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 The Maggot's Nest (Suman's Team in the Mission)

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PostSubject: The Maggot's Nest (Suman's Team in the Mission)   Mon Mar 29, 2010 11:41 am

Suman appeared before an imposing grey tower. The entrance barred to all who dared enter. Suman was OK however; he'd procured the keys from the 2nd division earlier that day. But what's worse was the fact that he was even at this place; it oozed scum who had betrayed the Soul Society. Still, his mission had said this. And maybe he'd find some clues to his plan here.

Suman walked calmly to the door and unlocked it. Stepping inside, he used Hado No. 31 to light a torch and began to descend the stairs that lead to the bowels of the prison.

"This place is...strange. Central 46 seems to think that a place like this is necessary..." Suman growled, his Samurai pride telling him to end their miserable lives right now. However, he was against doing so unless the fools attacked first. Who's idea was it to let them keep their zanpakto? Well, he supposed it saved resources if they all killed each other.

"Oi! All of you in line!" Suman roared at the prisoners, throwing the door open. The prisoners turned to Suman with a look of astonishment in their eyes. Some had a look of fear; this man was clearly a dangerous opponent. "We're looking for a missing member of the Gotei 13. Where is he?" Suman was being very blunt for some reason. Maybe he was just eager to get his mission over and done with.

"Lost somethin' have ye?" An old man laughed before coughing. Suman arched an eyebrow at the man before his eyes widened. He had a split second before the old man appeared a mere inch before his face, a sword in his hand. Suman blinked slowly then kicked the man with a spiritually-powered foot.

The old man rolled away, his mouth bloody, as Suman looked on calmly.

"I'm a captain of the Gotei 13. I will not be beaten by some common maggot." Suman stated coolly, just as many others grinned evilly. Suman sighed and looked over his shoulder. "You don't mind if I hog all them do you?" Suman asked before unsheathing his sword. Sure he could use Kido to block them or Ryukurai's poison to incapacitate them but Suman's pride would not allow it. A samurai, once engaged, must fight with everything he had until the enemy was dead. There was no honour in defeat.

"Are you prepared? Then here I come!" Suman roared, Ryukurai in front of him.
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Rayne Itetzu


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PostSubject: Re: The Maggot's Nest (Suman's Team in the Mission)   Mon Mar 29, 2010 1:01 pm

OOC: i do apologise for intruding, but it is stated in the anime that for saftey purposes all visitors to the maggots nest alongside all inmates are stripped of they're weapons leading to a pre requisite of being skilled in hand to hand combat before entering. Just wanted to help avoid straying to far from the bleachverse
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PostSubject: Re: The Maggot's Nest (Suman's Team in the Mission)   Mon Mar 29, 2010 1:07 pm

OOC: I believe the deadline accuracy of this is a bit over done xD Suman only has his weapon because there was a warning of a particularly strong enemy hiding in there. For example; if one or more of the shinigami with bankai were to be there, they'd have not a hope of killing him without their weapons. For this reason, they have their weapons.
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Age : 1008

PostSubject: Re: The Maggot's Nest (Suman's Team in the Mission)   Tue Mar 30, 2010 12:31 pm

"Bastard...I helped train captains! You got nothing on me, pup!" The old man roared, running at Suman. The man himself raised an eyebrow, striking Ryukurai into the ground and taking off his shirt. Clicking his fingers, he ran at the man unarmed, making the old man's eyebrows arc in surprise.

"SOKKEN!" Suman roared, punching the man with a spiritually-charged fist, sending the old man flying backwards into a wall. Suman appeared before the old man just as he was getting up using Shunpo. Then he grabbed the old man by the head and drove his face into the floor. "I am a captain because of my will, not my skill!" Suman roared, spinning around, the man's head in his hands. Suddenly, he let go and sent the man flying into a wall, which cracked from the strength of Suman's throw.

"Don't think you've won yet, pup!" The old man growled, his forehead bleeding. "Smash, Hone No Burēka!" The man roared, his zanpakto glowing a nasty red before turning into a scimitar with a serrated blade. The old man ran at Suman, swinging his blade madly.

There was one second of pause as Suman lay a hand on Ryukurai. The old man's eyes widened just as Suman's eyes glowed in with not even a modicum of his maximum spiritual pressure. Suman raised his other hand, two fingers extended to point at the rabid old man.

"Shall I show you the difference in our power? Do not fear, you will not live long enough to feel any pain." Suman warned, making the old man start and stop his advance, considering whether it was viable to continue attacking Suman. "Hado No. 90: Black Coffin."

The man had not a second to see the box forming but miraculously, he used shunpo to get out of the way. Unfortunately, he wasn't that fast; his entire leg was speared by Black Coffin before he managed to escape.

"Bastard...how dare you use Black Coffin on me? I will kill you...dammit...I'll kill you!" The old man groaned, his leg seeping blood onto the floor. Suman looked at the old man in mild surprise. He'd hoped that this man was not strong enough to dodge Black Coffin in time. Tut tut Suman, you are getting slow. Suman berated himself. "I'LL KILL YOU!" The man was suddenly in front of Suman, swinging his blade down on top of Suman.

Suman ducked and brought his sword up, to increase the speed of his block. The old man had a malign smile on his face, like he'd already won. Suman sighed and held open his other hand. The old man wondered whether more Kido was coming...but he couldn't have been more wrong.

