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 Natsumi Mamoru

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PostSubject: Natsumi Mamoru   Wed May 12, 2010 1:05 am

Vizard Registration

Name: Natsumi Mamoru

Ex- Division: 4th, 9th

Appearance:Appearance:: She can be considered a real night born beauty for because of two main reasons, she was born on the night of the full moon and the second it because of her special body. Before her death she was already pretty looking, not big but rather above average with her human like appearance still made her pretty and lovable much like she was the daughter of the moon goddess much like her zanpaktou Tsukuyomi for she has the lunar like glow around her constantly. Natsumi because of the hundreds of years being a shinigami soon a vizard and the events that taken place has given her many forms, the most known are the snow wolf form, her ink form and her full lycan form. Thus when she is compared to her height in these forms they are completely different from one another. She is in both her gigai and shinigami forms are at five feet and nearly two inches or otherwise calculated as one hundred and fifty seven centimeter. Which makes her look short compared to certain people especially with her reality defying belly. As to when she is in her lycan form she is at six feet and three inches and in her doggy form she is the regular size of four feet and two inches. As to when she is in her ink form her real size is unobtainable as she can simply change her mass to be from the height of the millimeter range to that of a twelve foot tall Amazon. As for her weight, Natsumi is normally would be forty five kilograms or otherwise known as ninety nine pounds. As for when she is in her lycan forms her pound is that of one hundred and ninety eight point four while it would also be calculated as ninety eight kilograms. However, her liquid form is only miscalculated because she can manipulate the mass and weight of her form to anything she wishes to light as a feather to over ten tons but in her animal wolf form she is only thirty to fifty pounds.

One would take a first glance of this night born goddess would be her skin for at first glance in either her gigai or shingami form it would be that of a milky white coloring shade though one can obvious see that there is lots of Asian inside of her as she is only half Japanese and half Chinese which makes a deadly combination. Most would think from a far distance she was Caucasian but once you look closer you can obviously see the Asian in her appearance. However, when she goes into her lycan form, Natsumi’s skin looks like a dark chocolate coloring as if she was an Arabian/Indian woman as some would say it’s a more medium tannic coloring much like pudding. While in her full lycan form she would be in a snow white fur covering her entire body and in this form she would feel the softest out of all the forms for she is like a wolf in sheep’s clothing. Lastly in her ink form she would be that of tight jet black leather that shine off white glitter all the time on certain parts and oozing around. Natsumi has what one say such delicate skin as it’s smooth and soft like a baby’s bottom. With such tender skin one would think that she would be weak but that’s far from the case as this skin has such endurance and toughness it would be shocking to tell what she can really take. Of course it would have to make sense for her to have skin that was stronger than that of an average espada’s hirreo for she needs her body to be able to endure such changes for they are her eyes since she cannot see out of her eyes. Her skin is the same in the first three form but as the forth form it would be more a goopy inky touch that like your touching a melted object. Because of the alteration of the forth form, Natsumi herself has gain the ability to change her appearance, gender and image to her heart’s contain as well as her voice when it required it.

One stunning feature would be that of Natsumi’s face as it shows her Asian heritage as one could see that she acquires an artlessly beautiful, heart shaped face on the spot. With this it makes finding masks much easier for her because of her thin like jaw in her human and shinigami form. Surprising her face can take a lot of punishment and still looking fine because of her said tough skin. With that being said her skin is clearly free from being Harish from such things as cuts, scars, etc but it looks like she has natural blemish to increase her prettiness and if someone had puffed her skin up with make up while this is not the case at all. Much like in her shinigami form, her eyebrows would be the same jet black colors as her hair and other parts while in her gigai form it would be a golden blond and in the lycan forms it would be in a teal coloring and the dog form would be the snow white color. As for her ink form there is no eyebrows or even a face but rather a large white ovary symbol on her face as she looks symbiotic and such. She has long trimmed eyebrows that looks like that of a curved teardrop on either side of her face and separated by a good distance to keep her from getting a monobrow. Natsumi has a small cute button nose against the backdrop of Natsumi’s milky white vanilla skin. Though to the untrained eye, Natsumi noses looks a bit crooked as it’s out of place during certain events in her life though with such a flaw it looks really good on her face and it takes a really long good loon on her face to notice such crookedness. Natsumi has thick jet black eyelashes that looks like she used eyeliner to get it to look like this as to when she is in her gigai form she has permanent black rings around her eyes to give her more of a gothic like appearance rather than being a southern like kind of woman. Though with the shape of her Asian eyes they look like that of an eagle’s and there is no crow’s feet around her eye ring sides. Much like her eyebrows and the rest of her hair she has them being that of jet black in her human form, golden blond in gigai, teal in the lycan forms, snow white in the wolf form and there is none for like before she doesn’t have a face in the ink form. She has a peach colored like lashes on her eyelids in her eyelids to give her more of an Asian uniqueness to her form and to compliment the rose cheek though this is not apparent to both of her lycan forms and ink form.

There are some lines at the ends of her eyes that give her that darkly cute appearance. The second part of Natsumi’s face that a compliment her form is her cheeks as it keeps the heart sharpens of her face intact. Her cheekbones are high and strong to keep her face continuing to move the jaw though such extremes of herself being overly stuffed in the face with food or plumped to the size of a house sized lime. They are however soft and covered by the fats of her cheek but stable and pretty nonetheless. With such chubby cheeks it makes people want to pinch them because of them being so cute and thus having Natsumi claw them out with her claws though these cheeks disappeared and reforms to that of like a wolves because her face changes into her second and final stage of lycan form or disappearing completely in her ink form. For her lips, they are highly plumped like Angelina Jolie’s however her plumy rosy cheeks and lips just makes someone clearly want to kiss them for such softness makes it wonderful. Though Natsumi resents that’s and her lips are colored with a lighter pink color though there is no lip colors though she would wear a magenta shading in her lips With such luscious lips she will usually keeps it in a blank stare presents. While her tongue is that of a strawberry red coloring and normal like. While her teeth are pure white and even though they are shaped like human teeth there are some fangs on her mouth to symbol her lycan state.

The true pinpoint of her hourglass figure for Natsumi would be her waist. For it's completely flat and smooth because of the extensive tendering and massaging of her waist and making sure to watch her weight. Yet she has problems for she likes to keep her figure but her extensive stealing constantly stretches her waist skin to the point it's the size of a super sized swizz ball aka an exercise ball because of the food among other stuff inside of her constantly being turned into fat or her children. However, when she isn't looking overly pregnant, her waist would be completely fit and smooth like a super model's. The smoothness of her waist would make it resembles extensively like that of a surfboard. With her stealing and extensive training, Natsumi's waist possesses a six pack area where the abdominal area is located. Yet because of her skin stretching so much then it wouldn't be visible to the naked eye however it one was to touch it for a while then they would see that she is ripped yet it doesn't decrease her hotness. The length of her waist is that of an average length as a healthy woman however it might be a bit on the wide side as she has extensive curves however it fits her curves and it goes perfectly with her body. The belly button section of her waist is constantly pushing outwards out of her body as if it was like that of an outie as it used to be an inner belly button but the constantly stretching of her skin has caused her belly button to be pushed outwards and becoming like that of a outie belly button. It's completely cute and fun to play with as it's the most sensitive spot in her body and one would think it's like the button that will open up her body and cause her to pop like a balloon. It's completely soft and fun to play it as she tends to blush and go into seduction for a bit whenever something wet touches the belly button or from the extensive play as she has a wonderfully curvaceous backside that also shows off the true point of her curves.

One would think in pregnancy she would be ugly but she is even more beautiful than before as Natsumi now possesses a more motherly natural glow for her usual completely flat and smooth because of the extensive tendering and massaging of her waist would be drastically changed for it would be pending on her pregnancy but when hasn't she had gotten a full litter box of children in her belly. This tender area's belly will be the size of a super sized exercise ball mostly because of the children and the mass amounts of food she will eat. It was hug, stupidly huge, unreasonably huge, and unnaturally huge. So big that the laws of physics seemed to come unhinged around it just to allow it to exist massively swollen, so hugely bloated and gravid looking, the skin appearing so tight, that she felt sure she would burst if she moved too much At times it would look hugely bloated and swollen, looking as though she was ready to give birth to a dozen babies when it swelled to huge proportions. With her massive belly, her skin stretched taut and smooth, her navel being stretched and pulled to almost non-existence by the stretching of her belly flesh as her belly also affected Natsumi’s sides as they now bulged out hugely, by at least two feet, with the lower curve of her belly now hiding her genitals which makes it a pain for her during her times of going to the bathroom for she would have to arched her back to keep the belly from covering her girl thingy which made her already massive belly seam even large as her belly was gigantic, more swollen and bloated than she had ever believed was possible, the skin stretched taut and smooth, looking ready to split if it was pressed to hard. She was clearly way overdue with dectuplets as sometimes the sheer feelings of releasing hormones would make her body heavily sensitive and more subcome to the slightest of touch. Once she finishes a usual meal her belly would grow and swelled to massive proportions, bulging out to inhuman extremes, her sides swelling out to massive extremes, till they bulged out by three feet or more from her body. If it wasn’t for her body so used to it she would panted from her overly abundant chest heaving as she gasped for breath, the overwhelming weight of her huge breasts and massive belly making it difficult for her to take a full breath though that still happens from time to time. She was immensely bloated sphere which makes her look like she was almost as wide at the waist as she was tall. She has to turn sideways, so her massively gravid belly did not block her view if it wasn’t for the fact she can see though many ways and her eyes were blind.

