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 {My eyes are an ocean in which my dreams are reflected.} Shiiro Tamashii--Quincy.

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PostSubject: {My eyes are an ocean in which my dreams are reflected.} Shiiro Tamashii--Quincy.   Wed Mar 24, 2010 8:07 pm

Quincy Registration

Name: Tamashii, Shiiro.

Rank: Maybe an elite spot? I dunno since it seems I have to have a hundred posts at least and I just joined… (Hoping for Fifth…?).

Age: Seventeen.


Shiiro has long silverfish hair that falls to her ankles, though it can hardly be referred to as “messy” she likes to leave it down. Only when she cooks or does things around the house does she wear it ponytails. Her eyes are of amber, and are shadowed by thick lashes. She stands just under 5’8” and weighs in at 140 lbs. She usually wears full body white tights with a amber design to hide the fact that her body is riddled with disfiguring scars. On her feet she wears either nothing, or a pair of boots. She like’s to wear dresses over the tights, and sacrifices small amounts of comfort to live with them. Her face, hands, and feet are unscarred, and is smooth in her youth.

Gender: Female.


Shiiro is very strong-willed, up to the point of being stubborn. She likes the beauty of the world , but believes that the existence of the Shinigami and Hollows are poisoning, and rotting the world’s air. She has been acting older then her actual age ever since the death of her “parents”. She would seem cold to someone who doesn’t know her, or has just met her, as she keeps her face a neutral and cold mask, but she is really a very caring person. She is surprisingly shy, and blushes when she gets flustered, much to her embarrassment.

She is very intelligent, but the funny thing is that it’s only by using her photographic memory does she remember facts and faces. She’s extremely independent, and lives in her own house. She likes sports, and is very athletic, her favorite is soccer, whereas she only takes Judo and Archery for skill-sharpening reasons. She likes nicknames, and finds it somewhat of a chore to say a person’s full name, so she will shorten it normally to the first syllable and double it, then adds an endearment. She completely despises chocolate, even seeing it will cause her to become nauseas. She get’s angry if she loses something (Bet, game, etc.). She hates winter and she enjoys sleeping in the sun.


Hair Color: A silvery white.


-Making nicknames.
-Pretty scenery.
-Laying in the sun.


-Dogs. (In all sense of the word)
-Gross smells.
-Staying still.


Strong, silent, protective types.


Specialties: Photographic Memory, Writing, Cooking, First Aid.


The snow fell on Karakura Town, thick as a blanket as it coated newly plowed streets, the vehicles windows laying abandoned outside, the windows still warm from being run all day. It fell relentlessly, mercilessly as the constant down pour of thick white flakes piled up, not only on the streets, but also seemingly creating a layer of ice over the hearts of the citizens of Japan as car after car passed a lone woman by. She stood there in a jacket and toque, her coat opened comfortably over a largely swollen stomach, her thumb out for traffic. Her face was one of terror, sadness, and concern.

All for the baby growing inside her.

As the last car passed her by the woman sighed in defeat, sitting on her bags heavily and put her hands over her face.

She prayed.


A nurse supported the small child in her arms, smiling gently. She turned her head and watched an orderly unhook the mother, white and peaceful in death, from the IV. She shook her head sadly, looking at the the child and sighed.

"Another to be pushed into the system..." she murmured, hugging the baby. She looked to the dead mother, and noticed a silver like bracelet around the woman’s wrist. She went over and gently removed it from the cooling skin, and tucked it gently into the fold of the babies blanket, around the child’s arm. She smiled slightly "A little bit of memory..."

She sighed and put the baby back into a crib, she had papers to fill out. She walked to the Baby Ward, rolling the child into the newborns unit and looked at the card she was to put the babies name. She thought for a moment before writing a name the woman had whispered to her, just before her heart had stopped.



She looked around, having gotten lost again. She wore her heavy jacket against the chill, her breath like frost in the air. On her wrist, a silver bracelet lay, cold against her skin. She paced through the streets of Karakura, having had not lived there long, she easily got lost.

She had been at her friends place, the two of them having been celebrating her birthday, and she was supposed to be going home. But since she had gotten herself lost, it was turning into more of a chore then anything. She sighed and sat on a nearby bench, leaning back against the chilled wood and looking up to stare at the brillantly full moon above her. She smiled and then suddenly yawned. The light from the moon brightening her surroundings greatly, and throwing shadows over the grass. As she watched, a large black shape suddenly appeared in front of the moon, nothing more then a silhouette then a figure.

