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 Re-vamp Ajaket Diashi(Aiming for Second-in-command position of the Renacido)

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Ajaket Diashi


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PostSubject: Re-vamp Ajaket Diashi(Aiming for Second-in-command position of the Renacido)   Sat May 15, 2010 3:41 am

Name: Diashi, Ajaket
Has been referred to by:
‘Aja’ / Black-Robed One / Butcher of Hell

Rank: Elite Arrancar, Second-In-Command.

Age: Somewhere along the lines of 2,065 years of age(Note: This approximation of age is the time period in which Ajaket has been an arrancar, he is unsure how many years he has spent as a Hollow).

Visual Age: 18 years

Appearance: A youth, so close to the thralls of adulthood(In human terms). His appearance is a rather shoddy one, as he is unkempt to the letter. His clothes are often neglected and usually wrinkled, torn asunder, sometimes even filthy. Such tattered clothing gives a pretty bad impression for those who do not know him, well enough … as well as resulting in the underestimation of the lethality of Ajaket. Quite honestly, based on his attire, he looks more like a bum than a member of the most belligerent spiritual species. But, that suits him just fine due to his apathetic attitude about his dress. His physical condition is a bit different.

His appearance is messier, appearance-wise, on a greater scale than that of his clothing. One may usually find him with his hair spread out in all directions like a pom-pom, or with some parts matted, others spiked upwards. The untamed black mess that is his hair occasionally drapes down and covers his eyes, hiding the crimson orbs that possess a hazel tinge to them. Often, one finds him yawning, while pushing the lengthy hair back so as to regain his sight. Surprisingly, his hair does not stink as he does happen to take the liberty to shower when the luxury is available, still ... it's like a wild growth of nature tangled up and stuck itself onto his head, and was dyed black.

Beyond the messiness that is his clothing and the mophead hair, he is actually quite a fair-looking individual. White and clean skin, free of both hair growth and a similar mess upon his head, is abundant upon him, and his eyes have an unusually bright light to them, drawing attention because of their glow and of their odd color. If he got around to cleaning his hair and matting it back, it would be of a silk-like texture that covers his head and the back of his neck. His nose is also un-protruding, not quite being a large honker that juts out from his face. His ears are lost in the mass of black dead protein that is his hair. Interesting to note about his facial features is the apparent lack of eyebrows … though most don’t notice unless they are not intrigued by the eye color.(Crimson and Hazel)

His body is mostly … average. He stands at a moderate height, and stature, and thus can not be imposing or intimidating … though that’d be impossible to his already lackluster appearance. It’s also apparent he's a bit on the thin side, and comparatively lanky(but not bony) with that of those who have honed their strength through training. But, no denying that there is something there, honed flesh that is strangely strong. His body is quite resilient and possesses high endurance. His hierro isn’t all that great, probably not better than the average arrancar. However, in a contest of strength, he possesses unusual physical strength that makes up for such a thin and seemingly untrained build.

There is … one mark of shame upon him. No actually, there are two.

The first of these marks is the faint imprint of the Arabic numeral ‘9’, placed on the palm of his left hand. It represents his failure as an Espada earlier in his life, and the rank was stripped from him. Luckily, the wound from having the tattoo removed has mostly healed, leaving only the faint reminder of the past. But even that small little patch of skin with a slight discoloration(albeit difficult to recognize unless one looked at it closely) stings Ajaket more deeply than it would seem. This small scar also serves as his motivation for serving the arrancar of Las Noches, as well as a source of his devotion, since the shame that the scar brings must be tended to with earned respect of the others, so that the shame can be forgotten.

The second mark is not as easily hidden as the first. It represents the betrayal of his brother. Kenryu Diashi, age 768, the twin of Ajaket, attacked his brother with the intent of killing him. Ajaket survived, but a large diagonal scar has been carved into his back. Though it’s been almost a millennium since this wound has been inflicted, it serves as a painful reminder to Ajaket … and it helps him to remember to keep to himself, while remaining loyal to the arrancar. This is the primary explanation for his reclusive-like tendencies, until he opens up and makes friends.

Additional Info:
-Clothing of Choice: As mentioned, Ajaket is rather … messy when it comes being dressed. He hates complicated clothing, those that contain all sorts of locks, straps, buttons, zippers and whatnots to hold things together. So, things are simple. If they are not simple, they are burned. If they cannot be burned, then they shall be ripped. And if that is not possible, then they shall be donated.