One would think her overly size pregnancy because somehow her main power is in fertility; the bringing forth of life, whether it be from yourself, another woman, or any part of the natural world. At times her round distended belly looks like a *huge* grossly-over-inflated pink beach ball with two short stubby legs at the bottom. Making it hard for Natsumi to waddle quickly when constantly going to be bathroom and having her little hands to hold the bloated exercise ball ever so tightly to keep it from bouncing up and down within a weighty oscillating motion potentially toppling me right over with the words "timmmmmber” and the shear impact and pressure making her wiz on the floor and a extremely deep shade of red appears on her face in anger, embarrassment and defeat. Those blue veins, now so prominent from all that internal pressure, make them nearly impossible visible ridges on that taut milk chocolate creamy skin. With her size she looks like a five feet and two inched waddling penguin that had swallowed this 8really huge whopper of fish such as the fishes in the dragonball universe as they are giant and nearly the size of several large boars. At times it’s hard for her to gaze past her big, round breasts, forty four EEs and up, to stare in wonder at the huge, gravid ball of her waist as it bulged out from her otherwise slender body. She would feel all ripe and feminine, sensually fertile and at one with nature, the world, and mother's everywhere. The feelings so overwhelmed her at times that she almost cried with emotion as being so pregnant would be so wonderful to her. Most of her husband clothing would be at times at her length or to the point it would be too much even for her to be contained. She had always had an amazing figure and her pregnancy had only added to her beauty, adding a ripe, fertile sensuality to her already lovely form. There would be times she was forced to adjust her stance to accommodate the growing size and weight of her turgid tummy, spreading her legs wider, and leaning back slightly to counter her heavy, and growing heavier, front before gravity gets to her and cause her to make a staggering waddle before she lost her balance, falling to the ground with a cry. Then at times, Her belly will be now gigantically swollen, bulging out massively from her slender body, her sides swelling out to well over three feet, her gravid waist swelling out to nearly four feet in front of her. Her breasts were now the size of her head, swollen huge and round with milk, her nipples stiff from the constant pressure. .

Her hands would clutch and cupped her swelling belly, vainly trying to encompass the huge mass of her inhuman gravidity with her slender arms. Her hands moved over the smooth, taut skin of her massive, almost globular belly, barely able to reach over half the distance to her stretched almost to oblivion, popped out navel. Despite her fear, she was amazed at how huge she was, how swollen her belly had become. She was shocked to realize that there was not a single stretch mark anywhere on her belly or breasts, just smooth, creamy skin stretched tight over her supernaturally swollen womb. She realized that she was now so hugely pregnant; she could be carrying at least a dozen babies at full term, a dozen big babies! Huge, more swollen than any woman had ever been, more pregnant than any woman she had ever seen. At times she was amazed she didn't burst from the pressure within her, her skin was stretched so tight over her swollen belly, that she was sure it would split if someone pressed to hard. The skin that covered her enormous waist was taut and shiny, reminiscent of a balloon full to popping with air, and whenever the things inside her, (despite her naturally loving and caring nature, she could not bring herself to love the beings in her womb, given her captor's explanation of their existence), moved, she half expected them to pop through her skin, so great did the pressure feel inside her. She actually looked radiant! Her skin seemed to glow with a lush, feminine sheen, her hair was amazingly soft and lustrous, her smooth skin softer in appearance and to the touch. She found that even her hugely swollen breasts and belly carried the oddly sensual, feminine sheen, making her appear like some sexy, ripe, fertility figure. There were times, while looking at her own body in the mirror, when Natsumi could almost imagine that she was actually pregnant with normal children. At those times, she could lose herself for a few moments in daydreams, soft caresses, and sensual strokes of her lush body as it resembles the moon's round, full shape. Usually when she walks, her legs working smoothly, sleek, toned muscles working and flexing beneath her pants as her hips moved in a sensual rhythm, turning her pregnant waddle into a sexy little sashay that would draw men's eyes to her tight, round bottom and make the center of her belly bob slightly from side to side as it was shaking like a hardened mass of Jell-O. The rich jet black of her lustrous hair brought out the healthy flush on her cheeks, as well as the rich sensual fullness of her lush red lips, and her emerald eyes snapped and danced with pleasure as she moved. She was a healthy, glowing, sensually lovely pregnant woman, the kind of woman that could stir desire in any man, and she knew it. She was not vain, but she knew she was lovely. Luckily for her, her inner self was just as lovely, with a gentle, caring, giving heart as beautiful as the body that held it.

The second most noticeable section of Natsumi but not underestimated would be her lower area as she is popular for her notoriously large "bottom heavy" lower half because of the fact that it's the widest and roundest part of her overly exaggerated pear shaped hourglass figure. The first section of her large bottom heavy lower half would be her hips the final part of her measurements. They are wide and completely round like that of a heart shaped object. The curves of her hips are so curvaceous that she could be considered that of a goddess with the combination curves of the rest of her body. Whenever she walks her hips swishes to the side in perfect cute little swash that will cause almost anyone to stare at her with lust for she can bring out the naughtiness out of anyone while her mammoth belly would be tight as a drum while her body feels like it was holding lots and lots of liquid. Her legs will always be working smoothly in a sleek toned muscled flexing manor though her pants/shorts/skirt and the hips moving in a sensual rhythm which will turn her walking into a seductive swish as if she was pregnant or just really big then it would be a sexy little sashay that would draw the eyes of both men and females attention to the tight round bottom and make the center of her belly bob slightly from side to side. After all she was a healthy, glowing sensually lovely woman who can stir up the natural instincts in people rather if she was in her original state, her succubus state, her full demon state or even her heavy state as she can be an attraction to nearly everyone's fetishes and dreams. Her hips would be considered that of child bearing level and able to handle hosting many children like the olden day as she knows that the primal instinct of a man is to find someone who can support a family with their natural traits in a woman and she more than delivers that need. Her hips are big and juicy like a pear but they are also strong for she can carry many stuff with them without worry of the hips sub coming to the weight as well as push stuff far by a strong distance with one push. They are also one of the fine points for her seductive dancing as she can use the swaying of her child bearing wide hips to hypnotized people into giving in to her will and their temptations as if she was a succubus.

Natsumi’s bottom usually resembling that of a jumbo bubble butt and basketball shaped and usually when she will sit there is a long bushy grey fox like tail where the millimeter section before her buttcrack will be. They sometimes cause her pants to spill without her noticing until it is too late which she doesn't mind because with such distraction and lust will make her objective even more achievable. Her cheeks are the main reason why her lower rear is notoriously known as bottom heavy for it also acts as a gravitational stool to keep her from falling from her chest weight as they even each other out. With its juiciness and bigness most would try and want to squeeze and fondle it among doing other things to it and earn herself getting lots of money thanks to the experimentation done to it. Her cheeks are so big and firm she can actually bounce stuff off on them like from quarters to fruits. Sometimes it appeared as if her almost nude butt had swallowed up her light blue panties, creating an enormous wedgy and making it seem as though she was sporting a thong. Natsumi’s rear now protruded a full twelve inches behind her and each side could even be seen from the front (each butt cheek, not her hips). It was large enough for a soda can to rest on top of, and looked as though if it were slapped, or any sudden movement, would force it to burst free from its paper thin confines. It continued to bob up and down, as Natsumi would moved around enthusiastically. She didn’t even notice what had happened, and only a few people could tell her rear was bigger than usual As for her buttocks' muscles are so strong that she can break the equivalence strength of steel with them thanks to the brute strength she possesses powers as they clearly big enough to fit a coconut or a normal sized watermelon inside. As for when she transforms into her lycan or chocolate state then her lower real will truly be bottom heavy because of the mass and would raise many question as to such a piece of meat could be considered real as the lycan mode makes her bottom real more juicily and lustful rear began to expand, her thighs joined in, filling out ever so slowly getting bigger and rounder, and adding another 2 inches to her butt’s overall already enormous circumference and causing her already dire wedgy to become even deeper, slipping further up her butt, her lower half will beginning to look drastically plump but the chocolate states glitters it and makes it shinier than before they're still the same detailed as the first two forms.

With her round large thighs rubbing together and the largest areas of her, her bottom-of the pear hips and massively round-globe like buttocks she can seem like a real succubus like goddess to the mortal eyes as such a stare might cause pure euphoria. As for her thighs they are considered that of the thundering status for their wideness which makes sense because of the rest of the lower rear being so bulbous and huge. Combined with her elegant like legs that are soft to the touch and tapers down to the tiny, petite feet and they resembles that of a heart while they would be consider the right child birthing hips size because of the pear like curves extending. Her calves are a bit thick but only increases her looks as they looks and feel much softer than her normal soft skin. She also shows to have long feet that look completely flexible and she painted her toenails the same colored as her fingernails. Lastly her ankles are pretty much strong and stable while her feet are swollen yet cute and soft to touch incredibly actually for she uses her feet to see and the added size to her constant pregnancy has caused them to be permanently swollen yet able to fit into shoes for her size and increase her sight. There are some shades of night sky violet on her toes for they have been well taken care of and manicured much like her hands and checked for blisters on a regular basics though her feet had long being strong enough to the point she doesn’t get them. In her chocolate form Natsumi is so much sensitive than what she would be in either one of her form as a single touch of her milk chocolate skin will make her extremely ticklish and blushing and shockingly horny and filled with orgasm. At times she will keep herself from moving a single muscle and or inch as she makes herself one hundred percent chocolate as it's pointless to try and eat her completely as her body will continue to regenerate lost chocolate pieces or produce more. While this new body form keeps her heat inside of her as if one would touch her they would fill like they’re in a five star hot tube going full force almost to the point of reaching volcanic temperatures if she wishes so. Even her sweat would taste and even look like that of caramel as any liquid she has is the liquid form of chocolate or things close enough to it. Anything inside of her would be safe and unaffected while if one was to open her stomach they would find a gigantic yellow gummy bear that's highly addictive and tasty to eat much like the chocolate woman. even the slightest wind is like orgasmic pleasure for her.

