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 Suman's Bankai

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PostSubject: Suman's Bankai   Fri Mar 19, 2010 12:18 pm

((OOC: Note that I received 250 points from Alec's mission. This brings my total points to 338. This is also a 3-part training containing 3 posts which will total 1500 words (I hope).

Oh, I apologize to Sangre, Alec and Shinji for using your characters in this. They aren't REALLY the people but illusions Ryukurai conjured up. Without further ado: ))

Suman sat, his zanpakto across his lap. This was just another peaceful day in the Seiretei. but the peace outside did not reflect the turmoil in Suman's mind.

Since he'd first tried, he'd always feared achieving his bankai. If he tried again, Suman was likely to kill himself. And if he didn't, he'd never become a captain or even a shinigami of note. It was a horrifying and perplexing conundrum that Suman could not fix. He needed his one true friend in this situation; he needed Ryukurai.

And so, he entered the inner world of Ryukurai, a complex labyrinth of staircases and secret rooms. All of them were suffused with a dense black fog. But today Ryukurai had cleared an area of the inner world so they could talk face to face. Ryukurai looked regal, his black smog swirling around his legs, seeming to blend into his black robe from which his pale and sad face emerged. He looked at Suman with his black eyes, waiting for Suman to say something. As usual, he was being his silent and demure self.

"Ryukurai...we have achieved Bankai but once. Why can we not become more powerful?" Suman asked of his zanpakto, holding himself in a position of surrender. He didn't want to hit this wall. He wanted to surpass this barrier. He wanted to be unbeatable. He wanted to win.

"Suman-san...We do not get any stronger because there is fear and sadness in your heart." Ryukurai answered, putting a black claw directly over Suman's heart. Suman blinked before nodding slowly. He understood what Ryukurai meant; he was unwilling to move forward because he was afraid. Afraid of what that power would do to him. All this time, Suman thought he wanted bankai...but maybe some part of him did not want to? "Suman-san, you cannot wield me to my full power if you fear me. You must trust in my power, in your power. And learn that your fear is nothing before your will." Ryukurai's voice echoed through the place as he walked slowly backwards into the fog. Suman stretched out a hand to try to find his friend but he was not visible, even to Suman.

"Your fear is represented in this fog. Step forth Suman-san, and forfill your dreams. Step forth, and face your fear." Ryukurai ordered.

Suman's brow beaded with sweat as he looked into the fog. What would he face? How long would he be alive for? What would Ryukurai do? Was he worthy of Bankai? All these questions raged about in his head. Suman was unsure what to do on any level. He didn't know what to do in any case.

Suddenly, the voice of his old master occurred to him; 'Do not think that fear is shameful. Any man that enters battle without fear is not fit to wield a sword. Remember that Suman. Remember to hold on to your fear because it means your still alive. Running from fear is shameful. Facing it is courage.

Suman's eyes hardened and he took a step forward.

Suddenly, he was back in the Seiretei. He managed to squeeze off a 'what?' before a voice interrupted him;

"Yoh, Shinigami." A familiar voice greeted. Suman whirled round and saw Sangre Amo standing there, his sword on his shoulder. Suman's eyes widened before Sangre attacked him. Suman blocked the attack with Ryukurai, his eyes widening in fear. Sangre giggled evilly and looked Suman in the eye, drivign his sword home until it was a mere inch from Suman's chest.

"Your fear is blinding you, Shinigami! It's stopping you from using your full power! Stop thinking you'll kill me! That's the point of battle! Without that will you're cutting me with a dull sword!!" Sangre cackled, slicing Suman's chest. He looked down at the blood and breathed harder, panicking as he felt the blood slop out of his chest. "Conquer your fear! Are you that weak of a Samurai?! Sangre demanded.

Suman's will snapped into place and he grasped Ryukurai in both hands, unleashing his spiritual pressure. The whole place shook with Suman's will. His eyes glowed blackly. Then, Suman rushed at Sangre, who returned the rush with gleeful abandon.

"I have the will of the Samurai! I will kill you if I have to!" Suman yelled

"Then do it!!" Sangre yelled, just as Suman drove his blade home.


Suman awoke in a different part of the Seiretei. He looked around and saw Shinji facing Alec. Suman leapt to his feet and found that his zanpakto was missing. Suman panicked before he spotted it behind Shinji. Suman's eyes widened as he realised what he was supposed to do; He could leave Alec to Shinji or grab his zanpakto and run.

Suman had made up his mind before he'd even started moving; he was going to save Alec.

Suman ran at Shinji, firing off Hado No. 31 and drawing the Quincy's attention. Suman growled as he was shot in the leg, driving him to his knee. Shinji stood over him with a triumphant smile on his features.

