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 New Quincy Ranks

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PostSubject: New Quincy Ranks   Tue May 11, 2010 10:01 pm

I have put together a collection of ranks that I feel may be useful if used for the quincy race. They are the six aspects of chivalry and although those laws were applied to hard core sword slingers I can see quite a large portion of the Quincy morale code in these six points of how one can base their life. So now I give to you, the ideas i have for elite Quincy titles/ranks:

TitleDescription Area of Specialty
Piety (The Pious)The Pious one is a person who holds a great amount of honor and feels deep respect for traditional things. Such as God, Family, Homeland, ect. In other words the Pious one is a Patriot of their own culture. Respect
(The Honorable)
The one of Honor holds the aspects of honest, fairness, and integrity in their actions at all times, even while in the heat of battle. The one of honor will at all times treat any person with a sense of fairness and a lack of judgment on things such as appearance and other petty stuff of that variety. Leadership
Valor (The Valorous) The One of Valor is the warrior. The one who holds this title holds the aspects of bravery, boldness, and determination, the qualities of a true leader. The Valorous One is the man (or woman I guess) that charges into the battle first after diplomacy has failed even if it is almost certain that they will die in the tide of combat. Combat
Courtesy (The Courteous) The Courteous One is the gentleman. He (or she) holds others in a higher regard than they do for themselves. The Courteous One will help others more than anyone else may deem possible and for this they probably have the largest amount of people that owe them favors in times of need. Diplomacy
Chastity (The Chaste) The Chaste One is an odd case. They are a pure soul, undefiled and yes they are a virgin and forever shall remain this way less they lose their esteem. The Chaste One is one with no evil in their mind and therefore is the most level headed and the best strategist of their peers. Strategy
Loyalty (The Loyal) The Loyal One is a title held in high regard. This person is a person that would never betray their comrades under any circumstances and at any cost. The Loyal One is often seen as a person of high integrity and one who keeps promises and oaths made and therefore can be seen as a diplomat that is trusted amongst almost all peoples, even his enemies (if he/she has any). Trust

BTW: the idea is that all elite quincy would need to have at least most of these traits but have one of them more strongly than anyone else, now I'm really done
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The Hunter


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PostSubject: Re: New Quincy Ranks   Wed May 12, 2010 5:40 am

Wow, I'd hate to be the chaste one.. Being a virgin all your life? Dude, no one would wanna take that. XDD Anyways, these seem good, but since you're the quincy leader, you can create quincy rules and ranks.. So, you don't really need to suggest this here.. Also, I recommend having another title, but this one is more of a rogue kinda mother fucker that appears to save yo sorry asses. xD Pretty cool that way, I know a lot more will roll over for that rank.
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Posts : 137
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Join date : 2010-03-07
Age : 25
Location : In Mah Secret Base Watching You From A Satellite Monitor

PostSubject: Re: New Quincy Ranks   Wed May 12, 2010 6:19 pm

Hmm well thats not a bad idea hunter, perhaps people would make an app for the rogue rank. So if I ever think of a good one that doesn't look totally n00bish like shadow or something then I'll post it.
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PostSubject: Re: New Quincy Ranks   

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New Quincy Ranks
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