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 Seiwa Genji

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Seiwa Genji


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PostSubject: Seiwa Genji   Tue Apr 13, 2010 11:08 pm

Shinigami Registration

Name: Seiwa Genji

Rank: Captain

Age: 340

Appearance: Normal Shinigami clothing, except with his Clan scarf and Captain haori

Gender: Male

General: As a person, Seiwa is not one to be approached; he is by all means, extremely unsociable, not by choice but his more of his upbringing. Being shunted away from the society, that brings health and skills into the lives of the young, that may not be able to be taught. He lacked the development into such a stage of his life, as a result, he chooses, now, not to approach others, instead he appears to be cold and aggressive. Sneering majority of the time at the inferior folk of the Court, along with other members of the Gotei, believing that he is far more prestigious and of a higher noble birth, thus inviting himself into higher sense of being, making him look down on others; not really interested in what they have to say but trusting his own instinct and the experiences of life that has lead him up to this point entirely.
Cold: Without a doubt he is cold as a person and with this, it brings mystery. Alot of his fellow members question the sort of sanity or level of mentality he truly attains within that overlarge, arrogant head of his. Thinking that there is perhaps more to him than his external cold shell, which cuts down virtually anything that tries to get within metres of it. However, while some understand the predicament that he is within; as a leader of an illustrious clan, he, Seiwa, has a high level of standards perched upon his head by the society that they live within and the clan that follows him as if he is their God. With such expectancy in mind, he shows no real emotions, strips himself from the weak and does everything in his power to prevent himself from being affiliated with unnecessary material; like attachments to his comrades or the members of his clan. He knows, from previous experiences, that attachments and making yourself emotionally vulnerable, decreases the chance of success and only leads to bitter disappointment, along with inhumane suffering, that is neither spiritual nor physical. He considers it emotional and as a result, he relinquished the idea of him holding any real emotions a long time ago, thus incorporating it into his daily lifestyle.

Honourable: Honouring his household and his fore fathers, is a big tradition he implemented into himself. It was such portions of his true self that caused the resurrection of the Genji caln from the ashes that they were submerged under. His honour, his pride, all originated from his mother, whom, ironically, never considered him as a son. Seiwa, watched his mother battle with suffering and anguish as their clan became more and more of a joke; he, Seiwa, took it upon himself to re-establish the clan to its formal and righteous stature within the walls of the “Court of Pure Souls”. He worked hard, never really expressing his intention nor relied on others; independence was a key skill he learnt from his mother’s idealistic world for their clan. She believed that success was a virtue that only lingered in One’s hard work; Seiwa, understood this of course, pushing himself like his mother did, he vowed at her grave to complete the task she always wanted and it soon became part of his Pride. Pride in terms of, him prizing the work he had done and a deep part of him relying on the idea that his mother would be proud to watch the son, she never wanted, to achieve what she never could. As a result, he values his whole clan as his pride, while as much as he tries to deny any real emotion to his clan members, realistically, they are his only living family and its natural to be gravitated towards kinsmen.
Noble: His aristocrat mannerism is most intriguing, even within the walls of his own home, he keeps up this charade. For it gives him trouble to keep up such appearances; having no real childhood, his body often forces him to return to such a stage, where it never experienced any sense of “normalness”, making it difficult for him to maintain his aperture as clan leader with his mind constantly focused to keep himself within the desired limitations of the Clan leader. Though, while he produces his charade well enough, he gives off an air of arrogance, considerably more mind you, when in the presence of the other Clan members; they used to look down upon him and his clan, now its time for him to return the gesture they openly used . He acts arrogant, though in a prince like manner, making him inexplicably intimidating; his sheer presence and cold attitude is enough to cause such intimidation, however, the Nobility rituals he must perform as a Clan member and leader, are still within his mind frame. Meaning to say, he participates in no real fault, he plays by the rules, just bites harder than everyone else and succeeds at it.
Calm: His most commending persona, especially on the battlefield, is that of his serene and detached, yet composed, behaviour. Seiwa, remains calm through nearly everything; pain becomes nothing in his presence, even the mightiest of people are dumbstruck at his depth of serene bliss. Intimidation, threats and among other rash presentations, that are aimed to throttle Seiwa from his position, has no real effect, having experienced them in the past and knowing what he is capable of; he now knows what true threats are and having been rarely threatened, he, over time, has come to ignore such trivial matters and continues with the task at hand.
Observant: For a person that thinks highly of himself and speaks rarely; he is extremely observant, being able to pick up on the flaws of a person’s actions, twisting it to his advantage. Whether it be on the battlefield or within the political network of Soul Society. He isn’t afraid whatsoever to use anything to his advantage; he will, without a doubt, slay a fellow comrade should it get the job done or feel any insecurity towards his Clan, for his is truly protective of his pride.



