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 Natsumi's Zanpaktou

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PostSubject: Natsumi's Zanpaktou   Wed May 12, 2010 9:06 pm

Name: Akaruitsuki

Akaruitsuki is truly one of the most beautiful of zanpaktou spirits for she is graced with the beauty of the moon itself. For if there was only one word to describe Natsumi’s zanpaktou spirit in appearance it would be the word grace for the spirit residing within the sword looks to be like she have been blessed by the great goddess Aphrodite herself, hell she was Aphrodite for she was a mixture of Athena, Aphrodite and Hera hence makes her stunningly beautiful like the goddess she really is. She has two different forms just like her master Natsumi in shinigami state as she can easy shape shifts between her human forms to the form of an Asian White Bengal tiger. She is only five feet and eight inches in height while it would be calculated as one hundred and seventy centimeters. While she is weighting only one hundred and twenty six pounds or otherwise calculated as fifty seven kilograms in weight for many reasons yet Akruitsuki does not tell anyone her weight for she likes to keep it a secret for various reasons in her personality. Her face is that of a light peach coloring that seam to glow in the eternal moonlight that can be seen in either within the inner world of this zanpaktou or the outside world when the moonlight is full. Her skin is incredibly soft in features and is just down right amazing in those features that would make any woman want them. Her skin would make any male want to have her while it makes any woman who isn't a lesbian envious and jealous of her divine goddess like looks.

Her eyes are filled with a deep mixture pool of the night as there are shades of violet blue, light dark blue and purple around her eyes while her pupils are completely almond shaped while they would shift to split whenever she was serious on going berserk. There are some mixtures of blue and violet tear drops shaped like a fang on both sides of her face descending from her eyes, making it appear as if she is crying however that is far from the truth. The white circle pupils are to her left side of her eyes in the center. There are thin trimmed eye brows that go into a curve on her doll like face structure. In addition to the eyebrows they are of the same shading as her snow violet blue like hair and they are far apart from one another on Akaruitsuki’s face. As for her eyelashes they are that of a jet black coloring and thick but not too think to ruin her appearance for they are small and gather together as if she used eyeliner on her eyelashes. The ever loving goddess's eyelids are covered with violet shading mixed with a blue coloring to give a similar affect like her hair while the eyelids look as if she used eyelash make up on her eyes. Her face even though it’s purely natural, it looks like she is wearing peach colored blush on her plump rosy cheeks that keep her face as pretty as a goddess still. She has a high yet soft cheek bones on her face which is covered by her cheek fat but is stable regardless. As for her lips, just like her cheeks they are plump and juicy and filled with a violet blue shading resembling that of lipsticks while her tongue is still ruby red. While her teeth are pure white and even though they are shaped like human teeth there are some fangs on her mouth. As for her ears they are cat like and usually floppy on the sides of her head like human ears except they are big and snow white.

She has snow white tresses of hair falling gracefully over her face and over her shoulders to her mid back where the streaming river of night comes to an end. There are two long tentacles like bangs on the side of her cheeks as they extend all the way down towards her chest in a Waverly fashion while there are smaller bangs attached to her sides moving on a wave fashion as well but much smaller than the tentacles. There are traces of light violet in her snow white hair as it looks like she had blended her hair with two different colorings altogether. Akaruitsuki has her hair tied into two really long pig tails for they are still long with the haired untied is still the length of an average woman with long snow violet white hair down to her mid back to her bottom section. While these pig tails only go down towards her chest there is still a lot of them and she has a small clip on her right little bang. There is a large snow white bow on her head that is on top of her head that is wrapped around both sides of her hair in two separate smaller yet still big bows compared to normal ones to keep her hair in two pigtails much like the ones that are at the length of touching her chest’s sides. The bow also possesses snow white ribbons connected to the bow that some of them are wrapped around some of her bangs while others are strangling down on the sides of the pigtails as they match the same length. Her hair feels like it was make from silk itself for how smooth and soft it is along with the hair glistering much like her body as crystal shards in the moonlighting.

Akaruitsuki looks to be on the small size for she has small soft shoulders that are round and unprotected from sight as they are bare. She has a above normal swan like neck to crescent her beauty for there is a snow white collar around her neck much like a business shirt while it's being held together by her snow white bow for there is two of them and both of them go down straight to being millimeters from her chest. She has a medium size body as for body types that is making her look completely fit, well rounded and well ended in all of the right places. As a goddess, Akaruitsuki has a limber little physique that shows off her agile and elegant present for her limbs are soft, thin and delicate which gives off a graceful air while being long. Her arms are on the small size for appearance yet packing muscle inside of them as an average bodybuilder of her gender. Her hands are big for a girl like her yet still just right for they are elegant and graceful while being thin and unprotected from the outside world. As for her fingernails they are long and slender like a crystal while being neatly trimmed and sharped yet there is not a signal sign of them being dirty, chipped or painted in any way possible. As for her fingers, they too are long and slender yet being slightly puffy like sausages but still beautiful as they too are soft and her palms have a smooth texture with three lines wavering around like a claw. You can see the bone structure of at least three to four of her fingers through her skin whenever she moves her fingers.

