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 Benjamin Versus Anyone (Open to anyone willing to fight me!)

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PostSubject: Benjamin Versus Anyone (Open to anyone willing to fight me!)   Tue Mar 23, 2010 9:03 pm

It was a nice spring evening around five o’clock. There stood Benjamin sitting on a rock in Karakura Town Park. There was a slight breeze that blew Ben’s hair around making it look very messy. He yawned tired and bored as always awaiting maybe someone he could talk with or if they were a spiritual being like him maybe they could spar Ben did need to practice a few techniques that he just had learned.

It toke a while for anyone to show up so Ben decided to bring out Leben Hund maybe to play with around the park. His appearance was a dog so that would fit nicely.

((Small post because I need to leave XD))
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PostSubject: Re: Benjamin Versus Anyone (Open to anyone willing to fight me!)   Tue Mar 23, 2010 9:46 pm

The sky was torn apart violently, revealing a torrent of whirling, torrential energy. This energy was merely a pathway. Chinou stepped out of the Garganta and looked around. Nothing special was around. Just a human taking a walk around the park with his dog. 'Dinner,' he thought. 'Yum', he indicated his delight towards the human. The fine, flavored food. He gradually descended towards the human, pondering over the various means he could use to kill the male. It had to be swift. It was the least he could do.

Upon making contact with the ground, he approached the male, but then halting his movements before he fully reached his destination. Upon closer observation, he recognized the male, not as a mere human but as a 'special' one. This male here, was one of those with humans with super powers. There were three, no four races of which this male could belong to:

Super Humans

Off all the four, he excused the Quincy and Vaizard race. The reasons being: he didn't seem to have a Zanpakutou with him, nor did he have a cross on him. On the other-hand, his cross could be hidden in one of his clothing, and his Zanpakutou could be a simple pocket-sized blade. Then again, he didn't give off the aura of any of those race. Chinou groaned, yawning of boredom. He didn't need to go through all this ... what was it called... to figure out the race of the male. He would simply ask, that is... if the male hadn't already acknowledged his presence and decided to attack. He spoke:

``Blah, blah, blah... name's Chinou. Blah, blah, blah... what's yours? Ah, you know what? How 'bout we skip the introducing and get right to the point? 'm hungry, you're a human. I am going to eat you. Now, you have two choices... taking the short-cut and letting me eat you. The second choice is taking the ol' long path and fighting me, getting killed and me eating you to satisfy my hunger. So, which path would you like to take? I ain't got all day, make up your damned mind!`` he spoke.

Opening his right palm. He would spread it out and place it before him. Spiritual energy worked its way in his palm as he waited for the human`s response. ''Clock's ticking...!''
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PostSubject: Re: Benjamin Versus Anyone (Open to anyone willing to fight me!)   Thu Mar 25, 2010 7:18 pm

Ben looked around he felt strange reitsu that was coming in close. Leben hund angled his head in a way that made him look confused he sensed the reitsu also. Apparently his name was Chinou. Odd name he did not recognize the enemy’s reitsu signature but then noticed how this opponent was dressed. It was obvious the reitsu energy gathering near his palm forming something that looked like it would shoot and then the enemy’s clothing this person was an arrancar for sure.

Ben sighed and looked down at Leben and the dog returned into a white earing. He then immediately summoned Shwarz Hund. "Schwarzer Hund nehmen diese Kraft, uns zu verteidigen, und Ihre Alliierten!"
Benjamin whispered while giving the enemy an intimidating stare directly into their eyes. Suddenly a large wall of shadow energy appeared in front of Ben and Shwarz Hund disappeared.

While this large fifty feet tall and two feet wide wall of shadow reitsu formed Ben closed his eyes resting them. He was tired after days of wondering Karakura looking for an opponent one finally showed up.
((Dinner so very short .-.))
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PostSubject: Re: Benjamin Versus Anyone (Open to anyone willing to fight me!)   Fri Mar 26, 2010 4:54 pm

Chinou quirked his head after the male finished speaking. German? Now he knew for sure that the male was a Bounto. Bounto's were known for their use of the German language while Arrancars were known for their use of Spanish, Shinigami's for their use of Japanese and so on, and whatever was in-between. Blah, blah, blah. "Black dog ... power, defend? Is that what you said? Pardon, but I haven't heard from a German in a while," he grinned.

Though the male whispered, Chinou could still pick out a few of the words said. He watched as the large wall of shadow energy appeared between the Bounto and himself. What did he expect this to do? Chinou would of course, find out soon. "Grand Ray Cero," he spoke, before the huge blast of cyan-colored charged rieatsu raced towards the wall.

[I produce what you produce.]
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PostSubject: Re: Benjamin Versus Anyone (Open to anyone willing to fight me!)   

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Benjamin Versus Anyone (Open to anyone willing to fight me!)
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