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 Natsumi's Mask

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PostSubject: Natsumi's Mask   Wed May 12, 2010 11:29 am

Name: Luna/Hera Goddess of Marriage and Women[Moon]

Manifestation:Luna refers to herself as Hera for she cannot remember her true name and goes by that or Luna. Hera comes as cruel as possible for that is how she acts and that's how she will stay like that until the end of time. She is a complete mixture of herself as she has many mask she wears and could be considered a bipolar inner hollow. There are times where she will act completely different that one would expect her to do and other times she revert back to normal and release a can of kickass on you while eating mac and cheese on your grave. She has no feeling for anything that is not strong at all since she believes that the strong should live and the weak shall die. It's nature to her so why should she try and protect the weak rather than making herself stronger so she can be the one who crushes the weak. She would kill anyone that gets in her way, not caring if their innocent or guilty, good or evil, shingaimi or hollow for she treats them as one entity and that alone will give her the reason to strike without hesitation. Anger to her is very easily the one emotion that she could detest the most. One glance at Hera and its clear as day that she cares little for anything. Stepping aside and allowing quarrels to commence is a long lived habit that she has no intention to fix anytime soon. Yet the most disgusting part of life would be anger. The anger that she rarely ever feels accompanied by just about another feeling besides indifference is possibly the most hated one on her list. As she see’s, love and anger are the two most abused emotions on the list. Very little would anyone find them being able to get under her skin to the point where it maybe called ‘anger’. Many a times, she refers to mild things such as that to be a mild irritation that doesn’t deserve to be called ‘anger’. Her indifference toward any feeling is specifically what narrows her closed mind even further. Though on the contrary, she chooses to hold the closed mind space as her own keeping it locked tight and tucking the key away safely.

She is truly a dark and dangerous creature to begin as she will strike down those that, she sees as a threat in an instant. In addition, not asking questions or regretting her chose at all until the every end. She would face her death now then run away and living her life as a failure, which is what she hats the most to be look down on.She is emotionless as darkness itself as she can only care for herself and fight for herself. Relying on others will just get you killed and she despise having to pick up the slack and do what needs to be done since the person doing it fails at it.. She usually has a blank stare on her face as she fights. She shows no remorse for her actions. In addition, is not going to stop anytime soon. Hera will not help anyone at all, as she is not the type to do so. She does not join or follow no one at all since she prefers herself and no one else. Following someone shows that your not strong enough to fight for yourself. Moreover, leading the weak does not show your true strength at all. She usually stays in places of the darkness as It keeps her at peace for usually. Her definitions are also as sharp as a knife and as straight forward as an airplane track. Very little is there ever gray lines for her to trip of. Should it not be her place, then she would know it and know it well. Amongst one of her greatest pet peeves is simply when people step upon business that is not their own. Much to her self satisfactory though, avoiding other people as well as their business is clear enough of a line for her. Which brings upon reason after reason as to why she naturally seems to detest the presence of other people. Instead, idle times and silent areas suit her better then large crowds.

Very rarely does Hera drop the face of reality either; in fact, spitting in the face of reality is a far better sentence for it. Bound by the harsh laws of reality, the one thing Hera has very plainly learned is to abide by the rules of die. Reality does not stretch or give chances. One mistake, and its might as well the end of the game for the player in one. Quite a straight forward mind set, if one would say. One could say though, that her mind set is simply a childish ignorance. Oblivious to the world other then the harsh cruelty and blood shed, her inability to see any fluff or emotion often brings controversy into weather she’s doing well or simply being a fool in her actions. To the right side of her mind, though, she is simply doing either as told or as logic should provide. Her straight forwardness is often comprehended as cold and too ‘up-tight’ instead of as being the right decision or wrong. Hera is a flirty...to women. She is, however, bisexual but prefers females much more...because she hates men unless they are older than her which is an understatement since she is an inner hollow. Her hatred of men runs so deeply in her veins, even when nothing it directed to her but they say something perverted or do something perverted, they end up either dead or beaten up pretty badly. However, she just loves to flirt with the ladies...but if the lady is simply obnoxious, it will turn her off and she indeed a horny girl and there's no denying it. Hera is overly friendly with girls and very antisocial with men. She shows no facial expressions at all. As her face would be most likely hidden by the mask and only opens her fangs. When she wants to bite down on to her prey and further weaken them before killing said prey. Hera rarely gets angry at all. The only thing that makes her mad is the shinigamis who would introduce themselves. It pisses her out to great extends that she would not be her calm self. In addition, she would do anything to destroy them and make sure that nothing is left of them.