He tends to wear a jacket, which has a back the drops down to his feet, creating a sort of ‘tail’. The jacket’s sleeves are a wee bit too long for Ajaket, and he usually folds them up … or he doesn’t even bother with them. Occasionally, he drapes the jacket on his shoulders instead of actually wearing it. There are 'buttons' intended to keep the jacket closed up ... but Aja never bothers with them. Here's the unusual part. Unlike most arrancar, who wear white clothing, the jacket Aja dons is mostly black. He has received complaints before, but he claims to hate wearing white, as it is a pain to clean. The jacket is sort of more along the lines of an over-coat/trenchcoat mix. It's usually stained brown from coffee.

Underneath the jacket, he tends to wear a white shirt of sorts. Simple, white ... usually clean, but sometimes he gets lazy and starts to re-wear clothing. He would not care for wearing a shirt really, and sometimes even goes out without bothering with anything on top except for his jacket. An interesting side note: He wears white shirts because out of habit, due to an immense amount of complain he received earlier in his life(specifically that of his habit of wearing a black jacket). It's quite close-fitting, unlike his over-sized jacket, but tends to get torn up a lot ... he uses the shredded ones as fuel for a fire. There are no logos, no symbols, no marks, and above all, no color on these shirts. But, strangely, the sleeve for the right arm does not exist(intentionally made that way), while there is one for the left arm ... Fracciones have asked how he has so many exact duplicates of these shirts, down to the odd sleeve lengths.

For the bottom, it's a strange black AND white pair of pants, more fitted to look something like ... ... ... well, to put it simply, they're not really baggy. They're not quite tight-fitting, either though. The sash around his waist is the standard black one. Though it's there for formality's sake.

As for footwear? Standard ones or barefoot. Usually not bare.

-Height: 5’ 5.4” (166.116 cm)

-Weight: 152lbs(68.94604024 kg)[/i]

-Hollow Hole Location: Just around the abdomen ... somewhere down there.

-Mask Fragment Location and Appearance: ???????? - No one knows as Ajaket has never told ... although it you look closely, there's this sort of white semicircle about his neck going from the left side, behind him, then attached on the other side. ... hmmmm. It looks like half a collar!

Gender: If the appearance didn't tip you off, he's MALE

Personality: How to say it … he’s a recluse. Numerous bad experiences in his life have shut his heart in recent years, and he is unwilling to be ‘friends’ with any random arrancar or other individual(unless he‘s drunk). He hides away from the world by sleeping, hence his usually apathetic and lethargic habits. His appearance is due to a conditioned habit of being sloth-like, and it also stems to the fact that most free-thinking individuals don’t wish to associate themselves with such a person whose appearance gives the wrong impression. However, to those who have managed to pry open the layers of barriers to his well-hidden heart, he opens up surprisingly. He can get quite animated, being rather … amiable and talkative, amongst familiar company. His trust is not easily earned, but once it has been, he’ll be a devoted friend until the end of world. Through thick and thin, he'll be there to support them, in combat or in the hectic daily life as an arrancar …

A side note: He probably has the worst luck in the world. In most non-combat situations, the worst possible thing imaginable always afflicts him. (Anything from being in the path of a door slamming into his face, to be at ground level and walk right into where some large object falls from the 10th floor[or higher] or anything like that or worse). Due to this absence of fortune, and constant embarrassing even humiliating instances of his life, he tends to avoid people even more. His desire to avoid, and then running into one of these situations comes off to others as though he were some kind of a buffoon. But, such circumstances work into his favor as the sane(or at least sentient) ones who care about their personal image tend to stay away from him.

But while he tries to keep them away, deep down he yearns to have friends … companions … confidants, people who he could easily talk to, fight with, and trust in. Thus, for those who choose to associate with him after putting up with his horrendous habits and dress, he tends to be a bit more open to, and if all goes well, he’ll consider them friends. But what contrasts so sharply to this lazy being, who acts stoic but possesses a gentle, humble nature that desires bonds, is the level of ferocity he has when engaged in combat.

Alright, maybe not that large of a contrast, but this lethargic buffoon of an arrancar is surprisingly aggressive. While it’s not a complete one eighty from his normal habits, he finds great pleasure in battle … having a sort of ‘rush’ that is soothing, due to the exhilarating sensation of the adrenaline flowing through, the tension building, and overall the pulsating heart and mind of his as he tries to fight and kill whoever it is he‘s fighting. However, he does not engage combat and thus have a personality shift unless an enemy(being anything that’s not an arrancar) shows up in his pesquisa range. So, even if he gets the message that shinigami are going to attack, he won‘t bother picking up his sword until they get close enough for him to detect them.

