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 Elite Application: Layle[Finished]

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PostSubject: Elite Application: Layle[Finished]   Sat May 15, 2010 7:32 pm

Rogue Arrancar Application

Name: Layle
Nicknames/Alias: The Keeper of The Rain

Rank: Elite
Status Rank: Vasto Lorde

Age: Unknown
Visual Age: Early 20's

Layle is six feet tall and weights about 175 pounds give or take a few pounds. He has snow white hair that is fairly short, but long enough to get in his eyes. He has shining blood red eyes that all the women say are very sexy. He has fairly unusual pale skin, but it isn’t a sickly pale color that makes everyone throw up it is a tone that actually compares well with his red eyes and snow white hair. He has a fairly built muscle tone, which is from simply practicing Parkour in his free time. Parkour greatly increased his Agility, Speed, strength, and even critical thinking to a point that any human wouldn’t imagine.

The clothes that Layle wears are rather human looking in appearance. This is simply because Layle regrets dying before he could do what he loved for a profession. So, he decided to wear normal looking clothes to help him deal with that regret. He wears black socks with street shoes that have very good grip, because he needs shoes that grip for Parkour. He wears dark colored jeans with a black skin tight jumpsuit-like sleeveless shirt under a dark grey zip up jacket, which stays unzipped at about his Sternum. He carries his Zanpakuto in a Saya on his right hip for an easy draw when needed.

Layle’s outer appearance doesn’t really reveal that he is an Arrancar, but he does have a piece of his hollow mask left, which is worn on his right ring finger. The Remaining part of his hollow mask is a rather badass looking ring with a fairly large Sapphire gem in it, which is the color of the beautiful ocean. Then, the last couple of things, his hollow hole and Tattoo, are hidden by his clothing most of the time. The Espada tattoo is located on the lower right part of his back and his hollow hole is located directly above his stomach, but you can still see some of his abs around the hollow hole.

Even though, Layle likes to wear his skin tight jumpsuit-like black sleeveless shirt. He is sometimes see without it on and simply his jacket unzipped all the way to reveal his fairly toned upper body, but if he does go without his shirt he will go without his socks and shoes as well. The reason behind this is fairly unknown, but he has been heard telling other people, that a bare footed is the best thing for Parkour.
Height: 6'0
Weight: 175 Pounds
Blood Type: O-


Remains of Hollow Mask: A Sapphire ring that is on his Right Ring Finger
Tattoo Location: Lower Right Part of his back
Hollow Hole Location: Stomach[Right over his abs]
Aspect of Death: Regret
Cero Color Orange
Gran Rey Cero Color: Dark Blue, Orange, and Neon Green swirllig together
*Sidenote: Layle can fire his Ceros or GRCs from anywhere on either of his hands. They can be fired from his knuckles, palms, fingers, etc. etc.*


Regret is something that Layle has a lot of, because of his unfinished business from the human world. This regret revolves around the single event of him dying before he could go to college, get married, have kids, and everything of that nature. So, this regret leads to many events in his spirit and hollow life. This regret is usually seen when he is put in an event that will encounter him to have a flashback of his former life and prevent him from attacking like a mindless hollow. Due to his Hollow-nature, he has to be kept in check or he would consume everything within his sight just to get stronger.

Layle is a very usually calm Arrancar. He doesn’t let his Hollow instincts come out that often. He simply tries to always stay calm and reaction rationally. This will prevent him from going head strong into battle, which in turn would get him killed. So, Instead of always getting angry or things like that. He stays rather calm in any type of event that will most likely happen to him in the near future. He usually meditates or takes deep breaths to prevent him from getting worked up over something. This calm nature, Layle has, is sometimes mistaken as not caring, or the lack of it, but that isn’t the case at all.

Layle has a very collect state of mind, in which he uses to keep on track with various task that are given to him by his La Primera or his King. The collected state of mind is brought ton by his training in Parkour along with his meditation that he does. This collected state of mind act a lot like his calmness. While, he has a collected human-like state of mind he can keep fairly calm along with react the way he truly feels without being brought down to his hollow side level. Also, this keeps him in check of his facial expression to the point that he can keep his emotion hidden, if he choose too.