During Nighttime or when she is too lazy or doesn’t have time to put on her clothing to do house work, etc Natsumi would wear nothing more than a transparent light blue shirt but usually because of her unnaturally huge stomach, she would have the shirt opened up much like a jacket as it dangles down to the end of her thighs. There are some laces around the cuffs and the side of the shirt as it’s a snow white coloring and gives it a more icy appearance which fits the White Frost Queen for the laces are moving in a curvy bunch up pattern. The sleeves on her shirt gives her the stander amount of space in millimeters from touching her shoulders as it’s a short sleeved shirt and the sleeves stops at the end of her armpits. One could swear if they stare close enough they could see her underwear which is an understatement since she is in her underwear and doesn’t button up the shirt but the point can be seen. Natsumi will change her underwear pending on her mood but she will usually have either wear a scarlet red satin bra that has been made to handle her immersive and heavily swollen and sensitive breasts as they were full and firm, topped by sensitive nipples that seemed to be constantly stiff as a result of rubbing against her bras . With there’s no straps on the back side except the handle that holds it all together. Much like the shirt there is snow white laced cloth attached on to the top part of the bra while there is a tiny bow at the center of the chest. Because of the alteration of the bra, it hugs the curves yet gives her no restrain on her breathing. The bra was so wonderfully supportive, that, though it created a wealth of deep, dark cleavage, Natsumi felt as though her chest weighed almost nothing.

As for the partner of this maternal wear those together seem to glow slightly, adding to the radian aura that seemed to glow forth from her which known as the glow of all expectant mothers from her radiant glow. With the combination of this outfit it makes her skin seemed to glow with a lush, feminine sheen, her hair was amazingly soft and lustrous, her smooth skin softer in appearance and to the touch. She found that even her hugely swollen breasts; belly and bottom heavy rear area carried the oddly sensual, feminine sheen, making her appear like some sexy, ripe, fertility figure. She wears a pair of either scarlet red colored string bikini panties with the strings tied on either side of her child birthing hips or most of the time the scarlet red frilly second skin satin bikini panties. They are completely soft, comfortable, and perfectly contoured in order to give her total freedom for her bottom heavy area as it covers her cheeks though sometimes they’ll end up as a thong which is troublesome for Natsumi but others say otherwise. There are some cotton laces around the collar of the panties in a circle as they barely stops at the end of her immersive belly while making sure to cover her girl thingy yet show off her turkey leg thighs and child bearing hips. For the underwear might be sexy but more importantly their practical for Natsumi rather than being retarded eye candy that would be a waste of money and having an embarrassed mother walking woman with her hands covering her sides and a shade of red with the eyes of the devil. Though she will wear a midnight blue colored Ladies Silk Satin Vest with the spaghetti straps of the same color, sparkles around the vest shaped in a v mark with the jewels and rose patterns on the collar section of the vest. Thought when times calls for it she will wear a scarlet red Satin Corset with long black ladies gloves and skimpy thong panties along with black strap like stockings down towards her swollen feet and carrying a whip on her back for obvious s and m that a certain someone can’t get enough of.

When Natsumi goes to a formal meeting or special event she would be wearing what looks to be a beautiful shimmering gown of the softest, whitest cloth that anyone has ever seen. The fabric caressed her body, touching her so delicately, so softly, that had she not seen the cloth about her, at times Natsumi might have thought she was naked. The top half of the gown looks to be that of a corset for it acts like a wonderfully supportive bra helping Natsumi have a weightless body. There are two white straps on her shoulders much like a sleeveless tanktop while her back side before the back of the shoulder bone unprotected and not covered up and theirs straps going to either side in a dark blue crisscross manor. At the middle of the corset there is a white zipper that when pulled down to the end of her chest and millimeters from reaching her belly it shows a v shaped dark blue cloth to further show her chest and comfort her stomach. There is a dark blue colored bow tied on her backside of her waist with two short ribbings stopping at her hips. . Most of the time she would have the dress take two forms most of the time it would be the first one that was having the dress cut high on the hem to show off her long, sleek legs; legs that were now clad in soft, white stockings, her feet held in delicate, silvery-white shoes that made her feet feel almost weightless. The low neckline displayed the luscious, creamy, wealth of her incredibly voluptuous chest, creating a valley of chest flesh for men to gaze at and hunger for. While the second dress form would have the hem goes down to the end of her feet and on the ground while the inside would be a white lace second layer inside the dress. The gown flowed about her body, softening yet accentuating her lush, ripe, sensually gravid curves. The She would have snow white colored sleeves with lace at the end on both of her arms as the sleeves were full and flowing, gathered at her wrists by delicate, silken clasps. A choker of white satin completed the outfit with a dark blue orb attached to her neck The white of her gown accented the flush of her smooth cheeks, the brightness of her large, darkly eyes, and the dark, rich, delicious abundance of her jet black hair, which was now gathered atop her head in a large bun-like arrangement, leaving her delicate, slender neck bare. Despite the fact that she was so hugely pregnant, Natsumi felt as though she had never looked so gorgeous in her life!

At times she would be wearing a long red dress with the hem stopping to show her legs much like a miniskirt as there are no straps and her back to her bottom and the curvaceous backline over her swollen curves is fully uncovered and the dress is only covering the bottom half of her chests as it acts like one big corset. Normally Natsumi will be wearing long jet black to teal colored boots that have heels yet because of the way they were made, it was made like a tennis shoe rather than a heel for the soil so her feet will be perfectly fine and it looks like that of a heel mixed with platform heels and there are some string going in a crisscross manor towards the end of her shoes as it stops after covering the knee caps and half of her thunder thighs. She also has jet black to teal colored sleeves on her arms as they were full and flowing while making a triangle shape once reaching the hand and stopping at the knuckles. Thought at times she would be wearing a dark black pair of shorts that looks really short on her much like biker shorts but not like booty shorts or slutty shorts with her wearing nothing more than a red collared t-shirt that has black markings around her neck area and collar bone and barely managing to cover her massive swollen belly as she has a second white shirt under the first one as she wears nothing but black stockings under her shoes. Some say it really did look like an exercise ball and that she swallowed a six foot tall person whole. Often at times when she feels like it she can be seen usually wearing a deep sky-blue colored maternity wear t-shirt with the collar shaped like a v and stopping before reaching her cleavage. The shirt would be considered that of a dress because of the shirt long enough length. The sleeves look that of regular sleeves rather than millimeters before reaching her elbow. Though at times there will be some other shirts with various symbols and words like “Yes I’m pregnant and no you cannot touch it” with the red no hand sign around her immersive sized belly.

During at the summer times she would wear a dark orange or deep sky blue colored one piece swimsuit that at times it would also doubles as a leotard. The neck collar is shaped like a tear drop and going down to the point of showing the half of her middle cleavage as it hugs both of her breasts and put them together to show the said cleavage as this one piece swimsuit shows off every inch of her curves. It was made to be like tight leather yet being so well made and soft it makes her feel like she is wearing nothing at all and expandable to handle any size or weight her body takes without splitting. Which makes it the perfect for Natsumi to wear at times while her puffy belly button is obviously seen though her swimsuit. Her back side towards her wonderfully curvaceous back is uncovered by the outfit and showing her bottom heavy lower rear and long, sleek legs. Though because of her immersive stomach, when she sits down she doesn’t have to worry about anyone trying to get a peak at her girl thingy section as the stomach is taking up all the space in between her legs. As for when a person stares at her too long then they could truly see both of her nipples poking out because how sensitive and full she is thought this would cause the blushing person to drop their sexual purpose and experience fear of the highest level as she beats the living shit out of them. She was to be considered that of a human flotation device whenever she steps into the water. She would also have her deep blue jacket to give her some modesty when she doesn’t want to walk around in her swimsuit leotard. There is a long hood attached to the jacket while the inside being a snow white color and pockets on the side of bottom part of the jacket and wearing no shoes at all because of her strong legs and feet.

The winter times she would wear an oversized maroon v-neck sweater that has to valiantly wrestle her bloated wobbling belly into her stretchy form-fitting Emerald green mini-skirt. That bulky maroon long-sleeve sweater had a low-plunging "V," fully highlighting the deep valley between her inflated floating half-moons. The sweater covered her arms until reaching the end of her wrist and because of the cotton fabric it even enhances her beauty though she would switch this sweater with the same one but it’s a turtle neck sweater instead though those are at rare times. She will also have black colored gloves that fit her hands perfectly over her sensitive tiny hands. While underneath her sweater she will have a dark violet spaghetti stringed tear colored tanktop that doesn’t get in the way from the highlighting of her deep valley between her inflated floating half moons but does cover up the entire gargantuan sized belly and her breast. Over her sweater she would wear a black trench coat to protect her from the harsh winters even though she doesn’t need it but still most people would ask why is there an asain woman walking around in nothing but a tanktop and a miniskirt at the Russia level of coldness. There are some buttons on the sides of the jacket to keep it together much like the zipper with it’s over large collar going down towards her chest if not closed. It extends down towards her oversize child bearing hips though at times it can be down to her feet if needed. There is a built in belt in the jacket to be put around her huge belly without causing her misfortune. There are some straps around the cuff section of the sleeves. She would usually wear a pair of tight leather white pants to keep her oversize bottom heavy rear section from unnecessary bouncing in public or she would wear a jet black colored miniskirt most of the time if she is with someone. She would also wear her gold arrow-head pendant, dangling just above, and its tip pointing into that dark erotic canyon. That black form-fitting mini-skirt accented every bump and bulge, making even a non-pg woman look chunky. Now on her, that growing bloated belly *really* looked ballooned out, expanding sooo much that it became impossible to hide. She looked like she had slipped a bowling ball under that poor straining skirt. Low-cut cotton bikini panties, loved putting glossy "fire-engine" red lipstick on her very full, dark heart-shaped lips. She will have some black stockings to hide her slender long legs while wearing a emerald green colored flat hat on her head or a snow white colored pair of earmuffs. Lastly she will be wearing a pair of jet black German Para Boots or otherwise known as combat boots to walk though the tough snowy area without worry for her swollen feet.

Usually Natsumi will be wearing what one would expect to be a dark green jacket that looks like a trench coat but not as big as her jet black one. The collars spike up around her neck and split into two parts as the second part makes a v shape make and shows her entire chest area and a small bit of her waist. The sleeves look a bit big on her but not by that much. The jacket length stops at her hips and underneath her jacket she would wear many different shirts but mostly at the time she would have a black sweater or an orange t- shirt and she would also wear a black colored Japanese school girl’s miniskirt with it’s own pockets and being at the same length and width as their skirts and managing to show off her motherly appearance while showing modesty. While wearing a pair of jet black combat boots that covers her entire calves and feet as she has jet black socks underneath the boots. The only alternate form of this outfit would be her wearing a long scarlet red jacket that has the pockets at the front of the jacket combining together once zipped which would look huge when supported by her huge belly. There are some lace on either side of the jacket and looking like that of a jogging jacket as it has its own long hood to protect her head from the rain. Underneath the jacket she would wear a long white T-shirt to cover her heavily swollen form as the shirt actually manages to do so. She will then have on a pair of jet black colored jeans with the bottom half of the pants once touching her ankles having their own cuffs. Lastly there will be a pair of sneakers on her feet that has the color match of red and white just like the pic.