Though one thing out of everything about her that would get the most attention would be her breast for they are extremely large and ridiculously big while the blossom are very ample for their the same size as her head and they are the same size as a certain shinigami Fuku-Taicho of the tenth division in the canon bleach universe as they are to be admired and question for most however they are indeed real. They are measured to be one hundred and twenty six centimeters which in cups it is counted as the letter and they are big and round as basketballs and could be only matched to her rump roast. As for her measurements they are B120 W78 and H89 [94/63/95] yet she does not give out this information to anyone for she likes to keep it a secret for her, Luna and Natsumi's needs. As for her waist, it is complete flat and smooth like that of a surfboard yet being extremely soft and her ticklish spot. It's that of an average length as a healthy woman and it might be a bit on the wide side but it fits her curves perfectly and goes with her body. Her belly button is pushing outwards out of her body as it is an outie and looks like a button depending on size whenever she eats. While the belly has a six pack that’s visible and giving her a ripped feeling when you touch it and there is a curvaceous line moving down her back and towards the crack of her bottom. Her hips are wide; full, pear-shaped extend curvy, thunder thighs, elegant legs that are soft to the touch and taper down to tiny, petite feet and they resembles that of a heart while they would be consider the right child birthing hips size. Her bottom is shaped like a giant peach which both cheeks are the size of a small basketball, usually resembling that of a bubble butt and basketball shaped while there were many snow white tails of the finest silk on her face. They sometimes cause her pants to spill without her noticing until it is too late. Her calves are a bit thick but only increases her looks as they looks and feel much softer than her normal soft skin. She also shows to have long feet that look completely flexible and she painted her toenails the same colored as her fingernails.

Akaruitsuki's outfit is one and one only for she wears what looks to be a Lolita snow white dress on her body. The dress can be shrink to be from covering her entire feet like the olden times or be only to cover that of a miniskirt length. There are many bows tied and attached on to the snow white dress at the bottom part of it while the top is only showing sleek white silk like that of a swan's and fitting her appearance of being the ice queen. However on the sides of her hips and waist there is two big for a bow yet not as big as the bow on her head bows position on her sides to hold the outfit. Also she has the dress covering up her chest from the bottom to seventy five percent of her cleavage yet the rest can be seen and giving it off like she was showing the whole thing at once and arousing those who would stare into her chest. There is a v line collar around the top piece of the dress and extending all the way towards her sides. While on her back side is visible until it reaches her waist much like those types of dresses. The waist section of the dress has many lines connected to each other in a x shaped fashion like a consort yet there is a snow white covering attached on the sides of the first sheet that is used to tied the two sides with the laces. There are also smaller bows moving at the sides of her waist towards her chest and two white lines can be seen on crossing down and keeping her soft and tender nipples from being seen from her dress. There are two laced sleeves on her sleeved matching a British Lolita look on her dress while there are some holes on the dress for her several long snow white wolf tails. Lastly she is wearing snow white boots with a heal on the bottom yet they don't slow her down or hurt when she tries to run instead they hurt worse for those who take a frontal kick from her.

Never is she seen without a small blade she carries in her hand at all times. The blade itself extends from the tip of her fingers to her elbow in length, and has a handle in the middle in which two smaller blades protrude from the middle handle. The handle of the blade, is made of pure white silk, and the blades seem to glow white, as if they were white hot, coming right out of the forge. When held the blade has a perfect balance within the wielders grip. Decorated with engravings that are only noticeable when blood has touched the sword. The warrioress, that wields that small blade within the world of this sword's name is Akaruitsuki. Akaruitsukiat a glance would never seem like a warrior, her petite frame and just downright womanly figure would make her seem like the kinds of spirit that would much rather settle things in a peaceful way. But that is far from true. Akaruitsuki when not in her cloaked human form, will take the form of a large tiger. The tiger is of normal size. But is much more different in the way it is marked. Pure snow white fur, sleek and shining, with a glowing white aura is accented by deep sapphire blue stripes that run down the length of the cats body. When looking at the cats face, you will be able to tell that the cat is Akaruitsuki by the eye color. Instead of the amber eyes that most big cats adorn while in life, this cat has the same charcoal black eyes that the human form has. The cat herself walks with the utmost grace. Her motions seem to be fluid and flow together. Making her seem like she could walk on air if she wanted to. What happened to the blade that Akaruitsuki carries constantly? Well if you wondered that, around the cats neck is a necklace that shows fragments of her blade that when transforming back into a human, will reassemble themselves.

‎‏Eilythia, or Lucina is what that Akaruitsuki likes to refer herself by that name for her real name is sometimes hard to pronounce and she gets annoyed when people cannot pronounce her name correctly. She would be consider to be very small and calculating everything that happens around her. She loves to learn about history and study about it as she wants to better her mind and knowledge.Lucina is known as her own type of genius as she clearly thinks out of the box and act to how she would do stuff rather than follow it the normal way. You know, those kids that randomly excel at something that most wouldn't imagine possible at that age? Lucina is extremely knowledgeable in a lot of things for as long as she was Natsumi's zanpaktou as this was seen at a younger time but never recognized at such. Her ability to predict people is astounding even though she doesn't realize the significance herself. She thinks of it as a game to guess people and she find it to be fun doing so as she does it with Natsumi along with doing riddles and hints even in battle. Her process of thought goes like this: the person's personality in great detail is thought of, what their options at the moment are, what they are likely to choose, and then what seems most probable considering their current state. Her mind is able to process things like this very quickly, but her ability to do simple things like math, science, and such forth really... suck. Though she has the potential she doesn't have the drive or the memory. Lucina has the type of memory where she will often only remember what she wants to rather it coming to her whenever it wanted to or when she really needed it but didn't think about it. But even the things she wants to remember she doesn't always recall. Her mind is usually working too quickly- like a child on a sugar hype- to really slow down and think about a certain incident.