Layle’s loyalty lies with himself. The Espada doesn’t really believe in swearing himself to one person. Now, this doesn’t mean he doesn’t listen to his superiors it only means that he chooses what path he wants without even thinking about his leader. So, he doesn’t pledge his loyalty to anyone but himself, which in this case would be a very good thing. Since, in the heat of battle things change rather rapidly. So, having no loyalties to anyone but yourself can be a good thing and it can be a bad things at times.

Even though, Layle doesn’t hold loyalties with anyone but himself. He does have respect for a great number of people, who are his superiors in the great king’s army. Yet, the main aspect of Layle’s respect is that he believes that one should earn Respect, wither it be by beating it into him or by simply revealing ones rank. The way doesn’t really matter in his mind, but if someone of higher or equal rank is in front of him. He will give them the respect that is required, since he believes that rank is a sign of power and skill. Yet, if he is faced by a cocky enemy, or friend, that is of lower rank. He will most likely not give that person respect due to him not believing they are worth it.

Layle is a complete flirt. He flirts with about any Beautiful girl he sees. This can, of course, cause some problems with other people, but he doesn’t seem to really care about that. He hits on a number of different girls from all races, like Superhumans, Shinigami, and even Bountou. Yet, He doesn’t do this out of love. He simply does it out of pleasure. Most women find that his always calm attitude it kind of sexy in a way. So, he really doesn’t have to try hard to get them to sleep with him. Also, with the use of seduction he can get enemy women from other races to second guess themselves, which in turn could cause there deaths.

Layle’s fighting state of mind is about the same as normal, collected, relaxed, and calm. This greatly increases his chances of living through a fight, because he doesn’t go with his emotions. He fights with his skills, power, and mind at such a level it would be useless to let his emotions control him. Layle’s fighting style revolves around him getting close and personal with his enemies, but he is still very capable of fighting long to mid range as well. Yet, he tends to be referred to as a Calm Demon, because he usually brutality kills whoever he fights to the point of making it nearly impossible of making out who they are.


Likes: ~Beauituful Women, Parkour, Food, Music, Fighting, and lots more~

Dislikes: ~Ugly women and letting his Regret get to him~

Forte in Sports: ~Not really a Sport, but he is a master in the art of Parkour~

Special Skill:


Zanpakuto Name:
~L'acqua di Dio[Meaning The Water of God]~
Innate Ability:
~Infinite Pioggia~[Meaning Infinite Rain]:
Layle’s innate ability is a rather unique and simple one that revolves around creating rain on the spot. This ability can be deactivated as well as activated in any world (HM, SS, and Human World) without any trouble at all. The rain isn’t a real hard stormy type of one, but it is more of a simply cloudless spring rain that comes every so often. Yet, the rain was completely infused with his Spiritual Energy, but the Rain doesn’t take that much Spiritual energy to maintain for a long period of time. The rain, being infused with his Spiritual Energy, can give off signals to Layle’s mind telling him when someone enters his raining area. The Signals give Layle the exact location of that person or persons that have entered his innate abilities range. The Limit of this ability is that it can’t tell Layle what race that person is, unless he has felt that Spiritual Energy signal before, and the second limit is that he can only do it in places like Las Noches, Seireitei, and the main part of Karakura town or Kagamino City. This Innate ability has even given Layle the Nickname of The Keeper of The Rain for the Espada.

~Human Life~
Layle was born into a middle class family that lived in Rome, Italy. Layle’s father was an owner of various grape fields, which were turned into wine, and his mother was a nurse at a hospital in the city. He lived out in a fairly normal sized house on the outskirts of the business city of Rome. He was the oldest of three children, he had a younger brother and a younger sister, and they seemed to be a pretty happy family.

Layle’s childhood was a fairly normal one filled with work, School, and hobbies. He grew up working in his Father’s grape fields, until he came of age to go to school. Then, he went to school everyday and even tried to do some sports, but none of the normal sports got his attention well enough. Due to him being a rather smart kid, he had to find other ways to keep himself busy after he finished his work, and that is when he found out about Parkour. He was only 6 or 7 at this time but he fell in love with it.

Parkour became his passion as he grew up learning all about the physical discipline that he learned to love. At the age of 17, he began to train for Parkour very harshly. Yet, even though he trained very hard his grades didn’t fall. Both of his parents were happy that he had found something to keep his attention away form Drugs and things of that nature. So, they let him do whatever he wanted when it came to training, studying, and even practicing Parkour on a daily basis.

