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 Shoukan Lucifer

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Ryudou Nagare


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PostSubject: Shoukan Lucifer   Sun Mar 21, 2010 10:24 pm

Ryudou walked through the sun baked sands of the Sahara Desert he had returned here for one reason and one reason only to subjugate his zanpaktou spirit. Ryudou began his trek from Cairo coming by airplane from Tokyo., using a fake passport that had been forged using the highly advanced engineering, he had received it from the Research and Development, Funny human technology.Once had been allowed through Ryudou welcomed the casual air ride through shies of the human world its serene beauty being so simple, blue sky, blue sky he could see now so clearly without their being so much cloud cover in the sky if any.
Flying first class would have aroused attention and besides he enjoyed being in coach watching all the normal people living their human lives it was so endearing to him on how everything just worked. On the plane he saw the family tourists, business men, and darker skinned people maybe returning home to say high to somebody, as well as a few lonely folks who may have been on their own little self journeys. He also enjoyed watching the in-flight movie, he himself had seen the past 70 years of cinema through video tapes and the like. He had seen the Marlin Brando the Marilyn Monroe, and he also saw the Al Capone and he even saw the rise of Bugs Bunny in the such that always made him laugh, but this, this was new to him it was a delightful 3d animated movie that superseded 2D animation in sheer detail it was about a fish that got lost and was a little deformed as seen by his fin, it reminded Ryudou about his creation that had been tampered with and produced “insurmountable results” but unlike this happy movie his happy ever after seemed unlikely.
After getting off the plane and eating the in-flight meal ironically fish, Ryudou picked up his luggage that had been modified to appear harmless to even the most advanced of human security systems, to this extreme of precaution, Ryudou replied This is getting harder upon the security officers confused look Ryudou replied in Arabic Airline prices these days as he walked hoping the kissing up would suffice. As he walked into the city Ryudou bought a fairly large amount of food he would need for this trip, reads meats and vegetables and fruits all carefully sorted in an invention that superseded human refrigerator technology by a few decades, and when he came to by desert he saw that a little girl was selling a sweet pastry, after giving her the money and buying it, he replied to her in Arabic as week For you I will walk 5 miles more leaving her with a puzzled look, then rubbing the top of her head Ryudouwalked to the edge of the city.
Ryudou then walked and walked, out of Cairo and eventually out of Egypt when he was 105 miles away from Cairo, Flow pulled out from his super portable refrigerator a couple of baby carrots and water knowing that he might be severely dehydrated in this fight, and for good luck, as he was eating one of his favorite human snacks.