His sloth-like habits are disregarded, the layers of barriers are momentarily pushed aside to let slip the wrath and detest of his natural and instinctive self so that he fights to kill(and therefore win). Even, his stoic and silent tendencies are lost in the midst of battle. But, of course, this applies for only some time. Initially, he’s openly hostile to enemies, but … if they put up a good fight, or exquisitely suffer, his rude and profane façade gives way to a smiling mute. This is when he no longer minces words, but focuses on the battle at hand, enjoying the clash of blades, and reiatsu and the adrenaline rush(should there be any). Now, if the battle should wear on for too much, he becomes more foul-mouthed and a bit of a sarcastic smartass whose commentary is always given about his opponent. And if should his opponent fail to be one that puts up a decent fight, he may even consider just leaving the battlefield to find a nice place to nap.

So, an arrancar who disguises his true nature out of fear for his own past to repeat itself, and craves for companionship as well as life-long struggle(battle). But who are we to determine if this is truly himself? How do we know that this is nothing more than a fabricated persona adopted for the rigors of being a killer in the Las Noches army? Simply put, we don’t, and won’t ever know. One thing is certain, his love of battle exceeds that of his love of company.

A note: As time has progressed, his love for battle has extended into a love of music. But, the only sounds he loves most are the rondos of battlefields, symphonies of explosions(usually Ceros), operas of anguished cries, and the wondrous suites of shattering bones … one … after … another … and … another … and another.

Hair Color: Black, if the appearance didn't make it clear.

Likes: Oh ... music. But not the music that most people would assume.

Dislikes: Shinigami, though it's more of an instinctive dislike ...



Specialties: None. Besides evading work, at ANY and ALL costs.

What is he? Is he a man or a beast? Is he that of a human or of a monster? What is he? Why is he that? Can he ever go back, to what he was before? Would he ever go back?

An Arrancar. The phase between that of the Shinigami and the Hollow. An evolutionary height in the quest for power of all Hollows. With powers of both sides, one cannot classify this being as to be of either races … but a new, perhaps superior one. Ajaket Diashi, an arrancar. He did not choose to go down the path of evolution that would lead to this state, but once he knew that this was the end … and that what he held dear could be returned to him if only he went on, he became it.

Perhaps he could go back. Perhaps he could become a human … he could live out his life in the world of the living. That simple life filled with happiness, spawned of ignorance. But, such thoughts sicken him. He is of a new race … he is of a new being. His body now is capable of far greater things than ever imaginable. His life of today quashes all dreams of a life in the past. Though, that is not to say, that he does not think of the past. And often, in those nights of rest … he dreams of the past, much to his disgust.

All Arrancar have a cycle of life ... and it all begins with interconnecting cycles that eventually merge together. The first being:

Human -> The start of all circles, circumscribed in that of time.
But who knows? and who cares? A human is insignificant.

Although ... when this arrancar looks back ... there IS one memory, that he keeps to himself.


Hollow -> The Beginning of This Path.


An Arrancar is born of a Hollow. And the most powerful of arrancars are born from the most powerful of Hollows. But, everything must have rules. Everything must have laws. Everything must have an order.

-The Gillian:

-The Adjucha:
. . .

-The Vasto Lorde:

Transition to Arrancar = The End of the Line:
And now we reach the conclusion of the story of Ajaket. Or really, the start of the newest chapter.


Induction to Las Noches! The Newest Diashi Family member!: (This marks the beginning of Aja’s 2065 years of being an arrancar)

Innate Ability: N/A
At this point in time, even after two millennia of living, Ajaket has found himself without an innate ability. He doesn't want one, and he doesn't have one. Suits him just fine.

Picture of Character:

Sample Chapter: (All the italicized portions littered in my Bio count as sample Chapter/Roleplaying samples ... just a note)
Old RP Sample:

New RP Sample Chapter:
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The Hunter


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PostSubject: Re: Re-vamp Ajaket Diashi(Aiming for Second-in-command position of the Renacido)   Sat May 15, 2010 3:47 am

Considering the revamp, I can say for now approved as an Espada.. I dunno about the position.. Sorry for the inconvenience.
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PostSubject: Re: Re-vamp Ajaket Diashi(Aiming for Second-in-command position of the Renacido)   Sat May 15, 2010 6:26 pm

Oh. Second in command or whatever. NOT Segunda, but second in command. I'm trying something new..
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PostSubject: Re: Re-vamp Ajaket Diashi(Aiming for Second-in-command position of the Renacido)   

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Re-vamp Ajaket Diashi(Aiming for Second-in-command position of the Renacido)
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