She likes to mess with peoples emotions and their minds by playing with them until she gets bored with them completely as it is a game to her and she likes games. It's all she can really do since she is a zanpaktou spirit. Lucina likes the reaction she gets from certain people and it makes it all the sweeter when they finally find out that she was playing them. She is very determent in her work and almost nothing can stop her fro, completing her goals. She is quiet cunning as she had years of practice in warfare and other strategic games as for she often called a fox for the stuff she manages to put Natsumi through in both battle and outside of battle. She finds her cunning to be quite helpful for the vizard since she wouldn't have gotten to where she was now if she didn't force her with her mind to push herself beyond her normal limits. She is very resourceful as she can use the simplest of stuff and other things to get what she wants. She can put on fake smiles to hide her true emotions since she sometimes don't want people to know what she is really going through or when the situation needed. Her real smile however is extremely warming and kind and with tears it can make her so cute that you want to hug her tightly and never let go. She tends to active lustful and sexy towards men as she was a siren herself for she finds men to be idiots who lust over the prettiest of people and don't care what woman really think like., Most of the time she gives off an aura that is knows as “Darkly Cute”. Talkative at times but can be quiet at others using her actions to speak for her. She is somewhat mysterious. She is generally happy at most times. typically nice and caring but prone to getting angry when she or her friends are provoked, always plays music on her flute to soothe herself and others around her

No one will ever say Lucina is not a dreamer. No one will ever say Lucina is not social and No one will ever say that Lucina is not cold blooded during fights.This almost fragile person during the peaceful periods of her days is one of the most talkative you can stumble upon. She doesn't hide anything, she doesn't seem to even be aware of fact that some things should be kept hidden. Her open mind, as well as the way of saying anything she feels like saying is both her greatest friend and foe. Its not that Lucina is unable to keep secret from people, that is highly untrue, but if asked right questions she will answer. In her mind the way to get to the most important information is to ask right and precise questions, the only problem is that not everyone is able to always ask the right questions. This is probably something that put her in rather awkward situations in the past. Her dreaming state is something that actually a little people understand. At times it is like she is half aware of the world she is surrounded by and her mind drifts into much deeper states then others can comprehend. The truth to be told, Lucina seems almost always striving to hear once again the voice of the one who meant so much to her. She always strives toward the unavoidable emptiness in her heart, soul and mind which is all that is left after the one she cared so much for. During trainings and real fights Lucina doesn't seem absent minded, she doesn't seem even dreamy. Actually at the point when she is attacked Lucina changes instantly, her dreamy nature turning for one hundred and eighty degrees and facing the opponent with malevolent smile upon her face. She seems during those moments like she is fighting someone else beside her opponent, like there is more to the fight then a mere eye can see. As for very fight to her seems like her last and she won't stop until she is completely sure her opponent is completely unable to carry on.

She's very protective of things that are important of hers and will fight to keep them safe for she cherish them over her own live even though she doesn't look like it and she will shed tears and put herself in deep depression if she is truly unable to save them. Lucina never wants to fail Natsumi and wants to be in perfect sync with her master to unleash their true potential once fighting for something that is important to them. She is sarcastic at times when she wants to be as she will state the obvious in annoyance tone when it is so right there that it can slap you in the face. As she cannot really stand for people to be that blunt and redundant yet she acts like that at times herself regardless of the situation. She has a high sense of right and wrong and will tell Natsumi it right on the spot. Lucina acts like the angel that is on Natsumi's shoulder while her inner hollow Hera acts like the Succubus Devil she really is as the two of them bicker who is right and who is wrong and who Natsumi should follow. She likes to make her mark by point her index finger towards someone before closing her right eye and saying the words gotcha after moving her hand back like a gun. She is not scared to get down in dirty in such situations. She does everything in a composure and elegance like a fine woman indeed. Not showing any signs of panic or distress with her face, as she sees the bright side of things and focus on what needs to be done rather what could or could not have happen. She tries her best to help anyone need of assistants whenever possible. As she feels that, it is her duty to do such things. She is very thoughtful and understanding.

When Lucina is in a relatively good mood she can be one of the nicest people around. She's kind and good hearted though she never seams to show much of any other good emotions. Though she likes to read and talk to the Natsumi or Hera in the inner world or the outside world she always is seen with a happy expression on her face. What makes her happiest the most though is sitting under a cherry tree in the middle of summer and watching the wildlife experience. She likes to craft diamond objects and figures without others being around her. She hardly ever keeps her happy expression out even when she's sad or feeling any other emotions. She tends to be pretty happy around Natsumi and even Hera. Lucina while on the battle field she tends to use strategy rather then a blind approach on things. She stays calm in all situations and deals with the problem at hand before she worries about anything else. Lucina is able to keep all emotions hidden and out of the way while fighting others, she knows that, that tends to get in the way and cloud your thoughts while fighting.Though Luncia doesn't mind the long distance fighting range, she prefers close range when fighting. Lucina likes to use tactics that had been used in battles during different time periods throughout the ages of the human world. There has been times though when these tactics haven't worked but Lucina never likes to use her sword unless she is going against a worthy opponent or she absolutely needs too.Lucina takes everything very seriously when you first meet her first. But after she gets use to you being near her and she feels uncomfortable around you she eases up and become more perverted and not as serious. Some say that she's kinda to crazy to even be a inner spirit.But the thing is she's bipolar, so she can be really serious then really perverted and crazy the next.

Lucina truly on the inside is a kind heated woman as she tends to heal people that need to be treated as she does not discriminate anyone. If they are injured then she will heal them but if they try to do wrong. Then she will stand there to protect those that she cares for the most. She does not show any signs of blood-lust or hate as she generates a peaceful atmosphere and slowly calms people down with ease of course that is different when she sheds off the nice girl act for she can be a real bad girl and kicks some serious ass. It makes you wonder if she is bipolar or not with her switch from nice girl to bad girl in a nanosecond. In addition, she can even put chills down your spine with a simple smile and a glare from her eyes.. She’s sweet and thoughtful of others more than herself yet she can be stubborn and will never play the woman in trouble and needing her prince in shining white armor to save her, she would rather do it herself but in a different and not lame armor.Lucina likes to seemingly appear innocent and unknowing, but in reality she’s somewhat vicious and very clever. She’s very lighthearted and tends to drift off, but when faced with a certain situation she doesn't stop working at it. She also has a strange habit of biting people. It happens in total random occurrences, and there is no telling when she does it. She normally does it in a playful manner, though sometimes its rather hard and hurts. Nevertheless, she has a fear of moving objects and fast things, like cars and planes. Normally she will just freeze up, other times she'll crouch down or run. Lastly Lucina has a deep love for children and will often take the form of a giving mother past due for birth whenever she is visited by Natsumi or when she visit her. She will constantly come out whenever her master is going through the experience and tend to her needs whatever they make be and even play with her body and tease her about it to a point even Natsumi would blush and moan.

