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 Zane's Kido

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PostSubject: Zane's Kido   Fri Mar 19, 2010 8:51 am

Zane entered his training quarters filled with miscellaneous devices and gadgets used for creating and perfecting Kido. Some of the devices were made of glass and stone, while others appeared to be manifestations of reishi itself.

“Well now is the time to set in for a big one,” thought Zane, “time to create a new battle kido.”

Zane had requested to every member of his squad not to disturb him unless the seiretei was literally breaking in half, and also set arrangements with Central 46 itself not to bother him until he was absolutely finished with his work. The creation of the strongest shadow kido in existence!

Zane grabbed one of the instruments that seemed to be a bottled shadow. “Lovely,” said Zane cheerfully, “how I do love to work with the essence of chaos.” With that he opened the bottle and the seemingly small amount of contents sprang out and engulfed the entire room. “Well,” thought Zane,” I have not had the chance to enter the realm of darkness since my Bankai training so many years ago.” After a short reminisce Zane regained focus on the task at hand.

He cupped his hands together and the dark swirling chaos that covered the walls of this large workspace sent streams toward his hands swirling ever faster and faster until it assembled a medium sized sphere about the size of a basket ball at the end of Zane’s arms. “No no,” said Zane,” This will never do.” And with that he thrust his hands apart and the chaos sphere exploded inward on itself and the streams retreated back into the walls. Zane was frustrated, even though he knew that this would be a difficult task he had not thought that he would have to work so hard from the very beginning to get even the slightest detail of what he had intended to be the end result.

“You seem to be having a bit of trouble there Zane, mind if I come out to play with you?”

Zane closed his eyes, looked down with his arms crossed and said in a serious tone, “I believe that I told you last time that I will have at least three tries at this before I ever even consider letting you out here to help me, Yoru Tsume.”

“You really have become quite a big shot since they named you captain over the grand Kido Corps haven’t you,” replied Yoru Tsume’s voice from the corner the sword was stood in, “ I remember when you first awoke me and every day you would beg for me to help you do this and that. But obliviously now that I want to take part in something after helping you time and time again you turn down my offer. So now I ask, why?”

“You know exactly why. And the longer you sit and talk to me the longer it will take me to get in my other two tries.” When Zane said this the zanpakuto remained silent. “Good,” said Zane, “Now if you stay like that you might just be allowed to get out and stretch your legs a bit.” After he spoke, Zane reopened his eyes and resumed the position he had sat in just a few moments ago and began to chant softly…

“Come forth O’ night and hear my plea, Chaos is what I ask of thee. Come forth and change all now and forever, let the shadowy power of chaos be embraced by this mere vassal and it shall be used with a quick and wizened hand that will guide it to the best use possible.”

A mock pair of shadow hands came from the ground and overtook Zane’s own; he winced in a slight pain as a chill ran through his body. Then the streams of chaos resumed flowing from the distant walls in a curved, almost spiraling, beam to Zane’s now dark gloved hands. This time the shadows of chaos took the form of and black star that rose and to levitate and twirl in the air a few inches above its chaotic platform. “This is total crap,” said Zane in a deeply angered voice, “I would have thought that my incantation would add more power than that to the spell.”

“And why would you ever think that adding a nice little string of words with a room full of chaotic energy make a kido even the slightest bit stronger,” called out Yoru Tsume in a taunting voice, “ This was not the way that I taught you, nor the way that your former master instructed. I must say that I am sincerely depressed and amused by your pointless efforts. And I’m sure that Tsuneo would share my opinion on this matter, that’s why I always liked that kid.”

“Quiet,” yelled Zane in a deeply angered and almost demonic tone, “I said that if I heard you speak one more time that you would not be allowed to even dream of helping me! Or anyone else in any form of anything for the next ten thousand life times!”

When the silence remained unbroken for the next several minutes Zane turned and resumed his training. Keeping in mind what his spirit partner had suggested that a mere adding of an incantation would not do much. So he called the chaos back into its storage container and searched for a new ingredient to add to his kido.

Several hours later Zane emerged from a large pile of skeletons. In his hands he held the full length skeleton of a man and the jaws and spine of a large shark. Also in the circle that he was sitting in was a full suit of traditional samurai armor of dark black with violet highlights. “This might just do the trick,” thought Zane. He resumed his cross legged position on the floor and spread out the bones and pieces of armor in a full circle around him and looked over towards his still deadly quiet zanpakuto. “Well if this doesn’t work then I will very much so accept your offer to help me, but until then stay quiet as you have been.” Zane took the bottle of dark energy and released it once more. As it engulfed to room the armor and bones rose into the air with a violet ghost like aura around each one. “Now this seems to be working,” thought Zane. But his hopes of being able to complete the creation of this kido on his own were soon diminished as the pieces became unstable and lost their flight, falling heavily to the floor. “Damn it all,” thought Zane as he looked over to Your Tsume. “Well I guess you know what this means.”

As Zane was saying these words his zanpakuto glowed black and the spirit within slowly manifested into his true nature. A twisted man with wild eyes of black and dark shadow stained skin. “Yes and I figured that this is where you were going with this spell so I have spent the last few hours preparing the final piece to complete it. Are you ready to finish your new kido?” asked Yoru with a slightly serious look on his crazed face.

“As I said before,” stated Zane, “three tries and then I ask you for help.”

“Then let us do it,” said Yoru in a commanding tone unlike what had been using before entirely, “Do as You did just a moment ago with the armor and skeletons, then I shall add my piece to the puzzle.”

Zane nodded and began the spell one more time. Once again the ghastly aura enveloped the pieces, but this time Yoru was using his hands to guide the parts together without touching them. The human skeleton’s jaw was completely ripped off and replaced with that of the sharks. Then the armor separated itself and found its way to the proper piece of the body it was made to protect. And finally the spine if the shark was ripped off and became sharpened on its sides like a katana, which then floated into the sheath at the warrior’s waist.

“Just one more part,” said Yoru. Yoru then sucked every bit of remaining chaos in the room until the walls and contents of the training area were as they were before the bottle was opened, and formed a pulsating heart of shadows in his hands. “Here we are a heart of blackness and chaos.” Yoru slammed the new organ into the chest of the lifeless warrior which instantly got a violet glow in its empty eye sockets. The hellish creature sprang to life and looked from Yoru to Zane and then drew his sword and knelt on one knee as to pledge his loyalty to his creators.

With this done Zane released the spell and the warrior dissolved. “Well done Yoru, but did you really have to use my entire stock of chaotic energy? That stuff is not easy to come across. But no matter, we have done it my dear partner,” said Zane. After a short moment of celebration the pair looked upon each other with solemn eyes. “Now I have to ask you to return to your sword form my old friend.”

“As you wish Zane, but next time don’t be hesitant to call upon my power, especially when dealing with dark magic.” After he spoke Yoru dissolved and the shadow fragments returned to the sheath in the far corner of the room. “Well old friend I might just take you up on that when the occasion arises.”

With that Zane got up and exited the room with his new kido in mind he was eager to test it out and see the actual effects it had first hand.
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Zane's Kido
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