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 Ryusaki Zanpaktou (Reapplied...)

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Ryusaki Toketsu


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PostSubject: Ryusaki Zanpaktou (Reapplied...)   Thu May 13, 2010 6:13 pm

Name: Tenshi no sephirot (angel of the tree of light)


Release Phrase: Rob the world of all it's power

Family: Light/Reiatsu

Level: Bankai

Sealed Zanpakuto:

That is the first stage, Second stage it becomes two spinning disks on each forearm, at third stage it becomes a nanaginta

Shikai Ability: Dai tenshi's main ability is to absorb reiatsu based attacks, or reiatsu, based things (i.e kido, cero, getsuga tenshou, barriers) and store the energy into the blade. Though the cutting part will always be black, it will absorb reiatsu until a point. When the zanpaktou slashes an opponent, it will drain reiatsu at a slow rate as long as it remains in the opponent. Once enough reiatsu is absorbed the zanpaktou will move into it's bankai stage. Each stage takes around five slashes to transform into the next form, without absorbing an attack, otherwise it would take roughly one reiatsu based attack to go into the next stage (I.E, Cero, kido). To absorb an attack the zanpaktou must transform into a small black seed which can be done instantly. Though to transform back into a weapon and into the new stage takes 2 posts. The first stage is a katana, once enough reiatsu has been absorbed it will go into the second stage is a katar like spinning weapon, and the 3rd and final stage before bankai is a nanaginta. All of which Ryu is proficient to use. Ryu's zanpaktou after release will disturb reiatsu in the immediate area around him. Making it easier to break through barriers, and pierce an arrancars hierro. Some of the reiatsu Ryu absorbs can be used to heal him. Transformations into the seed form of shikai is done at will, though after that the zanpaktou's form, will always go into the next stage until the nanaginta form. The transformation into bankai, Ryu will do at will.

Bankai Name: Dai Tenshi no shinrabanshou

Bankai: http://psyren.wikia.com/wiki/File:Sephirot_Malchut.jpg

Bankai Ability: Ability: To go into bankai, once his shikai has reached his final stage he transforms it into the seed form and drops it into the ground. (There is no wait time for this at all) The branches come up around Ryu and act as tendrils. The branches will grow and become more powerful the more reiatsu they collect from the air, and what it absorbs from opponents, the bankai will also defend against reishi and physical based attacks. At this point the branches will home in on, reaitsu, and be guided by Ryu who also has the use of a sword. The attacks, can defend Ryu and attack, all by homing in on reiryoku, though in early stages he could not control this and his bankai may possibly attack allies. The bankai will steal spirit particles from the air to help sustain itself, though it is still straining on Ryu. When the bankai cut's or stabs into the enemy, it will steal their reiatsu to fuel itself. If destroyed the bankai can reform itself, using any reiryoku in the air or what it has already absorbed. Ryu can form any of the previous three stages of shikai in his hands to defend himself while in bankai, though he tends to use the sword form. To increase effectiveness, the branches can create branches, then from those branches can form as well. Just like shikai, the bankai does distrupt reiatsu in the air and other things, to make it easier to absorb. The speed and power of it's attacks, are immense, also because if Ryu isn't directing it, it will home in on any reiatsu, and relay the information back to Ryu once it gets near, so he can know who he is attacking and whether or not to stop the attack, this also makes running from Ryu very difficult, and losing him very difficult, since even if he loses you his bankai will follow you, underground, in the air, or any other place. (Even if there is the no set "ground/floor" the bankai can still be used.) The sensing range of the bankai is roughly 1,300 meters or 4,200 feet.

Techniques: (Must have this template for all Techs)

Name: Honoo Kohaku
Effect: In his bankai form, Ryu will cause some of the branches to converge together and condense reiatsu into a single orb and fire it at his opponent.
Cooldown: 4 Posts (Bankai)

Name: Tenchijin
Description: Three lighting looking streaks of reiatsu, will come from Ryu's weapon and attack his target. It is about 3 bolts, that can be targeted at three enemies, or one depending on what Ryu prefers. (Shikai)
Cooldown: 2 Posts

Name: Shinrabanshou Daishizen
Description: The true and final attack of Ryu's bankai that all the branches will attack the given targets with immense strength and destructive power. Ryu will be slow to use because it will attack any Rei in the area, that it senses other than him. Any reiatsu, sensed other than Ryu will be attacked, it is up to Ryu to have it distinguish people and stop it from attacking them. This will leave him exausted, but because the bankai can sustain itself with reiryoku from the air it will not revert. There will be several branches, branching out, violently and speedily trying to kill their targets.(Bankai)
Cooldown: 6 Posts

Last edited by Ryusaki Toketsu on Sun May 16, 2010 7:24 am; edited 3 times in total
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Mister Smiles


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PostSubject: Re: Ryusaki Zanpaktou (Reapplied...)   Sat May 15, 2010 9:09 am

For your shikai, how do you proceed with each stage? Please give a detail written description. Do you automatically go into bankai after all the stages? Or do you choose. Your bankai, do you just randomly grow branches? Will your zanpakuto turn back into it's sealed state if it doesn't get reiatsu? Does it have a mind of it's own and will attack you and other allies? Write a better description including the previous question's answers.

Tenchijin: Can you attack with the lightning looking streaks of reiatsu separately? Or do you release them at the opponent all at once.

Shinrabanshou: You should lessen the area of which it attacks. You should also tell in more detail on how all the branches attack at the given targets. Do they merge into one big giant "branch" or what? Also, if it is the final attack, do you return to your sealed state after it's completed? Also, do you use up a lot of your reiatsu when using this attack?

Please edit.
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The Hunter


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PostSubject: Re: Ryusaki Zanpaktou (Reapplied...)   Sun May 16, 2010 7:31 am

Alright, put a description on the range, and the 3rd stage, godmoddy.. So, lessen it a bit, and put a range cause I don't want you doing that with the whole freakin' earth.. And I feel as though you're trying to cram in a whole shit load of techniques into your shikai ability, but I guess it's alright.. Then describe how much reiatsu you steal at shikai and bankai.. Cause you said when you cut up your enemy, you get there reiatsu.. And limit the bankai.. Cause those branches are way godmoddy.
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PostSubject: Re: Ryusaki Zanpaktou (Reapplied...)   

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Ryusaki Zanpaktou (Reapplied...)
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