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 My Omegle conversations.

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PostSubject: My Omegle conversations.   Mon Mar 22, 2010 5:07 am

As a hobby, I decided to pick up trolling. So, I'll be posting my Omegle flames and trolls here now. Hope you enjoy, some may or may not be funny, though. I am just getting started, and am inexperienced in trolling. Therefore, bear with me for a while.
Stranger: HEYY!! Asl?
You: Yo, 'sup?
Stranger: asl?
You: 'Sup?
Stranger: ....
You: 25, male, Mexico.
You: You?
Stranger: 31 f ca
Stranger: u like cougars?
You: Of course!
Stranger: well too bad ur so old cuz im not a cougar no more for u
Stranger: but ill still let u ass rape me
You: All right, I am pretty flexible.
Stranger: ...
Stranger: r u a woman
You: Nope.
Stranger: why would it matter if ur flexible
Stranger: oh meaning that u dont give a shit aslong as u get some
Stranger: i gotcha cutie Wink
You: Exactly.
Stranger: so how mexican are u?
You: Pure.
Stranger: ew
Stranger: u have any crazy mexi diseases?
You: Ha, nah. I am half and half, actually.
You: And no.
Stranger: well so ur only half spicy?
You: Half spicy, half sweet.
Stranger: can u compare your penis to the size of something
Stranger: hopefully its as magnificent as u sound
Stranger: Wink
You: Oh, 10 inches.
Stranger: bull shit. unless u got an enlargement or yer lyin to me n ur really a nigger
You: Yes, I did get one.
Stranger: oh golly
Stranger: i want your tiny mexi balls in my mouth
You: All right, that sounds wonderful.
Stranger: we r laying in a cheap hotel room, i start to take off my clothes. how would you torture me
Stranger: dont make me wait
You: First, I'd bend you over. Then, I'd give you a BJ, finger fuck you, and then pound you hard.
Stranger: god damnit i hate beaners. ur so gay
Stranger: im a man u faggot
Stranger: 20 m wa come see me beannynigger
Stranger: compton washington
You: You just got flamed, bitch.
You: Homo.
You: You suck major ass.
Stranger: atleast i aint no stinky beanbean
Stranger: mexicans are fuckin gay anyway
Stranger: my male friend got raped by a mexican fag
Stranger: all u are are fucking rapists
Stranger: and ur country is poor as shit n some garbage ass nothingness
Stranger: stupid beaner
Stranger: tryna come to my fuckin country n steal my childs virginity
Stranger: bitch
You: Too bad for you, I am not Mexican.
You: But you're a whore, nonetheless.
You: Slut-whore-bitch.
You: No one would pay to screw your child.
You: In fact, no one would take that brats virginity for free.
You: Have fun with your flesh-light over there, pecker-wood
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PostSubject: Re: My Omegle conversations.   Mon Mar 22, 2010 6:01 am

You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!
Stranger: Edward Cullen
You: 'Sup homedog?
You: You sparkle.
Stranger: *___*
Stranger: Do you?
You: No, but I'd like to someday.
Stranger: That's fair enough.
You: Where do you sleep at night, in a coffin, on a bed, in a beanbag chair filled with rice?
Stranger: None of them. I sleep in the flesh of dead people.
You: Good, good. What is your quest?
Stranger: To fight all humankind, and make some of them my slaves. Than I'm gonna take one girl and make her my wife. And we'll live happely ever after with a vampirehuman baby and a wolf as her boyfriend right after her birth Smile
You: Fair enough. What is your favorite color...?
Stranger: I dont know. Hard to choose one. But, the sun's colour. When it rise and the sunset's colour.
Stranger: so beautiful!
You: Fine and dandy. What is the square route of a triangle?
Stranger: 60
You: Wrong, whore. You fail. You are a disgrace to vampires all over the world with your snatch-face of a wife. You child has aids, and vampires do not sparkle.
Stranger: What is it then, you asshole? Think you're smarter than a vampire.
You: The answer is 3.
Stranger: how do you know for sure?
Stranger: what if that's what you only learn
Stranger: and it's not even right
You: If the normal of an equilateral triangle is the square root of three-quarters, the sum of the sides of the triangle is 3.
Stranger: WTF. Why do you know this?
You: You sparkly fruit-fly. It's because you are a failure of a vampire. Go apologize to the world right away. Yes, you have made a mistake, an affront to the world.
You: I am smarter than he-who-sparkles-instead-of-burning.
Stranger: omg, lol :3
You: That's right. >_>; You have shit all over the earth with your stupidity, you big-eye-browed, pale bastard.
You: Stop being illogical and retarded, then.
Stranger: You stop first, idiot.
You: Werewolves aren't fail like that, either. Those are basically shape-shifter, not werewolves.
You: Ha, clit-face. Can't argue anything tangible against me, huh. Just repeating what I have already said.
You: >_>; Guess those brains were replaced with eye-brows.
Stranger: I know. But it doesn't show as clearly in the movie as it does in the books. The shape-shifter thing.
Stranger: well, Mr. I-know-everything.
Stranger: The only way YOU think you can argue with a person, is by telling that person personalstuff
You: I do know everything, I am Jesus. The appearance of Twilight has caused the apocalypse to draw nearer, so I have had to come back to save all your stupid asses again.
Stranger: Which is childish and boring.
You: I rest my case, affront to nature.
You: House-keeping.
Stranger: What. Okay. Whatever.
You: House-keeping.
You: Me come inside? Me come inside. Me now clean floor.
Stranger: Okay, retardio completio
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PostSubject: Re: My Omegle conversations.   Mon Mar 22, 2010 9:32 am

I want to add that I thought it was strange that I knew the triangle thing and that guy did not. I am not one to rate my own intellect as high, quite the opposite, never went to school a day in my life. That said, why is it that I know the answer that equation or whatever the hell it is, and he did not? I may be mistaken, but I believe that is some sort of math, which I know very little about. Odd.
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PostSubject: Re: My Omegle conversations.   

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My Omegle conversations.
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