Ryudou finished the last of his carrots and water his first meal and if his zanpaktou and anything to do with it, his last. Finally having the will to get up he manifested his sword he put out a plastic doll shaped mold that he then stabbed his sword into it, He placed it on the shifting sands of the Sahara and called out like some sort of exorcist Come on out Lucifer. The wind rose and with it so did the reiastu in the air, after the wind had receded their stood Ryudou’s zanpaktou spirit high and mighty as ever. The zanpaktou looked ethereal his good looks would be the envy of any man his gentle blond hair made everything he said sound more authoritive and annoying as could be his face hardly changed and was his usual unfeeling demeanor , his clothing consisted of a white robe with a gold silk rope going down and tightening it, he looked all together angelic and divine , except for his halo, wings and eyes, his halo was black and glowed oddly gold and his wings were contrasting one black and the other white, and his eyes, his eyes were a crimson bright red.. Lucifer literally was the manifestation of all the demons in Ryudou’s life and the opposite of his personality unfeeling apart and indifferent, where Ryudou did not consider himself superior to most Lucifer though himself superior to Ryudou and only hanged around him because he was born to, something Ryudou could understand since he was “born” to be something as well.
Lucifer finally spoke Why have you summoned me? . Ryudou picked up his sword that complimented Lucifer’s, both were black and white while sealed. I have called you here to master your power and make it my own. Then the zanpaktou laughed a rarity. You master me impossible. Ryudou kept his cool demeanor what makes you say that? . Lucifer then returned to his own cold and unfeeling expression because you are a discarded failure that will never amount to anything, you are a product of the Soul Society, you are worthless meaningless and I hate the fact that I am your partner . Ryudou’s expression did not grow sorrow in fact he began to laugh Wow I do think that you were made to insult me and make me feel bad, and you know what I have learned to take it in fact the more you insult me the more self confident I feel about myself by proving you wrong, that why I know you are my zanpaktou you make me stronger. Lucifer became mad Stronger, me make you stronger well you are right about one thing I do make you stronger scratch that, without me you are nothing, in fact I think I might just kill you instead of letting you fight me, you know why because you don’t deserve my power. Lucifer lunged at Ryudou with his sword aimed at his throat, Ryudou however raised up his sword and blocked the attack and answered back to his zanpaktou’s ranting You don’t think I am deserving of you power, well then let me prove it.
The battle had began Ryudou pushed back his attacker and then sliced in a figure at 4 times, his zanpaktou reacting in tandem with his own powerful straightforward streaks that after a while became predictable but no less deadly in their rigidness, Lucifer began by putting his sword forward and in a diagonal angle responding to all the attacks in tandem and when all of them were stopped he took the split second that Ryudou was in recoil of his attacks and delivered a solid slash. Ryudou responded by side stepping to the left his blade lined up on the top of Lucifer’s missed slice and he ran his blade along his zanpaktou’s spirits and sliced vertically to the Lucifer’s chest. Lucifer immediately backed away but not before getting nicked on his hand by Ryudou’s sword, and bright red appearing, Ryudou smiled Looks like I got first blood aye dude who thinks he is better then me. Lucifer flustered replied It was sheer luck Ryudou and the fact of the matter is I don’t think I am better then you, I know I am. This was followed up with a shunpo to Ryudou side and a quick slash to Ryudou’s shoulder, blood drops glistening in mid air. Ryudou winced and looked shocked by the fact he did not have time to react, meanwhile Lucifer continued I will kill you Ryudou and you know it.
Ryudou bounded from the attack immediately not taking time to let Lucifer gain an advantage in the fight and attacked with slashes that had finesse going with the “flow” of the air and using his body and his center of motion using momentum to his advantage. Ryudou first sliced diagonally downward on Lucifer’s left side before lifting the sword swinging around and going for a lunge. Lucifer responded by shifting his weight and only getting slightly cut and in an instant turned around and was lunging at Ryudou. Ryudou bent over limbo style as the sword past over him and flipped to his side and landed with his knees bent and ran his sword trying to get his zanpaktou’s legs. Lucifer responded by jumping in the air and then flipped the grip of his sword to be more spear like drilled his sword through the air aiming for Ryudou’s heart. But the blow was not to be as Ryudou pointed his finger in the air and yelled Byakurai and a small inch thick hole appeared on Lucifer’s chest as a small thin white beam of reiryoku ripped through it. Damn Kido Lucifer moaned as he feel back and recovered himself ignoring the wound. So since I am not a shinigami you are going to use kido on me something I can’t do, Ryudou stood up and replied No, I am just going to beat you plain and simple Ryudou then paused What’s say me and you take this to the next level considering the fact that I don’t have all day. Lucifer smiled I see you must be in a hurry for death, but okay then. Both zanpaktou and shinigami stood facing each other and simultaneously put their sword up the air and yelled Balance the world, protect the loved, and punish the hated, Rise, Lucifer. A gold and white gleaming shield on both their left arms and a white and gold short sword appeared on the right of Ryudou’s arm, but on Lucifer’s it was black and silver.