She does not like to talk a lot since she thinks that talking is a waist of time and everyone should just go to the highest pits of hell. She is very determent in her work and almost nothing can stop her form completing her goals. She likes to mess with peoples emotions and their minds by playing with them until she gets bored with them completely..Aside from enemies, there are friends. Awkwardly enough, Hera holds no place in her heart for ‘comrades’, and instead, leaves it blank for allies. There are no such friends, merely temporary alliances that one must make on joint assignments and missions. Thus making her dislike for joint assignments far more then solo missions. Being the fact that she cannot simply deploy her trust on someone whom she had never met before, there is little power within her capabilities to create the outcome. Verses being alone, its far easier to control the outcome to your will. Thus also falling into her to-the-point personality. Jokes and mind games may as well go die somewhere. Her need for clean and neatness probably also falls into her dislike of crowds and other people relating it to being some what of a ‘control freak’. Though it’s been taught before to her in the matter that now, she is indeed a bit of a control freak and though of course comes the good and that bad. Enemies are very easily told as the enemy, and thus must be eliminated. Comrades are merely comrades, and no more. One this very topic is the one which she cheats on the most. An enemy is someone who may cause harm to either herself, her objective, or the general public. So if they are neither, then they are neither friend nor foe, thus untouchable by her. Turning her back upon an ‘enemy’ is indirectly Hera's opinion being stated in the fact that she see’s no point in confronting the said enemy, thus she will not because it is not her business. Yet even when her back is turned, her eyes are wide. As some call it, the ‘judgment call’ is rendered as her deciding opinion. It takes no more then a split second for her to decide, for should she linger, it gives far too much time for her opinion to wonder beyond its boundaries thus making it null and void. In the moment of her judgment call, it could very well determine weather she strike, fight, fall, or kill.

She has a hunger to eat living things and sometimes loses herself to feed her craving. Hera usually keeps a calm head and uses her mind in battle than attack like a beast. She would try to see the weakness of her opponent or a moment where she can finish the battle swiftly and quickly. She would want to end the battle at soon at battle without using much of her energy since most of it the time it would be with weaklings. She does not want to spend her time battling someone weak and pitiful. However if she does have to battle then she will use strategy in her battles. She knows that power alone will not win the battle, and everything is like a game of chess. Make one wrong move and the game is over, and it is simple as that. She treats battle as a game and if you lose, the game and then you die. She also depends on speed in her battles as she calls herself the fastest alive. “Power is nothing if you cannot hit the target”- a quote that Hera follows to extend.Nevertheless, whenever she sees her own blood in battle and push beyond her normal thinking. She snaps from her normal style and goes into a state of berserker. Even though she can still produce well-made strategy, she is ruthless and goes all out to make sure that her opponent’s die a horrible death. She is even willing to damage herself if it would mean that it would destroy her opponent in the end. In this state, she does not care who gets in her way, as she is truly a monster. She will kill anyone and everyone in the area who pisses her off, however chances that their’s a high chance that she does not go into this state since she has not found someone strong enough to make herself lose her cool.

