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The site is currently going through a Revamp. So certain things will slow down, such as application responses. However, once we have our revamp over, the site will return to its familiar luster. Just hold with us for a moment as we implement new rules and features to the site. This Revamp is expected to begin on 5/1/10 and shall conclude on 5/20/10. It will take a full ten days at least for the first half to conclude on account of size of staff and school.
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 Ryusaki Toketsu (Reapplied....)

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Ryusaki Toketsu


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PostSubject: Ryusaki Toketsu (Reapplied....)   Thu May 13, 2010 6:10 pm

Name: Toketsu, Ryusaki

Rank: Captain (If allowed)

Age: 250

Appearance: Despite Ryu's age he appears much younger than he really is. Appearing to only be in his early twenties (21 to be exact). He has short red hair, that sometimes looks uncombed but, only due to static. He has slightly dark, skin and his pupils are for unknown reasons, red. His body is an average buld, and he is never seen wearing anything but standard shinigami cloths, with his zanpaktou at his hip. He has many scars on his arm and chest from fights before joining the shinigami ranks, as well as a dragon tatoo that runs along his chest. (see avatar)

Gender: Male

Personality: Ryu for the most part is a man of few words. Often not talking unless he finds it necessary, or unless he is trying to be very friendly. Even so Ryu tends to be very social, often going out with other people and squad members. Often drinking himself into a drunken stupor, sometimes forgetting his own limits (which are very far). When annoyed, or felt disrespected in somewhat, Ryu becomes, "nasty" to that person, responding to what they say with snide comments. Being a smartass to them, or just out right insulting them, all to just push them too their limits. He will never run, from a fight and puts his job, and duties before his life. Even so, he will not blindly follow soul society, while he will follow an order to the letter, he will disobey and change the the orders if the situation fits it. Believing that completing a mission is pointless, if everyone dies in the process, thinking that that isn't a victory. He will take others suggestions and "constructive" criticism seriously, and will often ask for a second opinion when making a serious decision. In combat he is silent, shows no mercy and will defend himself in any way possible. The thoughts of "dirty fighting" never cross his mind, if it will help him, he will use it in a fight. Ryu believes once a battle begins, it is beyond thinking things through, and that by the end, someone will be dead. He refuses to talk to anyone, beyond a warning of an incoming attack, and possible advice on how to win. When leading a squad he will, never show fear or doubt, as to hold up spirits. He will go through all of the possible outcomes that he can think of and decide on the best one. Ryu, can often get bored, leaving his work until the last minute unless it's urgent, he will not exactly look for fights at the same time not avoid them. Towards the opposite sex he is generally a nice, person and it takes alot more to mess with him. Even so he is not easily manipulated and has many problems, with trusting people. He will remain suspicious of a person until they prove him wrong.



Hair Color: Red

Likes: Sake, Girls, Hanging out, Resting

Dislikes: Stupid questions, smoking, annoying people, Too much work

Crushes: Beautiful, Around same age, Being similar to him.


Specialties: Hoho

History:(1,432 words) Ryu died on his 21'st birthday in the human world. Out partying with some friends he once again forgot his limits. He became drunk and stumbled his way into the street trying his best to get a cab. Ignoring the green lights and the heavy traffic, Ryu walked into the center of the road. The pitch black night, made him nearly invisible on the unlit road, before a car smashed right into him. The hit didn't kill him instantly, instead it just knocked him out. And his limp body rolled into a ditch at the side of the road. The car that hit him, stopped and the the driver got out to check on him. When the saw the body at the side of the road they assumed he was dead, got scared and and ran. Leaving the half dead man to fend for himself. Waking up a few hours later, Ryu tried his best to move but several broken bones couldn't. Slowly he died, as the hours and days passed by, and he was unable to so much as scream to the passing cars for help. Ryu died in his sleep, after giving up on all chances of survival. As a soul, standing over his body he felt nothing but dread, wondering why nobody, especially the people who had hit him, tried to help him. Why they just left him to die there. Eventually Ryu began to work on leaving his body, his soul finally coming to grips with the fact that he was dead. And that he would have to move on somehow, but he had no idea how. He didn't know what had happened, he just wandered the world, as a lost person. Everyday, the chain on his chest would corrode a little more. Bringing pain, as it did, that Ryu would just drop the ground holding his chest. On the "better" days he would spend nearly all day running away from, monsters, that tried to kill him. He saw once what happened to a soul like him when they were caught by them, he did not want to share that fate. He had no intention of letting himself die twice, he would have to find a way to survive. One day he heard the screams that he had learned to dread so much by that time. Instinctively he began to run, as far as he could, but the hollow for some reason unknown to him was easily outpacing him. At some point Ryu tripped, and fell to the ground. Turning he looked back at the hollow that was getting closer to him by the second.