Age: 29 (Real age: 1029

Gender: Female

Personality:Natsumi is a very tough girl with a smart mouth. She shows no fear to anyone who tries to bully her or who tries to fight her? She is not one to break down into despair and give up when things are not going her way. Natsumi has come too far in her life to let anything get her down. Naturally, she would fear her death after death however, there are worse things than death, and if it is her time then it is her time. Why hide in the closet clinging to life all the time when it is better to live as best you can and she had live far more than any human can dream. Which she cannot seeing people want to throw their life and not even give it your all or not trying at all. She knows that all humans subconsciously want to live so why fight the programming. In addition, to give in to the pain one suffers just because it may not be fair at all, if you do not have the will to fight for your life or try then your better off dead.

She has a short fuse and jumps into normal fights without questioning. Natsumi knows to have the self-control when to throw a punch as a gag or serious. Meaning she is willing to react towards her anger quickly than what she should in the situation, even to little kids. While she wants people to speak, their mind, but acts like a jackass with it and she will get on you worse than a bee with a flower full of pollen. Some say if you get her mad enough her face would turn red, if so then you know you are screwed. Natsumi had a real dislike to people who think they are better than everyone is and treat others as if they are below them. In addition, acting like you don't care about anything and attempting to look cool is also a breaking point towards her mood. These are the people who usually annoy Natsumi the most unless she knows them, but even though she would still call them a pain in the ass. If anyone was like that and was her rival then without a doubt she would fight whenever she got the chance to prove she was stronger than him or her or that she would win even if they are stronger than her.

If theirs something she is willing to protect or fight for a good reason then she will fight too the fullest. Being that she has people she care for, she would keep herself from losing control and fight to the fullest without losing her reason for fighting or do anything stupid. There are somethings she will not hesitate in stopping or fighting and will blow it away with all she has. If there were a wall that was blocking her way though whatever situation then she would grasp her fingers and bust it down with her might. Something it can actually be physical because if there was no doors if they were locked and there was no time. Usually by then she would quickly run away to hide from whoever own it in order to not pay for it. She will also pick a fight when she is pissed off. This would make her worse, seeing how she would beat them up until they are unable to fight back but now she will attempt to break some bones. When she gets really annoyed, embarrassed or irritated, she will repeat the words Shut up as much as required though mostly it's between three and five times.

Natsumi has a sleeping problem as she falls asleep nearly every time she hears something boring or white noise and running water. She is a heavy sleep and when awakens without getting the amount of sleep her body needs. Natsumi will start throwing punching at everything those breaths before going back to bed. This jet-black haired woman likes to get her beauty sleep and would even sometime fall asleep out of random. She hates working all nighters but would do them anyway without complain until the job is finished and she will then complain. Also eating lots of food and drinks would also drastically increase her sleeping needs and she would usually sleep on her back while her belly was exposed. Even though she maybe a heavy sleeper, her body would instantly react to certain things that she would have done normally. Like punching someone for trying to touch her breasts in her sleep or smelling good food and devour it in a second before going back to sleep. If she doesn't get her sleep then she will be a wreck and mostly in a even grumpier mood which is not for one to see or want unless they want a bone shattering kick to the balls.

Natsumi shows a sign of cleverness as her nickname is “Une Kitsune (Devious Fox)”She always taking a look of her surroundings and plans to use it towards her advantages. Natsumi will use even the tiniest objects or land if it can increase her chances for victory. She will even use her opponents size and weight towards her advantages. If they are big and large, then Natsumi will use that force against them. If they are small and tiny, then Natsumi can use her size to pin them with ease. Natsumi show signs of smartness but cause her love of fighting and short temper, it has not seen or use until it is too late or she is serious. A sigh of her thinking is that Natsumi will sits down and place her hands on her legs and covers her eyes with her hair. With her thinking skills and planning, she can be considered a dangerous opponent to battle with. As she is even willing to observe an opponents technique before soon coming with a weakness to beat it or use it against them and set them up for a counter attack.

Natsumi has a hobby of making miniature people out of either any substance that could work. Mostly cloth since it makes them cuter as pluishes. She places all the work she makes inside the back door into her room and usually has it locked. Since she does not want people that she does not trust to see them, since she does not think she is good at them, yet they make even the skilled artisans cry in joy when they see them. She does this whenever she gets free time and the idea of which person to do it. She works hard on make sure she captures everything unique about the certain person. Natsumi does not try to drink any alcohol for she does not want to lose control. Whenever she drinks enough alcohol, Natsumi slowly releases her hair and a shade of red is on her face. She is more cut back than what she was before. Breaking the normal aura that she usually carries, in this state, Natsumi is flirty to both genders and usually refers to herself as –sama. Natsumi does not smell of alcohol but rather of cherry blossoms along with sunflowers. She also dances in this drunken state and moves like the waters themselves. As well from time to time, she makes jokes.

Natsumi gets easily annoyed towards randomness and stupidly. Natsumi is very social even though she does not look like it. Natsumi hates being called a boy cause of her personality and not being women like mentally. However, her body is another story, as she has the appearance of a bombshell. She is more than likely the tomboy type but even then she doesn't want to be called a boy. She has her needs and would even come close to fulfilling them before her pride would kick in and tell her to stop because she's to deep into it. Natsumi is not scared to say what is in her mind no matter how hurtful it is. If it is the truth then she will speak it without question or hesitation. Natsumi has an aggressive temper as it can get her in trouble and is the main reason for her fighting. Natsumi has a tendency to get lost 100% of the time. She has no sense of directions at all in her mind. Natsumi thinks that it is the people she is looking for are the lost ones and she is fine. Natsumi is kind to people but to only those that deserve it. She said that she would not fight a person who is not at their 100% physical and or mentally. Natsumi will also not fight those that do not know how to fight and people who do not like fighting. Natsumi cannot stand people bulling the weak, as she will defend them. In addition, after she beats them up, she will start lecturing the person about fighting their own battles and getting stronger. Well Natsumi likes sleeping under trees during good whether in the day and the nights. She likes eating rice balls and mostly fruits but he likes meat as well and cannot go on without it. Well Natsumi does not have many things that she hates because of her carefree lifestyle but she will not stand for someone to give up on something they care about most. She hates people picking on the weak on hurt people because it is fun. She does not like people who think they are a god. She tends to hate onions, miso soup, and leeches. She hates to get up early or be disturbed from her sleeping.

Motherly.. The affection Natsumi holds dear to her heart for her offspring. The children she has given birth to throughout the years. Being a Shinigami one would usually always have felt powerful, stronger; the actions that came with the title would mean slaying hollows and being almost emotionless on those tasks. The one time in her life she actually felt human, was the one time she became pregnant with her first child despite the pains that would eventually follow. She has a love of being pregnant and filled with life. To carry someone within you that will live, that will be alive and do well for the world, to share something in common with her lover. To hold within her a mix of her own power and being and her lover's being and power, someone else to love her and be there for her though good and bad. Natsumi's main strength comes from her heart and her deep loyalty to her children and husband, since they are her family. Because they are her family and they are the only thing she has left, she fights will all she has to protect her family and friends from any form of harm; Because of her loyalty she pushes her limits far beyond what anyone else would dare, she often pushes herself to the point where someone has to stop her or she'd hurt herself. She is very carrying and loving to her children. They mean the world to her. They are the things that make her cry, laugh, smile, irritated and the things that make her, Natsumi Mamoru. Without them she would never be who she was today. Each day she sees her children she makes sure to tell her loved ones that she loves them for no one can predict the future. And she usually hugs her young ones whenever she can. She spends as much time as she can with them as to be in their lives for a good amount of time, as to be their role model and guide as well as mother.

She never asks for anything from her children but to be loved by them, to be respected and liked, and for them to be able to tell her anything with honesty and trust. Throughout her teachings and rulings of her children she is fair but tough on them. Strict is the way they need to be, the way she was trained at the shinigami academy. She wants them to be caring and kind but serious enough to weigh the options and do the right and reasonable thing. She does not punish her kids physically but will scold if they made a large mistake, but overall they are treated nicely and she is the perfect parent for a Shinigami. She's tough but fair on them yet she takes care of them like they were her own and would give up her life for them. Mess with her children and she'll claw your eyes out, break your bones and burn your body. She tends to help them and even keep a secret about them about her real power and what exactly she done in the past for she doesn't want them to end up like she did for she wanted them to either live a normal life or become shinigami's. She would not force the future on them and she would allow them to choose what fate they wanted. She would not stop them and would even help them with their training if they wished to travel to the Soul Society and try to be Shinigami themselves after their mother and father.

When she was younger and growing up, she was spoiled and pampered like royalty. A true princess through the ways she was treated. And as such, this spread to her children as well. She treats them well and they treat her well. Vast amounts of food are one thing. Natsumi LOVES food for she cannot live without it and would rather start eating other animals in order to keep herself fed. She seems to have an eating disorder as she eats vast amount of food. And will not and refuses to stop eating until she is truly full, this causes her kids to be full often or they even over eat at times. And wasting food in the house is something Natsumi can not stand. She also enjoys Belly rubs and massages. She will often treat her kids and herself to the spa's or personal rubs and massages, and her children sometimes gift her with them. She also has a habit of asking "Does these pants make me look big and juicy" and so forth, even during pregnancy, even if she knows that she is, and when guys say they do, she will usually, as a result, kick the men in the balls and storm of angrily. Most the time she will act as if she has PMS. But does not usually do these mood swings to her children.

