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 Awesome Part 2 [me v Lyon]

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Johannes Debeil


Posts : 33
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Join date : 2010-03-19

PostSubject: Awesome Part 2 [me v Lyon]   Sat Mar 20, 2010 4:50 pm

Johannes walked through the barren wasteland, not a single plant in sight, let alone an animal, Johannes sighed and placed his hand into the left pocket of his blazer, special tailored suit designed especially for him. He rummaged around, his face twisted into something rather retarded, reflecting the difficulty he was witnessing as he searched within his pocket. He snickered as he found the bastard packet of cigarettes; he chucked them into the air before catching them into his open palm.

He opened the packet, pulling out a single cigarette before returning the packet into it's original domain, as his other free hand fell into his trouser pocket, pulling out an ancient looking lighter; it was a special little thing, only 7 of them built in the world and Johannes had gone through heaven and hell just to get his hands on one of these beauties.

He snickered as he gazed down at the lighter; examining it as the flicked it through his fingers; it was completely made of silver, with dragons etched into it's surface. He smiled softly, flicking back the lid of the lighter, sending of a sudden spark that result in a spectacular yet respectable flame. Lifting the cigarette, between his forefinger and thumb, to his mouth, his mouth opened to welcome the new guest- lips clamping down on the bud, as his fingers relinquished their grasp on the item, before the whole hand cupped around the cigarette protecting the flame from any incoming wind.

The cigarette alight, he snapped the lid back on the lighter with a small flick of his hand, disrupting the supply of oxygen to the naked flame and thus ending its life. He pulled the lighter back into the pocket of his trouser, pulling out the cigarette with his other free hand, as he exhaled a thick smog of carcinogenous material.

"Now where be that boy?" he said as he looked around the barren desert, nothing to company him except for the clear blue sky and the scorching sun that hovered high above.
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Lyon Raigen


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Join date : 2010-02-24

PostSubject: Re: Awesome Part 2 [me v Lyon]   Sat Mar 20, 2010 5:16 pm

Lyon walks down the owod while he thinks about something that no one cares about. The shoes on his feet where wet, but his purple hair was dry...an odd thing maybe, but the truth is that odd things happen, and usually, no one cares about it, so why would I? Anyway, the man keeps going down the road until hge reaches a place where nothing but loneliness could be seen...loneliness and a boy, a boy who's name was Johanne. Lyon didn't know his name, but he could tell the man was no shinigami, however, he was also no regular human.

Without thinkin about it very much, Lyon unsheathes his sword, and activates his shikai, pronouncing the correct words. The blade changed, not a lot, just the color and the handler. The zanpakutou's ability should be unknown for the other man, and so, unknown for the public to, and that ability shall not be said here until I decide so.
Lyon slowly walks into the man's direction, and attempts to slash him...of his movements, only the slash was fast...the rest was slowly, and reckless. Lyon was this type of man...he hated to be annoyed by freaking battles...but fighting was actually fun for him!

As he attempts to slash the oponent, the pressure over his shulders became less heavy, he was tsarting to have some fun now. "Hello...man. I would love to know what are you...but I guess I'l have to find out huh?"

NOTE: My zan's abilities ARENT EXACTLY what it is on it's zan...but the other abilities have been aproved by Hunter himself.
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Johannes Debeil


Posts : 33
Points : 29
Join date : 2010-03-19

PostSubject: Re: Awesome Part 2 [me v Lyon]   Sun Mar 21, 2010 1:43 pm

Johannes's head turned quickly at the sudden sharp intake of reatsu; it was reasonably formidable, the reatsu, clearly of captain-class caliber, though the user was not someone that gave an air of a Captain. Had Johannes not felt the man's elevated reatsu levels, he'd have given it no concern and removed the man from his presence within milli-seconds. However, this man was different indeed, a cause for concern for both Johannes and the client he was working for.

"Mr. Raigen, how nice to see you.-"
he gave him a dazzling smile as the man continued to walk towards Johannes "- I'm sorry to say, my clients have a problem with you and as a result, its not looking to shabby for you my man." he continued in a boring tone, as Joahnne's eyes bored into the man, whom now was drawing out his zanpakutou.

"Well, in that case" he said with a small chuckle before tapping his sternum and summoning his doll; smashing into the ground, the creature of metallic abyss reared upwards, it's collosal size, blotted out the sun, forcing Johannes into the shade of the creature's silhouette.

The doll took a stance to Johanne's left, it's right arm morphing into sub machine gun; metallic bullets solidified and filled the chamber, ready to fire them, as electricity waltz across the doll's surface, indicating it was ready.

The man, having summoned his initial release, was preparing his attack, while Johannes summoned two metallic boards, that whirled upwards and above him, while the palm of his hands began to get coated in metal, cackling with millions of volts. It was lucky that he did such a deed, the Shinigami raced onwards without overlooking the situation very well, smashing towards Johannes and aiming to cut him down. As the man began to make his swing, Johannes's "boards" that hovered above his head, split into little shrapnel blades, whirling around the man, covering all points, from behind, his sides,from above and from below, in total the boards split into 4 shrapnel blades each, blocking any chance of escape. Should the captain try to jump backwards he'd expect to find blades embedding into his back and passing through to his vital organs into his thoracic chest, should he jump up, the blades would cut into his shoulder, destroying his brachial plexus, axillary artery+ vein, the same can be said from below, should he try and crouch, the blades would pierce through his sciatic nerve and go to the anterior surface of his legs, penetrating his femoral artery and vein along with other nerves.

This all happened while he swung at Johannes, however when the blade come down at Johannes, he caught it firmly with his hand, the metallic substance that coated his palm helped in preventing any harm reaching Johannes. While he made contact with the blade with his metallic coated hand, he grasped it firmly making it hard for the blade to be pulled away, at the same time, two metallic balls ripped outwards from Johannes's back, swirling to form two boards, lengthened in 2 metres in terms of height and 1 metre in width, they whistled to Johannes's side. About the blade and the hand, yes, the contact induced meant that the released blade would cause "frostbite" on the regions it touched, however, because electricity sparked across the surface it produced a very high temperature, negating the effect.

"Name's Johannes Debeil; now, just surrender and I won't kill you" he said with a sincere smile, indicating as to what the situation the man had gotten himself into.
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Lyon Raigen


Posts : 29
Points : 40
Join date : 2010-02-24

PostSubject: Re: Awesome Part 2 [me v Lyon]   Mon Mar 22, 2010 4:08 pm

(Internet problemos....posting soon, I hope)
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PostSubject: Re: Awesome Part 2 [me v Lyon]   

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Awesome Part 2 [me v Lyon]
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