Hair Color: A relative dark purple hair tone, with a portion of his glorious hair entwined into a braided, rich pink, ponytail. This ponytail is maintained within the significant Kenseikan head piece, indicating his noble heritage.

Likes: To be alone, a challenge that really gets him going and the colour red

Dislikes: People who have the potential to irritate him, members of other clans



Specialties: Has a specialised reatsu; when his reatsu is felt, it has a distinct "sharpness" to it, meaning to say, the person who feels it, feels some sort of sharp stinging sensation. While higher ranked members will feel the least of these effects, low end members will feel the severity of it. Doesn't really affect their physical movement or anything, just makes them know his reatsu is sharp.

The Genji Clan once known as the “King’s Clan”, thousands of years ago of course; it was said that the King of Soul Society originated from the Clan and when he left to claim his throne, his heir’s took over. The heir’s, the King’s son’s, were greedy indeed, they squabbled with one another when their father took to his domain, leaving them to their own petty measures. The clan was split into 4, not physically, though it might have well been considered to be physically torn apart; each “Prince”, shall we say, had a vast amount of influence within the Clan, each hard their own number of supporters, both from and out of the Clan. Each Prince, wanted the leadership of the clan no more than the next; while their father had picked no real heir, he assumed there would be bloodshed and the Clan would be consumed, should conspiracy begin if one of his sons was to be the true heir.
After nearly a century of dispute, they took it amongst themselves, to call upon a wise man, to deal with the matter. The old man, was as wise as he was old, he told the children (children is used in terms of being comparative to his age) to hold a democratic elective, the one with the highest votes would be considered the true heir and most suited for the title. It was true, each of the heir brought their own talents or attributes, that they exceeded in, into the clan and becoming the head, they could specialise into those fields even further. And so that was the reason behind the clash; each Prince wanted to have this characteristic implemented as the Clan’s true feature, not realising that their own pride would be perhaps the downfall of the Clan itself. Nevertheless, the Prince’s listened to the man’s saying and held the largest election to be known in the Court of Pure Souls. People from all classes were invited into the election, children of all ages were considered and an order was issued that, should anyone not vote, they would be punished by Capital punishment i.e. Death. As a result, people came in from all over the place to vote and clear their name from the list, ensuring their safety. Once, everyone had placed their votes, the counting began; it was a horrendous task, eating almost 5 years, before the results came in.
The 3rd eldest son was elected, an out roar broke loose, each Prince united against the third brother, claiming there was treachery within the ballet and it was preposterous that he should claim the leadership. In short, they returned to their original stature, fighting amongst one another, bickering endlessly, until the point reached where the Clan started a civil war. Clans’ men, that supported each of their respective Princes, raised arms against their own brethren.
The fight took place, brother against brother, slashing, tearing, and destroying one another, though no avail. Each Prince had an equal army under their command; neither would enter the fray in fear of losing their position and in short, all 4 Princes lost a vast amount of their military power, crippling their clan as a whole. Furthermore, the Gotei intervened, preventing any more blood shedding and condemning the clan into 4 lesser noble families.
The shock that struck through the clan was unexplainable; Clan’s men became angry, not at their own stupidity, but blamed fellow clan’s men for such a horrendous downfall within the clan. Many left the household in itself, the 4 Princes, now became leaders of 4 lesser noble families, with very little influence and status within the Society.
They became known as the “4 Fallen Clans”; named “Minamoto”, “Taira”, “Fujiwara” and “Tachibana Clan”. Each clan, condemned to a life of solitude while a blood feud rang silently between the clans, both in fear of what the Gotei might do, should the clans try to wage war with one another again.
After thousands of years, any record of the Genji clan ever existing died over the years, becoming more a myth than anything; much like the Soul King that presumably existed, it was a known fact, or so it was said, though no real proof of his existence really lingered within the court of pure souls. Meaning to say, the clan had lost its true value and its history as time went by. The majority of the clans accepted their fate and they too began to lose their initial roots. However, the Tachibana Clan, was extremely prejudice and upheld it’s honour and title as a descendant of the Soul King; the other clans, shied away from their accusations and made it explicably clear that they had no real affiliations with the Tachibana Clan.
The Tachibana Clan held a deep grudge against their so called leader; upon his death they only elected females to lead the clan, they understood the greed of man and gave them no real power. The females in the clan were the ones whom were considered to be true nobles of the clan; the males were beings of a lesser status. The men within the clan had very little say, when it came to the affairs of the Clan. They, men, were generally played their roles as breadwinners for the clan, much like bees slaving for their Queen. Regardless, in this clan, Women were revered and men were frowned upon, though that was the least of the problems. When women of the clan became pregnant, there was very little chance that their child would survive the birth or even after the delivery. This was perhaps due to the overly large reatsu that spiked from the children; their fragile, little bodies had no real resilience to the high reatus, along with the large reatsu from the clan members, leading to the death of many children. It was known that each family within the clan, usually had 1 child, this was considered lucky, some whom had two, were extremely well known through the clan; this was because the amount of times you had to try for a child for it to succeed, it wasn’t the getting pregnant problem, oh no, it was the post trauma of witnessing your children die before your arms and still maintain your sanity.