But as she peered to get a better look at it, it was gone as suddenly as it had come.

She sat there, frowning. "What was that...?" she wondered aloud before shrugging.

It didn't matter.


She had finally found her way back home... At one in the morning. She cringed inwardly as she slid silently through the door, preparing herself for the lecture she was about to recieve... But nothing happen. The house stood still and silent it its foundations, she walked inside and onto the first florr hallway, straining her ears for sounds of any kind. Nothing. Weird... she thought as she paused outside of the main doorway.

"Mom...? Dad...?" she called.

She heard her own voice echo back at her and suddenly took off running. "MOM! DAD!" She screamed in panic, throwing open doors as she went. Her heart beat faster as she breathed hard, her mind foggy.

She ran then into the living room and froze.

She stumbled forwards shakily, falling to her knees in a puddle of blood leaking from two crumbled bodies. Her hands reached out, but both hovered over the broken bodies. "Mom...Dad...?" she whispered in a choked voice, her body starting to shake

A million thoughts were flooding through her mind as she stared down at the distorted faces, tears running down her cheeks. But they all centered around the same thing.


Her hot tears fell on the couples graying skin as she cried a new, her hands coming to rest on their faces.

They were cold.

She felt the heat suddenly flare around her, and something exploded. She flew into the wall, the red flames dancing across her white skin, eating into her.

She screamed.


She sat in a room in the polices headquarters, tears dried on her cheeks as she sat there stoically, wrapped in full body bandages, her skin blistered, sure to scar.

She had learned that the man and woman who had been taking care of her all her life, weren't even her parents. They had adopted her as a baby, her real mum having died during birth, almost taking her child with her. The bracelet around her wrist was a memento, something her mother had been wearing the night she died. She listened in silence as the man who had been a family friend for a long time explained this to her, and simply stared at the table when he had left. She didn't know what to say. A social worker had come and tried speaking with her, when she has asked her if she wished to leave Karakura for a new family, she had replied no.

The woman had left, sighing.

She knew not how to act.

She sniffed and scratched her nose, her first movements in hours. She picked at her bracelet, tracing the smooth edges with a finger. She studied it slightly, her mind more on the woman who had once worn it then anything. She sighed and laid her head down on the cool table, looking at the bracelet around her wrist as tears poured once more from her eyes.

She soon cried herself to sleep as the world continued on around her.


A Couple Years Later

She found out her true purpose.

She rarely thought of the past anymore as she shot her brilliant blue arrows into the sky, into the large creatures. Watching as it cut right through them and the immediately dissolving. She frowned and sighed, her bow disappearing. The silver bracelet around her wrist glowing slightly.

She sighed and turned towards home.

Picture of Character:

Sample Chapter:

[This is from a KHR (Katekyo Hitman Reborn) site. I did have a quincy RP Sample….but the site it was on has seem to have gone *POOF!* so yeah >__> sorry.]

Ayaka laughed as she swung Tamashii no Nusubito, her scythe rippling though the air as if it was weightless. She grinned as her guards backed up out of it’s way. They gave her a wary look so she dropped into a defensive pose.

”C’mon you cowards! We’re supposed to be sparing not scurrying like rats!” She growled angrily.

The guards sighed then rushed her, each carrying their weapon of chose.

Too easy.

She jumped into the air, planting her foot on one guards shoulder she leapt towards the one behind him, her scythe already moving in a blur. The blunt end slammed into the side of his head, and he dropped like a stone. She whirled as one ran at her from behind, his gun pointed at her. She moved to the side and dropped to one knee as he neared, her hand whipping up to clench the gun, thrusting it upwards and then to the side, the guard dropped it immediately, otherwise her force would have broken his wrist. Her momentum brought her lower body up and her foot slammed into his jaw, knocking his backwards.

She growled again, one guard trying to grab her from behind, and she merely let go of Tamashii and flipping backwards, her hand on the guards shoulders. Her weight carried her up and over as she dropped behind him, catching Tamashii no Nusubito effortlessly as she grinned. The guard whirled just as she high kicked, her foot connecting violently with the underside of his jaw. She felt a crack and swore, she hadn’t meant to hit that hard.

