanted somewhere where he would not be noticed, where he would be usual. That is when he discovered the place known as Karakura Town in Japan. His informants told him this was a place full of strong spiritual pressures and that with a lot of skill and a little luck he could become one of the most powerful beings ever. Although, Geest needed to go there he first had to go home to claim the money that was waiting for him so he could afford a house there and even get a ticket to fly there. Rommel spent little time in his home country, just enough to get his money and leave so he could start his new life apart from the ghosts of his past. He ended his stay by selling his old house and buying a first class ticket to Japan. Once there Geest planned to take a series of trains to Karakura Town, traveling first class the whole way of course.

Picture of Character:

Sample Chapter:
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PostSubject: Re: Rommel (Finished)   Wed Mar 17, 2010 3:53 pm

Good personality, approved.
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Rommel (Finished)
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