Hera does not worry about loss when she fights, because in truth she is extraordinarily arrogant, believing that there is none that can honestly win against her; and in this, she has a certain amount of justification. She will take almost any wound and laugh it off, thanks to his special ability as a hollow, her instant regeneration. She understands that she is far from un-killable, but she has no care for injury or death because she knows injury is never permanent for her, and death is far away. As a result, she greatly enjoys a fight were she can unleash her full power and bring to bear all her might, a fight against a truly worthy foe. Few truly deserve the honor of fighting with her with her blade drawn. Therein lies one of Hera's greatest flaws which is often dismissing rank, if one is not of a prestigious enough status then she is unlikely to go all out, regardless of how powerful the enemy actually happens to be. Fortunately, against such a foe, he has no qualms about drawing his weapons.And that skill with the Zanpakuto she wields is, in one single word, intense. And if one were to use a second word, then it would be frightening. Hera is a master of the art of the blade, and holds the conviction that she is the greatest swordsman alive, a belief set in shape by the fires of confidence, a faith in her own abilities, and tempered by her will that has forced her to practice, a perfectionism that allows no flaws in her technique. A combination of this and his ability to regenerate has formed for Hera a combat style that allows her to forsake defense, encouraging others to do the same to try and stop her is an action that condemns them to defeat before the battle is even begun. Against most individuals that call themselves an enemy of Hera, the drawing of that sword is tantamount to a death sentence.

She is truly a ruthless, calculating and rather selfish being, quite obsessed with her own desires, dreams and power and mostly dismissive of everyone else, no matter what their rank, position or power. Admittedly, ever since gathering others to her cause, her soul is less devoid of warmth, and she cares about those who have joined her and, perhaps more importantly, has learned to appreciate the balance of souls between the worlds. Although there is truth in saying that Hera is selfish, it is not entirely correct, for she is quite capable of helping others in whatever way they might require it, if she is in a position to do so. Immensely curious, Hera is never able to stop herself from interfering in matters, although typically, her actions are all designed to aid her as well as others…so calling her selfish is not something she would deny.To add to this, Hera is highly intelligent and cunning, a strategic genius, understanding everything that is said by others and perhaps more importantly, the countless things that are not said, capable of advanced thinking and assumptions that are usually right. She prides herself on this; she is able to understand how others think, how they plan and plot and scheme and she has no qualms about using all of this to her own advantage. She is quite willing to use all at her disposal to see her goals achieved, constantly seeking more power and adhering to her own sense of honor to do so. Even though she can be ruthless, and is always able to see the most sensible way to gain victory in a given cause, gaining a victory without honor is quite tasteless, devoid of the satisfaction that comes with it, and thus Hera endeavors to find a middle path in all things, the balance between honor and perfection. Her will, her belief in herself, is absolute. It is for this reason that she has no fear, for she is above it all; such an emotion was defeated long ago, and as a result, Hera can look upon the world with clear vision. She can not allow himself to submit, cannot allow himself to bow to the will of another, and thanks to this, there can be no middle ground, no compromise. Those who challenge her cannot be denied, and they will be fought until they are finished and broken, their resolve shattered like glass before an explosion. Hera is a woman who will eternally strive to be the strongest, without any regrets on her path.

Element: Darkness
History: Natsumi soon got the called by Yamamoto to take care of a problem in the human world. There was an attack caused by a vasto lorde and some adjuclass class menos. She was order to take her new fukutaicho and some of the squad members to take care of this problem. While inside of Natsumi’s head, it was twisted with doubt and fear. This was the same lorde that took the life of her taicho and she felt like it was her fought for not being strong enough to protect him. She chooses to take the command and sends her men off to the human world to make sure that she could fix her mistake. Natsumi and her men soon reached the location of the hollows that were attacking the human world. She sent her men after the adjuclass class menos while she dealt with the vasto lorde. It was indeed the same vasto lorde from the mission on that night. He was the one that had killed her taicho and she was going to get revenge on the hollow for doing that. He was like a father to her and she was going to avenge him. The vasto lorde only laughed at her threats but soon got serious when she made a burn mark on his mask. The two of them made a loud crash in the warehouse before a light blue light appeared. Natsumi was in her bankai state as she charges at the vasto lorde and matched his moves with her own. She had already seen most of his techniques and planned on countering every single one of them. The battle only continued to get intense as Natsumi fought on equal terms with the lorde. However, he was the one with the edge as she was then stricken in the gut by his blade hand. Unknowing to Natsumi a piece of his mask fell into her body and was dormant until that day in the future. Natsumi soon used that chance to strike the lorde with her Final Shining Burst attack and destroyed him. She look to see all of her men was alright and was glad that she did her job.