The battle had truly begun So you like it, this taste of power, my power you should be honored I am letting you use it before you die actually you should get on your knees and thank me. Ryudou got in a ready position and answered back Wow you are still on that I am better then you thing, well I don’t plan on getting on my knees for anything, but I swear by the time this day is over you will be the one on your knees and I will subjugate you. Ryudou then ran at his zanpaktou shield first attempting to ram him, but Lucifer responded by side stepping and swinging his sword to cut Ryudou, Ryudou sensing the attacked swung his shield with full force at Lucifer’s sword making it reverberate in recoil leaving enough time for Ryudou to slice Lucifer’s right arm. Lucifer cursed and looked at Ryudou in hatred and rammed forward with his shield and sword both pointing on Ryudou’s chest attempting to pierce his chest and break his ribs. Ryudou in response shunpoed to appear on the other side of Lucifer and slash his sword along his back giving him a deep cut to which Ryudou smiled in succession. Lucifer whirled his shield arm around and attempted to break Ryudou’s jaw but Ryudou saw it coming and side stepped the blow and cut Lucifer’s left arm. Ryudou asked Lucifer I am sorry but who was going to kill who again? At this point Lucifer was becoming very bloody and losing but still he kept on fighting and shunpoed in the air and rose his blade to strike down onRyudou , who rose to meet him and they both simultaneously swung their swords and their blades clanged. I must admit Lucifer you are one hell of a fighter To which the zanpaktou smirked uncertainly , as Lucifer landed on the floor Ryudou rushed up to him and yelled Hainawa and a small gold binging rope appeared of Lucifer and binded him their, in the midst of Lucifer struggling to release himself Ryudou spoke Truly you are a great zanpaktou but this is the end I will master you and protect everyone, so lets do this Ryudou raised his palms in front of Lucifer’s face and yelled Sokatsui as a blast blazed through his zanpaktou’s face. After the smoke and debris had left the area their stood his zanpaktou unfazed having dodged the attack and instead of wielding his shikai weapons had a katana its hilt white and silver, and its blade black and gold, its guard showing the sun and the moon combined and together. Ryudou was shocked What is that? Lucifer replied This is my true form where all my defensive and offensive power are put into one compressed sword , I would have not have wanted to resort to my Bankai but. raising his sword against Ryudou I have to kill you.
Ryudou saw in awe of Lucifer’s final release it was magnificent looking how the light and the darkness conflicted with each other and yet harmonized, but this would have to wait as Lucifer effortlessly appear behind Ryudou and slashed at him, Ryudou got ready to block and turned around but as he die so Lucifer shunpoed again appeared behind him and slashed Ryudou as he himself was slashed, Lucifer then said In Bankai my speed is increased dramatically, I could use techniques but for you I will just hack you to pieces, Ryudou gulped. Ryudou raised his shield and attempted to ram Lucifer, but Lucifer appeared in front of him and said you have dropped your guard and proceeded to slash his chest over and over again blood splattering everywhere, Ryudou screamed in pain Aaaaaaaah! . Lucifer now clutching the sword in his one hand and his other grabbing Ryudou’s arm holding him in place Time for you pay for your transgressions, to bad you could not use your balancing ability against me since you have nothing to balance except the fact your life is on the line, huh balance that equation Lucifer expected Ryudou to pull some last ditch effort and use a kido against him or something but no, Ryudou just took the lunge aimed at his heart and the sword ran him through. Lucifer looked shocked astounded at this, and Ryudou replied weakly Sometimes you have to take some of them to heart, to become stronger , and raised his own sword and cut across Lucifer’s neck besting him. Lucifer weakly as blood spilled from his chest to the floor well said I see then you are wiser then I thought willing to gamble yourself for bankai, I guess it’s that important to you. Ryudou answered No not bankai, it was the means to protect those I love I gambled everything. Lucifer then fell on the floor and began to turn into spirit particles that began to go into Ryudou’s sword, but before he was completely gone he said I see you win, but I will stile be the most prententious zanpaktou ever, I will not give you my full power your Bankai will be shortened immensly until I see fit to give you all my power, and you still won’t have access to my dark power. I wouldn’t expect it any other way Ryudou then gasped blood coming out of his mouth slowly walking toward his bag of supplies, he pulled out his sword and yelled Angel’s Feather !!!! and his wounds were healed, he had done it he had won.
Ryudou laid down on the desert floor taking out a tent with a translucent roof that allowed him to see the stars, the blood over his heart had stopped flowing and he had begun to heal but it still would be a long time before he would return to normal because he had in fact been stabbed in the heart, but it did not matter to him because he had achieved the impossible he had mastered his zanpaktou he had achieved Bankai. Ryudou looked on at the moonlight sky and said now with this power I will protect all those who are precious to me and I will protect the Soul Society. Ryudou’s eyes began to droop, a lot of energy in fact had been taken from him, and he turned his head and fell asleep.

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The Hunter


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PostSubject: Re: Shoukan Lucifer   Mon Mar 22, 2010 3:28 am

Before you write the training, register the bankai at your zanpakutou reg first.
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Megal Odon


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PostSubject: Re: Shoukan Lucifer   Mon Mar 22, 2010 5:46 am

Also, this Bankai will last only three turns. When approved.
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Ryudou Nagare


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PostSubject: Re: Shoukan Lucifer   Mon Mar 22, 2010 4:00 pm

I understand.
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PostSubject: Re: Shoukan Lucifer   

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Shoukan Lucifer
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