Natsumi is rational, and thinks a lot. She is extremely mature. She teaches her children many things, the way the world works and lessons that she thinks will help her children in the future. One of those things is that rational people, when going to battle need a reason to fight. She has a strong moral standing about people. When she talks though, her true nature shines through. She loves to laugh and only her true friends and family can make her laugh. Yet through this happiness, she never speaks of her past, especially the life she led to her children as she trusts them fully. She prefers to keep all this to herself besides her family and sometimes will even pretend that she has forgotten all of it. Natsumi also has a keen sense of people, how they work, and how they feel. She acts as the aid of helping her children overcome their issues and their self doubts, and ensures that they know that they can and will achieve their goals and dreams, and simply just acts as a close friend and somebody that they can turn to in need. She understands and empathizes with what they are feeling. She uses this perception of others' in the human world more often than others, using her appeal as a trustworthy, innocent new girl to get on peoples' good side and deter them from focusing on her peculiar actions. And to her children she gives of her motherly attitude to take and clean away her children worries and fears and replaces it with a sanctuary of trust and safety, but most of all.... love. Overall she is a very motherly figure who loves her children more then her very own life.

Lastly, Natsumi has a tendency to stuff herself until her body cant take much food anymore. She doesn't exactly worry about her appearance no matter how much food she eats. She could simply manipulate her body to make herself normal. Most people think that by the maximum amount of food she eats, she will pop like a balloon. She doesn't have to worry about it since her powers keeps her from popping and if she does, then she will just simply pull herself back together and eat some more. However, she also likes being a round ball of watery flesh. Natsumi most likely gotten used to the downsides of her powers and usually uses it as an excuse to not do anything until she is completely removed of all the salt water inside of her. However, she has a problem with it when other people are watching her and even squeezes her. While she feels it relaxing by the touch it deeply turns her face red while her skin is still jet black like black cherry. She finds it embarrassing when she is in that state without even having the proper clothing to cover herself. Though how grown up she acts, deep inside she is like a little kid. She tends to be easily made to blush and has trouble speaking out her true feelings. She usually reacts towards a perverted person with a punch or a kick to the face if thy try to touch her. While if she ever finds a pervert person she really likes, she tends to let them have their way with her because she loves them. However, when they flirt around with another girl, that's when she gets angry and completely knock them out before dragging them away. She also has a dry sense a humor.



Likes: Girls

Dislikes: Men

Crushes: innocent looking girls

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Background/History:The Maiden of the Moon

Natsumi was originally born in Osaka, Japan on June 5th, 1185, otherwise known as the feudal times. Natsumi’s mother, Haraka Kinomoto was a well-known Chinese priestess and was called constantly by others to fix their spiritual problems. She had high spiritual powers and was a constant target to these monsters the people called demons but reality they were hollows. She already learned how to defend herself against with a spiritual bow and arrows. She was called as a hero and looked by other priestess for learning and comfort for time to time, Haraka also attached many males but she did not fall for even one as she was only commented towards her job. Until she met the one who would be Natsumi’s father. This man was known as Ryusuke Mamoru, a famous Ronin Samurai with spiritual powers as well. He used to be the commander of the third division of the emperor's squads and his bodyguard. However, the latest attack cost the life of the emperor and the division. He was the only one to have survived the attack and was now on his own. His own spiritual katana was his way to ward off evil and those known as hollows. The chances of these two people meeting were extremely high and unexpected. Haraka and Ryusuke did not get alone at first when he was hired by the higher ups to be her bodyguard. Nevertheless, eventually the two of them start to love one another and Haraka became pregnant with Natsumi and she was then born on June 5th on a full moon.

Natsumi was already flowing with spiritual energy because of her birth thanks to her mother and father. This made her a target for hollows, so Haraka placed a special charm on her body, which surpassed her powers and made her a normal human, while the two of them took care of her and try to make her into the woman both of them wished for her to be. Natsumi slowly grew from being a baby within time and was look after as when she became five years old. She though that this happiness would stay forever. However, nothing last forever and her world would soon change, it was on a full moon when the event triggered her next life. Natsumi’s parents were called on to a special mission by the higher ups to take care of a problem. Both of them agreed and before they left, Mamoru took off the seal on Natsumi, which hid her powers and instead gave her a bracelet and told her to never take it off until she was ready. The bracelet was actually a tool to keep her hidden from the hollows and kept her spiritual powers in check until she was ready. Natsumi though that they would come back after the mission but after a few weeks she was given her father's katana, it was a sign to tell her that both of them were now deceased. On that day, it was the last time that Natsumi cried.

She was then taken care of by another group of priestess towards their temple to take care of Natsumi. It was her mother's final wish before her death along with her father. She was all alone and she did not have any other realities to go for comfort or guidance except to those of the priestess. They kept her safe from the outside world and decided to slowly train her in controlling her spiritual powers and to use talismans and other priestess and or monks tools. Natsumi did not mind this as she did not have anywhere to go and she figured that her mother would want her to take up the family's name. She agreed to their terms and went off with the priestess towards their temple in Hong Kong, China for training. Within time, Natsumi had gotten used to being closed from the world and spending her time training with the priestess. She was already eight years old and showing high amount of skills in using her spiritual powers. She was on the advance level in the use of her powers and was complemented on it. She did not even need the necklace handed by her mother to hide her powers and keep them in check. They were growing with each passing day as she trained. She often wonders about life outside these walls and sometimes ask the priestesses about it.

Eventually when Natsumi had gained everything, she needed to learn in the arts of using her spiritual powers. She was told that they were going to stop right here and let her learn the rest on her own. However they were not done training Natsumi as just because she could use her spiritual powers, she was still defenseless against the events in the real world. They decided to first teach her about how to live in the world by what people called school. She slowly picked up everything she needed to know and the history of the land.Natsumi continued with her life and offer question why she should still be alive at this point. Nevertheless, she learns to throw away these questions and continue with her studies. She sometimes sneaks out of the temple to go outside in the forest and play with the animals. Natsumi never once deiced to go into town and talk to the people. She was just fine hanging out in the forest with the animals and studying. Within time Natsumi had learn everything she needed to know to survive the real world and though that would be the end for her. Natsumi was already flowing with spiritual energy because of her birth thanks to her mother and father. This made her a target for hollows, so Haraka placed a special charm on her body, which surpassed her powers and made her a normal human, while the two of them took care of her and try to make her into the woman both of them wished for her to be. Natsumi slowly grew from being a baby within time and was look after as when she became five years old. She though that this happiness would stay forever. However, nothing last forever and her world would soon change, it was on a full moon when the event triggered her next life.

The Priestess

Natsumi was then brought into the depths of the temple to be taught in the arts of combat. She needed this training to defend herself against people who would hurt her. In addition, it was not wise to use spiritual energy against normal people. After all it was suppose to be use to purify the wicked and take care of the problems caused by the spiritual world. She spent her time day and night performing combat training with the monks. Getting bruises and other beaten through training and offer taken care off. They also taught Natsumi the way of the human body so she can now what she is hitting and which body part would be the most dangerous for them. Natsumi was now thirteen years old when she became a black belt in the Chinese martial arts. Natsumi was now old enough to leave the temple to explore the world. She spent her last few moments in the temple reflecting towards the time she was there and played with the animals. It would be the last time she would play with them and she eventually left them to go back towards the mansion. Natsumi soon reaches the elders and bow to them before receiving some special clothing and her father's sword. She was told to find a swordsman who would teach her how to use the said sword and she agreed before walking off into the sunset.

Natsumi traveled all the places of japan thought the years, learning everything about the world and constantly practice her techniques. She also attempt to help people on the way with her spiritual powers from time to time. She was slowly making a name of herself around japan but she still had a long way to go to be as impressive as her mother did. However, she did not mind this, as like her mother, Natsumi was not in it for the glory or the recognition. She just wanted to help people as much as she could with her powers and it felt good to help people. Natsumi soon reaches a town in Tokyo. In addition, Natsumi decided to stare there for a while since she felt like finding a place to live. Natsumi was now at the age of fourteen as she found a small house to live in. Before soon walking towards the shire to meditate, she would do this everyday as a means to pray to her dead parents. Nevertheless, there was a problem as a group of bandits was surrounding a drunk male. They wanted to take his money and booze from him. However, he had other plans for it and did not answer towards the thugs demands. They got angry and decided to attack him from all sides but it failed instantly. He took them all out with the sheath of his sword while still being drunk. Natsumi was watching the whole thing and was amazed by the fact that he could do something like that.

Natsumi slowly walks towards the drunken man and tried to speak towards him. She wanted him to be her teacher in the art of swordplay so that she could use her father's sword towards its true potential. However, the first thing that happens when she tried to speak to her was the drank man groping her bubble bottom. She instantly got pissed and slammed his head through the ground and started to beat the crap out of him until he was out cold. Before soon apologizing and taking the drunken fool towards her home for treatment. She waited until he was better before asking the man to take her in as his student. The man said no to her since she did not look like a fighter and did not fit his standers. She did not give up in trying getting him to training her. Eventually after some events and recognition, the man agreed to take her as his student and soon they left Tokyo to train. They traveled all over japan, picking up all the sword techniques that Natsumi needed to know to be a master. While he was being much of a flirt to woman and Natsumi had to knock his lights out. Within time, Natsumi had learned the art of swordplay and was now the age of seventeen years old. She soon bid her master farewell after one more groping of her body and a slam to the ground. Natsumi then holds her sword in the sky on the sunset before getting on a horse and riding off wherever she would be needed. She did not know what the future had in store for her but she would not be scare of it. Instead, she welcomes it as another adventure for her and things were currently getting interested for her.

Natsumi Mamoru was now nineteen years old and everyone was talking about her skills both in the spiritual arts and in the physical arts. She had taken the appearance of her long dead mother and was said to be her reincarnation. She blushed slightly about the good things that people were saying about her and hoping that she was making her parents proud. Natsumi was still riding on her horse as she was going through town and town trying to take care of their problems. She slowly closes her eyes and walked into the next town to change her outfit, she needed some new clothing to match her new body. She soon found some clothing that was as if her mother has and choose that to be her new outfit. Natsumi had also picked up some techniques in the arts of healing with both her spiritual energy and natural abilities. She saw people dying from diseases and war and it sometimes gave her nightmares from so many deaths. However, her body eventually had been used to all these events and only continued to try to help people. After all, it was in her nature to help people and seeing people dying was only natural. Since everyone had to die and everyone had to be ready for death, rather if they want to or not, Natsumi was no exception to this fact and wonder how she would spend the rest of her life.