When, Layle reached the age of 18 he graduated from his high school with honors. He decided he would go out of the county for his college, and his parents both agreed with his choice. He quickly packed and was accepted for a college out of the county in no time. Even though, he went to college he picked a college that was next to a huge ass city. This was for the simple practice of his passion, which was Parkour. He trained everyday in-between classes and even after class. He needed to become a Master of Parkour before he left College. This would greatly help him keep himself healthy through physical activity.

At the age of 21, he graduated College with honors as well, and he was accepted into a huge corporation directly after graduation. He kept with Parkour as he went to his job every single day, but everything in his life was good. Yet, one event would end his life without any warning. One night as he was coming home form a late night at the office, A Drunk driver ran of the road and hit him on the sidewalk.

The drunk driver drove off the road as Layle was walking down the sidewalk coming home form a late night at work. The car slammed into the young man instantly killing him, and killing the driver as well. The wreck was called in, but there as nothing that could be done. This event changed Layle’s goals completely as he arose as a Spirit or pulse.

~Soul Life~
-Living Alone-
Layle lived on as a Pulse chained down to the location of his death, due to him having unfinished business on earth. Even though, some kids could see him they didn’t do anything about helping him. He hide back in the alleyway, where he was killed, as his Soul Chain slowly began to eat itself away. Hollows, Shinigami, and other beings walked past him a she simply hide away. He began to think about all the things he could’ve had if he was still human and this had a great effect of his Soul Chain being eaten away. He simply sat down and sobbed until he became engulfed in a simple emotion of Regret.

-The Regret-
Layle had spent an unknown amount of time just sitting against the alleyway wall sobbing a she tried to think of what he could do to pass over. Yet, he knew e was chained to this location until he had finished what he started. Yet, he didn’t know what to do. He simply watched as the Chain in his chest began to get shorter and shorter. Yet, only a couple of links remained as he began to feel an uncontrollable amount of regret flush over him. He didn’t know what to make of it the unbelievable feeling of Regret. He was Insane as his Soul Chain corroded. Yet, Finally the last link was eaten and a transformation took place.

-The Change-
The hollow transformation, or The Change, didn’t happen quickly at all. Layle’s soul body quickly broke apart and quickly reformed into a solid black being as the mask liquid shot out of his mouth and eyes and began to cover his whole face. Moments pasted as Layle tried to fight the Transformation but unfortunately he couldn’t fight it for very long. He quickly let loose a huge howl and growl as he went to find very strong souls within his area.

He feed until he couldn’t eat anymore. Then, he suddenly opened up a rift, which was known as a Garganta, and exited the Human to return to the home of all Hollows, Las Noches. This was the beginning of his long life as a hollow.

~Hollow Life~
-Normal Hollow Life-
Layle was a rather fierce hollow killing any human with an abnormal Spiritual energy reading. He only thought about devouring hundreds, or even thousands, of Souls and Humans that could feed his thirst for strong level souls. He went through Karakura Town and any other place that had high levels of souls or humans with a high level of Spiritual energy. This would eventually help regain some of his mind to prevent him from solely thinking about one thing, which were souls.

He slowly regained his state of mind as he began to get more powerful as the years passed by. Yet, he knew there was more power to be had in this new world he was changed into. So, he began to simply continue what he was doing, and hopefully he would evolve into something more powerful at a later date.

-The Gillian is Born-
The more humans and Souls Layle devoured. The strong he felt but the hole in his heart didn’t get filled like all the times before that. He didn’t know what was happening to him. Yet, he soon found out what would fix this hole in his heart. He began to devour hollows of great strength or equal strength to him as he found his way to grow in power again. This continued for an untold amount of time as grew strong he became drawn to other Hollows that feed on other hollows as well. Once, they were all gather a mass inter-devouring follows, which resulted in Layle becoming a Menos Grande, or the correct name for it would be Gillian.

This huge ass Hollow lived in the Menos forest with hundreds like it. Yet, since the transformation was new the Gillian didn’t have a mind to control it. it simply did exact what it was told. Yet, as time went on, Layle gained control of the body with resulted in the mask changing into a different one from all the others. He spent sometime deciding what he as, and he eventually began to devour more Gillians with greater or equal power to himself. He needed more power to help him get over his Regret that had hit him when he regained control of the Gillian’s body. He fed until he felt a growing power inside of his of him that felt like it was changing him from the inside out. Yet, this change didn’t happen right away, this new form was called Adujchas-level hollow.