His "second" life began to flash before his eyes, he began to hate it. Despising it and missing being alive, he wanted so badly to be back how he was. Right before the hollow made contact with him, it exploded and was thrown into a building. Ryu was in shock, but he wasn't an idiot, he stood up and began to run again. He never found out for about a week why that hollow never continued to chase him, why he hadn't been killed on that day. That was until one day, when he was just walking down an empty road. Enjoying one of the few peaceful times he had since he died, and suddenly felt his arm was in pain. Turning his head, he was thrown into a state of frozen shock when he noticed that his arm was in shambles. Trying to turn, he wasn't fast enough before the hollow grabbed him and threw him against a wall. Looking up his dreadful life as a soul once again began to flash before his eyes. At that moment he began to think, maybe it was a cycle. Maybe when he died he would be reborn a human, in that case he had no problems. He started to embrace his death, and for the first time, didn't fight it. Looking up at the sun one more time, Ryu saw someone appear above his head over a fence and stamp a soul into his forehead. Before the fight had even begun, the surprise soul burial had taken affect. Ryu was in soul society before he even knew what happened. The difference was, this time he was without memories of any time he spent in the human world. All he had was his name, and just waking up on the floor in a forest. Sitting up and looking around Ryu had no idea where he was, there was no tell, nobody to help him. So he did what first came to mind, he stood up and began to walk towards the nearest town. A run down place, where people seemed to just barely be able to stand each other. At first Ryu was lost, people knew that, and people took advantage of that. Waving him off, beating him up, and forcing him to get things for them. By the time Ryu had gotten all the experience, skills and knowledge to survive in Rukongi area 78, he was a scarred soul. His arms and chest showing the signs of many beat downs he first encountered. Ryu never acted tough, he never made a name for himself, or had many friends in a place he hated. He wanted more than ever to get out of the place. Hearing of the shinigami, Ryu began to wonder if he fit the profile to become one. Deciding to take a gamble, and motivated by the urge to leave the hell hole where he lived Ryu went to join the academy.

To his surprise he was able to get in without problems, passing the entrace exams on his first try with high scores. Actually taking part in the classes was the difficult part. Ryu was an average person at pretty much every class but zanjutsu and hoho, just managing to stay on top. It was like a natural skill, that he trained day and night outside of the academy to hone. For kido, was one of his most difficult classes, often having them explode in his face Ryu was put in the "low" class. Where it was more on controlling reiatsu than, actual kido training. Frustrated by being treated as a lower person, Ryu was able to work his way up to an average person. Becoming a well rounded fighter by the time he graduated the academy. It was during his time in squad 9 as an unseated officer did he begin to lean towards, being a speedy fighter. In practice spars with his other squadmates Ryu would use his ambidexterity along with his reaction times to his advantage. Often using his speed to disarm an opponent, then using skills learned by defending himself in rukongi and perfected in the academy to beat them barehanded. Eventually, figuring his skills could be used elsewhere top brass had Ryu transferred to Onmitsukidō, where his speed and skills could be used more effectively. Had he joined a long time ago, while he was still angry at people for the beatdowns in rukongi he would have liked it. But since joining a squad and learning to get along with people better, Onmitsukido's tactics only conflicted with what Ryu thought. After witnessing a slaughter where he was told to leave his allies to die and run, Ryu had enough and tried to get himself transferred. This time he ended up in division 7, and as a seated officer, his years in souls society making him stronger than before. It was during this time and during training that after years of hardwork Ryu managed to achieve his shikai. After using it in his first real battle he learned the drawbacks of the zanpaktou the hard way. Getting badly injured during one of his "cooldown" times. At this point kido seemed more important that it ever did before, and once again Ryu began to work his ass off to master it, to a degree that would be useful for him in battle. After years of practice, Ryu had been recommended for captaincy, but because of the special way his zanpaktou works, the usual test could not be taken. He had to be approved my majority of the captains, many things stood in his way. The fact he had never been a Vice-Captain, and most of them never had seen his skills in combat, probably didn't help him too much. But in the end, despite all his thoughts, Ryu was approved, and became a position he finally felt that people no longer looked down on him from, a captain.

Picture of Character: (Avatar)

Sample Chapter:


(Though what I post often depends on what the last person to post with me gives me to work with)

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Ajaket Diashi


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PostSubject: Re: Ryusaki Toketsu (Reapplied....)   Fri May 14, 2010 11:43 pm

Approved. Unless another staffer smacks me for doing such. I think it's fine, and put together well.
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Ryusaki Toketsu (Reapplied....)
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