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The site is currently going through a Revamp. So certain things will slow down, such as application responses. However, once we have our revamp over, the site will return to its familiar luster. Just hold with us for a moment as we implement new rules and features to the site. This Revamp is expected to begin on 5/1/10 and shall conclude on 5/20/10. It will take a full ten days at least for the first half to conclude on account of size of staff and school.
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PostSubject: Tsuneo   Fri May 14, 2010 11:54 pm

Arrancar Registration

Name: Tsuneo X2

Rank: Elite Arrancar ( a renacido i think it is called )

Age: 1312 / 23

Appearance: Tsu wears a long tailored red suit, complete with hat. The suit is a close resemblance of Alucard’s from Hellsing, with only minor differences. The first and most noticeable change is that instead of the bow-like tie that is worn on the original there is only a normal, plain red tie. Also, the jacket/vest thing worn under the coat is abandoned leaving the white dress shirt underneath exposed. Tsu’s complexion and build are unique for him, his skin tone is a faint green that makes him appear to be sick most of the time if he is not moving around. And the build of his body is an average torso and legs, with the exception of the arms. One arm is slightly brutish in appearance and swells under his jacket sleeve, where as the other has the sleeve draping over it due to a lack of skin and muscle. This is his left arm and it is merely a skeleton that moves only due to his controlling it with the power of his reitsu. On his lip there are a handful of sharp fangs hanging from the outermost layer, this is his mask.

Gender: Male

Personality: Tsuneo is a hard person. He hates everyone and everything, although he seems to be able to fake his way through being respectful to his superiors. Tsuneo would attack someone who shares his rank and those below him for no reason other than the fact that perhaps they gave him a cross look, or even the person behind him is getting the look but he thinks that it is coming at him regardless of gender, age, or size in comparison to him. But if an Espada were to do the exact same thing he would simply brush it off as nothing of a threat. So to summarize; Tsuneo is a hard, hateful violent person with respect for nothing but titles. Oh yes and very much so insane in a literal sense, and the only person able to control him seems to be Nelia


Hair Color: Black

Likes: Gore, Blood, Pain of others, Causing the Pain of others, Sex, Tacos

Dislikes: Everything that exist and is not on the above list.

Crushes: Blood, lots of it. :]




[Life Before Death]

While still alive Tsuneo was known well as Alexander Strokerson, a commanding squad leader in the United States Army Rangers. He was a killer by instinct and this helped him on his missions, as a part of the Tsuneo Company he was sent out on all of the questionable assignments where he was asked to keep his mouth shut and his head down in exchange for a large paycheck. It was never revealed to the higher ups but they could have paid Alex nothing at all and he gladly would have gone on the chase, for him the satisfaction he received from taking another’s life was enough and the money was simply an added bonus.

One day in mid-summer Alex was sent to India for the sake of eradicating a small village that had contracted a powerful disease and was to be destroyed before the virus was able to spread. Upon arriving at his destination he encountered the first group of targets. He observed them for a while, taking note of the locations they came from and where they were heading. He followed them to a small spring that was surrounded by cliff faces and was fed by a single thin river from its backside. In total there were five targets that had come here and out of them all but one that wore a large feathered headdress wadded out into the water. The man on the shore began some type of spiritual dance and a moment later a large demon creature with the body of a crocodile and a skull-mask for a head was summoned into the small cove.

The creature spoke in a foreign language and then the four people that had made their way out into the water drew blades and each cut off their left hands as a sacrifice to the beast. As the blood flowed in hard and steady streams that gushed with each beat of their individual hearts the spring below grew redder and redder and made a scent that started a kick start in Alex’s desire to kill. He sat there under cover waiting until the scent of blood became unbearable and he had to act and take at least a few lives, namely the large beast that intrigued him so.

He took the large bowie knife from the strap on his shoulder and charged into the pagan ritual with a battle cry that shook even the most inhuman creatures in the marrow of their bones. He started with the man on the shore that had on the odd headdress by shoving the blade in and keeping force on until it was protruding from the breast bone. Then he moved on to the people sacrificing themselves. They were easy enough since they gave no resistance and in a matter of seconds they were all lumpy piles of meat stacked on the bed of the pond. Now for the creature, though something odd and unexpected happened, the beast spoke in Alex’s native tongue and inquired upon him some interesting questions and offers. Foolish human, thinking that you can take my life. I’m surprised you can even see me, but that alone is rare and therefore makes me interested in you. So how would you like to become stronger than you could ever imagine? I can give you this power, all I ask is for a bit of food. Alex thought it over and found an offer of power interesting indeed but not from something as pathetic as this lowly creature, so he shook his head slowly no and then ran his knife through the face of the evil being causing it to scream in pain followed by it dissolving into oblivion. Alex found this satisfaction so great that he lowed his guard for only but a moment, but that was still enough for another creature identical to that he just killed to appear behind him and clamp his gargantuan rows of teeth around his left arm and throwing him into a cliff face. This broke his back and Alex was dead instantly.