Inner World:Under a dark, soothing sky lies a large, intimidating castle. Although it may seem dark it has a pleasant feeling to it. The land around the castle is green but the trees nearest to it have no leafs but still live while the trees further from it have leaves and seem if they have been cut into perfect squares. A long walk way, or some may say a bridge goes about one or two miles long until reaching the large gates of this castle. The castle lies on a steep hill and balances with grace. Behind the high towers and spires lies a large court yard full of plants. From rose bushes to cherry blossom trees. A tan brick patio and a large fountain in the middle. The fountain is of two snakes battling. The larger one has it’s mouth open over the others neck and the other wrapping his body around the fountain and also biting the others neck. The larger snake has it’s tail wrapped around the smaller snake and wine pours from the larger snakes fangs. The sky seems to fall onto the castle, with clouds looming around the bottom of the hill to the bottom of the castle. This gives the castle an intimidating look, if not dark and creepy. But at the same time it’s the clouds, the size, and the darkness that gives the castle a soothing feeling.The gates were made of a strong iron. The grass was that of a standard rich person’s grass field. There were many guards at the mansion as they were patrolling the area during the nightfall of the crimson full moon. Most of the guards in the mansion were elves, humans, angels, demons and robots. Outside of the mansion were orcs, goblins, and other large demons as they continue with their search of anything out of the normal. The doors in the mansion were well built of a fine wood. The halls were clean and the painting couldn’t be seen since it was night time. The carpet was soft and its coloring was bloody red. There were lots of pictures on the walls of the halls in the mansion. There were lots and lots of doors that lead to different places and different rooms. There was a white door with a holder knob and inside the room was a large bed with some book cases on the left, a table on the right, and lots of space. It even had its own bathroom and hot springs.

Release Phrase: "Show them absolution Akaruitsuki!"

Family: Unknown

Level: Mastered

Sealed Zanpaktou: Natsumi's zanpaktou looks to be a long daito fused with a jian sword. This sword is much longer than a katana and use to take out a large field of warriors. A daito sword is use with two hands to be use at its full potential. Since the blade is stronger than a katana in strength. The blade's color is a metal light Grey color. While the guard is shape like that of butterfly-shaped iron frame that surrounds the wavy stained-glass wings.. There are some markings on the guard and they connect to each other, making the blade look like an ancient weapon. While the hilt of the blade is described as a ocean blue coloring and shines brightly with the light, the blade size is that of a long stick bar. There are some teal blue pieces attached on both sides of the guard. They are shaped like an upside down triangle. Each one pointing down to one another, in addition there are some strings connected to the end of the hilt. The string color is also a deep sky blue shade and extends to a few inches while it shows to be expandable. The blade itself is usually contained in a green sheath. The sheath is the same size of the blade and shows some markings on it. There are some light blue strings attached to it to be able to hang on her shoulders. However, there are some times where Natsumi will have her zanpaktou on her back. Usually making a slanted vertical line on her back and sliding down to her right breast with the string.This blade possesses a long undulating wave of hamon. while the hilt is wrapped in blue silk, and a leather ito is wrapped over top of that. The hilt guard is a The sheath has a hand-painted flower pattern and the kanji for "butterfly song": 蝶歌. The undercoat is a blue matching the stained glass in the hilt guard, and the sheath is finished in a high-gloss lacquer. It's full size changes with her reiatsu control as it can differ from a butter knife to that of a skyscraper in length while the sheath can grow to and the weapon itself stays in a thirty-three centimeter length. while the tip of her hilt stores a blood-clotting ointment and other medical serum to cure toxins and poisons that aren't original from a zanpaktou.


This Miao Dao sword is the perfect blend of a Shin guntō and Uchigatana in the physical design of the weapon. Being at the length of fifty five inches and weighting at almost ten and a half pounds. The blade’s quality is flexible, very lambent and plush, while it said to be so hard that not even a dinosaurs stepping on it would cause it to bend. The blade is highly taken care off and levels a golden trail on the top of the sword. While there is a glance of illumination on the blade and it show that there are some holes all over the sides of the blade used for certain effects.The protuberance or otherwise known as the handle itself is in the length of eleven inches. As for the coloring of the handle guard, it is that of golden brass shading, while there are decorations of flowers being blossomed from a tree on the upper right side of the guard. The guard of the blade takes the shape of a squared figure which along the sides is carved inward. There are small holes in the flowers which inhabit that of jewels which mainly gives the guard its luxurious appearance. The handle itself is at priestly twelve inches in length. The hilt comes in what looks to be medium blue shading while the upside down arrowheads are much like the golden shading on the guard. On top of the hilt, there is a special compartment where Natsumi has the whole hilt filled with battle ointment to treat her wounds and clog the bleeding; also it will be able to take some of the pain away. On top of the handle besides the compartment, there is a dark blue chains sticking out from the top of the sword as its length is up to nine inches before the last piece is broken. The chains can be used to spin Shiorihasu like a sickle and to keep it in place, as well the chains will multiply even further [84 centimeters max] and also this chain will clap together with itself so it can be on Natsumii’s back or waist when not used. The sheath of the blade is just as luminosity as the blade itself. The sheath was made from a winter oak painted over with a winter snow white gloss wrapped in an emerald green covering to protect the oak. Aligning the sheath are transparent pieces of the original covering which links to the bottom of the sheath. Surrounding the guard diagram are three branded dark blue bands which hold in place the blade which acts as a lock, these bands mold in with the shape of the guard which allows it to hold in place. There is on the upper part of the sheath a circle shaped holder that has a expendable chain that can stretch up to twenty two inches. When fully activate it looks to be that of a huge claymore sword.