The Last Moonlight

Natsumi was thinking about starting a family, just because she was a priestess did not mean she was not allowed to have what normal females have. She was clearly old enough as she was only twenty years old and no one would judge her. Even with her special powers and skills, she was still only human after all and this was natural. Natsumi soon decided to find a place to stay at for her to find her lover and to make a family. She did not want to be alone any longer and she would need some companionship. Or else she would be emotionless. She met a feudal lord who was also a young adult, his father had died while he was in a young age and he became the lord of the area. She was brought there to take care of his sickness, as she should be able to do so. Natsumi completed the task with ease and looked at the man. His first sight was Natsumi and soon the two of them started to fall in love with one another. She came to the castle on mostly mission. In addition, she was also trying to get some time with the lord. They enjoyed every second of it and was getting closer to one another. Natsumi was now staying at the castle and farther her love for the man as the two of them finally got married. She then got pregnant with two children and after birth; she spent her time taken care of them. She stood with her lover and tried to do her best to be as good as her own mother. She spent her time not doing her job to take care of the children. She put their lives first before all else. She was now twenty-two years old and the children were now two years old.

Natsumi was then called by one of the people to go into the temple for there were rumors about the people dying the moment they step on the grounds. She took the message and some time to think about the situation. On one hand, she wanted to help the people that were being terrified from this rumor. While on the other hand she wanted to stay where her child was located, she did not want to leave them and wanted to see them grow up. This was a harsh predictive for Natsumi as she could not decided on the two and it was tearing her apart. She then got some encouraging from her husband and soon decided to get prepared for her task. Natsumi got on her priestess outfit and finds a horse to ride on for the trip since it would be stupid to just walk there. Natsumi then looked back towards the castle and went back to it since there was one more thing she felt like she had to do. After sleeping with her husband for the last time, Natsumi then walk towards the bathroom to be cleaned up again. She eventually reached her children's room and spent the last few hours with them. She could feel that this would be the last time she would see them. In addition, Natsumi slowly got down on the ground. She spent sometime crying while holding the twins tightly before they wiped the tears in her eyes. She placed the back on the bed and went back towards the horse within time.

Natsumi was now riding on the horse through the night of the full moon. She was slowly preparing herself for the task. She could tell that this would be her final mission and she could have turn back and just said no. Nevertheless, she chose not to for various reasons and only focus on how to deal with it. Natsumi soon reaches the temple's forest and saw hollows coming from the temple and she pulled out some talismans to ward them away. Natsumi continued to fight off the hollows in the forest ground before finally reaching the temple. Natsumi tells the horse to run off as she sharpens her sword and walks up the steps. Natsumi was now inside of the temple's grounds as she saw more hollows coming out of the temple. She started to channel her spiritual energy in to the blade for its true power to activate. In addition, Natsumi swings it at the hollow’s head in order to kill them off quickly. She got damage by some of them along the way but it did not stop her. She was going to try to succeed in the task of clearing all the hollows. Natsumi soon reaches the center of the room to find the hollow leader sucking the soul of a dead woman. Natsumi soon took a stance after clearing his bodyguards and staring at the eyes of the hollow. She then charges at the hollow with her father's blade and uses it against the hollow. It was a long and harsh battle for the two of them as it felt like it would go on forever. Natsumi was losing a lot of blood while the hollow was barely damage by her blade. It look like she was about to be killed by the hollow as he charges as the passed out Natsumi. However, she was faking it as she impaled the hollow’s head with her sword. He quickly vanishes and she was on the ground bleeding to death. She closed her eyes and laughed as she stares at the sunset and finally closing her eyes with a smile as she finally dies.

A New Life

Natsumi open her eyes slowly as she was now a spirit and only smiled as she did her job. She decided to take a small nap in the temple before soon going towards her resting place. After all, the battle she was having was stressful for her spirit and she needed time to regain her spiritual energy. She looked at her father sword one more time before going into the deep sleep. Natsumi never looked as peaceful as she slept and purified the temple ground. Natsumi’s body was taken towards a special grave to be buried at and her sword was given to the twins. Natsumi eventually awaken from her slumber and felt the chain of life on her chest. She looked down and saw some chains on her chest and she touches it slightly. She played with the chains for a while before getting up from the ground. She slowly closed her eyes as she floated from the ground. At first Natsumi was surprised that she was flying but then realized she was a spirit. In addition, spirits are known to fly since they have no weight or gravity pulls on to this world. Natsumi looked at the stars as she sat on the roof of the castle. Natsumi took the time to look at her children one last time as she phases through the rooftop and into their bedroom. She wished that this had not happen but it happen and she needed to move on or else she would never be able to find peace. Natsumi watched the children slowly as they were being put to sleep by their father. She then saw someone who would be the children’s new mother and she only cried happily for that fact. Natsumi knew the three of them was going to be happy and there was no need for her to stay in this world. Once Natsumi accepted that fact, she saw a blinding light coming into the room as she then turns to see who would have caused it.

Natsumi blink at the person who walked into the room, she looked like a samurai in black clothing and was holding a zanpaktou on her belt. She question the person for a while before turning to her family after given the answers she was asking the shinigami. She could tell that right now they could not see her or the shinigami as Natsumi turns back to the shinigami. She took the time to ask her about the spirits since she too was a spirit but not as evil as the hollows. In addition, Natsumi learns the truth about the hollows and only smiled as she was still doing the right thing, Natsumi walked out of the room to another and the shinigami followed her. Natsumi was now sitting in a rocking chair as she looked up at the stars on this mystical night. She wanted to see the stars just one more time before going to the afterlife, which was known as soul society. Natsumi then turns back to the shinigami after seen a comet passing through the stars. She tells the shinigami that she is ready to pass on to the next life. The shinigami nodded as she pulled out her zanpaktou to preform the task. In addition, the shinigami hits her on the head with the bottom of the hilt. She rubs her head a bit before seeing the blue light coming from the mark and soon Natsumi was gone with the wind for the last time.

Natsumi was now in soul society in a strange kimono instead of her priestess outfit. She looked at the ground before seeing a light blue-sky similar to the real world. She wonders what was going on and if this was what they called heaven. Natsumi looked at her hands as she could feel herself solid for some strange reason. She had so many questions to ask but could not find the shinigami to ask them. She was in the 12th district and it was one of the better places. She slowly started to wonder around the district of soul society to figure out what was going on around here. Within time, Natsumi had gotten accustom towards this new world and found herself a new home. Where she spent her time staring at the sky and working as a doctor to get around for her new life, soon she was heading towards town to get some supplies. Until Natsumi fell on to the ground and wrapping her hands around her stomach and moan in pain constantly. She could not understand was going on with her and looking for help. She then was bonked on the head by a passing shinigami who was the same female who took her into soul society.

Natsumi rubbed her head as she stares at the female and the two of them took a seat back at her home. Natsumi was handed some fruit as she took a bit out of it and felt the pain her stomach disappearing. She was told by the shinigami that because of her high spiritual powers, she would need food to maintain them and function normally. This is rare since most people here do not get hungry at all because they were spirits and they did not need food. Natsumi continued to listen as she ate and only choked on her food as she hears the next part. Natsumi was told about the academy by the shinigami and was even taken there by her. She struggle to get free saying she was fine where she located. Only was to be stop by the shinigami and tied down to a tree for another explanation. She did not care for a better life since she was happy where she was located. Then she though about her needs to help people and with the shingamis she could still do that. She slowly tilt her head down and nods to what the shinigami tells her and was carried towards the academy to become a student there.

The Shinigami Resolve

Life started out well for Natsumi as she was now a student of the shinigami academy. She was happy to be out of her kimono and into an outfit similar to the priestess outfit. She was holding one of the practice shinigami zanpaktou on her belt as she attended classes. She was trying to adjust to her life and all the events that has happen so far. In addition, to it was constantly changing with the wind. She wonders sometimes if her real life was a dream and this was the real world. Nevertheless, she soon shakes it off and only learns to get used to this life. Natsumi casually gets visits from the shinigami who had brought her here and changed her life. She would tell the shinigami how her life has been going and sometimes ask her about some of the experiences she would face in the school. While getting the same bunk on her head and some laughs from time to time, she was developing a real relationship with the shinigami and was treating her as a close friend. She did not have much friends in her life since she was too busy trying to help people and her studies. However, this was different since she was free to choose. Something she did not have when she was alive.Natsumi was extremely good in the arts of swordplay and it felt like an extension of her hand. She remained undefeated in the school and was well known for it. She had some trouble with the arts of kido as it was different for her. She had to use spiritual items to pull out her spiritual energy. Nevertheless, with these classes she had to do it on her own in order for it to be affective. She sometimes would be scolded for studying too late and not kicking back. Which was another thing that she did not had a chance to do when she was alive.

Natsumi started to enjoy this new life, as she was free to do so many things that she could not have done when she was alive. She made many friends and learn to show many emotions which she could not have done back then. It felt to her as she was getting a second chance to life in a new life. She would hope for it to never end and she was happy thought the years in school. Natsumi even got some chances to go into the human world for practice against the hollows. She took this chance to see just how much the world has change in the past hundred years since her death. Natsumi was eventually placed in the advance placement classes for her skills and would only get better within time. Natsumi soon felt her time in the academy coming to an end. It was soon graduation and Natsumi took the time to say goodbye to all of her friends. Since each of them would be sent into different divisions and it would be a rare time for them to see one another. She looked to find the shinigami that was her friend being transfer into the kido corp and they soon said their goodbyes before Natsumi went to the graduation and she was now an official shinigami. Natsumi was then taken out of the shinigami academy and then placed into the ninth division. She took the time to look around the division; she wanted to know who was her Taicho and everything about the division. Natsumi took the tour around the division and meeting everyone that was around there. She was an unseated member of the division and the newest arrival towards their squad. She was taken in by the Fuku-Taicho of the forth division and she was shown around of all the places and information that the forth division had.

