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 Troll Vs. Troll

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PostSubject: Troll Vs. Troll   Mon Mar 22, 2010 3:53 am

Myself and my good friend Togire Yaibva/Judas/Jeager Von Krautz, who I drove all the way to his college to visit for a week, Im sure some of you remember the regenerating bastard I choked out between my thighs, decided to have fun trolling on Omegle, this is what happens when a troll finds another troll.

If you really dont want to read the whole thing, go down to the last few lines where we try to leave.

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
You: YOU!
Stranger: Oh, I'm sorry.
Stranger: Didn't think we'd be running in to each other like this.
Stranger: I'm a bit embarrassed over last time, I have to admit.
You: Chances, Don't be a pussy, that guy seemed legit.
You: CHILL THE FUCK OUT MAN. I got this.
Stranger: Do you?
You: YAR
Stranger: Because, you seem a bit off key.
You: Ive been skipping out on my meds.
Stranger: Sharp not flat, if you want to be specific.
You: Im sorry.
You: What key are we in?
Stranger: It's okay, you didn't need them to begin with.
You: But the DOCTOR says otherwise
Stranger: G Minor
You: Thats a terrible key
Stranger: Says the loony.
You: Its much too sad
Stranger: Wow, I'm honored to have met you.
Stranger: What's it like?
You: Horrifying. At any moment....the world could come crashing down around me...
Stranger: I think that's a bit egocentric.
Stranger: Would you come crashing down without the world, who is so busy they wouldn't even notice?
You: No. Thats impossible. Reality exists solely through my perception of it.
Stranger: From an egocentric mind, yes that would be correct.
You: Prove me wrong. Prove my egocentrism.
You: Prove that your green isnt my blue.
You: Prove that your up inst my down.
You: isnt*
Stranger: I don't need to according to your own theory.
Stranger: Because I would be in my own universe of consciousness.
Stranger: in which convincing you of anything is pointless as my way is absolut truth.
You: CHILL THE FUCK OUT MAN. I got this.
You: Besides, if reality is already within my perception, how can it also be within yours?
You: Maybe...we have the same perception.
Stranger: No two people see this world alike, it's statistically impossible.
You: There's no such thing. As no such thing.
Stranger: Down to the color, hue, and tint, how quickly it reacts to light... every shade of color, every balance of light and dark is seen differently.
You: Statistical impossibilities occur all the time. Example. The Universe. Earth.
Stranger: Earth is hardly a statistical impossibility, people just say that to romance life.
Stranger: You have an infinte pool to draw from.
Stranger: That's got to be an interesting sensation.
You: Painful. More than anything else.
Stranger: Ah, as in an irritated rash?
You: No.
Stranger: It's lupus, dude.
Stranger: You need mouse bites.
Stranger: lrn2House
Stranger: Why is that?
Stranger: Which hive might that be again?
You: Also the same reason Wolverine was able to beat Lobo in the old Marvel/DC crossover.
You: And we forget which mind.
Stranger: Seems like your hive mind is rather chaotic.
Stranger: Kinda defeats the purpose really.
You: What do you think the purpose is?
Stranger: If the purpose was chaos or anarchy it's rather ironic you should organize.
You: We're big on irony.
Stranger: Wouldn't it be "I" being that you consider yourself one mind? not hive minded, but rather a hive mind being singular?
You: Even though we are of one mind, we are of many individuals.
You: Each their own "I," thus making us "we"
Stranger: Yes, but with one mind and one system of thinking from a central source individuality is lost. The bodies are but limbs to a greater whole, arms, legs, toes, digits...
Stranger: Recognizing individuals would be deconstruction of the hive.
Stranger: I hope this is all helping you later on when you keep trying to run this act.
You: We the hive are a cult that worships the blood god.
You: Which act? 1, 2 or 3?
Stranger: It's very kind of you to be so open about yourselves.
You: Were in a recruitment phase.
Stranger: It's always about the Finale.
You: Cant have a finale without a play.
You: Whats so good about it anyways?
Stranger: Human minds have the urge to organize things.
Stranger: Finale statisfies that urge to leave everything in it's place.
You: Does the finale in this case signal the end? In many cases the finale is the beginning of something else.