[Life After Death]

He would wake again but this time in hueco mundo as an arrancar. Once he awoke though he had forgotten his old name, the only thing in his mind being the classification number he had been assigned, Tsuneo X2.

When Tsuneo first became an arrancar he was small, weak, and nothing more than an unranked piece of crap stuck to the bottom of an Espada’s sandal. That was the closest that anyone ever expected him to get to true power, that is until he became trapped inside the forest of menos one day and was forced to fight his way out. Tsuneo encountered many hoards of hollow as he proceded back toward the surface, eventually along the way he lost a decent chunk of his mind. The rational diplomatic side of his thought process that is. Luckily he only had to fight off one actual menos grande, but it seemed to be injured already so Tsuneo easily cut it down to size. After emerging from the forest nearly dead and completely exhausted, he passed out and laid on the desert ground for three days straight.

After waking fully restored he set off in the direction of Las Noches. It had finally happened; Tsuneo had snapped and was going to get revenge on all of the arrogant fraccion that came into his crazed stare of doom. Once he arrived at las noches he went wild. “Come on now, I thought you said that I was nothing but shit on the ground, crushed into a flattened pie to you. So get your asses back here so I can cut all of you so that you wish you were dead.” Called Tsuneo as he was on his revenge raid. In the end Tsuneo had managed to slaughter about a full third of the fraccion as a collective whole of all the Espada’s underlings. Seeing how much power and ferocity he had, not to mention the fact that all of his others were now corpses on the palace floor, Tsuneo was accepted into the elite ranks of the espada.

Innate Ability: Brazo de la Muerte A Green and purple spiritual energy covers both arms, from the finger tips then continuing up the limb until it reaches the shoulder. This energy will spread to cover anything that is grasped by Tsu, but in turn the energy will instantly stop its flow if he releases his hold. This energy coating acts as an enhancement to all physical attacks that utilize the strength of the arms. For example, a normal punch that is thrown would be enhanced to have the attack power of that of a normal cero blast,that is if the punch is swung fast enough. However not only punches are thrown using the arms, the cero cover enhances the strength in each arm so that attacks that concern things like thrusting a sword down would be even more effective and powerful.

Picture of Character:

Sample Chapter:

Tsuneo was attempting to keep a somewhat formal position, but with the sounds of Nelia eating Val’s corpse only a few feet away was too much so he broke down and stared with a deep focus as the woman slowly lifted flesh, muscle, and the occasional bone or two directly from the still warm and fresh body with her teeth. He felt an odd feeling that he seemed to recognize as something he used to feel before the loss of his mind, though he could not put his finger on just what it was. The longer he watched the stronger the feeling got

As he witnessed Nelia continue to rip out parts of the body required in life his body elevated in temperature, and he almost started to sweat. His eyes became more wild than normal following the tiny streams of deep warm crimson that fell from the woman’s mouth as she released her suction on the lifeless body to breathe in. The entire process forced Tsuneo to have the side effects grow more and more powerful until he felt he could no longer bare it, as though his entire body would soon internally combust. His eyes were dilated now, like an animal on the hunt that spotted its prey, and he didn’t notice his tongue hanging out of his mouth, nor did he notice the ever hardening lump in the front of his pants.

This kept on all the way through even the most excruciating of it all when his fellow arrancar worked away at the contents on the dead woman’s chest and internal organs. At this point Tsuneo has become a near nervous wreck, so he places the arm he ripped off in his mouth to distract him. But alas his sharpened teeth slice clean through, bone and all.

So the limb falls and just as it hits the floor he is awoken from his trance by Nelia moaning "You've got to try this! It's sooooo goooood!" At this point all that remained was the lower body and the head, so Tsu quickly snatched the half devoured corpse and rushed out into the hall and slammed the door. For the next sixty seconds all activity and sound in the meeting room fell silent to the low and primal grunting moans that Tsuneo let out as well as a disturbing squishy sound of flesh on flesh.

Tsu reentered the room dragging the corpse with a hunk of muscle packed into his mouth which probably came from the new mouth shaped holes in the leg and crotch area of the body. As well as this the body was leaking a milky white fluid not only from the lower body, but also from the recently ruptured left eye. Tsuneo dropped the mangled but still recognizable body on the ground near Nelia and returned to where he had stood only a minute ago then saw everyone in the room staring at him.“What?”

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You get fifth.
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