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 super special awesome chocolate covered collab cero

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PostSubject: super special awesome chocolate covered collab cero   Sun May 16, 2010 2:55 pm

Hueco Mundo, the desolate white desert of the dead. Tsu stood in the middle of this barren wasteland with no one except his trusted friend Nelia. The two of them had come out into the rolling dunes of sandy white abyss in order to train for a greater level of power, a new type of attack that would be able to shake the core of the fabric if life itself. The pair had the power to do said task and so they looked at each other and almost read the opposites mind, the two were almost always together and as such had gained a link like a brother and sister able to sense each other’s thoughts by a simple glance at their face. And the two of them decided in their silent conversation that Tsu would start things off by figuring out his part of the attack first.

The semi-psychotic arrancar stepped forward and tried to remember what Nelia had said before when she briefed him on what their goal was to get out of this training session. Sadly he was a bit to brain dead and so he just kind of went with whatever came into his head first, despite the fact that that had never before been a good idea in his life time. Standing perfectly stiff he raised his hands so that they were straight out at his sides, elbows locked and slightly shaking. He began drawing in spirit particles from the surrounding area and in seconds, two ceros had formed and he was now shaking very badly, so bad in fact that he had to snap his arms down to his sides before he collapsed and fell face first into the sand. Luckily for his self esteem he was able to keep a small fragment of his dignity and remained on his feet, and then it hit him. He finally remembered what Nelia had told him that morning, that the idea was for him to remain loose and in a fluid like stance so that the particles could easily flow at an extremely fast pace through his entire being. He smacked himself in the forehead and turned his upper body so that he faced his partner and gave a smile of realization at his stupidity. Then he turned back around and prepared for his second attempt.

This time Tsu stood in as loose a stance as he could get and once again raised his arms but this time clasped together in front of him. He figured that he could create an even more powerful sphere of energy if he gave input from two different sources versus him using them separately. His thought process proved to be correct for once, sadly though the results were a bit more than he had originally intended to deal with. The mass of destructive energy swirled around in his palms and as he slowly moved the two ends of his limbs apart he could see a green and purple sphere forming, spinning faster and faster every second until finally the mass proved too be too much and resulted in a rather large explosion that sent the arrancar flying through the air until he slammed into a dune and sand crashed down covering all but his skeletal left arm and his face.

Nelia had walked over in a time that Tsu had apparently been knocked out cold, though he thought he remembered something like his friend punching him on the top of his skull he decided to just get back to work and ignore those thoughts less he probably go out again. So he slowly walked over to where he had been standing before with his hand grasping his pounding head.

This time he figured that he had finally worked out all the details in how he would produce a mass of cero like energy and be able to keep it relatively stable. He began once again in his loose stance but this time raised his hands out in front of him several feet apart. The energy started to swirl in the space between his limbs and small cracks of lightning started going off like a miniature thunderstorm. The mass finally started to take a rounded shape and after a moment a sphere was suspended between the arrancar arms. He could see that it was slightly unstable by its bulging on certain sides so he decided to let it loose from his grasps and let it fly. The mass went forward at an incredible speed and slammed into a near by dune, causing it to completely explode and send the sand flying everywhere and leaving nothing but a deep crater in the desert ground. He turned to his female companion and smiled once more, this time in satisfaction. Your Turn.


word count: 798
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PostSubject: Re: super special awesome chocolate covered collab cero   Mon May 17, 2010 10:48 am

Nelia was proud to have mastered herself recently. She'd learned how to keep her Reiatsu a little more controlled so that weak hollows didn't die when they came near her. After all, she enjoyed showing off before killing them.

Today, she and Tsuneo had agreed to perform their collaborative Cero which she'd designed the theory for. Now, it was a simple case of making it work in practice too. Tsuneo was obviously enthusiastic to try out their new weapon of mass destruction and so, proceeded to blow himself backwards into a dune. Nelia almost facepalmed at the idiocy of the young man. Without a shred of remorse, she walked over to the unconscious arrancar and punched him squarely on the crown of his head.

"I said relaxed! A normal cero position won't conduct the energy well enough." Nelia berated, watching Tsuneo get back to his feet and fire off a successful Cero this time. Nelia was all too happy to respond to the invitation of her turn. She was a powerful arrancar, if she could not do this in one shot then Tsuneo would never live it down. He would be rubbing it in her face for the next four centuries.

So she took her stance, correcting it every few seconds until the flow of reishi was exactly right. Too much and it would blow up like Tsuneo's. Too little and she'd fry her own arm. Wiser choice was to fire it from her arms than her mouth as she did with her normal Cero. She could fight if she had one arm. If she lost her head her career prospects looked grim.

"Watch closely Tsuneo. This is how to do it." Nelia explained, showing clearly that her stance was loose but firm. She would not move when pushed but was not anticipating a push. She was at perfect balance. She then did something strange: she pulled back the hair covering her eye and tucked it behind her ear. Tsuneo should have felt quite privileged, knowing that Nelia rarely showed her red eye. "El Ojo" Nelia explained, her red eye darting left and right, checking the reiatsu patterns in the air.

It all happened at once: Nelia's fingers glowed with a bright purple-red energy and collated into a ball of swirling heat. When it was just right, Nelia threw the Cero forward with a burst from her own reiatsu. A dune exploded upwards as the Cero hit, making Nelia grin with blood lust. She'd done it. She'd used the Cero first time.

"Tsuneo...It would be more powerful if we fired them both at the same time then connected them in the air. That way, when they collide they'll be even more powerful than we ever imagined." Nelia explained her theory carefully. Tsuneo was the force of the technique and Nelia was the control. Without the other neither could reach their Cero's full power. It was a fact of nature that two working together was always one on his own.

Nelia was not done yet however: She bellowed a cero into the midst, scaring a feeble arrancar out of his den. It was a pathetic creature, not even a Numeros. It was one of the many maggots that Nelia detested in Hueco Mundo. However, this one had some spine in the form of summoning more friends to help him. They thought they could beat Espada? Laughable! They would fall to their newly-designed Cero. In fact, they were convenient targets to aim for. Their Cero also had an AoE technique and as such, hadn't been fully tested yet.

"Hey Tsu...let's try to kill these maggots! It'll be a good test of our Cero. If we miss, they get to live. And I know how much you hate letting them live." Nelia suggested fondly, ruffling Tsuneo's hair affectionately. She pulled her hair away from her ear and let it fall over her eye once more. Her blackish-green hair rustling in the wind. Her eyelids closed and she took a pose, absorbing reishi into her body and mixing it with her own spiritual pressure. She was taking some of Tsuneo's too. This was about to amount to an atomic bomb going off.

Nelia extended her spiritual pressure out in all directions. Now, not only was Tsuneo bathed in it but so were the fleeing arrancar trash. Tsuneo would likely as much feel it but not be reduced to a blubbering wreck because of it. The maggots however sank to the ground, drawing in ragged breaths of air. Nelia's spiritual pressure was crushing them. It was like sitting at the bottom of the ocean while Nelia's spiritual pressure was extended.

"Tsuneo, fire the cero with me now. If it works, we'll utterly and completely destroy them in one hit. It shall be a wondrous symphony of death and discord!" Nelia grinned, twirling and making a ballet pose. As she straightened out of it, she levelled a finger at the maggots and began charging her Cero. Her fangs glinted in the moonlight and her eyes were lit with a vicious glee. She was relishing the chance to utterly and completely annihilate those weaklings that had sought to flee and not forgiveness. It was unforgivable that they should not recognize such powerful arrancar like themselves.


Word count:
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super special awesome chocolate covered collab cero
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