Natsumi spent a few more centuries as taicho of her division as she was making a name for herself. She was already a valid member of the thirteen divisions and had earned her right as Ninth division’s taicho. She had made some friends with the other taicho as she hoped she would. In addition, Natsumi was well trusted with her division members. She was on the fast track on to being in the zero division. However, Natsumi was unknowing to the major facture that would change her life forever. Natsumi slowly looked at the night sky before entering the meeting room.She was given a mission from Yamamoto to go into the human world to take care of a disturbance in the west sector of Karakura Town. Natsumi agreed to the task after saying some temporary goodbyes to her division members, Natsumi had went off into the human world. Natsumi looked around the city in order to look for those disturbances that she was called in for. While she was searching the area, Natsumi was feeling something strange and cold inside of her body. Natsumi did not know what was going on inside of her and only though it was something she ate. Little what she know, it would be the thing that would change her life yet again. Natsumi soon reaches the location of the disturbance and only learns that it was some hollows attacking the area. Natsumi soon pulled out her zanpakuto in order to deal with the hollows. She was giving them a run for their money and was taking her time in battling with them. Natsumi then started to get some shockwave pains from her head and lies on the ground in pain. Some hollows were about to make a sneak attack on to Natsumi but she saw it coming.

Natsumi soon places her hand on the zanpakuto, as it was the starting point for shikai. Then Natsumi started to release her reiatsu before chanting. She was about to release her zanpakuto until she felt another pulse in her body. Only this time it was the final pulse before her transformation came to be. Natsumi watched in horror as her zanpakuto soon disappeared into the wind. She was on her knees as she started to gargle in pain. Some clear white liquid was coming out of her mouth as it soon wraps around her face and then her whole body. She was slowly changing into a hollow and did not know why until thinking back to the shard left by the vasto lorde way back. She was a hollow like tiger and only looked at the hollows in a berserk state as she kills them one by one before she soon eventually transformed into a lorde like tiger. She was on a riot as she used hollow powers like cero and sonido in order to completely destroyed the fields of hollow. Eventually Natsumi was on top of the destroyed fields for their battlefield as she makes a final scream before gargling again. This time she was shedding from her hollow like body as it was breaking into pieces. Soon Natsumi had returned to her normal state and her zanpakuto was in her hand. She knew something was wrong and this caused the banishment for as she left soul society for the final time.Natsumi had already gotten herself a gigai in order to blend in with the humans in this world. However this was the least of her problems. Not only she was now a castaway from soul society, she was slowly becoming a hollow. In addition, if Natsumi did not find a way to stop it in time. She was going to lose herself and return to that hollow like state. Natsumi slowly bought herself an old bookshop for her new home and used the time by herself to slowly come up with a plan to defeat her hollow self. As she can hear her voice now and did not get a single night of sleep. For the hollow would appear in her dreams and tried to absorb her.

The Black Ink of a Vizard

Natsumi soon realized on how to defeat her inner hollow and take control of the powers she posses. Natsumi found a good enough place for her to be contained if she was to become a hollow. Natsumi quickly went to sleep and enter the world of her zanpakuto where she had met her hollow. A complete and different person compared to Natsumi. She did not have the time to ask the hollow about any of this for she had one job at hand. She was to defeat her hollow or die trying and nothing was going to stop her from doing so. Natsumi soon pulled out her zanpakuto and pointed at the hollow as she did the same.The two of them looked at one another before releasing their reiatsu and clashing with one another. The battle was causing destruction in the world of the zanpakuto. While on the outside, Natsumi was changing into a hollow once again. Natsumi was unaware to what was happing to her as she was then pushed back by her hollow once again. The two of them soon used their bankai and tried to take the battle to the next level. Even with her bankai, Natsumi was not strong enough to defeat her hollow. She wonders why she was already so strong compared to Natsumi. In addition, how could she be able to defeat her hollow? Natsumi was soon piearced in the heart by the hollow’s zanpakuto and then falls into darkness. It seamed that the hollow inside of her had one. However, a bright light blue light came from the darkness and Natsumi was flying on blue flame wings. Her body was soon covered in flames as she charges at the hollow and slams her zanpakuto into her heart and completely defeated her hollow. Though the cost for using such an advance technique and how close she was to becoming a hollow. Natsumi’s powers except for her hollow ones were completely sealed from her. Making her start all over from the beginning in order to return to her current state.