Natsumi soon met her Taicho and was place under special training by the other members in order to obtain her zanpaktou and be able to use her shikai. She spent countless days and nights training under these orders for that goal. Her determination towards her Taicho had given her the strength to overcome the fatigue and the requirements for shikai. Natsumi learned the name of her zanpaktou on the night of the red moon and surrounded by red roses. The moment Natsumi had called out her zanpaktou on this special night. A blaze of glory soon sweeps the lands. In addition, it created a burning field of fire. Natsumi eventually gained the rank of third seat in her division shortly after spending a few decades of training with her own shikai. She was determined to reach a rank worthy enough for her Taicho and to continue helping people. She was one of the many shinigami that was station in the human world. In order to take care of the hollows that would attack the humans. Natsumi spent her time not only getting stronger but also protecting her spot in japan from the hollows. Natsumi choose this location since it was the place of her birth. What better motivation to protect those you care for than doing it in the location of where you were born? Natsumi also chose this time to perfect her kido in all the arts and hand-to-hand movement. She was slowly mastering all the four techniques of the shinigami. She was already a master in the art of hand-to-hand combat and her swordplay is excellent However, Natsumi had three other styles to master in order to reach her full potential. She was taught the technique known as Shunpo by her own Taicho. It was another turning point for Natsumi to get stronger.

The Betrayal

Natsumi has now been in the 4th division for a total of 16 years and is 124 years old. she improved herself bit by bit in the arts of healing by learning from her Taicho. She never spared with anyone other then the man that trained her, Ryu. He was only person that she really ever opened up to. A few years into her training, Ryu was sent on a mission to assassinate someone with him despite being in different divisions. He was a high seated officer in the 2nd division. Ryu left without telling her much, all he said was, "Don't worry Natsumi-Chan, I'll be back tomorrow." It was his usual line, and Natsumi knew that he would come back like he always did. But something went wrong. Ryu had been sent to kill a traitor but never returned. Natsumi begged to go look for him but they wouldn't grant her permission. She was too inexperienced. Shortly after that, Natsumi was on a high enough rank to get an assignment. It was a simple mission that was much like a practice round. Natsumi was sent in on her first mission alone to go watch someone who was suspected of being a spy for the arrancar. The suspicion was extremely small, and no one really supported the fact that the person was a traitor. So it was treated like a practice round for Natsumi. He had a perfect alibi so no one had anything against the mission.

Natsumi went just as she was told and posed as a member of his division. She fit in perfectly since she was little known to anyone. It wouldn't be surprising to see a new face. It turned out to be a disaster. Natsumi stumbled upon him right when he was meeting a low class arrancar at the outer area of Rukongai. Natsumi ran off the second she was seen. No one had expected such a thing to happen. Natsumi was completely unprepared. She neared a rally point for shinigami and could have asked for help. But she didn't make it. There was a single person to get in her way, and a single person to hear her screams. The supposedly dead Ryu had been a traitor. The once loyal member of the 2nd division had always been a traitor, a spy for arrancars. He nearly killed Natsumi had it not been for the near by shinigami. Natsumi was left traumatized and with only half her memories. The one person who she trusted had turned on her and shattered Natsumi to pieces. The memories from when she started to live on her own to when she enrolled into the Shinigami Academy were all gone. A chunk of her life is now missing. Sora then chose to throw it all away. She didn't want her memories back. From then on, she trained even harder to become a strong member of the 4th division.

She had been slow at learning Kido in the Shinigami Academy, but she now trained day and night to prefect her Kido. Natsumi had been quite good at hand to hand combat and sword techniques, but she still wasn't satisfied. She trained endlessly and still is. Her determination would never fade again. She promised herself that she wouldn't be weak, that she wouldn't be protected. And she's determined to keep that promise. A few decades of years have past as Natsumi was now a high seated ranked officer. She started to open up as she was assigned to train other people in the division. It made her happy that she was being useful and was now stronger than she was before. As she learns better control of her shikai, she through everything was going well. Within a few decades, Natsumi was transferred into squad 9. She took the healing teachings she learned from her Taicho and continued to improved on them in her spare time since she knew how useful they can really be in a battle and she wouldn't have to be a burden to anyone much like what happened in her first mission and she wasn't going to let herself dwell in the past for any bit longer.

Time in the Ninth Division

Time moves on in soul society and it had helped Natsumi grow to be strong and protect those she care for. The old Fuku-Taicho had been promoted to a Taicho and the spot was now open for grabs. Within two months there was to be a test to decide on the next Fuku-Taicho. It was made to make sure that the very best would be able to fill the position. Natsumi choose this chance within the two months to get stronger still. She wanted to be a Fuku-Taicho in order to be closer towards her Fuku-Taicho and make him proud to have her in his division. After all, this man taught her everything she has known to this point. In addition, Natsumi felt like she had a debt to pay for him. Natsumi had decided to train in the forest with her zanpaktou first before getting to the other three techniques. She was doing this task in order to completely mastered her shikai and give her the edge needed in the test. Natsumi had spent countless days and nights practicing with her shikai and learning new techniques with it. She was very careful to make sure that she did not cause any forest fires with her zanpaktou. Within time, she was improving herself with her abilities but it was not enough to master shikai at this stage. Natsumi soon look towards her zanpaktou and calling her name in order to appear. She did not get a response and went back to training. Natsumi was then training on the highest of mountains, as she was determent to not come back before she had gained mastery of her shikai. She pushed herself beyond her limits and went beyond the edge of her abilities. She was about to finish another technique until her whole body shut down on her and made her unable to move. A drop of a tear came out of Natsumi’s eyes and touched her zanpaktou. She was sadden and screams inside her head as her body was pulling out reiatsu from her body. That reiatsu was the trigger point in bringing her spirit into the real world. Where she had touched Natsumi’s face and the two of them went into the world of the zanpaktou.

Natsumi’s zanpaktou spirit was very direct towards her, as she tried to help her with her training during the time; in this world where time has stopped. Natsumi took this time to get to know her zanpaktou better and the two of them bonded like no other. This is when Natsumi had fought a copy of herself in the world of the zanpaktou. This battle was for Natsumi to beat what she was in the past and gain the right towards her future. With the final strike to the heart, Natsumi was able to defeat her copy and master her shikai. Before soon returning to soul society to take her test which she past and became the Fuku-Taicho. However, she ended up in the hospital soon after the promotion. Natsumi was in a deep sleep for the past month thanks to the intense training that she did in order to master her shikai. In addition, with the lack of sleep, it was no wonder that it happen in the first place. She was treated by the forth division's members constantly and was well taken care off. They wonder if she would ever wake up from her slumber or if she was dead right now. Natsumi on the other hand was talking with her zanpaktou in her mind. She was told about another power that far surpasses the power of shikai. Natsumi listen towards Kyuuka’s words about the power that Taicho possess. It was the power known as Bankai. Natsumi quickly awaken from her slumber and winced at the bandages on her body when she did so. She was told by one of her division's members about what had happen in the last month. Natsumi nodded before thinking back to what Kyuuka had told her about in the world of the zanpaktou. She had no time to ponder on the power known as bankai as she was the Fuku-Taicho of division nine. She has a job to do and does it once she was out of her bed. Natsumi spent her time with her Taicho filling out his orders and helping the others grow stronger as well. She wonders about her life before shaking it off and believing that everything would be the same….forever.

Nonetheless, nothing stays the same forever as time has revealed a horrible event. During a mission with her Taicho, Natsumi and her Taicho was attacked by a group of powerful Adjuchas class menos and a vasto lorde. Natsumi took care of the adjuchas hollows one by one but was overpowered by just how many there were. While her Taicho was battling with the vasto lorde out in the front, both sides look like they were at their limits. Until finally, her captain was able to push the vasto lorde back into huceo mundo but died in the process. Natsumi returned towards her division with her Taicho’s body in her hand. After a burial was made for him, Natsumi decided to leave the ninth division for a while. She decided on that day to go off and learn how to use bankai. Natsumi found a place safe enough for her to bring out her zanpaktou and spent the next few weeks battling her zanpaktou for dominance. Natsumi had to overpower her zanpaktou in order to obtain her strength and perform the final release of her zanpaktou. The battle dragged on and Natsumi was losing to her zanpaktou. She was placed on top of a rock towards a cliff dripping in her own blood. It looked like the battle was over but Natsumi defeated her zanpaktou by impaling her on the head with the real zanpaktou in her hands. Natsumi had obtained bankai and spent some time trying to learn how to use it before returning to her division. In addition, Natsumi took the Taicho exam and past with excellence and became the new ninth division Taicho. Natsumi was getting used to the fact that she was now the ninth division Taicho and decided to take sometime to get to know the others. She wanted to make a good impression on them and did not want to disgrace her Taicho. Her division for becoming a Taicho right after she had gotten her bankai doubted Natsumi. But then again did any of them have bankai or past the exam for Taicho. They would just have to believe in the new Taicho for the time being. Natsumi tried her best to keep the name of the ninth division and its honor.

The Day of the Black Moon

Natsumi soon got the called by Yamamoto to take care of a problem in the human world. There was an attack caused by a vasto lorde and some adjuchas class menos. She was order to take her new Fuku-Taicho and some of the squad members to take care of this problem. While inside of Natsumi’s head, it was twisted with doubt and fear. This was the same lorde that took the life of her Taicho and she felt like it was her fought for not being strong enough to protect him. She chooses to take the command and sends her men off to the human world to make sure that she could fix her mistake. Natsumi and her men soon reached the location of the hollows that were attacking the human world. She sent her men after the adjuchas class menos while she dealt with the vasto lorde. It was indeed the same vasto lorde from the mission on that night. He was the one that had killed her Taicho and she was going to get revenge on the hollow for doing that. He was like a father to her and she was going to avenge him. The vasto lorde only laughed at her threats but soon got serious when she made a burn mark on his mask. The two of them made a loud crash in the warehouse before a light blue light appeared. Natsumi was in her bankai state as she charges at the vasto lorde and matched his moves with her own. She had already seen most of his techniques and planned on countering every single one of them. The battle only continued to get intense as Natsumi fought on equal terms with the lorde. However, he was the one with the edge as she was then stricken in the gut by his blade hand. Unknowing to Natsumi a piece of his mask fell into her body and was dormant until that day in the future. Natsumi soon used that chance to strike the lorde with her Final Shining Burst attack and destroyed him. She look to see all of her men was alright and was glad that she did her job.