The man dropped, groaning in pain even as he was unconscious. She sighed, giving a silent apology before she felt strong arms wrap around her torso, and bring her into the arm. She smiled, forcibly bringing her legs up and pushing hard into the wall the guard was trying to pin her too, the man stumbled, off balance as Ayaka’s added weight caused him to trip, throwing them both backwards. Ayaka went with the momentum, and as he hit the ground beneath her she continued, rolling over him, then as her feet touched ground she leapt up, a bright smile on her face as the guard laid there for a minute, stunned.

She leaned over him, ”You okay?”

He groaned and sat up, ”Yes Ma’am.”

Ayaka grinned warmly, ”I’m glad. Now, don’t come at me with obvious movements this time! Try something unexpected!!”

The man stood up, ”Acknowledged.”

Just as he took a step forwards an alarm went off, singling the end of her training period. Ayaka snarled, muttering swears under her breath as she straightened, walking towards the sliding metal doors, which opened as she stepped in range of the sensor.

”Well today was a bust…I’m barely winded! She muttered as she stalked down the winding hallways of the Vongola branch. She needed stronger guards. She dimly wondered if any of the other Ring Bearer’s would fight her. She seriously doubted it, they were all busy. She sighed exasperatedly as she neared her room. The thumb scanner read her print as she pressed her finger into its screen, the doors swinging open almost immediately. She leaned against the door, hugging Tamashii to her chest.

What a boring day.

She leaned Tamashii gently against the wall and walked over to her bed, shrouded in black veils hanging from the roof. She grabbed a book and jumped onto the soft bedding, peering at the pages. This was one of hers, it was still not published, as she saw no reason to do so. She didn’t need the recognition or the money. She wrote for the sake of writing, fame never appealed her. She quickly read through the familiar words, already burned into her memory.

A man stood with his back to her, a sword in his hand. The swords blade was dripping blood. And around the man...was the corpses of her family...Kaede gasped, stumbling backwards as her fathers disembodied head looked into her eyes with lifeless horror. Tears leaked from her eyes as she saw her brothers small frame laying on the cold floor with a puddle of blood around it. The man slowly turned towards her, a sick grin on his face. 'Welcome to hell Milady...want something to drink?' He lifted his hand, and clenched in his fist was a clump of blonde hair...her brothers head hung from his bloodied hand, blood dripping from the bottom, where the mans blade had cut it clean off.

She stared in horror into her brothers lifeless eyes, a scream caught in her throat as she scrambled away from the man. He smirked, throwing her brothers head to the side with a spray of blood, then started to approach her. Her mouth opened, 'S-stay away!' she screamed at him, tucking her head under her arms and cringing away from him. He reached out anyway, grasping the top of her arm and jerking her roughly to her feet. Kaede stumbled as she sought to find her footing, bumping into the man. He growled and pushed her forwards, only then did Kaede realize her home was a flame.

The fire was eating though the walls and ceiling, sending ashes into the dark sky above. She stopped at the door as the man continued to push her forwards. Her hands slapped onto the walls, her fingers digging into the walls crumbling material, stopping herself. The mans hand smacked the side of her head sharply, the glove on his hand cutting her. She stood there for a moment, blood dripping from the side of her head.

The man kicked her hard in the spine and Kaede gasped, falling as the pain made her lose her grip on the frame. He stood over her, then kicked her sharply in the stomach. Her breath rushed from her lungs and she gasped for breath, curling her body defensively. 'B-bastard!' she spat on his boot. His foot winded back and rushed towards her face and Kaede reached out, catching the steel toed boot and sharply twisting i-

A knock on the door interrupted her mid word and Ayaka growled. ”Who is it?”

”It is me Ma’am.”

Her guard.

Ayaka sighed and got up from the bed, her guards were starting to get on her nerves.

But then again, this was better then the life she had left.

[Approx. 1065 words last time I looked. By the way, this is me on a good day. Leave me a paragraph to reply to and I’ll kill something. -____- Probably you. Oh, another note. XD That excerpt’s an actual book I‘m working on. LOL!]

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PostSubject: Re: {My eyes are an ocean in which my dreams are reflected.} Shiiro Tamashii--Quincy.   Wed Mar 24, 2010 8:15 pm

Definitely APPROVED.
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PostSubject: Re: {My eyes are an ocean in which my dreams are reflected.} Shiiro Tamashii--Quincy.   Wed Mar 24, 2010 8:16 pm

Thanks so much Nikolaus! =D
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PostSubject: Re: {My eyes are an ocean in which my dreams are reflected.} Shiiro Tamashii--Quincy.   

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{My eyes are an ocean in which my dreams are reflected.} Shiiro Tamashii--Quincy.
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