She spent her time trying to remember what exactly her life was while living the lie as she wondered back into Hong Kong China where she had found love yet again with a new man. Natsumi had taken up her real name since it was centuries since they would remember her experience in history. Eventually the two of them got married and she was pregnant and was going to born her daughter Ayame and eventually Sayomi. She was going to leave her husband for he had gone power hungry and she feared for her daughters safety until an attack happened which caused them to forever separated as she was deeply in pain until she met another person and gave birth to Seya but it had seam that fate was against her as she too had died at a young age. It was clear to her that there was something inside of her that was the cause of it as she learn of her hollow. Since she soon realized her body wasn't normal as she turned into a pool of black ink in a few minuets and then tried her hardest to get herself back to normal. Natsumi soon started to first practice on her hollow powers before moving on to the next step. In order to make sure something like this never happen again. Natsumi would need to completely dominate over her hollow and make sure that she could never overpower her ever again. Natsumi had spent decades after decades learning how to use her hollow powers. While trying to maintain how long can she use her hollow mask without it breaking thanks to the time limit. Slowly Natsumi improved and only got better within time as she eventually masters her hollow powers before the next hundred years. Natsumi then went on to using her shinigami powers next after completely dominating her hollow powers. She started fresh with the learning of how to manipulate her kido. Before moving on to advance lessons like using Shunpo though now, she prefers to use Sonido instead. Natsumi was also re teaching herself how to use hand-to-hand combat. She was trying to regain nearly every style and technique she had lost thanks to the reset in her body. Natsumi soon regains her mastery of her techniques. In addition, she was that much closer in returning to normal. Natsumi then decided to work on her zanpakuto as she remembers the name of her zanpakuto.

Once she had called her zanpakuto out of the blade. Natsumi had spent the first fifty years learning how to use her zanpakuto once again. She was making sure that she could regain the style she once had with the shikai before going to the final step. Once Natsumi had regained her powers over her shikai, Natsumi then called out her zanpakuto sprit back into the real world. She slowly picked a good enough spot for her and the zanpakuto to battle once again.This was the only way for Natsumi to regain her bankai and she was not going to back down from this fight. The only problem this time is that her zanpakuto spirit has gotten stronger since the last time they had fought. Natsumi was not fighting one but many clones of Akatsuki as they continued to come after her one by one. Some of them even double-teamed Natsumi in order to bring her down. Moreover, they quickly over power her within time. There was no real sword this time; she had to win by completely shattering Akatsuki herself. Natsumi was stricken by blade after blade before being pushed towards the rock. This is where Natsumi had gotten a flash back of her taicho. This was the trigger for her as she then hears her hollow’s voice mocking her. Natsumi was then filled with her own reiatsu, soon overpowered Akutsuki, and relearned how to use bankai before soon eventually mastering it and obtaining her powers once again. She spent the other fifty years catching up with her bankai and changing her appearance to make sure no one catches on about how long she had live. To this day, she has lived in that bookshop in Karakura town selling books and spending time with herself and others. Slowly learning to like the new life she has been given. However even she didn't know what exactly was going to happen next.

Unique Ability: Nergo Lluvia [Black Rain]:

