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 Kush Haze

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PostSubject: Kush Haze   Mon May 17, 2010 5:57 pm

Name: Kush Haze

Rank: Vaizard Elite

Age: 19

Gender: Male

Personality: Kush is a very nice person. He would be the person to come up to you, and greet you warmly while giving you a piece of candy. He isn't the type of person to sit back and wait, he is usually doing something. He gets all his work done first, then relaxes. Even if he "chooses" what work it is, he still gets it done no matter what. Kush isn't the type of person to let punishment go easily, he is strict when it comes to buisness, but is pretty laid back either way. Kush is very random, usually saying weird things that are off the wall most the time. He is the person to usually break the tension, the first one to talk, the last one to talk insults. He is very uptight sometimes, wanting things to go his way. Even though his relaxedness cancels most of it out, he usually will put his thoughts in any conversation, not caring if he interrupts most the time. Kush is a abismal, not caring what happens, laid back type of guy.


(This piece is optional)

Hair Color: Pick any known Color

Likes: What does your character enjoy doing?

Dislikes: What does you character hate?

Crushes: What does your character find attractive in others?


Specialties: Kush is a skilled cook and is usually at home cooking something to eat. He is a skilled swordsmen, and pratices alot with his Guns out in the forests where teh hospital is. He works on engines in his spare time.

History: Kush started out in the human world. He doesn't remember to much about it, but he does remember the faces of his family. There was... His sister, his mother, and his dad. After that, nothing. It seemed like his family was extremely weathly, but his memory is to hazy for that. He didn't remember how he died, he remember a accident, he remember... sitting in a hospital bed... after that, nothing. Begining his life in Seireti, he started out at the academy. He was very quiet in school, always trying to get his work done and always trying to fit in the crowds. He felt like he was different somehow from everyone, maybe thats how everyone felt, but he could never shake that fact. It still haunts him really, but graduating the academy he worked with the 7th division, then got a seat with the 6th division.

After going on hollow hunting missions, he got to the top 5 in the division, gaining some respect here and there, but effortlessly getting to the top. It seemed like he could outshine everyone, his Zanpaktou was very unique, even though he couldn't release his Shikai. His zanpaktou's spirit was that of a alien looking creature, it looked like a gray really, but either way, he and his spirit were one and were extremely close. Kush even had some kind of conversation with him every day almost. "Hayashi, how's it going?" "...Kush you have things to do." "...So?" Kush was in the middle of a little spar between squad members. He wasn't having trouble, but the newbie was. After sparring, they went back to the barracks.

Kush got two the Lt. seat pretty quickly. His swordsmenship was extraordinary, his kido was all that great, but he never stopped training. After years of being at Lt, the captain of the 7th division ended up having a accident on a mission, dying in the process. Kush, being a great canidate, was appointed Captaincy after showing that his Zanpaktou infact had reached bankai level, and beat most of the runner ups for the seat. His whole universe was basically devoted to the 7th Captained seat, being very close to the members and to the SS.

After years of serving, he was told of another form, a form that used the abilities of a hollow. This hollow form has a "Hollow MAsk", enabling the user to use cero and gain a new hieght of power. After trying very hard with in the reality, Kush was forced to fight his "Inner Hollow" called Kushii. He fought long and hard in this world of tree's, resembling his bankai, and eventually won putting his inner hollow at rest. Now, Kush wanders around the plains trying to live with the rest of the "Vaizard Ones", living in peace.

