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 Suman's Demise (Content Warning: Gruesome in parts)

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PostSubject: Suman's Demise (Content Warning: Gruesome in parts)   Tue Apr 20, 2010 12:39 pm

Suman had come to the human world looking for an arrancar that had recently appeared. They had sent a captain due to the power of the arrancar in question. It was at least Fraccion level. In fact, it clearly owned a formidable power that it was using with gusto: Both hollows, humans and shinigami were disappearing off the map.

Suman was slightly concerned as to the nature of this childish assault. One arrancar against one or more captains? Either this arrancar was freelance or was incredibly dim-witted. That or Lord Hiruman was losing his grip on reality.

Suman arrived near the arrancar and almost gagged at the sight. A hungry arrancar surrounded by dead bodies, most of which had the bones exposed. She had her back to him but somehow, he knew she knew he was there. As such, he prepared himself to draw his sword at a moment's notice. She was obviously going to finish her meal before she'd even addressed the captain.

Suman swallowed as the woman turned round and was surprised to see a beauty about her. He wondered whether this fair creature actually was an arrancar. But her clothing and reiatsu shattered this illusion entirely. Suman knew for sure that this was the woman who'd been eating everything close to her.

"Hello Shinigami-san. I confess myself a little surprised; I never expected them to send a captain." Nelia asserted, showing off her spiritual pressure. It was so powerful that it lifted her fringe to expose a red eye surrounded by the broken remnants of a hollow mask. Suman gulped as he realised that this girl wasn't even released yet. Surely, she must be an Espada.

"Hello Arrancar. I am indeed a captain of the Gotei 13." Suman growled, releasing his formidable spiritual pressure. Nelia gritted her teeth as she fell under the weight of an extremely heavy reiatsu. She'd never felt such a powerful reiatsu as this one! She nearly buckled under the weight of it. "There is no need for further talk. Let's resolve this quickly!" Suman ordered, drawing his zanpakto.

Suman charged down Nelia, swinging down with a two-handed strike. He drove at her skull with all his might, trying to end this fight quickly.

The blade thudded but there was no scream of pain. On the contrary, there was a delighted snigger. Suman opened one eye and saw that his sword had not even cut her. In fact, she was holding it in her hand without much concern. Suman's eyes widened in surprise.

"Psyche! I focus my spiritual pressure, not throw it about." Nelia sneered, grabbing Suman's wrist and throwing him into the air. One Sonido later, she was above him. With furious strength, she kicked him into the ground again, creating a crater. There was an extreme smoke cloud which soon split up as a small black object hurtled out of it. Nelia frowned and dodged it, not even noticing it bounce around behind her.

Suddenly, the air around her combusted and burnt her all over. Nelia screamed her rage and threw her zanpakto into the air. Suman watched her unsheathe it before powering towards him, the sword held in two hands over her head. Suman pulled back the other half of his zanpakto and crossed the blades. Suddenly, Nelia found that she couldn't see further than a foot in front of her face.

Suddenly, Suman's sword was appearing on all sides. Nelia was dodging aptly, batting the sword aside with slaps from her hands and split-second grabs.

"Stop pissing about! You can't even cut me!" Nelia shouted, just as her shoulder fountained blood. She looked amazed before using sonido to get away from Suman. Suddenly, she felt his reiatsu nearby and kicked out viciously. Her foot struck his blade and was cut shallowly. She gritted her teeth against the pain before grabbing one of the dead bodies she'd been feasting on. Immediately, she drained the dregs of blood to heal her vision. Suman growled as the woman came at him with a barrage of super-fast sword swings. Suman blocked them, sparks flying from his blade.

"Come on! Are captains this weak? Show me your damn strength!" Nelia ordered, slicing Suman in several places and in quick succession. He cried out, holding his shoulder. It had been cut deeply.

"As you wish..." Suman panted, his hair hanging limply in his face. His face was contorted in pain also. But he ignored this as he took a stance, both hands on the hilts of his blades. "I shall show you the true fear...Bankai!" Suman roared, releasing a huge cloud of black gas from which a red-eyed metal dragon reared. Nelia smiled as the captain's bankai was exposed, dwarfing her own tiny form.

"Very well, I cannot compete with you on this level..." Nelia grinned, pinning her sword into the ground. The grin on her face was evidence of what she was about to do.

"I shall not let you! Oeryu Kuraisora, obliterate her!" Suman ordered, the giant dragon breathing poison and charging from Nelia. He stared down the dragon and unzipped her dress, exposing her hollow hole just under her navel. Suman was not distracted by the fact she was almost topless and continued through with the attack.

"Seduce...Lajuria!" Nelia cackled, the sword emitting a blinding purple light.
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Suman's Demise (Content Warning: Gruesome in parts)
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