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 DarkStar, new guy of 5th division

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PostSubject: DarkStar, new guy of 5th division   Sun Apr 18, 2010 11:02 pm

Shinigami Registration

Name: DarkStar,Raphael



Appearance:At first glance he appears to be emotionless , showing an empty face .He is prone to fits of anger and trauma whenever he witnesses an unjust or evil act and becomes violent and unreasonable.He prefers to think of himself as a crusader in these times of corruption and greed.Even though he has such violent behaviours, his softer side is directed to homeless children in the Kusajishi district of Rukongai . He wants to cure his anger and frustration but has been unable to. Even though he is prone to anger , he places high respect on his captains and would never dream of betraying his friends or hurting them.Overall his personality is of a highly volatile nature , never can you know what he will do next making him an unreliable person for group tactics but the best one for one-man missions.


Personality: About 6'2" ,He has dark brown hair with a tinge of green which flows down smoothly. He has golden yellow eyes which seem to reflect longing for something but at the same time hatred.He has a long and lanky body , slim and handsome. His hands are smooth and soft which is not supposed to be for a person wielding a katana.Most of the time , one of his eyes would be covered by his hair, for reasons unknown.



]Hair Color:Green(Dyes Brown)

Likes:Humming to himself and chatting with friends. Also a spot of sparring.

Dislikes:Arguing among friends, civil unrest.

Crushes: Short Hair and soft voice,caring attitude.


Specialties:Tactical Defense and strategy.

On earth , he was born to a loving family living in India. He had a pleasant childhood surrounded by friends and family .He was the only child of his parents and they loved him immensely. and so his life went peacefully until he neared his 19th birthday. That day , he and his family had gone shopping when they suddenly heard the sound of guns.They turned back and saw a few gangsters killing the innocent shoppers.Moreover, They seemed to be enjoying themselves. Then the unthinkable happened! A few stray bullets had hit his mother and father and they fell down dying. Enraged, He ran up to kill them with all his might , but they shot him also. As his world began to darken, He could sense immense anger and rage welling up inside of him. He wanted power! power to kill them,power to make them pay for their crimes, power to have revenge.Then it seemed as though he fell asleep.

He woke up in an unknown place. It seemed totally alien and new. The houses were built in a japanese feudal style and everyone wore cotton tunics. Seeing him appear, a person walked up to him and gently explained the situation to him. He called himself Ukitake Juushirou . Ukitatke seemed to wear a black version of the same dress and wore a katana on his belt .Prashanth learned that he had died and that he was in the kusajishi district of a place called rukongai.Just as he had finished telling him the info, He had the screams of a man behind him. Turning back ,he watched in horror as a heavily scarred large man cut open 7 other men who stood before him while all the time , he was laughing. This scene was so similar to the one in which he died hat he felt the same rage take hold over him.

He felt a pulsating glow from within his body and before he knew what it , A silver needle embedded itself in the killer chest and he exploded, showering the innocents with his blood. Prashanth felt disgusted and was scared of his own body but bfore he could understand what he did, He began to cough blood uncontrollably . Ukitake saw this, knelt down and passes a bit of the glow from his hand to prashanth's body. The blood subsided and ukitake explaind to prashanth that somehow he was able to channelise a kidou spell without an incantaion. However, He used up too much of his reiatsu or soul energy. With this, Ukiatke convinced Prashanth to join the Academy to start his training as a shinigami.

Not wanting to remember his past, he changed his name to Darkstar and joined the academy.At the academy,he showed tremendous learning capabilities and swordsmanship, the greatest of which was his reiatsu level and his proficiency at kidou. Like this, he quickly acended to being a shinigami. He was recruited into the 9th division initially but quickly kicked out because of his rash decisions and refusal to comply to unjust orders(like massacaring a whole village of hollow because that they might attack soul society).Ukitake ,Who was a soul society captain and was Prasahnth's best friend came to his aid and had him transfered to a division which coincided with his personality.There, he was at peace, saving innocent souls from hollows and socialising with his peers.

Picture of Character:

Sample Chapter: (i was actually in this rpg for the past year but had to quit due to exam reasons)
The lone moon seemed to mock the shinigami as he slowly walked through the moldy and rotting building.Nearby, several humans walked about on their daily buisness not knowing the danger they were in at that very moment. Occasionally, a few humans twitched in the direction of the shinigami(Prash from now on).He merely shrugged as he brushed aside a few cobwebs from a tarnished wooden door on the far side of the building. A low breeze ruffled his hair as a slight pressure began to build on his shoulders.