-The Adujchas is Released-
The new found power that Layle was increasing was making him more of a threat to everyone around him. He began to get attacks on a daily basis, but none of them even devoured a single part of him. That was a good thing since if they did he would evolve anymore. He kept devouring hollows one by one as he grew in power until he felt a little power increasing in size within his body at a very fast rate. He quickly defeated the hollows that had surrounded him and went to an unknown place to transform. The sand around him quickly swirled around him in a tornado fashion as his body shined a bright white color and eventually exploded out revealing a new Layle.

Many changes had happened to Layle’s body one being his size decreases a lot, but he was still bigger then an average human. The mask on his face was rather normal looking, but it has little holes along his right and left cheek that looked like falling raindrops. Even though, he was a hollow his skin was a rather pale looking skin color, instead of the abnormal reds, blues, and greens of other Adujchas. He returned to the Menos forest to find other like him, and they explain to him all about what has happened to him in theses years of his evolution. Even though, the Adujchas had some traits of being human they still looked more hollow then anything, but due to his skin color and everything else. Layle looked more human. Yet, at this time he didn’t know what it meant. He simply knew he had to keep feeding on Adujchas and other hollows to keep him in this form.

-The Split in the Road-
The road that Layle had gotten himself on was a road of endless killing and regret as he tried to keep himself in this form. They told him that if he didn’t consume other hollows more and more he would revert back to the level of a Gillian, and it would be impossible for him to get back to this level. He knew he would have to kill the same hollows that told him what had happened, and they also told him he had one more evolution to go if he kept up his unbelievable progress. So, Layle went with his gut feeling and began to killing everyone around him and devour their bodies.

Years passed as Layle grew stronger and with his Strength growing his Regret grew as well. Yet, he could feel a huge power growing inside of him again and he knew hat his must be close to the new transformation again. Yet, he didn’t know if he could deal with the Regret long enough to finish his evolution to the perfect being. The Final Evolution was going to happen soon and Layle had to decide if he wished to go with the transformation or not.

The time finally came, in which Layle had to choose his path, either he would choose to make the transformation into a Vasto Lorde, or stop the transformation. He devoured three more very powerful Adujchas as he felt his body begin to shake. This was the moment he had waited for. A binding light engulfed the young Adujchas has he made his transformation into a young Vasto Lorde. The Sudden increase of Spiritual Energy and Pressure crushed all the low ranking hollows around him. Yet, this event brought a man to the area, where Layle stood. He still had some things about him that were hollow-like but he was no even more Human-like in appearance. He looked at the man as he told him to rip of his mask.

The young Vasto Lorde was about to say something when the man spoke to him about gaining more power that way. So, Layle reached up for his mask and began to rip it off. The Process wouldn’t take long, but he was quickly surrounded by a solid cube-like structure. The man waited as the cub finally shattered, and revealed a completely naked Layle. The Man threw him a roe and told him to follow him to his Headquarters. Of course, Layle listened and follow his new found friend to his headquaters.

~Arrancar Life~
-Meeting La Primera/Joining The Ranks-
The years that pasted until the present was something that made Layle even strong. He grew in power and followed his friend/Leader. He believed that his Leader only had one true friend and that ended up being Layle. So, the years passed as one more Vasto Lorde was brought to the group and was ranked above Layle. This didn’t seem to bother Layle. He liked the number three anyway.

Fighting Style:
Layle’s fighting style deals with a lot of Hand-to-hand fighting along with the use of his Zanpakuto. Even though, he is a very skilled hand-to-hand fighter. He thinks in a tactical way that every move he makes is apart of a much bigger plan, that will usually end with him winning the fight. He mixes different types of martial arts and created the style he uses today. Even Though, he uses hand-to-hand combat he is still skilled in weapon combat as well.
Rpg Sample:

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PostSubject: Re: Elite Application: Layle[Finished]   Wed Jun 16, 2010 9:53 pm

Finally Finished. Bump!
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PostSubject: Re: Elite Application: Layle[Finished]   Wed Jun 16, 2010 10:17 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Elite Application: Layle[Finished]   

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Elite Application: Layle[Finished]
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