Seiwa’s mother, Nanke, was married to a lowly Rukongia clan’s man. His name was Ochi, he was a man of gentle character, humble, kind hearted and brilliant of the mind. While his mother wasn’t happy with the relationship at first, though her worries were silenced, for upon marriage, she was christened as the Head of the Tachibana Clan.
She was a fine leader indeed, bolstering the financial power and influence of the Clan all over Soul Society, with her husband by her side giving the ideas she required, she, well both together, began to improve the status of the rank as a whole. With each new improvement, Seiwa’s mother desired more and more, wanting to make herself known, to be popular, to be respected for her achievements. Each idea built on the next, never a moment of rest for her; it was in this status, that she really appeared happy and her husband, noticing this, supported her endlessly.
She demanded children of him and so he gave her what she wanted but each time they tried, they failed to produce a child; she was never disheartened but her husband was, how she demanded children, he saw the sickening side of her, how she could discard the lost children to be; it revolted him, his mind was cracking from the strain but his sanity still held on. After trying 19 merciless times; she gave birth to two healthy twins, both female.
There was joy, laughter, celebrations when the news was spread; her husband on the other hand was not soo pleased, he chose to take a vacation for a few years from his wife, the strain of watching his children die, was far too much, especially when it was repeated multiple times. Seiwa’s mother on the other hand, was rejoicing at the twins before her, both healthy, surviving and above all females. She was the most notable woman out of all the 4 clans, her victories, successes and the news of her children, caused a surge in popularity, making her a very popular woman in soul society.
Her greed for more fame was now a ravaging beast, she performed more of her duties, increasing the clan’s wealth and such material even further, though her true prize was to unite the 4 clans under the “Genji” banner. The idea was rejected by most of the board but she knew she’d have to work alone for this part. Her influence was great within her clan but with only two children, she was deemed prestigious but not anything greater than that. Calling back her husband, she demanded more children, her mind lost to the idea of power; he was reluctant at first but then supported the idea. After multiple times of trying, she gave birth to a child, though she was angered, it was a boy; she hated that, it was almost as if she never had a child.
Her sanity was undeniably cracking. She sent Seiwa away from her presence, placing him into a private school, far from herself. Her husband, angered by her motives, said nothing but secretly watched over his son; loving the child that no other person did. Seiwa, while he didn’t understand why his mother never visited him or asked of him, he though, loved the idea of his father coming to see him in compensation. His father, loved him equally, if not more than, Seiwa loved him. It was a blissful moment for the two; though their mother, constantly obsessed about resurrecting their former clan. The other clans wanted no part in it, their leaders were highly opposed to a woman deciding the fate of them all.
Angered and bitter, she took the frustration out on her husband, blaming him for the son they received and such trivial gestures. He too angered by the abuse he witnessed from his wife and left the clan as a whole, not visiting his son one last time, just left. With no husband, her initial support and moral, began to fade, she herself was weakened by the extra prolong amount of births. She then, vented her anger at her only son, pushing him into the shinigami academy at a tender young age, where he spent the majority of the time; upon graduation, she placed him into the special operations force of Gotei; their discipline and training was what she desired for her son, not in a motherly fashion, oh no, more of wanting to see her son fail in the processes of trying.
When Seiwa was third seat of the 2nd division, his mother passed away, leaving the slot for the head of the clan to be open; while he never knew his mother, though her ideals were driven into his mind, her lust for the resurrection of the Genji clan was all he saw, not the power hungry woman that desired to be known throughout history.
Acting alone, he used the skills he attained within the clan, to blackmail, kill, threaten other clan members until he achieved what he wanted; he removed all those that apposed the idea of a unified clan, placing those whom were worthy and on his terms into the head clan role. It wasn’t for another 50 years, that he achieved what his mother truly desired: the Genji Clan.
Upon revival, he united all 4 clans under one name and commended himself as the head of the Clan, no one spoke against him, they all too well understood what he was capable of and to achieve such a feat of re forming the lost clan, deemed him worthy for Leadership.
Wears: He has a red scarf produced by the first ever master weaver, given to the Soul King as a gift whom place a spell on the scarf so that only the true leader of the Clan could call forth the scarf, otherwise it would sizzle and wither away until called by it’s true master. It is made from a Red windflower light silk; the flower has been extinct for millennia, making this scare virtually priceless.

