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 Geeez, would you look at the time?

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Ajaket Diashi


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PostSubject: Geeez, would you look at the time?   Mon May 17, 2010 2:21 am

I haven't slept in the last 20+ hours, and all that time was put into making this app.

Unfortunately, it my be riddled with errors(Spelling, Grammar, and Logic), just a forewarning.

Not sure if I toned down the innate(released)ability enough, please notify me if it's still too god-mode-y for a Second-in-command elite.

Anyhow, with further delay:

Name: Pesadilla metálica(Metallic Nightmare)

Release Phrase: Perforate

Represent: Unknown? (At worst, he'll be an armadillo since his armor is numerous plates covered atop each other)

Element: Reiatsu/Metal

Sealed Description: A bladeless hilt that looks relatively harmless. There is no sheath to match it, so it is carried by itself ... and often hidden inside Aja's large jacket so as to screw around with opponents. The hilt all in all is unsual not only because of it's lack of a blade, but an ornate design in its appearance. It looks more like an heirloom of some sort rather than a combat weapon. But, the trite phrase 'looks can be deceiving' applies quite well here. For starters, the length of the handle is almost one and half feet long(~45.72 cm), the guard appears to be a layer of three five-pointed stars, one stacked atop the other, each rotated slightly apart from each so that the points of them all can be seen. From the hilt out to the points is about two inches~(5.08 cm). The first of the starts is of a black color, the second is gray, the third is white. The hilt of the handle has a spiraling pattern of those three color.

When and how a blade materializes, it is merely a blade. A straight blade that points in the direction of the entire sword, and as plain and simple as any other zanpakuto.

Released Description: The hilt vanishes. Surprising? Not quite. But, nothing changes at first. There is no boom, the explosion of any kind, no loud noises ... just a vanishing part of a blade. Then, probably a moment after such, the changes suddenly materialize. Ajaket's Black and white clothes, his entire outfit, is now grey-colored, oddly enough. But, his left hand turns black, as though he dipped it into a container of paint. It's still his normal arm, but with the single dark color skin tone from the wrist beyond. His right hand experiences a color change much like his left hand, but instead turns pure white, much like the walls of Las Noches and the outfits of the many arrancar in that place. Yes, even his finger nails turn into their respective colors. Beyond that, there's nothing much visible.

Innate Ability:
-Technically, the released ability-

Absorption: The ability to disintegrate loosely bound reishi particles and absorb them so as to convert them into his own reiatsu. This is done only by the left hand, which requires that the respective palm be placed agains the desired object must be converted. Loosely bound refers to non-complex spiritual structures, such as certain buildings, the ground, free floating particles(clouds), sand, but nothing 'organic'(Zanpakuto, Spiritual beings, trees, grass, plants). Kido can be absorbed as well, but it'd be too late as direct contact is needed to do such, and the absorption process isn't instantaneous for most kido(exception of those beneath level 10 for either Hadou or Bakudo). While there isn't a limit to how much he can take in, the law of diminishing returns does have an effect on Aja, causing him to draw less and less reishi to convert the more times he uses it(If he must perform it up to 15 times in one fight, he's most likely to get nothing). Reverting from the release state resets the number of times he can perform the absorption, but he's incapable of releasing until the next time he fights(assuming he leaves the battlefield to rest. In the situation where he ends a fight only to wind up immediately in another, he'll still be incapable) if he voluntarily or unvoluntarily reverts.

Conversion: The ability to convert his own reiatsu into a metal(reishi-composed)compound. Performed by the right hand. A skill that spawns metal from the very palm of his hand. The amount of time it takes determines the amount of reishi placed into the metal, therefore determining it's quality and durability.

(Within one post) Instantaneously made weaponry can withstand blows from 3rd Seat shinigami, but eventually wear out(really soon) they are created just by mere thoughts, and are the easiest and least energy-consuming one.

(Within Two posts) A level up from instant metal, it's incapable of being destroyed by 3rd Seat shinigami and below(unless they exceptionally powerful), but LTs can damage it and eventually(over a few blows rather than one) break it

(Within Three) Another step up from before. Most LTs have to resort to Shikai level attacks in order to begin to damage it.