Picture of Character: Avatar

Sample Chapter: The fairly tall man walked through the lush green forest. The smells of fresh leaves and dew in the air leaves a faint smile on his face. He could here the low whisper of a creek nearby, the smell of crisp clean water hitting his nose every so often. He loved nature, even though deep down his heart was filled with sludge and grime. His love for life was ironic enough for his love of death. Even though he doesnt take life's for no reason. He is a complex man, and his complexity leaves him to where he is today. In a deep, wonderful forest with no where to go. The man doesnt look back though. He believes that everything happens for a reason and the reason "abnormal" things happen to him is to make him stronger. He laughs at the thought. Maybe things that happen abnormally happen because he makes them happen. He shrugs, and gazes at the sun as its rays bounce off everything. Making it seem like the sun had an eye on him. He smiles, looking up at the sky. Its white hue's smearing across the light blue sky. He looks back down and keeps heading down his own path. Leading to where? He doesnt know, but what he does know is that he needs to look out for rogue ninja. They're not to much of a problem, but sneak attacks are fair play in a world without rules. His path takes him to a rickity old bridge. Its wood looked rotted with a dull brown with faded in white, its posts ate'en(?) away from years of water coroding(?). "Hm." He walks onto the bridge without worry. Each step is hollow and light as he walks along the shakey crossing. He can hear the boards cracking under his feet, but pays no attention. The last couple boards buckle under his weight, but he hops up quickly, hopeing no one heard him cross. He takes a couple steps out, his eye's focused forward into another opening in dense foliadge(? cant spell today). When he enters, pushing away twigs and branchs in his route, he hears something rustling. He hops behind a tree, pulling a kunai and grasping its handle tightly. The man peaks around the tree, seeing the widen path stretch and curve into foliadge(?) it disappearing. He notices the same rustling, and hugs the tree tighter, in a striking postion. The sound gets closer. "...To big to be a rodent... not big enough to be a deer..." He points out, as the rustling turns to shuffling, and the shuffling turns to mumbling. "...I heard him! He was spotted coming in eastward, so he cant be to far." Said a short, stocky shinobi with a big ugly smile. He wore all grey, and had a two large shuriken on his back. His jet black hair slicked back like a greasers. "Well, if you were any louder..." Says another short, slightly taller young ninja. He has black hair, and wore a blue vest with grey pants. "Well come one." The greaser snaps, and they walk out the same path as the man. "Hm. My que..." He pulls another kunai, and walks silently behind them. The man had jumped onto a tree branch, with a perfect view of the two. He smiled. A part of him liked the hunt. "...I dont see him." Says the boy, looking around the area of the bridge. "..." The greaser just seems angry, looking into the forest, then back to the bridge, then the water. The man ties a exploding tag onto the kunai silently. "Lets go back. He isnt here." The greaser heads to the opening. "...Alright..." The boy says with disappointment, heading toward the opening. The man waits for the the opening, pulling another kunai and placing a exploding tag on it. When the two bend down, right when they start pushing the twigs and branchs away he leaps from the branch. Soaring through the air, he launchs the kunai with a downward swing, using the momentum to flip and land perfectly on a branch. The kunai wiz to their targets. One piercing the greaser neck, the other going into the chest of the boy. "Gack! Guh!" The greaser spits blood trying to speak. "Gack!! Garggle!!!" He spins alittle, gasping for air. "Oww!!" The boy notices the tag, and his eyes widen. "I don-... I dont..." Then BOOOM! Two large explosions occur. The man doesnt look, and hops down a few branchs, then onto the path. He starts his journey again. He wonders why he must run. He wonders why he cant return to the good life. Helping others. Helping the community. He realizes something, and for the first time in years he looks back. He looks back at the opening, seeing the carnage he just created. The blood splattered green leaves. The brownish crimsion dirt, brain matter mixed in with grains of soil and leafs. He realizes why he can no longer go back to the peaceful community. He realizes why he cant go back to have a family. He knew why he had killed his best friend... The minute he is angered... there would be no rules... no holding back... no regrets... His eyes wide, and facial features without expression. He holds back tears... and walks down the same, going no where path... the path of a missing ninja.
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PostSubject: Re: Kush Haze   Tue May 18, 2010 6:11 am

Your history of how you became a vaizard is rather shaky.. Considering you just said that he somehow fought with his inner hollow and his soul chain didn't get cut or get tested on by a mad scientist or something like that.. It just doesn't explain it all that way, and your app is good enough for a normal vizard, I guess.. You also overuse "He" when you write, and split them up into paragraphs.. IT's easier to read that way.. Fix your history, then after that, I'll check this out again and see if you improve your RP sample a bit..
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Kush Haze
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