Shikai Ability:

Shiorikanki Kousekishikon [White Frost Crystal Fang]

This is a supplementary shikai ability that activates instantly on 2.5 seconds whenever Natsumi wants to use it. It is a power that is based on the night for she will have Akaruitsuki call forth particles of all kinds from both the ground and the air on to Akaruitsuk and convert it into a deep sky blue crystal substance that’s inside the Miao Dao blade and multiplying constantly on the microscopic plane. This substance can be created from thin air and be control and manipulated as long as she is in her shikai, while she can produce more and more of these crystals infinity inside the blade and released it instantly. The crystals when released will assimilate into the effects of ice and snow because of the cold temperature it had assimilated when it was activated yet it possesses the same strength and density of pure diamond. The crystals once released can take up many shapes of blast depending on the volume and the control that Natsumi puts into the strike. Even having her sword slashes the same strength of the blast by compressing it into the sword and containing it until the sword slash connects with the opponent(s)’s body part or weapon. The slashes will also leave a trail of the deep sky blue colored blast which will have it’s power and size depending on both how strong the trust/slash she was putting and the volume she was letting out. It normally can match up to a cero blast though her level but depending on the volume will decide how far it can go and cover at once. Because of this, her reiatsu will be constantly producing a deep sky blue colored aura and blend with her own reiatsu signature given her the title Ice Queen. The Miao Dao will be vibrating constantly at ultra high frequencies and will get stronger and slices harder if it’s reflecting a light-based substance that is around her. While if there is a trace of the crystal on the object rather it be living or not, Natsumi will be able to call forth the substance or subject towards her. This last for a maximum of two hundred yards until the crystal would disappear and be unaffected by this. Natsumi will also be able to fire large moon shaped orbs from the tip of the sword towards her target and they will make the selected body part glow light blue. If the sword hits the selected body part then the damage will be nearly doubled. The strength of this technique depends on the force of the thrust.When it makes a cut on a substance, it does not leave damage on the outside of the body. Rather it damages the inside of the body while keeping the appearance that it looks all right. The target that gets damage by this will see nothing happening on the outside of the skin but they can feel the damage that has happen to them. It may feel like a regular cut but as the battle goes on, the cut made on to the body lowers the reaction time of the opponent and damages them from within for it is slowly freezing their body with the sky blue crystals. However, if they are at least one rank lower than her, they would be able to break the crystal from their body and restore themselves to normal but it depends on how big of the gap how much they would be affected. Natsumi can also fire the blast from her arms, claws, tail, legs, and or mouth. The constant energy being use for the sword can have it stretch farther than normal and it can be used as a whip depending on how much reiatsu she has.

Minoritsuki [Harvest Moon]

A special like crystal ice mirror shield that appears as she has a bracelet on her right arm into this shield. This shield can block attacks and bounce them right back towards the targets she chooses. She can reflect a white light from the shield as it traps everything within a forty yard inside the shield. Whoever traps inside the shield will be in another dimension where there is nothing but fields of mirrors around. Which Natsumi can appear from wherever mirror she can get her hands on at the moment. She will strike at fast speeds like a drill before moving towards the next mirror. Then traveling to whatever mirror she can get her hands on, if she makes the attack successful or she misses. The opponent can tell where Natsumi is going to be next if they can solve the pattern of her attacks. If the opponent nearly blocks the attack with a strong, enough shield then Natsumi will break from her drill and leave her valuable for a counter attack. The opponent can break through this world if use enough reiatsu to cut through the fabric that holds the world together. They will return towards the normal plain and the shield will be unable to capture them again for the next twenty-four hours. [It takes that long to repair the world inside the shield] Natsumi can also turn the mirrors in the area into small robotic like solders to fight her battles as she watches she can summon these creatures from the shield into the real world but they cost energy to do so The sword will generate a moon like shield in front of the user. This shield will be able to block attacks like a real shield. However, what difference this shield from a normal one is that it will be able to bounce the attack right back at the opponent with lots of shards of mirrors coming at the opponent. Natsumi can also place the shield on the ground and creates a large bubble like orb around the opponent. Generating the same effect as the shield only containing the attack around the opponent and making it even harder to dodge back, however if the attack is stronger than the shield like rank wise than it will break. It will also break if theirs too much stress for the shield to handle. This shield does not have a time limit to how long it can last and every single last bit of the shields are made with diamond and rubber which allows them to bend and stretch to Natsumi's will.

Chiremusou [Scattered Dream]

This ability will soon disburse all the crystal shards the Miao Dao is constantly and have the weapon break into hundreds among hundreds of light blue crystallized shards that will resemble starts when hit by a light based substance. The shards are so small that they seam like dust substance mix with glitter however that doesn't mean that these microscopic shards aren't dangerous. For whatever the shards manage to touch, not only will it be cut for it can still slice through objects such as steel but it will soon enter the blood stream and cause frostbite and weakening of the body which can be negated by sending a reasonable amount of reiatsu through the bloodstream to cancel this out but if one is too weak then they require medical attention as soon as possible. The shards possesses the ability to cut though anything it slashes mostly for the fact that it’s actually breaking down and deteriorating the object that it’s trying to cut into pure ice crystals and absorbing it to produce more and more. This being done so fast that it makes it as if they have slashed the selected object in half. Whatever objects rather it being living or non living will be affected by the blade and if enough slashes are done then the whole object will deteriorate to pure ice crystals. Though it takes more slashes for a living object to fall by this then it would take a non-living substance. Natsumi is controlling the shards with her mind and making it take various forms and shapes to handle multiple groups of opponents of different size and variety for both offensive and defensive capabilities. Giving it the potential to create infinite amounts of these shards to manipulate for they will be fully charged with deep sky blue reiatsu and when enough are used, they will make a blast of reiatsu much like a fang. The second counter part to this blade is its ability to be able to phase though objects like it was a ghost yet solidly any part Natsumi wishes while maintaining the rest in the phantom threat. The deterioration is extremely harmful to the blood stream and may quicken the process but it will not spread pass the limb that it has entered and this will cause the speed of deterioration to increase drastically.