Picture of Character:

Sample Chapter:
Look at Asran’s RP.

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PostSubject: Re: Seiwa Genji   Tue Apr 13, 2010 11:26 pm

Interesting character. However, I have a couple of problems with it that I must address. Twice the reiatsu of an average Captain-level Shinigami? You are going to need special permission from the forum owners for that. It is not something that I can approve. Also, before we even get into that, you should get permission to take a Captain's spot before doing so. That way, the fact that you'd have even near such a level of reiatsu would be believable. Futher, I want you to put more on the appearance. Yor signature is merely a head, nothing more. So, unless your character is just a head, I will require more in that area. Leave out no detail.
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The Hunter


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PostSubject: Re: Seiwa Genji   Wed Apr 14, 2010 12:35 am

Quote :

Specialties: Has a specialised reatsu; when his reatsu is felt, it has a distinct "sharpness" to it, meaning to say, the person who feels it, feels some sort of sharp stinging sensation. While higher ranked members will feel the least of these effects, low end members will feel the severity of it. Doesn't really affect their physical movement or anything, just makes them know his reatsu is sharp.

[08:32:07] @ The Hunter : You mean they can feel your dick up there ass even when you're not fucking em?^^

Alright, approved, but if Rekkan kills me and yourself, I'm gonna use your sharp reiatsu against you, biotch. XDD
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PostSubject: Re: Seiwa Genji   Wed Apr 14, 2010 1:26 am

Quote :
Hunter-san said: [08:32:07] @ The Hunter : You mean they can feel your dick up there ass even when you're not fucking em?^^


Quote :
Hunter-san said: Alright, approved, but if Rekkan kills me and yourself, I'm gonna use your sharp reiatsu against you, biotch. XDD

Sounds like someone is afraid of someone else. Amusing.
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The Hunter


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PostSubject: Re: Seiwa Genji   Wed Apr 14, 2010 1:59 am

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PostSubject: Re: Seiwa Genji   

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Seiwa Genji
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