This is a special trait and ability that both Natsumi and Hera share from the vasto lorde that had managed to permanently fused with her body and changing it forever yet her will and power was strong enough to shred most of the lorde's mind into oblivion yet some of it remained and formed into the inner hollow that she is now, Hera. Both of them can actually create a black liquid that looks to be ink by simply using her reiatsu or by breathing the air and letting her specialized body produce the ink by mixing up the required chemicals though her body like a blending and then releasing it. She can produce an unlimited amount this ink though if she is out of reiatsu then she cannot produce anymore until she regains her reiatsu or find a place that has reiatsu for her to use instead. She can manipulate and multiply any liquid substance that she is close too. If this ink enters the body of a person or If the target drinks, her liquid then she can still control, create, and manipulate it in their body then she can have it spread though every part of their body and control the liquid substance that is inside the substance though it depends on rank rather or not they can resist it or remove it for some cannot and others it will be effortless for them to do so. She can control any liquid substance that the black ink has bonded with though people who are stronger than her use water base attacks, it would take more reaitsu to control and use. Whenever she anything that has liquid in it inside of her. She can use it to increase or decrease her size and shape by will. Another use of this power makes her skin extremely soft and slippery which makes most physical attacks(as in most people that are equal too or less then power and it only can take 2 hits) slide off her body without doing damage though a strong enough force or a water based move can negate that affect and damage her as if she was like paper. She can spit out black ink from any part of her body and have it even effect the clouds in the air which she will use the clouds in the air to generate the black link long as it’s large stadium range. She can change the density of the liquid and can make even the tiniest drop of water feel from light as a feather to as density as a gigantic ball dropping from the sky. They can hear and feel anything that the water touches or hear like if it was her own body.The black liquid also be able to drain any substance that has water inside of it or filling it up by using any part of her body, breath or the water she controls at the moment or since it constantly absorbing oxygen then she can produce her own inside of her body. The liquid also has the ability to change her appearance to anything she wishes as long as she had absorbed a dna sample of what she needs against spiritual aware people while normal people she would just require to look at him and soon she'll copy their appearance, and everything else. She can sink into any solid substance much like water or even hide herself from a puddle to a small lake of water. The black ink keeps both of them from ever experience the fear of popping since her body is made up of this liquid and might as well be rubber. Not even sharp or point objects will make her pop but it will still be painful, if the pressure is beyond the limit then she will then pop but soon moves away to reform and regain her current state.An interesting weakness of the black liquid is sponges, because she is like water itself, one sponge will be enough for her defeat. If a sponge was to touch any part of her body, it will instantly start to suck her up. She will slowly start to shrink and shrink until she is completely inside of the sponge. In this state, she will not be able to move, or use her own powers to escape from the sponge. Leaving her in the mercy of whoever managed to capture her. She would have to be squeezed out from the sponge in order to be free. If the sponge is destroyed then she will be able to escape from the sponge but she will suffer damage because of it. A sponge will be able to undue any effect that she had done towards their body. She doesn’t require any food, water or even air if she is trapped in the sponge and as long as the sponge remains intact, then she will be stuck in that sponge forever until someone chooses to either squeeze the sponge or fill it with even more water. However, when she escapes though the second method, she will be partially filled depending on how much water was added into the sponge. If she is in a cold enough place to freeze water instantly, while she still be able to use her ink abilities. Her power will be cut in half and she will be a normal human and can be damaged quite like a normal human and if hit with a cold enough ice attack she will instantly freeze and it will require a huge amount of reiatsu regardless to break free of or be broken down into many shards. Too much water can be a bad thing for her as it would cause her to spread out too far and make it hard for her to keep herself together so whenever she is hit with water her body will instantly turn back to a solid substance even though she can already decide rather or not to be liquid or solid and she will be damaged even more than normally from a water based move.

Additional Techniques:
Shokora Koroko [Chocolate Heart]