Tsukiakari Ookawa [Moonlight River]

Natsumi will then have her sword thrown up into the sky as it creates a blinding light blue light that can blind anyone that looks at the light for nearly thirdly seconds. Soon there will be barrages of orbs from the light attaching itself to her sword as it puts on a longer and slimmer appearance and once the orbs are attached to the blade it will be glowing in a deep sky blue coloring. The sword is made up of crystallized ice and if it were to get broken to pieces or destroyed, as long as the hilt is fine. The sword will instantly recreate itself back to its normal state. However, if the hilt is destroyed, like all other zanpakutos, it will take some time for it recovers itself. This ability will shoot out wide and thing long tiles of liquidized crystallized ice that she can control with the movement of her sword and her mind since she can creating from thin air and her reiatsu depending on how much she want and can duplicate. As she is also able to manipulate it to different shapes and forms of the variety much like Chiremusou [Shattered Dreams] and moves like a flowing river as it shows it’s beauty with the light and making the appearance of a full moon illuminating the calming waters a reality when one is to stare at this liquid. When it touches the person or object it doesn’t damage them at first but absorbs anything living inside of them as energy and their pain which make them feel like they are fully healed. For this technique can be used as a healing ability as the shiny liquid recovers the body and regenerate their wounds from minor to near fatal and even limbs. Though in battle she has a more useful ideal for those who are enemies for when the orbs are reentered the body they will send a shockwave depending on the size of the orb to every pain receiver in their body and damage them by their normal pain times two while she absorbs the energy she collected from them. The liquid is very cold and on the brink of freezing over as it will when it touch a substance though she can tone it down to warm temperatures. While the orbs also possess a magnetic/gravitational pull on the other which allows her to control their movements by the stroke of her sword. On contact with any object, depending on the temperature of the object, the orb will freeze entirely or melt. Like if it's a colder substance, it'll freeze or If it's warmer, it'll melt as it holds the same properties as the crystals in either form. She can control the distance between them and how strong their pull is depending on how much energies she is willing to give them or how much they absorbed. She can make their curves sharp when they move by the space between being smaller, or loose and varying with a larger distance. Obviously, if they come too far a part, they lose control of one another. If two closes, maybe they could combine and become double the gravitational pull, double the properties and the pain receptors and so on. Though the orbs are simple enough to destroy depending on her level and theirs as well as them being dodged if they absorbed energy or pain that over exceeded their capabilities then they will explode and damage Natsumi. The pull is easy enough to resist and over come depending on their level and herself and this is the only move that she can perform when she actives this mode of the shikai and she cannot heal those who are at death’s door even though she can heal fatal wounds from herself or others. A strong enough force of reiatsu can lead them away and even cause them to get confused and lost if one is strong enough to make such a move against her strength.

Bankai: A twister soon forms around Natsumi as a light blue flash engulfs the area. Slowly the lights start to form into a rainbow as the twister at the center spawns. Slowly striking the ground like it was claws from a large animal. Natsumi’s current outfit is shredded by the winds and her body is covered up in a light blue light. As she shifts back from her current appearance into her true form [with or without the gigai]. Which has two black ears will be sticking out of her head and will resemble that of a dog’s while ears on the sides of her head will disappear. Her brownish eyes will soon turn into their true sapphire blue coloring, while her long black hair will shrink from her waist and towards the middle of her shoulder. The hair color of her black hair will now become teal, she will have her milky white skin producing white fur all over her body, and her nose is now black and likes a dog’s. Her teeth change from normal human ones to that of a wolf is as they are truly pure white and sparkles with the right lining. There are some colored violet tear markings on her face and some violet eyeliner. There is a jewel necklace around her neck, each jewel was a different color, one of white, one of blue and one of purple. They were moving around a bit before stopping. Around the center place of where the chest would be seen is a blue and yellow seal. It has two wings on the sides and looks like a crescent moon with a star near it. The wings are constantly sparkling and glow brightly. On the woman’s body was a long red hooded cape. It looked to be made of a durable cloth not found in this world. It has a rag type bottom and the inside of the cape is black. The cape also has some sleeves attached to it to make it look like a coat. At the right side of the cape there is a jade green colored orb surrounded by a golden ring, with there being a symbol of a crescent moon at the center. Natsumi is also wearing some specialized gloves, which was created by the bankai. These specialized gloves have the marking of blue flame and a skull at the center. The glove covers almost all of the hands except the fingers and stops at the wrist. There are some blue straps at the end of the gloves. The glove’s color is that of a bright light blue and white shade. The two gloves are constantly giving off a burning sensation on the gloves. The gloves also have some markings on Natsumi’s shoulders. These markings are that of the moon itself.

There is a light blue line extending from the tattoo towards her wrist where the gloves are located. There are some crystals on the gloves and on occasion times there are some tiny blue and or orange crescent moon on the tips of the fingers. The difference towards these gloves that there are some wings on both sides of the hands and the two are constantly shining brightly.Natsumi body appearance increase to that of Tsukuyomi, she is now wearing a pure white corset dress while there is a white colored collar with a bow around her neck. There is a small second layer of collar around the edges of the V shaped collar around her chest and theirs a star at the center. While her red colored bra is still there but hidden because of the dress. There are lasses around the waist and connecting the dress together. She is now wearing a white sash at her waist. The sash is tied in a butterfly knot and has some blue coloring around it. She also possesses two other bows around her increased thighs and hips. Her forearms are wrapped around with a small-sleeved piece to further the lasing around this outfit. The skirt size is that of a miniskirt and reveals her red colored pantsu and white like wolf’s tail. The skirt has some pockets inside for carrying stuff. There is a grand total of nine tails around her bottom. Natsumi has a large crescent shaped moon piece attached to her back and two long wings. The wings stretch out to a grand total of forty centimeters and look like that of a swan’s. Her slender legs are no longer covered by anything but her white fur, which makes it look like stockings. Her feet also have nothing covering them as they still look humanized however the toes are like that of a wolf’s with their claws attached. Natsumi has her claws showing on her hands as well as they don’t get in the way of the gloves. Lastly, she is holding a simple blue colored hilt with a square shaped guard. There is a light blue beam of light coming from the hilt as it looks to be a beamsword with it being the size of a nodachi blade, while her right hand is attached with a long swan shaped longbow, which also can change into a nodachi.