Stranger: I finale can do many things, this is but one of it's goals.
Stranger: A finale, my apologies
You: So is it alive then? Does it dream as well?
Stranger: This is your world not mine.
Stranger: I cannot tell you one way or another.
You: But you claimed this was your conciousness, so it would only make sense to ask you.
You: And as we recall according to you no two people could have the same perception. So then, whose is it? Yours? or Mine?
You: A spark of idiviuality. It shall be crushed. We apologize.
You: idividuality, apologies once more.
Stranger: You asked me about something in your conscious environment, you wished me to create your reality for you?
Stranger: I know where things stand in my reality on this subject.
Stranger: You should be weary of your traitorous thoughts though, they can be very destructive to your hive.
You: You cannot make Us a reality, for you would have an endless amount of realities to make.
Stranger: I hear you have a good memory as well.
You: Its quite terrible really. Have you ever tried to keep track of an endless amount of memories?
Stranger: I can imagine, how's the queen? or do you recognize her existence?
You: We are a cult, not a matriarchal society.
You: For that would make us an unpure mind.
You: Impure. Exscuse us.
Stranger: I heard she was cancerous.
You: Who is she?
Stranger: Oh silly girl really, early teens? lived in California I believe.
You: When was it implied that the mind was female? Or male for that matter?
Stranger: I was speaking of the queen, not of the hive mind as a whole.
Stranger: individuals making up a whole yes?
You: When was it implied that we had a queen?
Stranger: Must have the wrong hive.
You: Perhaps.
Stranger: The hive I was thinking of never forgets.
You: We have terrible memory.
Stranger: Yeah, but you're also ironic, and they do only say that.
Stranger: They don't really have proof.
You: Sir, youre not making very much sense.
Stranger: Sir?
You: We apologize for making the assumption of your gender.
Stranger: Apology accepted.
You: However, we are still on the subject of you not making very much sense.
Stranger: How am I not?
You: How are you?
Stranger: You stated you enjoy being ironic, stating "never forget" then having a terrible memory seems to fit in rather nicely.
You: In your own opinion.
Stranger: I never said I was certain on anything, just leaving the options open.
You: Thats nice.
Stranger: That's logic.
You: Whats logic?
Stranger: bullshit times evidence divided by zero
You: What is zero?
Stranger: an absence
You: Of what?
Stranger: substance
You: What is substance?
Stranger: something of relevance
You: What is relevance?
Stranger: It's primarily energy.
You: It seems to us that you are not making much sense.
Stranger: It's hard to fit through a bottleneck with such mass.
You: Maybe if you recalibrated the proton converters...
Stranger: Nope, I like them where I have them.
Stranger: It's cozy here.
Stranger: I'm not big on immigration.
You: Blood for the Blood God?
Stranger: will plasma do?
You: No. Not at all.
Stranger: At least you make a stance, that's admirable.
You: How, particularily?
Stranger: Too many individuals these days are so wishy washy, take whatever they can get. easily bent, dealt with, passed over.
Stranger: Perhaps you posses strength in your unity?
You: Like your mother?
You: Yes, we do.
Stranger: However, I never knew my mother so I couldn't comment on such things. From what I do know you could be accurate.
You: Trust Us. Its accurate. We ran a train on that bitch.
Stranger: Who got to be the caboose?!
You: Travis.
Stranger: It doesn't count as a train until someone yells "all aboard!" and you goose the caboose.
Stranger: I hope you remembered that.
Stranger: Otherwise you ruined the whole damn thing.
You: Were very forgettful.
Stranger: Son, I am disappoint.
You: For shame.
You: A wild abra appears!
Stranger: masterball!
You: A wild abra uses teleport!
Stranger: see ya /b/uttfucker! keep trollin
You: You too /b/itch
You: Well played.
Stranger: Rawr rawr rawr -heart-
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PostSubject: Re: Troll Vs. Troll   Mon Mar 22, 2010 4:43 am

Lawl. How do you guys get people to talk to you like that? I get on there, and no one will hold a conversation so that I can troll their asses.
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Troll Vs. Troll
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