"Demolish, Ryukurai." Suman released his zanpakto to the weakened Shikai. Suddenly, Suman's metal-sheathed hand grabbed the old man's zanpakto and smiled. The old man opened his mouth only to find Suman's left hand implanted in his sternum.

"Wha...? I'm...896 years old..." The old man stuttered, looking down at Suman's zanpakto. Suman himself kicked the old man off Ryukurai and wiped the claws clean with a handkerchief, throwing it over the old man's face.

"Idiot...Anyone else care to challenge me while I'm here?" Suman growled, his claws fragmenting into black reiatsu and returning to his sheath in the form of his sealed zanpakto. Finding no one, Suman walked on, not even waiting for the captain that was supposed to be following him. On the other side there was a door, which he looked through his keys to unlock.

"Right, the lower levels...He's bound to be here..." Suman scowled, opening the door. As he did, he heard a bell tinkling and a girlish laugh from down the stairs. How odd..., he thought, before dismissing it as his imagination.
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PostSubject: Re: The Maggot's Nest (Suman's Team in the Mission)   Wed Mar 31, 2010 2:42 pm

Asran walked softly, his footsetps sending out little "tap tap" sounds as his weavered sandles made contact with the stone like steps that filtered out into the abyss known as "Maggots nest". It was a collection of shinigami that were undeniably unstable, of mind, reatsu or both as a matter of fact. However, placing all the nutters in one big hole wasn't an ideal idea, however it did seem to be relatively effective. The Court of Pure Souls never knew of their existence, both members of maggot's nest and the institute; heck, the majority of the Gotei didn't know about the cursed place, the only time they'd truly know about it, was when they joined the club of nutters.

Asran walked, carefully though with haste lingering in his footstep's rhythm, he was late again. As before, it was unavoidable, he had to make sure that everything was set in the 6th Division before departing, his Captaincy and status among his comrades kept them from asking personal questions, his own ventures were of his own, his Vice wouldn't even know where he was to be, if he had a Vice-Captain that is.

He stopped, finding Suman, with his shi kai released, his reatsu spiking with odd intervals, matching the breathing of Suman's. Every exhale caused a surge in reatsu, while every inhale caused a depression in the said reatsu pulse, that Asran was receiving from the newly instated Captain.

he said with a soft smile, sending a radiance of encouragement to the new Captain "- should be an eventful day for you, especially on your first day as a Captain." he said again wit the same impressive tone ringing in his voice. While his eyes were on Captain Suman, his other senses were lurking outwards and around him, he as a Captain had put a fair number of the members in this institute, no, rather hell like domain or better yet a dungeon; regardless, he had too many enemies here, his Haori, plastered with the 6th Division insignia, wasn't exactly an ideal equipment to carry into the enemies domain. His hand automatically falling onto the handle of his Zanpakutou, reatsu leaking through his body, his muscles responding to the new influx of energy, awakening them to an extent that was far far superior to a humans.
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PostSubject: Re: The Maggot's Nest (Suman's Team in the Mission)   Wed Mar 31, 2010 3:12 pm

Suman felt Asran's reiatsu pulse and whirled round, his hand going to his zanpakto. Of course, Asran was just nervous. Of course, he HAD to be nervous.

"You've got more spiritual pressure than God! What the hell are you scared of?" Suman roared, obviously irked that he was being put in charge of a mission so early on in his career. At least give him some leeway! Still, complaining was for losers. And Suman was determined to be an awesome captain. Diligent and strong, he would carve his name into the history of Soul Society. He would be remembered long after he'd been stabbed through the gut.

"My apologies, this mission has me a bit on edge." Suman apologized, turning around and opening the door.

Suddenly, a black shape flew out of it, scaring all the inmates of that horrid place. It looked like a shadow had gone moonlighting with red light. Red eyes? Oh god...

"Shi-Shinigami..." A hollowfied member of the missing people hissed, its mask reflecting the shape of a Oni mask. So that's the legend? Suman thought to himself, pulling out his zanpakto just as another shadow shot into existence. Holy hell, were all ten down there?!

The first one charged down Suman while the other charged at Asran. Suman sighed and used Shunpo, drawing out his blade and slicing the hollow clean in half. The movement was so fast that it was invisible to the naked eye. Suman was not impressed by Hollowfication on such a primitive scale. This was like someone had simply put a mask on it and called it a Vizard.

"Pathetic creature." Suman hissed, just as the Hollow used its instant regeneration ability. Suman roared and cut the thing again, hoping to end its existence easily. But the Hollow had drawn its own zanpakto and was using it well, even if its hands were covered in bone-like gauntlets.

After ten minutes of intense fighting, in which Suman sustained several nasty cuts to the legs and arms, he soon realised that nothing but complete and utter destruction of the creature was the only option. Fine, Suman could do complete and utter destruction. He could also destroy some of these worthless creatures called inmates.

"Enough games, Hollow! Bankai!" Suman roared, skipping the first release phase and summoning his huge black poison-breathing metal dragon. It's menacing red eyes glowed in the twilight that was slowly filling up with purplish-green smoke. Suman's spiritual pressure was similar to using a cannon to hunt an ant but he was getting sick of these hollows. "Oeryu Kuraisora...Finish him!" Suman roared, making the dragon breath its deadly toxin at the monster.

Suman thought it was finished as the first disintegrated but he was dead wrong; several more hopped out of their hole. Suman pinched his nose and sighed. One down, nine to go...
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PostSubject: Re: The Maggot's Nest (Suman's Team in the Mission)   

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The Maggot's Nest (Suman's Team in the Mission)
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