Natsumi spent a few more centuries as Taicho of her division as she was making a name for herself. She was already a valid member of the thirteen divisions and had earned her right as Ninth division's Taicho. She had made some friends with the other Taicho as she hoped she would. In addition, Natsumi was well trusted with her division members. She was on the fast track on to being in the zero division. However, Natsumi was unknowing to the major fracture that would change her life forever. Natsumi slowly looked at the night sky before entering the meeting room.She was given a mission from Yamamoto to go into the human world to take care of a disturbance in the west sector of Karakura Town. Natsumi agreed to the task after saying some temporary goodbyes to her division members, Natsumi had went off into the human world. Natsumi looked around the city in order to look for those disturbances that she was called in for. While she was searching the area, Natsumi was feeling something strange and cold inside of her body. Natsumi did not know what was going on inside of her and only though it was something she ate. Little what she know, it would be the thing that would change her life yet again. Natsumi soon reaches the location of the disturbance and only learns that it was some hollows attacking the area. Natsumi soon pulled out her zanpaktou in order to deal with the hollows. She was giving them a run for their money and was taking her time in battling with them. Natsumi then started to get some shock-wave pains from her head and lies on the ground in pain. Some hollows were about to make a sneak attack on to Natsumi but she saw it coming.

Natsumi soon places her hand on the zanpaktou, as it was the starting point for shikai. Then Natsumi started to release her reiatsu before chanting. She was about to release her zanpaktou until she felt another pulse in her body. Only this time it was the final pulse before her transformation came to be. Natsumi watched in horror as her zanpaktou soon disappeared into the wind. She was on her knees as she started to gargle in pain. Some clear white liquid was coming out of her mouth as it soon wraps around her face and then her whole body. She was slowly changing into a hollow and did not know why until thinking back to the shard left by the vasto lorde way back. She was a hollow like tiger and only looked at the hollows in a berserk state as she kills them one by one before she soon eventually transformed into a lorde like tiger. She was on a riot as she used hollow powers like cero and sonido in order to completely destroyed the fields of hollow. Eventually Natsumi was on top of the destroyed fields for their battlefield as she makes a final scream before gargling again. This time she was shedding from her hollow like body as it was breaking into pieces. Soon Natsumi had returned to her normal state and her zanpaktou was in her hand. She knew something was wrong and this caused the banishment for as she left soul society for the final time.Natsumi had already gotten herself a gigai in order to blend in with the humans in this world. However this was the least of her problems. Not only she was now a castaway from soul society, she was slowly becoming a hollow. In addition, if Natsumi did not find a way to stop it in time. She was going to lose herself and return to that hollow like state. Natsumi slowly bought herself an old bookshop for her new home and used the time by herself to slowly come up with a plan to defeat her hollow self. As she can hear her voice now and did not get a single night of sleep. For the hollow would appear in her dreams and tried to absorb her.

The Black Ink of a Vizard

Natsumi soon realized on how to defeat her inner hollow and take control of the powers she posses. Natsumi found a good enough place for her to be contained if she was to become a hollow. Natsumi quickly went to sleep and enter the world of her zanpaktou where she had met her hollow. A complete and different person compared to Natsumi. She did not have the time to ask the hollow about any of this for she had one job at hand. She was to defeat her hollow or die trying and nothing was going to stop her from doing so. Natsumi soon pulled out her zanpaktou and pointed at the hollow as she did the same.The two of them looked at one another before releasing their reiatsu and clashing with one another. The battle was causing destruction in the world of the zanpaktou. While on the outside, Natsumi was changing into a hollow once again. Natsumi was unaware to what was happing to her as she was then pushed back by her hollow once again. The two of them soon used their bankai and tried to take the battle to the next level. Even with her bankai, Natsumi was not strong enough to defeat her hollow. She wonders why she was already so strong compared to Natsumi. In addition, how could she be able to defeat her hollow? Natsumi was soon pierced in the heart by the hollow’s zanpaktou and then falls into darkness. It seamed that the hollow inside of her had one. However, a bright light blue light came from the darkness and Natsumi was flying on blue flame wings. Her body was soon covered in flames as she charges at the hollow and slams her zanpaktou into her heart and completely defeated her hollow. Though the cost for using such an advance technique and how close she was to becoming a hollow. Natsumi’s powers except for her hollow ones were completely sealed from her. Making her start all over from the beginning in order to return to her current state.

She spent her time trying to remember what exactly her life was while living the lie as she wondered back into Hong Kong China where she had found love yet again with a new man. Natsumi had taken up her real name since it was centuries since they would remember her experience in history. Eventually the two of them got married and she was pregnant and was going to born her daughter Ayame and eventually Sayomi. She was going to leave her husband for he had gone power hungry and she feared for her daughters safety until an attack happened which caused them to forever separated as she was deeply in pain until she met another person and gave birth to Seya but it had seam that fate was against her as she too had died at a young age. It was clear to her that there was something inside of her that was the cause of it as she learn of her hollow. Since she soon realized her body wasn't normal as she turned into a pool of black ink in a few minuets and then tried her hardest to get herself back to normal. Natsumi soon started to first practice on her hollow powers before moving on to the next step. In order to make sure something like this never happen again. Natsumi would need to completely dominate over her hollow and make sure that she could never overpower her ever again. Natsumi had spent decades after decades learning how to use her hollow powers. While trying to maintain how long can she use her hollow mask without it breaking thanks to the time limit. Slowly Natsumi improved and only got better within time as she eventually masters her hollow powers before the next hundred years. Natsumi then went on to using her shinigami powers next after completely dominating her hollow powers. She started fresh with the learning of how to manipulate her kido. Before moving on to advance lessons like using Shunpo though now, she prefers to use Sonnido instead. Natsumi was also re teaching herself how to use hand-to-hand combat. She was trying to regain nearly every style and technique she had lost thanks to the reset in her body. Natsumi soon regains her mastery of her techniques. In addition, she was that much closer in returning to normal. Natsumi then decided to work on her zanpaktou as she remembers the name of her zanpaktou.

Once she had called her zanpaktou out of the blade. Natsumi had spent the first fifty years learning how to use her zanpaktou once again. She was making sure that she could regain the style she once had with the shikai before going to the final step. Once Natsumi had regained her powers over her shikai, Natsumi then called out her zanpaktou spirit back into the real world. She slowly picked a good enough spot for her and the unpartizan to battle once again.This was the only way for Natsumi to regain her bankai and she was not going to back down from this fight. The only problem this time is that her zanpaktou spirit has gotten stronger since the last time they had fought. Natsumi was not fighting one but many clones of Akatsuki as they continued to come after her one by one. Some of them even double-teamed Natsumi in order to bring her down. Moreover, they quickly over power her within time. There was no real sword this time; she had to win by completely shattering Akatsuki herself. Natsumi was stricken by blade after blade before being pushed towards the rock. This is where Natsumi had gotten a flash back of her Taicho. This was the trigger for her as she then hears her hollow’s voice mocking her. Natsumi was then filled with her own reiatsu, soon overpowered Akatsuki, and relearned how to use bankai before soon eventually mastering it and obtaining her powers once again. She spent the other fifty years catching up with her bankai and changing her appearance to make sure no one catches on about how long she had live. To this day, she has lived in that bookshop in Karakura town selling books and spending time with herself and others. Slowly learning to like the new life she has been given. However even she didn't know what exactly was going to happen next.

Present Time

Within a few more decades have past, Natsumi had mastered both her shinigami and hollow powers yet again and achieved the level of power that would make her legendary to all around her. While she had her bookstore become a number one hit as she started her company and it was in every major city in the world delivering books, music with electronics and coffee with Chinese cuisine all around. As for her inn it was making big business in Asia which combined with this and the Black Spider café she was known as one of the richest woman in the human world while harboring the secret of being one of the most powerful vizards to date. She eventually decided to take a walk though memory lane one day and it soon lead her to what she was searching for, her family. She was in so much joy when she had found her children Sayomi and Seya and decided to give them the life that she wasn't able to do so when she was their mother back then. She along with the three of them tried their best to live a normal human life as best as she could while she was drawn to protecting Karakura Town from dangers which lead her to being the second in command of Zero's vizards as he met him and many other vizards but the one that had the most affect on her life was Shadow as she and him were from two opposite worlds and acted very differently yet she decided to help him gain bankai and mastery of his mask and within the battle and the overcoming of Luna, she and Shadow soon got engaged and married as she had given birth to many children for him and was now about to do it again for she was pregnant yet again though she loved every second of her peace of mind and the people who was her family as they stayed in the Kusanagi Mansion.

Picture of Character:
Sample Chapter:

Hitsugaya sat in his office quite annoyed with the fact that nearly everyone around him was incapable of doing there job right especially the captain of squad 13 he had a horrible work ethic. He called forth a messenger " Get me the captain of squad 13 in here immediately!" Hitsugaya said with a stern voice. The messenger looked scared and nodded his head quickly before disappearing to go find the captain of squad 13. His hand went to his forehead as the messenger left he massaged his temples slowly. "Had I known it would of been this much a head ache i would of never took this position." He muttered to himself.

He went back to doing the enormous amounts of paperwork he had to do. He was used to it by now, since Matsumoto didn't do any of the paperwork while he was captain of squad 10. A cool breeze blew through the open window of his office distracting him from his work momentarily. He eventually snapped out of the daze and continued filling out paperwork and setting it aside before taking another and repeating the process. He was getting quite annoyed with everything it was always the same shit just a different day. The monotony of it all was that no one wanted to change it but him.
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Dude... Overboard much? Longest app ever.. Lawl, approved.
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Natsumi Mamoru
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