Bankai Ability:Power Boost
Speed Boost

Touketsu Kyuui [Frozen Tranquility]

This is the evolved version of Shiorikanki Kousekishikon as emit a deep sky blue mixed with a violet blue coloring around Natsumi as it replaces her normal royal blue aura once she is in bankai. She is able to use the abilities of her shikai with this weapon though it in a few seconds at best. While it permanently has the passive abilities of Shiorikanki Kousekishikon, the strength, the power, speed, blast area, force, and size of Shiorikanki Kousekishikon is drastically increased in this stage and multiplied yet again if she uses her hollow mask. When it fires, the blast takes the coloring of blue flames yet they are completely different from normal flames as these are the highest burning power a flame can reach except these flames don’t burn but rather they freeze. The freezing power of this evolved technique is below the 3k in sub zero range and even normal water cannot put this flame out for it’s freezing rather than burning so this is to be treated as ice yet it can burn ice and other stuff like fire can but it’s a chilling feeling rather than a burning sensation. This sword can easily break through defenses such as hierro for an example for the sword is weakening the armor with it’s cold touch to the point it becomes as easy to break as glass allowing her to cut through the strongest of armors depending on her level and her foes. Whenever it’s released from the sword much like the original it makes a moon shape but it takes a crescent fang moon shape instead and once fired it freezes nearly everything it touches in one violent wave of crystallized ice. One stroke from the sword can make large waves of snow, equaling to an avalanche. to freeze whatever it touches depending on the level and the temperature of the area as it normally takes a few seconds yet the ice prism is breakable with enough reiatsu. Anything that this sword cuts will substance a lethal amount of freezing damage and will lead to serious frostbite deepening on the level. The sword’s attacks depending on level can be so cold that they can rob heat and even freeze the flames of anything that touches this sword. How much she charges the blade before releasing it will determine how much stronger the blast will be for her sword will carry the same destruction power as the attack with each strike. The freezing affect of this sword is so strong that it can actually freeze the air particles and slow down anything that comes close to it for the ice is causing the molecules in the body to freeze and hinder their movements to a point they’ll become living status as for the time limit will depend on the level between her and her foes. While the wind of this sword is released when she thrust her blade it will send a cero sized blizzards straight to the direction it was swing. This sword freezes anything it touches and can turn a whole football field into a winter wonder land by touching the ground.

Naiyashin [Diamond Heart]:

This ability will have Natsumi encased herself in deep sky blue organic crystallized ice prism before soon her body will break through the icy prism and take a new appearance. Every single part of her body is made up of the same crystallized ice as she wields in her shikai for this is the evolved form of Chiremusou [Scattered Dream]. Although she can transform only certain areas of her body, she prefers to transform all parts of her body in the crystallized ice state. She can travel through any substance that reflex light as if she was light herself. In addition, she can teleport herself anywhere within eight hundred yards, however she has to know where she is going, and it is only attended as a retreat or to capture a target method otherwise she can only move at short distance of twenty yards in battle. Her new appearance gives her new abilities such as superhuman like durability as it can be resemble that of an advance Hirreo skin. For she can change the density of her body to any substance of the logical plan family from being solid, liquid and or gas and even converting the hardness of her crystallized body from being as weak as graphite to as hard as diamonds while having her natural speed and agility unaffected by her changing weight. She is highly resistant to most forms of physical damage and resisting large impact forces of all elements depending on her force and there's. Natsumi can withstand the temperatures as cold as the 7K while withstanding hot temperatures as seven thousand three hundred and sixty two degrees Fahrenheit without it having affect on her body and requiring additional reiatsu layering to withstand it though each layer cost her a reasonable amount of reiatsu depending on the level until she is just unable to withstand it and shatter. She is also able to withstand and adapt to gravitational pressures of the strongest kind depending on her force and the force of the opponents are are wielding this. Her body's sharpness is that of the very diamond she is made up of and only strengthen by her reiatsu. She can also fire out shards of crystallized diamond ice mirrors from her skin from all sides of her body. While she can turn her body into crystal and reflect any light substance, she is near to blind her opponents or uses her crystal like body to stretch and attack her opponents in max range of one hundred and thirty two yards. She is not limited to use her own body to fit any crystallized form or shape in this form. She is impervious to all blinding affects and can reflect them back at the opponent(s) much like a mirror to light. Natsumi will also be able to use any light substance in the area to give her invisibly and reappear in a instant. While another trick would allow her to use her body like a prism and create alter images of every rainbow color to distract her opponent(s). This becomes more a trickery technique when she uses them in shunpo like speeds as they too will create alter images. While transformed, Natsumi's muscle tissue becomes infinitely more efficient than the organic musculature of normal humans, or most other organic beings for that matter. Her muscles produce almost no fatigue toxins during physical activity, granting her almost limitless superhuman stamina, or at least until or unless she is forced to resume her normal state. In her diamond form, Natsumi's physical strength is increased to superhuman levels. At her peak, she is able to lift approximately two tons. Anything she touches will be encase in the same crystallized diamond ice substance as her body is and she is enable to change her shape and form to many figures by the use of her reiatsu and given time. Lastly, Natsumi is also self contained while transformed, requiring no food, water or oxygen. However there are some faults to being like this for she locked all access to her other abilities and powers except for her hollow mask and shunpo but even so she does not again anything else but the normal boost one would get when they put their mask on. If she is to be pierced in her heart and or brain then even with the armor she will still die and if she is forced out of the armor by a strong enough force then she will be instantly unconscious for a brief period of time. This body is highly weak against sound and the armor can be shatter by a strong enough sound by her opponents depending on level and the same goes for mental attacks. While her armor form makes her able to regenerate herself on the high speed spell, it drains her of reiatsu much like this form and once she has too little then she will instantly revert back to her sealed state and weakened drastically.