"You should be a worthy opponent. But you're not even worth killing because of your fear. A soldier who's afraid of his own power doesn't deserve it!" Shinji told him. Suman growled, getting to his feet and pointing his finger at Shinji.

"I conquered...my fear. I am going to kill you Shinji. I am going to show you my true power." Suman growled, punching Shinji in the gut, falling back to his knees in the process. Shinji smiled and kicked Suman onto his back.

"You're weak, just like every other Shinigami!" Shinji roared, kicking Suman again then drawing his bow. Suman's lip was bleeding and his side was battered. A few of his ribs were broken too. But Suman was not too bothered about that. He was going to die now. He was going to die on his knees like a dog. At the hands of a boy he'd attempted to school in the ways of battle.

No. NO!

Suman roared and got to his feet, staggering just as Shinji fired his bow, blowing him back to his knees. Suman ran, ran to get away from the calmly following Shinji. he was scared of Shinji; he didn't want to die. He didn't want to die!

Suman fell at Alec's feet, who was looking down at Suman. Suman reached out and grabbed his Yutaka, rubbing his mouth with his forearm. His eyes flinched in pain as his wounds burned.

Then, Alec turned away from Suman.

Suman got to his feet to follow before Shinji appeared before Alec and fired an arrow.

Suman jumped in the way of the arrow and used his body to block it. Suman screamed in pain and looked at Shinji, who was loading another arrow. Suman roared, barrel-rolling past Shinji and grasping his zanpakto.

"Demolish the light and Unleash the Madness, Ryukurai!!" Suman bellowed, unleashing his shikai. Suman then turned to face Shinji, crossing his blades. He stared at Shinji with a determination unseen in his eyes before. "I will surpass you!"

"I'm captain level you idiot! You're never going to beat me with a whimpy Shikai!!" Shinji mocked him. Suman roared and drove at Shinji, attempting to stab the Quincy through the heart. But Shinji laughed mockingly and moved out of the way. Suman growled and made a side-slash. Shinji appeared behind him and drew his bow, unleashing the arrow a second later.

"Level is irrelevant! The will is the deciding factor!!" Suman roared, focussing all his spiritual power into one strike, splitting the arrow in two. Suman raced forward and sliced. The world turned to darkness once more.


Ryukurai stood before him in a driving rain. Suman looked at his zanpakto calmly. He was injured from the other two fights but was not caring. Ryukurai was here for one reason and one reason only.

"Suman-san, the time has come. You have conquered your fear, now face your sword and defeat him!" Ryukurai roared, turning into a huge black metal dragon. Suman smirked and ran at the dragon, swinging his sword.
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Posts : 165
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PostSubject: Re: Suman's Bankai   Fri Mar 19, 2010 1:02 pm

The dragon roared, sending a tidal wave of greenish-purple poison towards Suman. Suman himself grinned and loaded his zanpakto with reishi, swinging it and cutting through the poison as if it were a solid object. Ryukurai's claw was there, casting a shadow over where Suman stood.

Quickly, he dived under the creature and hung near its leg, his sword ready.

"Are you going to hide from me Suman? Where is your courage? Face me!" Ryukurai roared stamping the foot which Suman was near. Suman rolled from the massive spiritual pressure and attempted to stab Ryukurai, his sword making a trail of sparks on the dragon's scaly hide. Then, Suman's eyes widened as plates of metal shot at him.

Suman, exhibiting great dexterity, flipped and jumped out of the way. But one hit him on the arm, cutting his yutaka. He was in pain; every bit of him was heavy and bleeding and horrid.

As Suman stumbled out from under Ryukurai, it breathed the poison again, making Suman cough uncomfortably. His vision turned horrid; he was a blind man for the duration of this fight.

"How does it feel Suman? To fight without sight? Are you able to continue, or has your fear and pain overwhelmed your will already?" Ryukurai growled, his voice deep and rumbling. Suman screamed his rage and jumped into the air, gathering reishi under his feet and appearing before the mighty dragon, his sealed sword coming down on the creature's nose. The trail of sparks was invisible, but Suman knew the sword had not damaged his zanpakto's incredibly tough hide.

"I am not afraid of my sword! Now, step forth!" Suman ordered, taking his sword in both hands and loading it with reishi. The place shook with the power of Suman's spiritual pressure. Ryukurai felt it now; yes, the power of a captain!

Ryukurai stepped forward, raising its claws to swat Suman from the sky. Suman roared and directed everything he had to slicing the arm off Ryukurai. He roared and stepped back, his eyes glossed with fear. Ryukurai roared more of the gas at Suman, who was already feeling it kill him. But he was unafraid of death; Ryukurai must be defeated!