He was sent there on an extermination mission. Apparently, numerous humans had gone missing at that very place and the hollows were not found to be guilty.At the same time, The local shinigami had disintegrated leaving only his clothes behind. The case reeked of the Bount's misgivings . Even as he sat thinking about it, The pressure seemed to increase , as if it knew that someone was closeby. Prash knew he had to act now . Drawing out his zanpakuto, He blasted out the door and shunpoed in.

A lone man sat on a bed with a pile of sand beside him. Along the corner of the room, a bundle of clothes lay .The man seemed old, around mid-50's, with a sneering face full of contempt. He said "It's rude to walk in on another's room without introduction, shinigami."."Filth like you do not deserve respect"Spat out Prash. "Even so, let me introduce myself. I am Count Drakken of Coven of Markus . And you are?" asked the count."Prashanth , 5th seat of the 13th division of Soul society.You are hereby convicted of the murder of a shinigami and countless humans and sentenced with death. Will you die peacefully or should i kill you?Prash asked.A hoarse laugh escaped Drakken's throat."You know to talk well. That i'l tell . Unfortunately, you cannot kill me yet, lad . I'm far too experienced for you.".

"We'll see about that"shouted Prash and slashed Drakken in a wide arc from the hip to the let shoulder.But, The zanpakuto merely scraped and sparked as it slid across the bount's smooth skin."You should know before you die, I merged with my doll a very long time ago. My doll was named 'God of Stone'.Your zanpakuto does not satnd a chance against me." said Drakken as his fist began to change color rapidly.Before Prash could react , Drakken appeared beside him and punched him right in the ribs. With pain blinding his sight, Prash staggered to his feet like a broken marionette.The punch had ruptured 4 of his ribs and he knew he was no match for Drakken at his current strength. "It seems i have no other choice. I just achieved shikai and i am not yet able to fully use it. But the situation demands it. "he said and shouted "Restore order to the world,Hikari no Fukkatsu. Immediately, His zanpakuto became pitch black and blood red designs appeared on its hilt and blade.A violet aura surrounded the blade gving it an evil appearence."What Hypocrisy! You call it light of restoration but all i can see is death and evil in your blade, just like your entire race, shinigami"Drakken cried."It's true this causes death but due to it much happiness is brought out. You would'nt understand , Bount".

The night air grew still as if it sensed the men's thirst for blood. Within a second, both the fighters clashed, Stone aganst blade, Black against grey.Even in his shikai, Prash proved to be no match for Drakken. The bount swerved and slid, dodged and parried each stroke of the blade. Prash had to fight at his best just to be on par with the bount.When Drakken sometimes landed a hit on Prash, he broke the shinigami's bones and rendered him more immobile with each hit.In a short time, Prash lay down on the ground panting. his femur and wrists were broken , destroyed by Drakken . The bount slowly walked toward Prash ,relishing his new prey . Just when they were barely 6 feet apart, Prash jumped mustering all his energy , dove in a final plunge with his sword raised high above the bount. Drakken reacted in an instant , plunging his hand between Prash's ribs ,he caught hold of his beating heart.Stopped in mid air, Prash gasped in pain as the bount strengthened his grip."You are the second shinigami i get to eat , you know. However , i still think you are a hypocrite, your sword never shoed light in the first place. So die, you pitiful hypocrite!"said Drakken. "I am not a hypocrite , you bastard"whispered Prash as he drove his raised sword into the ground shouting"Destroy Everything in my Path, Light of the Celestial Hammer!".The bount screamed as a gigantic shockwave swelled and passed through him . For a oment , it seemed nothing happened, then he suddenly felt his legs give way and he saw them crumble into a fine dust." This is the light of my ...........sword !You died from the moment y........ou mentioned the nature of your doll, Drakken. My zanpakuto crumbles away any solid matter ............in its vicinity to dust.." Prash said as he felt his mind go black.All he remembered in those moments were of a long white cloak appearing before him.

(this was my initial sample chapter when i first joined this forum)
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PostSubject: Re: DarkStar, new guy of 5th division   Mon Apr 19, 2010 5:31 am

Approved as 3rd seat of my division.
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PostSubject: Re: DarkStar, new guy of 5th division   Mon Apr 19, 2010 7:38 am

Thanks. I'l be posting my zanpakuto soon
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PostSubject: Re: DarkStar, new guy of 5th division   

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DarkStar, new guy of 5th division
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