(Within Four) LTs possessing Bankai can still crush this level of metal with ease, Captains can pretty much break this without sweating, but Lts without Bankai are incapable of even scratching this metal(Unless they're abnormally strong).

(Within Five) LTs possessing Bankai have difficulty in damaging this level. Captain classes can still break this without having to release their Shikai, but it takes more than single hit to do such.

(Within Six) Unless the LT possesses Bankai and Captain-level strength, they cannot break this. A weaker than average Captain must resort to shikai to break this, a normal Captain can still break it without doing such, but it takes a bit of time(if they WERE to release Shikai, then it doesn't take long before this shatters into pieces).

(Within Seven) Captains need Shikai to break this level of metal(unless they're Kenpachi level strong OR the CC), since it takes too long to try to break this without it.

(Within Eight) This is the longest Ajaket can wait to increase the toughness of his metal. Waiting any longer is absurd and impossible as it will yield just the same result. Captains with Shikai will face some difficulty in breaking this metal, but can still do it regardless. They WILL need Shikai if they intend to break it. Bankai can easily suffice to smash through it.

A note about the number of posts required. It is equivalent to the first integer of the respective Kido level that it can withstand. One post can withstand 10 or below, Two posts can take 20 or below, and so on until the 8th post which can take on level 80 or lower kido. Anything beyond level 80 can take out whatever metal Ajaket can churn out.

Now about the production of metal. The substance first materializes from his right hand as a aqueous solution, and is immediately molded into the desired shape(by command over the reiatsu flowing through it). If he so wished, he could layer the stuff over his entire body. Any weapon shape, form, length, width, or type can be materialized at will, with the only factor requiring time being the quality(density/toughness) of the metal, as described earlier. There is a catch. If at any point the metal breaks ... and is no longer attached to another portion that is in direct contact with his body, it immediately disintegrates into free-flying reishi particles. So say, for instance, Ajaket was wielding a materialized sword ... if by any reason he were to no longer have his hand gripped upon the handle of the blade, and also any part of his body not in contact with it for that matter, even if only for a nano-second, it would disintegrate. But, a most amusing fact is that Ajaket does not need to really concentrate to prepare the higher quality of metal ... he just needs a bit of time to gather the necessary reiatsu to compose it, which means his combat abilities are not reduced in anyway. However, during this charge time(it will be noted in an OOC comment), he is incapable of using Cero, Gran Rey, Bala, Custom Cero, Collab Cero, or any technique(should he acquire any). He cannot perform an 'absorption', when readying a 'conversion'.

There are limits, though untested due to such being only capable in unrealistic settings. Grade 1 metal refers to the first level of the substance capable of being produced, up to Grade 8, the highest. Grades 1 to 4 can be produced seemingly endlessly. Grades 5 to 6 have quite a bit of drain which could severly limit Ajaket's battle capabilities, shorten the duration of which he can fight(If he resorts to this level, a fight cannot last more than 4 pages. Regardless if he started with it, or not) High quantities of this substance may reduce the time even further. Grades 7 to 8, if used more than once or twice or in high quantities, could cause a reversion from the Released State. If reversion does not occur, then tremendous fatigue and impending napping is bound to occur.

(These descriptions apply to when Ajaket is in the Released State, when he is in sealed state, he CANNOT perform the 'absorption' ability, however ... he CAN perform the conversion ability to materialize Grade 1 and ONLY Grade 1 metal as a blade for the hilt. It is about 2 ft long(~60.96 cm), which means the total length of the sealed sword can reach, from hilt to point, 3 and a half feet long(~106.68 cm). Blade thickness is about .1 cm(1 mm), blade width is 2 cm. This blade has the same drawback as the metal in the Released state. It breaks really easily(although it's remade pretty quickly too), and the broken portion not in contact with Aja's body or with another piece of metal in contact with Aja's body is disintegrated)

Ultimate Ability/Attack: Unknown(Will involve Ability to form Grade 9 metal; Attack involves a massive output of metal ... how or why, is yet to be described.)(Unavailable at the moment)


With this kind of an innate ability, is it even FAIR for me to have techs?
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PostSubject: Re: Geeez, would you look at the time?   Mon May 17, 2010 7:54 pm

This Is Well Done. Should Be Stickied.
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Geeez, would you look at the time?
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