Haku no Kuroi [Fade to Black]

This is Natsumi's most potential destructive attack for it calls forth a tiny marble shaped ball from her reiatsu. This tiny marble can seam like no threat to anyone as it moves at incredibly slow speeds however that is the point exactly. For the attack is so hidden that it seam like it was fired from a very weak human but when it comes to contact or when Natsumi clinches her selected hand or focus with a deadly stare, the black marble will then instantly expand to the size of a massive dome that covers nearly one hundred and twenty yards in pure darkness. To the outside world it looks to be snow-globe with some violet colored stars while in the inside it looks like they have been transported to outer space itself for there are many stars inside. Natsumi in this dome can control the lighting in the area so she can make it viable like night time in the real world or complete and utter darkness. This technique is to keep anyone from leaving the battle unless Natsumi wishes it meaning that even though she gains shadow and darkness creation,manipulation and control she is unable to manipulate the dome to anything but it's normal size and robbing or lending the light to be in the area. Yet they can escape through this dome by overflowing their reiatsu and compressing it into one slash and giving it a strong enough force to slash through the dome and create a portal for them to escape into the real world though it depends on their strength and hers. The only thing that she gains any real control is that she can create, manipulate and control the gravitation force and pressures inside the dome to make it as light as a feather or as heavy as five hundred times normal earth's gravity and she can use the push and pull affects on gravity against her foes or attacks however depending on strength of her opponents it will differ from working perfectly to completely failing and being unaffected. The people in the dome can keep themselves from being crushed if they use their reiatsu as a barrier to keep themselves from being compact though it depends on their level and hers for some cannot do it at all or it would be extremely difficult while others it would be straining yet doable to as easy as pie. In the dome she has the ability to manipulate the shadows inside to take different forms and shapes of different variety within reason as she is even able to manipulate herself with this. Lastly instead of creating the dome, she can have the black marble fall into her skin and while it gives her a dark shading, she retains all the abilities she would use in the dome. This also can be done within the dome as it would have her suck up the shadows into her body and bring light to the area again. The marble is like a dark hole so if it makes contact with the skin, weapon or attack then it will try to expand over it and suck it in before compressing it into a black liquid though they can save themselves if they use a forceful enough blast of reiatsu from their pores or into their weapon to slice through the marble though how much will depend on them and her's power levels.

Kouseki Toradageki [Crystal Tiger Strike]

Natsumi will soon starts to glow light blue, as nearly all of her bankai objects will soon enter her soul. She will be showing a deep sky blue aura around her body as it looks like she’s inside of a large blue flame kept inside of a midnight blue crystal. The air around her is constantly getting colder and colder to the point of it being at sub zero temperatures and light blue smoke is coming from her mouth. Her eyes will be berserk much like a dangerous tiger and her tail will start to glow as well as her claws. There are some sparks of midnight blue lighting coming out of her body as she is still glowing. Her muscles budge out of her body and everything except for her waist and head increases because of it all of her natural abilities will be pushed towards their limits and this transformation powers her up by one rank as well as her reiatsu. Her claws and fangs can slash out the energy out anything they touch it and absorb it into her body but more importantly they will not only be able to cut through the strongest of armor but also send a powerful crystallized casing on the section of the slash of the body as it slowly attempts to freeze the subject in crystallized ice. This transformation also allows her body to heal most wounds she takes or any infections or outside substance from her body at a fast rate yet uses up reiatsu and constant speed of regeneration can be harmful to her body at the same time. While is able to expel large amounts of wind out her mouth or make a large sound base screech and or yell at her foes. This transformation enables Natsumi to take deep breath as she inhale the air and slowly sucking up any energy substance, she can get her hands on. Her stomach, chest, and lower body start to expand with the inhaling. She starts to get bigger and bigger until she looks like her body is ready to give birth to icosuplets [twenty children]. She then excels as she stars spewing out small balls of light blue light from her mouth. While a gust of wind is shot right at the opponent in the shape of a crescent moon. The balls of light blue light will soon start to form into a normal sized white snow tigers. Natsumi can control these with her thoughts, or her hands. These tigers are fast on their feet and leave trails of crystals on the ground. She can produce twenty normal sized snow tigers or she can combined the snow tigers to make a massive concentrated beam of light blue light at the target as it takes the shape of a huge snow tigers and strikes down on her opponents. However this ability has major downsides to such power it gives Natsumi, first off her muscles will be taking strain from the boost it will be receiving and will cause her major pain because of this yet still have a mighty grip on her bones. If powered too much then some of her bones will start to shatter and the reiatsu increase will make her highly unstable and even damaging herself because of it. While her hands and legs will feel a burning sensation to her body and continue to do damage to her body and this will cancel out any of her other technique that she possess except her hollow mask but that's pretty much it. As for the healing factor on her body would be constantly damaging her body and the speed healing and damaging would shorten her life span. Her primal conscious will take over of Natsumi’s as her bloodlust will make her drawn to battle and she will fight until she has won, or she has no more reiatsu left to keep the technique up. She will be hard to control or talk to as she doesn’t listen to anyone but herself and she is easily made to getting mad. This transformation lasts only for short periods of time and can be fatal if used too many times without rest.
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Natsumi's Zanpaktou
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