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 Experiments (Private)

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PostSubject: Experiments (Private)   Fri Mar 26, 2010 12:40 pm

The light flickered on and off, illuminating the room then quickly plunging it back into darkness. The cold metal walls reflected what little light emanated from the bulb onto the sleek and shinning table that stood upright in the middle of the room. Atop the table lay one person clothed only from the waist down. The light glared straight down onto his tightly closed eyelids. An IV was attached to his right arm slowly dripping a clear liquid into his body. On one side of the desk stood the seeming emotionless Shinjou and on the other the only visible exit or entrance, the doorway out. Shinjou stood with his Captain’s haori on the comfy wooden chair behind him and two stretched white gloves covered his hands. Except for these small details Captain Kagaku looked as he always does, dead. It wasn’t pale completion or a fatless exterior that made him look like this. It was his expression, the one that could barely be called an expression because it showed no emotions at all. No pleasure, no happiness, no despair, no sadness, nothing.

Shinjou had several experiments in mind for this particular subject that he has just obtained. He found it hard to control his joy the first time he realized just how lucky he was but, from his self training he managed to cover the emotion before it poked through, allowing logic once again to shine. This was the time he especially needed logic. One little mistake and all his work would go down the drains, his test subject could die. Captain Kagaku could never let that happen. It was a once in a lifetime experience and he couldn’t just let it slip through his fingers. He had to measure every little dosage twice, possibly even three times depending on the importance. Shinjou had to sterilize every single piece of equipment a dozen times before it even touched the man’s skin for fear of infection. He had to simulate every experiment on his computer before even attempting it and then run it through again. Shinjou had done each one of these things and now was the time to begin.

Captain Kagaku had heard of a new Captain Commander. He was pleased with this outcome although, he did not have much to contemplate it seeing as his experiments always took priority. He was told there was going to be a meeting but, Shinjou had relayed a message that he was too busy at the moment to attend such pointless shows of authority. He had been to many meetings during his time as a Gotei Thirteen Protection Squad Captain and he had no interest in attending another. Nothing was ever really planned or discussed at such meetings. It was just to get everyone acquainted and he had no desire for any social occurrences. They were the most pointless of everything unless; of course you were sizing everyone up and finding out how to destroy them utterly when they double crossed you. After, all Captain Kagaku did have research to continue.
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PostSubject: Re: Experiments (Private)   Tue Mar 30, 2010 3:19 pm

Shinjou flicked the tip of the needle as he squeezed the other end squirting out some of the clear almost glowing liquid. He placed it slowly into the arm of his awaiting patient. Even through the unconscious state he was now in he winched in pain and his muscles tightened. In response the Captain hastily turned around, immediately punching in three buttons. He swore softly and slammed his fist lightly against the computer desk as the bumps in the heartbeat monitor slowly decreased in size. Shinjou was losing the man. He had to think of some way to stabilize the Quincy before he lost him for good. “Think, Shinjou, think. You didn’t become Captain of the 12th Division, head of Research and Devolvement for nothing,” Shinjou softly said to him as his brain went into overdrive.

A light clicked on in the Shinigami’s brain as he received an idea. He took a small scalpel and hastily cut the cord linking the IV to the man’s arm. Just as the beeping began to slow to a very minimal amount, it rose back up to normal. Shinjou let out a sigh of relief as he placed his hands on his temples and his elbows on the table in front of him. Just as his own heartbeat returned to normal, it rose back up as he realized something. The IV was the only thing keeping this Quincy from awaking and he had just disconnected it, allowing him to wake up. Luckily, Shinjou had prepared for such an occurrence and all the man’s limbs were fastened tightly and his mouth was gagged. As soon as the Quincy’s eyes had slid open he began to scream, it was muffled but, hopefully no one was around to hear. It was late and normally no one else stayed as late as he did. The Captain quickly delivered one blow to the man’s temple knocking him unconscious again but, for how long would it last.

