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 Jace's Bow [Complete]

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PostSubject: Jace's Bow [Complete]   Thu Apr 29, 2010 9:26 pm

Name: Hakkā

Bow Manifestation: a futuristic anti-matter canon that covers the lower half of his right arm, which is connected to a complex series of glowing cables and wires that link up to a head set which resembles Master Chief’s helmet.

Description: This glove does not actually shoot arrows; instead arrows are substituted for a giant pulsing reishi wave than spans out for 100 feet in every direction from Jace. This wave does almost no damage unless combined with a technique.

Technique NumberName Description Duration Cool Down
1 VirusWith a successful hit the effects are transferred from the wave into a target upon entering their body. Once the virus is transferred into a person they lose one racial ability of my choosing right then, and they continue to lose abilities at a rate of one every ten rounds. (These abilities are regained one day after they are lost) Effect continue until battle ends 20 turn Recharge
2 System TakeoverWhen a few particles of reishi from the wave enter the body they attack the central nervous system and the effects take action. The person affected succumbs to a type of mind control that resembles a situation that involves Jace playing a video game. As such he can’t retain complete control if he rapidly moves or if he moves out of the 500 foot range. 5 turns of control 8 turn recharge
3 HTML Jace can turn all non-living matter in the area around him in a form of technological coding. He then can edit this code to create new types of matter, though the matter transformation requires a practical reasoning for what it is turned into. For example, he can activate this ability and turn a car made out of steel into a steel fighter jet. But he would not be able to turn say a wooden plank into an AK-47. The amount of time he has to edit the code that he creates is set to a limit, however the matter that is changed is not reverted into it’s original form after that limit is met. This means that if he makes a gun out of an aluminum baseball bat and a magazine of bullets from a box of nails, after the time limit ends the gun and bullets stay that way for good unless he uses the tech again or they are melted down and reformed into their original shape. 4 turns to manipluate matter 6 turn recharge

Rules in making Techs:
1-99 posts: 2 techs
100-199: 3 techs
200-299: 4 techs
300-399: 5 techs.... and so on... you can add more techs as your posts go


NOTE: The Master Quincy have the number of their techs increased by

1 and may have one extra glove.


Second Bow

Name: Tsūgeki
Manifestation: The same as the first glove, except on the left arm. And instead of a helmet it forms a body armor that covers his torso.
Description: A slow fire shooter. This glove requires a one turn charge time but the turn after can shoot a single bullet that is equal in power and size to a gran rey cero. However, while both bows are manifested at the same time the charge time is not needed, but there will be a recharge round instead.

Technique NumberName Description Duration Cooldown
1 System Failure A pulse of reishi shoots of from Jace and continues on for about 100 feet in all directions. Anyone caught in the pulse will have their movement speed slowed to either a crawl or a complete stop for weaker foes. The pulse continues to shoot out until the end of the duration but if someone leaves the pulse their movement is still limited until the technique has ended 4 turns 5 turns
2 Reboot Any injuries that Jace has sustained from the moment that he activates Tsūgeki are completely healed and his stamina is returned to full levels. However if he has been placed under a technique that still lingers in a space, like tosen’s bankai, those effects will still have an effect on him. One round to heal Only able to be used once per fight
3 Blue Screen of Death A net-like web of reishi energy is fired from the canon that can span to a length of Jace’s choice. This net is a highly concentrated amount of spirit particles and as such it has the power to either wrap up and catch a strong opponent, or if the enemy is at a weak power level it may slice them into pieces. the net flies for up to 3 turns 5 turns


Custom Equipment

Name: gespeichertem Wissen

Type: Laptop


Ability Number Effect Duration Coold Down
1 In addition to functioning like a normal laptop, this modified version has the ability to hack into any and every database. The amount of databases includes but is not limited to the police, the government, and even the files kept in the Soul Society computers. Of course this computer function is only responsive to a voice key that Jace has access to. n/a n/a

*You may add more as your post count goes up one per 100 post, however

like a zanpaktou's bankai if you make one of theses or a tech for your

bow/glove you cannot make one for another.*

*Only Quincy Masters auto-get this, non-Master Quincy must train have 250




Quincy Final Form

Name: mechanischen Kriegers


Name Effect
Robotic Body Jace is covered in a robotic mecha suit made out of steel made especially to ward of attacks from spiritual beings. This means that attacks from beings using anything other than raw muscle will not affect him. The armor however can be worn down, though that would take a highly powered person like kenpachi several whacks to accomplish.

Second Final Form

Name: Raitosupīdo


Name Effect
Kuikku raitosupīdo as the name suggests, able to travel at the speed of light. This means that in this final form Jace can out run and overtake any enemy in terms of speed and almost appears to simply disappear in one place to reappear in another.

Combined Final Form

Name: Gijutsu wa kami


Name Effect
C.C.P. (cut/copy/paste) In this final form Jace can take the matter in the near by area and replicate it whether it be living matter or not. Living matter that is cloned lasts for 5 turns and then becomes a stream of data that fades into the elements of the world. However non-living matter that is copied is a true clone and therefore is a permanent object, weapon, shelter, ect.


Limit:*You can only use the final form for ten post, then you must wait ten
more post before you can use it again.At this time you cannot use the
bow/glove/armor or any abilities connected to it, you must also be an elite

Quincy to even have this form.*

*You must have 400 posts to gain this form*

*You must train for 2 pages in the (odd i know) bankai training area with
another elite Quincy each post being as minimum of five full lines*


-When using Final Form, there is no loss of Quincy powers.

-Each Final may automatically have ONE technique and no more then


-Top 4 Elites may have this form automatically, and do not have to train for it.
-For Elites with two gloves, you are allowed two Final Forms. The top two are
allowed to have three, one for each glove and one for both. HOWEVER,
consider the ten post cool down. During the ten post cool down, you are
permitted to only basics, meaning Seeles, Ginto, Hirenkyaku, and NORMAL
arrows. You may not use Ransotengai or any techniques during this time.
However, if you have Ransotengai active before activating Final Form, then it
remains in place. Techniques and Ransotengai are available during Final Form,
just not during the cool down that follows. And NO jumping from one FF to the

-Also, realize that you may add to/amplify/make new techniques that are
applicable for Final Form only. But you do not get them automatically with the
form. You must get the post requirement first, just like any other technique.
-You Can have One Final for or One Evangeline, or just the one Evangeline
with double the allowed time.

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Jace's Bow [Complete]
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