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 Tons of insects

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PostSubject: Tons of insects   Thu May 06, 2010 8:29 am

Name: The Art of Insects AKA May bugs kill you and make you suffer

Looks: I look like a handsome devil as usual.

Ability: Basically, Torune has been infused with many types of insects in birth by his father who still remains to be unknown to Torune.. And so, he also has many insects inside his body that are neither organic nor created out of reiatsu.. It is still unknown what they are made of, but they are still considered as nano sized and impossible to sense because they do not have any sensible reiatsu.. The most common type of insects inside Torune's body.. Most of the insects inside his body are nano sized and are poisonous.. But the others are known as "Bokuchi" insects.. They are normal sized insects that roam around inside him.. They are known for sucking the reiatsu out of the opponent... After sucking out the reiatsu, they share the reiatsu with there master which in this case is Torune..

The special ability of the Bokuchi insects are not just the ability to suck out reiatsu, but also to hunt.. Because of there antennae, they can sense everything within around half a mile radius.. And illusion type abilities does not work on insects.. And Torune being able to communicate with insects, the insects can warn him almost instantaneously.. They are also female and male of course.. They mate within an hour after birth, then lay eggs inside the body of Torune.. The space in Torune's body is also considered to be limitless as a part of the good things about his ability.. So, he can have over millions of insects inside his body.. But what do the insects feed on? His reiatsu unfortunately, unless they get reiatsu within 48 hours, they will die.. So, they either feed on his reiatsu which they do often or they feed on someone else's.. The nano sized insects or poisonous do not have to feed on reiatsu within 48 hours though, they can go without reiatsu for about 2-3 weeks..

Now, the abilities of the nano sized insects is the greatest part of his ability.. With just one touch, he can poison the enemy and heal them with just a touch as well.. The poison is actually very weird, when he touches the opponent, the nano sized insects which we can call Zakara beetles spread to the opponent as they surround that part, they will be then kinda visible in a black kinda way... Then that part will rot and fall apart... Of course, the beetles can continue to surround the entire arm for example, but it cannot take out the entire body unless the enemy is too idiotic to notice..

Considering the rotting part, they will immediately feel unimaginable pain, so they will definitely notice, but in order to not get infected at all, they need to kill the beetles almost instantaneously or prevent even one more to spread on him/her.. Actually, because of the weird aspects of the poison, it is not considered anymore as a poison, instead, let me explain, the beetles actually bite the flesh and cause it to rot by transferring reiatsu and a tiny bit of poison mixed together then volia..

So, even if the enemy is immune to poisons, the poison part is so low, that it doesn't really play even a part of a pawn in the game.. Instead, the poison is mild enough that, the reiatsu turns the poison into something else and causes the affected part to rot.. The bites of the Zakara beetles are very painful and can pierce a hierro even..

Of course, the insects I have listed so far are only the most used ones... One of the other types is the Fire Cracker beetles.. Known because it can easily distract enemies, but mostly not fatal.. The fire cracker beetles get its name because they deliver an explosion much like a fire cracker and leaves a couple of minor burns at the afflicted areas... They self destruct of course when they explode.. But it's normal considering the average life span of these beetles are 3 hours, the Bokuchi beetle's life span is a week, and the Zakara's life span is 2 months maximum, but they all lay eggs within the short period of time they live..

The other insect is the Mongolia Death worm.. There life span is only a mere hour, but they lay eggs within that time, the Mongolia Death worm's are useful because there eggs is a powerful acid which Torune uses usually, but another good part is that they produce around an average of 150 eggs.. Since Torune uses them occasionally, only around a hundred eggs of each survive, but they also have a queen that has the life span of 5 months.. This queen produces around 250 eggs within an hour after mating..

The beetles which are highly valued is the Makoton beetles which are used for the main hunting.. The antennae's of all the beetles are not that useful, so the Makoton beetles always scout out 3 miles ahead in every direction even without being ordered.. Once they find something, they alert Torune even from 3 miles away in a second by a telepathic message.. And he can sense there presence.. Also, the reason they can track things down greatly is because of there ability to sense heat signatures, X-ray vision, night vision, high sense of smell, and an antennae which can basically sense everything within a 4 mile radius.. So nothing can get pass it, unless a Garganta, gate, or teleportation ability.. The life span of these beetles are around 24 hours..

The Saharian Dessert beetles are a distant relative of the famous Zakara beetles.. The Zakara and Saharian beetles live in desserts, normally in Sahara or Gobi.. But the Zakara beetles are almost always found in Mt. Everest though, because they prefer the cold over the heat.. The Saharian are the size of the regular rat, and have a large and painful chewing mouth part.. They are one of Torune's most favorite beetles, but unfortunately, because of there large size, he cannot use them too often.. Though he uses them after a fight that is estimated to be a long one..

But because of there large size, they are in a disadvantage for they are too large to live inside his body, so they travel underground by using there chewing mouth parts.. They use it to dig tunnels underground, but they are so skillful, they do not make a sound when digging.. Plus even if they miss the target, and just leave a tiny scratch, it is said to feel like getting hit by a couple of missiles.. So, if they are bitten head on, it is said that it feels like a piece of shrapnel the size of a plane, hitting every inch of the body.. Because it is so painful, that it can kill the psychologically unprepared, but even for those who are psychologically prepared, they still feel the pain..

But it is so painful, they cannot express how much pain it is.. So, basically, they are the muscle of Torune's beetles..

Envolved Ability: Dunno yet, I'll post it up later.


Name: Praying Mantis
Ability: This technique takes a 2 posts charge and no CD.. It summons a large praying mantis, about 12 feet tall, created by reiatsu, and the front legs are sharp as hell.. But the reason this mighty tech does not need a CD is because of it's weakness. The Mantis however since it is created out of reiatsu, is almost useless in battle.. It can be easily killed in battle, but its main purpose is for traveling..
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Tons of insects
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