The hollow inside of her also grants another ability to Natsumi as she has the ability to make a special type of liquid that one can compared to that of dark creamy mocha milk chocolate as it taste the same only with a more delicious and addictive manor of the highest level. She could also create a thicker gold liquid that hardened into armor that far surpasses hirreo. This hardened material could be fabricated into body armor that could completely defend her from physical attacks, projectiles, energy/elemental blast, impacts, etc though it depends on their level and her own. This can be most effective as the liquid is coming out of her mouth, pours and sweat glands. She can use this technique to then form deadly spikes, powerful arrows, projectile weapon, anything that is within her reach she can do in this form.. Depending on how much reiatsu and chocolate she uses, it will change how powerful and how long her attacks will be as a single drop of chocolate rain will be far worse than being pelted with hail constantly or Iron. Though the chocolate rain can be alter to act like acid as well be has heavy as steel ton balls dropping from the sky and piercing into the skin. She can pour her reiatsu in order to create an endless sea of a chocolate wave and harden it around her victims to make a ring to keep them from leaving or manipulate it’s temperature to melt it all and make it extremely hot. The chocolate can be extremely poison/acidulous because of the black liquid or hollow reiatsu being injected into the chocolate. She can have the chocolate take a liquid, solid or gas affect at any time as she can make the chocolate wrap around her foes and have it soon crush their body like a group or she could make chocolate reanimated bodies of them. She can manipulate it with her mind alone at fast speeds as it’s an extension of her hand and giving her powerful hirreo/reiatsu shield. When ti comes into contact with other life forms that give off reiatsu it will start to steadily drain the reiatsu the more it's stuck onto the flesh. She can regenerate nearly anything but her brain or heart though chocolate and eating a single bit can give her healing affects to her body and give some reiatsu based on how much she eats. She can even manipulate her body or even her blood that pours out of her for the chocolate is like a parasitic being. Dark chocolate, when eaten, can benefit the body's circulatory system. Among other things, another benefit included brain stimulation. Taking this into Bleach context, molding reiatsu into "dark chocolate" and then eating it could enhance the consumer's battle senses and circulatory system. Their movement speed would increase a fair amount, but it would be their thought processing and reaction speed that would increase the most. The potential downside of this ability would be that consuming too much reiatsu chocolate would overload the brain, giving the consumer a sort of mental breakdown, debilitating them for a few minutes. Alternate punishment could be overloaded reiatsu chocolate hinders the circulatory system and makes the consumer lethargic and have slower thought processing or reaction time.

Cacao beans. They've got a damn strong scent. When applied to Bleach, this can be used as a debilitating power. Reiatsu cacao beans are formed in the user's hand, then flung towards the enemy. They burst at the user's will, and the exploded bean particles of reiatsu scatter into the air, releasing a strong heady scent. Anyone in the area that breathes this in will experience a numbing of their thought-processing system, slowing their actions and reactions down by a lot. So it's kinda like the backlash of the dark chocolate ability, but used offensively.Because of the fact that chocolate carries alkaloids such as the bromine and phenylalanine, it will give symptoms of something that’s relating to asthma as it makes it harder to breath and limiting physical capabilities/aspects to those who eat her chocolate for it works like nicotine and becomes that the more it eat the more addictive they are to it. They'd more than likely either get slowed down by the chocolate or eat themselves to death.If they don't resist the addiction or cannot then they'll be like a drug addict going into withdrawal. Because of the phenylalanine in her blood stream when it enters someone else and she hasn’t remove it or she inject it into them with a piercing or sinking attack then that those would experience it would go into the low levels and suffer from ADD and depression. It's also possible that it may be related to some extent to that of a Schizophrenic's or they may even become one.They’ll basically a host with mental illnesses and physical incapability waiting to happen because of her chocolate and because it has lead in it which leads to mild lead poisoning. Chronic (Severe) cases of lead poisoning causes the following things. nausea, abdominal pain [11], irritability, insomnia, metal taste in the mouth, excess lethargy or hyperactivity, chest pain, headache and, in extreme cases, seizures, comas, and death Whenever she stab or slash an enemy, you inject a small dosage of the lead into the opponent's blood stream. Have it become it's own living entity and latching onto reiatsu readings that are either equal to or higher than. On top of that, the effects of the lead poisoning and everything else can take place and she can control it mentally. Whenever the thing has either died or sapped of reiatsu completely, she can make the entity act like an amoeba and store the object/being in a pore that holds food. When it enters the body and goes to the organs and muscles it can cause damage to them and even slows them down such as paralytics. She can gather reiatsu and have it build up in her body as On comparison between power levels, this would be equivalent to Hadou 90, Black Coffin. Anyway it builds it up in her bodies to the point that she might just burst at the seams with the pent-up energy. She then moves their body in an arc, which would depict the path for the attack (ex: if you make an arching motion with your arms, the attack will arch in that direction.). She can't make too many intricate movements, but you can curve the course of the attack. Anyway, once she move the arms, the reiatsu is released from her body in the form of a huge wave of "pudding." This pudding will stick to anything that has reishi like glue (). The pudding reiatsu is very, very cold, able to induce hypothermia within thirty seconds, and basically produce freezerburn on any afflicted skin. Additionally, the pudding can harden and then shatter, sending sharp fragments of pudding reiatsu flying at stuff. Much like the rest it can be used as a weapon as even her caramel liquids can be used in various manipulations.