Suman raised his sword over his head and slashed downwards, breaking Ryukurai's horn in half and cutting a decent way into his upper jaw too.

"If I want to beat you, then I shall! I will never be defeated! I am invincible!" Suman roared, spinning his blade before delivering a crushing blow to Ryukurai's other arm. He just had his tail now, a viciously barbed thing that was desperately attempting to swat Suman from the sky. "And if I want to make my weapon the strongest it can be...then I shall!" Suman roared, running at Ryukurai and running his blade through the beast's belly. It roared and turned around, attempted to eat Suman. Ryukurai wasn't playing games any more.

"Then come now! Defeat me if you can, Tenshi Suman!" Ryukurai roared, swatting Suman across the arena. Then, the severed limbs split into their metal components and collated into Ryukurai's limbs. He stared down at Suman superiorly. "Do not think that because you can cut me you've won. The battle is just beginning!" Ryukurai roared.

Suman grinned.
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Posts : 165
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Age : 1008

PostSubject: Re: Suman's Bankai   Fri Mar 19, 2010 1:30 pm

Ryukurai's claws found Suman, batting him backwards a good few feet. He rolled twice before skidding to a stand still. But still he rose, charging at Ryukurai with a determination in his eyes. Ryukurai rebuked his attacks every time, injuring Suman just that little bit more.

But still he came. Suman was far too determined to even consider his own safety. He'd gone beserker on Ryukurai. And the fear in his eyes was more than apparent. He was so angry; why wouldn't Suman give up?! Why wouldn't he fight with his brain as he always did? Why couldn't he just let himself be weak?!

"Why Suman!" Ryukurai roared, whacking Suman back for the umpteenth time. "Why are you not giving up? You're blind, injured and dying! Give up now and you can live!" Ryukurai practically begged, prompting Suman to rise to his feet. He pointed up in the air before lowering his hand to point at where the dragon was. Ryukurai growled, as if waiting for some form of Kido.

"Because I'm blind, injured and dying! Because I have let my fear rule my life for too long! If I give up now, all this would have been for naught! Now, show me your power Ryukurai! Tell me your true name!!" Suman roared, running at Ryukurai with his sword in tow.

Ryukurai ran at Suman, the ground shaking under his feet. Suman raised his blade, Ryukurai opened his jaws. They got closer and closer, each with a burning in his eyes that was undeniable. This was the meeting of two unstoppable forces. Ryukurai inhaled and Suman swung down his blade just as Ryukurai belched yet more poison.

Suddenly, in that second, the entire fight stood still.

Suman held his blade up in front of him, Ryukurai's jaws around it. Ryukurai looked amazed, his glowing red eyes reflecting this. Suman looked serious, his eyes shaded by darkness. Then, Suman looked up at the huge black metal dragon and looked sad.

"I'm so sorry, Ryukurai. But I must do this." Suman sighed, watching as Ryukurai reared, his claws extending towards Suman at a frightening rate.

"BANKAI!!!" Suman roared, his sword releasing a black fog to add to the one that was already there. Ryukurai looked around as the sword split into thousands of shards of metal. Suman stood there calmly as a huge black metal dragon leered from the darkness. Ryukurai roared and charged, Just as Suman's did.

The fight was epic; two titanic dragons fighting with ruthless abandon.

"Now, Demolish, Oeryu Kuraisora!" Suman roared, his black dragon snapping its claws into Ryukurai like he was made of salt. Ryukurai roared before turning into a thousand shards of light and falling to the ground, his bubble of darkness bursting. Suman shielded his eyes from the light before catching his own Zanpakto.

Ceremoniously, he sheathed his sword and bowed before it. Then, Suman tied the sword around his waist and looked up at the sky. Suman could now use Bankai. Now he was the same level as a captain. Now, his 1000 year struggle to become a powerful Shinigami was almost over. Now, Suman could finally use his Bankai.

~ END ~
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Megal Odon


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PostSubject: Re: Suman's Bankai   Mon Mar 22, 2010 5:51 am

Akuma: ((OOC: Note that I received 250 points from Alec's mission. This brings my total points to 338. This is also a 3-part training containing 3 posts which will total 1500 words (I hope).

Actually, that mission was voided. Im sorry you wasted your time doing it. But it turns out that mission was done in a bullshit manner. Which does not warrent you the points provided.
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PostSubject: Re: Suman's Bankai   Mon Mar 22, 2010 11:22 am

*Facepalm* That's just typical of my luck then. Never mind, I'll just try another mission when it crops up. Or even make my own! Hrm...possibilities...
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PostSubject: Re: Suman's Bankai   

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Suman's Bankai
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