Again Shinjou was tasked with a task that even he found difficult. He tightened the slick, white gloves on both hands as he prepared to find another way to render him out cold. The Captain hastily tapped several buttons on the computer, turning a program that would constantly perform analyzes to determine his overall well-being. What Shinjou was preparing to do could harm this man and that was last thing he wanted to do. He made a small incision near the jaw area so; he would be able to push the jaw slightly to the left. He then did such, forcing it against second cranial nerve sending a shock to the brain to shut off all non-automatic activity. Shinjou then pulled the two pieces of skin away from each other with one of his many medical tools. With the new incision he placed a brace against the lower jaw bone, making it so he would not be able to wake up any time soon. Hopefully these new improvements would not kill the man, Shinjou desperately needed him.
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PostSubject: Re: Experiments (Private)   Thu Apr 08, 2010 12:52 pm

Shinjou stared coldly onto the back of the man’s head. Waiting and thinking for an opportunity. He had the perfect test subject in front of him and he couldn’t think of what to do. It was not that the Captain of the Twelfth Division had no plans, it was that he had too many. Whether to cut open his head and see how the brain reacts when the Quincy cross is activated or whether to try different chemicals to try and figure out how the Quincy could move faster then a Shinigami or if he should just study the Quincy to find out exactly how they could manipulate reiatsu to make them stronger. Ah, so many opportunities but so little time. Surely, the world had gone on without him and there was a million things waiting for him outside those doors but, he had no intention of opening them. Shinjou was perfectly happy with experimenting on this man even if he knew he would only get one chance to experiment on him before it would come to an end; an end that he never wanted to see.

With one scalpel in hand Shinjou made two slight incisions onto the top of the man’s head. Taking another surgical instrument he pried the two cuts open to reveal the skull bone. The Captain then took two strange, blue wires and connected them to the skull of the man. The wires were powerful enough to penetrate the man’s skull bone and receive the electrical impulses that the brain receives and sends out and interpret them. Although, the wires could penetrate the outer layer of skin, to get the best results they would have to be connected to the skull bone or possibly even the brain itself but Shinjou could not afford such luxury. He then flicked a switch on the computer beside him which sent a signal to a large monitor on top of it and the monitor turned on. Shinjou then sharply turned to the left of the table which held the instruments and picked up a nice looking needle and a container of a green liquid. The Captain was attempting to test a certain chemical on the man that would activate the release of certain hormones into the brain, one by one. With the two wires attached he would be able to monitor the release and figure out just how the Quincy activated their abilities. He would now be finally able to make his contribution to the Shinigami force and although he could not be pleased he was certainly going to be honored.

The beeping noise from the heart beat monitor continued until a few moments after he had injected the liquid into the man’s head. That was when it took a sudden spike. At first Shinjou was alarmed by it but soon he realized just what was happening. Normally such things would be activated in combat so several adrenaline like hormones were released making his heartbeat increase. If the Quincy’s heartbeat increased any more he would have to stabilize him but he hoped that would not happen. The Captain watched closely at the screen as the hormones began to do their work. They released more hormones and chemicals into the bloodstream activating normally dormant abilities and power. This must be what they get their extra speed from. Normal humans had no such hormones and so would never fully realize their potential. As Shinjou had always suspected the Quincy were only a slight variation of the Human race and possibly even their successor but that research was for another day. For now, he had to try to duplicate those hormones and a way to distribute them. First he analyzed the molecular structure of what seemed like umpteen hormones that were released all at once. Once he had the genetic makeup of it down pat he tried to synthesize each hormone individually. But, like most first attempts it failed. Maybe, they all had to be in combination to exist. Maybe, they all complemented each other and by themselves were nothing more then mixed together chemicals. Shinjou then did as he thought would work and created them all at once. Hopefully creating the invention he was looking for.

Shinjou was correct in his assumptions and together they seemed to stabilize. But, would they work. He slowly injected the newfound hormones into the man’s body and waited for the result. What seemed like forever but was only a few moments more they achieved the desired affect and seemed to work completely as expected. Now the Captain had to find a way to distribute them. He could inject himself with them as they would only last for a certain amount of time and doing such every so often would be highly unpractical. Maybe, he could synthesis them in the form of a pill. With that thought Shinjou did such a thing. He created a pill that would cause the effects of a faster shupon’d and they would be able to somewhat absorb spirit particles around them to make them stronger. Shinjou had finally achieved what he was looking for and now it was time to face the outside world. No matter how much he wished to stay and experiment for longer he had to take his leave. After, he had safely hidden the man in his underground research lab he would join the outside worl with his new invention.

------> exit.
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PostSubject: Re: Experiments (Private)   

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Experiments (Private)
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