Another Defensive method for Natsumi is to fill her entire body with either the creamy green filling or milk mocha chocolate until she is nothing but a huge collection of balls of fat in a round circular perfect sphere shape. In this shape, she usually doesn’t open her mouth because of her cheeks stuffed to their limits with the stuff and her jaw locked into place and she can barely open her eyes though the fat rolling off her forehead while because of the chocolate change her asian color to such a dark color. Her arms, legs and head have already been absorbed into her body to make her most likely inhuman and just a big ball a milk chocolate cream. One would think of her as a giant éclair because of her plump backside and the rest of her. With her big ol' creampuff body, she was mostly immune to all feelings of pain though it made her senses even higher than before. She was a human chocolate cream jar and yet despite this she feels completely fine as she uses this form as a defending armor as her soft chocolate like skin was harder to cut though than diamonds and titanium put together. Because of the chocolate inside of her it had made this giant ball into as bouncy as rubber. She can be used like a wrecking ball as her head is also protected, she can crush most things depending on their level with ease. She gains momentum with the more she rolls. She can bounce off from surface and the ground as well. When she uses this power, she does not need to breathe or feed herself anymore. She can even transfer whatever is inside of her body towards the target’s body if she or they touch any part of her body. No matter how big she can get, she can choose rather or not to explode. When she does explode, she causes a gargantuan crater to appear from where she is and it damages anything in several hundred yard range for she was nearly the size of a normal human house. With the dark chocolate coming out of her body and hitting anything it touches, it will be encased in the very same chocolate though this will cause any living thing to be heavily addicted to it and causing them to want to eat it more and more despite it changing their body to one of two things, either the same giant ball of chocolate that Natsumi was a few second ago or a human sized chocolate statue of themselves as their body has bonded with the creamy chocolate goodness and keeps them from moving any parts of their chocolate prison. She can actually moves her hands and feet to control the chocolate like she did normally. While one wasn’t to expect, Natsumi had allowed this to happen to her body because the real her was inside the fleshy chocolate sphere and soon using this chance to move her body around in the wrecking ball sense thus if they try popping it with an energy attack, projectile, etc it will get absorbed into her instead. While this still damages her it keeps her from worrying that she’ll pop unless she wishes it. While the victim is distracted by their lust, Natsumi will come out of the remaining puddles of chocolate to strike them down or keep them from fighting back. More than likely she can use the puddles of chocolate to make a epic counterattack. However, this does damage Natsumi greatly and she prefers not to do this unless there is no other way. She can shoot the air from her body out of her like a concentrated blast of air, being able to pierce though steel. She is not limited from using her arms and legs while in the shape of a giant ball and even expand them though this takes more stress to her body or making chocolate balls pending on size to come out of the sphere body to gather around their target and compresses them into a chocolate candy bar.
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All, right let me try this speaking in the way they do at Project Runway,, It blew my mind.. But it could've been better or easier to read if you separated some parts in paragraphs.. But anyways, the voice thing is my opinion a bit too much, I mean I enjoy the huge weakness, but that is just too much, so can you please remove that? Also another question, when you wrote that you can make your skin slippery enough so that physical attacks, what is the limit to that? I mean, if the ability of your opponent is like super strength then will you still be able to make your skin slippery enough that it doesn't do much damage?
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This confuses me. You have techniques and an ability in there, which is only hollow form, not hollow mask. Vizard do not begin with hollow form, just hollow mask, so you need to fix this and conform it to the hollow mask template...
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Natsumi's Mask
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