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 Yasuo's Zanpakutou - Hikari

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PostSubject: Yasuo's Zanpakutou - Hikari   Fri Mar 19, 2010 11:02 pm

Name: Hikari

Manifestation: (What does your zanpakuto spirit look like?)

Release Phrase: Shine and Devour

Family: Light/Holy

Level: Shikai

Sealed Zanpakuto: Blazing. A blade which seems to be made directly from light or instead, concealed by light. An average sized Katana with the exception of the blade concealed by light. The light is provided by Hikari - his Zanpakutou. This Yasuo discovered how to do when he had been away from Soul Society. This light that conceals the blade is heated-- thus able to burn. It is capable of inflicting first degree burn upon contact with the flesh. Mind you, the acuteness/sharpness of the blade is just as any other Zanpakutou. (I do believe the sharpness of all Zanpakutou's are the same?)

Shikai: The blade becomes capable of being manipulated. This blade could be elongated, enlarged... or completely changed. The hilt though maintains its form. Yasuo is capable of manipulating the blade into the weapon of his choice. The time in which it takes for this blade to be manipulated lasts for a second - three. The humidity of the blade also increases, now being able to inflict second degree burns. The acuteness as well is better. The light quantity being supplied by Hikari is also increased - becoming ultraviolet so it leaves radiation burns on the enemy on contact. This, however, doesn't affect Yasuo due to him having not made contact with the blade.

Shikai Ability: Able to manipulate light:

Quote :
Technique 1 - My world: Yasuo's Zanpakutou gathers a large amount of light, being supplied by Hikari into the blade of his Zanpakutou. Once enough light has been taken in, it all bursts from the blade in one big blast. This blast quickly surrounds Yasuo and his opponent - if the opponent is in a 40 meter radius, forming a shield of light around them both. This shield prevents anyone from entering or exiting by physical means, and also stops the people inside from escaping. However, the only person who benefits from this would be Yasuo. The shield, allows Yasuo to Manipulate the light around to an extent.

Effect: This are what Yasuo could manipulate the Light into:

Light Shield: Blurting out "Light Shield", a Mirror, made of pure light sprouts out from in front of him, shielding him from any of the following attacks: A punch, kick, slash from a Zanpaktou, or Resurrection. Can with stand a Captain level level slash, punch, kick, you get the point. But it shatters into shards when attacked four times by a captain leveled person. Difficult to shatter by a LT leveled person. The Mirror however, does reflect the image of whatever is in front of it. Meaning, if you had your eyes opened when and attacked it physically, it reflects the light around the area, and opponent, temporarily blinding the opponent. Due to the intense quantity of light used to make the shield, it becomes ultraviolet and leaves radiation burns upon the enemy on contact.

Light Blast: Yasuo is able to absorb the light around the area into his palm, and blast it out as a powerful force, able to burn, and hurl the opponent backwards. This light can also be self-supplied, with the help of Hikari.

Light Spikes: By simply saying "Light Spikes", Big, broad, sharp spikes, made out of the light in the area, sprout up gradually from the ground around the opponent, closing in on the opponent. The only way the opponent is able to dodge this, is by jumping upwards. The spikes though would be difficult to notice or see... due to your surrounding booming with light. However, it's quite easy to hear, if you are relying on your hearing senses in the shield. They make a grinding sound as they erupt from the ground. This spikes basically hold the opponent in place for Yasuo to attack. This light will burn the opponent as time goes by, inflicting 2nd degree burns. Last for two posts. 4 post cool down.

Light Blast (Zanpaktou): Similar to Light blast. But more advanced. By slashing his Zanpaktou at his opponent, while it's manipulated into a Sword, it sends light blast towards the opponent. Bear in mind Yasuo's attack in the shield are much more stronger, sharper, and burns like fire.

Side note: The Shield is filled with Light. Everything in the area is pure light. The only thing Yasuo, and his opponent would see are each other. Nothing else. But due to Yasuo being exposed to so much Light in his past, and his glasses, his sight wouldn't be affected by all this Light. The same thing works for his opponent. But if they aren't exposed to so much light, their sight would greatly be affected, requiring them to close their eyes. The Light techniques/abilities usable in the shield consume the light around the area. If Yasuo uses the techs and abilities more than thrice, all the light in the area would weaken, and the shield would disperse.

Duration: Lasts for 10 of Yasuo's post. 20 post cool down.

Quote :
Light Spikes: At will, the light concealing the blade of Yasuo's Zanpakutou -- which actually makes it possible for the blade to be manipulated into multiple weapon is shed like flakes, which implant themselves in the ground along Yasuo's path. Upon 1 post, these flakes sprout up violently into spikes. It has a cool down of 5 posts.

Rules in making Techs:
0-119 points: 3 techs
120-239: 4 techs
240-359: 5 techs
360-479: 6 techs.... and so on and so fourth... you can add more techs as your points
NOTE: Put if the tech is used in shikai or bankai for the sake of order

Last edited by Yasuo Makoto on Sat Mar 20, 2010 12:23 am; edited 1 time in total
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PostSubject: Re: Yasuo's Zanpakutou - Hikari   Sat Mar 20, 2010 12:19 am

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Yasuo's Zanpakutou - Hikari
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