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 Hayashii - Forest

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PostSubject: Hayashii - Forest   Mon May 17, 2010 5:58 pm

Name: Hayashi - Forest


Release Phrase: "Show them the Darkest of Worlds... Hayashi"

Family: Nature/Illusion

Level: Bankai

Sealed Zanpaktou:


Shikai Ability: Kush will be able to control and manipulate most nature around him mentally. He can make root systems that tunnel under intense conditions, even in air and water (airoponics and hydro/bubbleponics). His blade will disperse a special soil, that on contact with air or water, will grow roots. These roots are extremely strong and wide, being about 6-7 ft in diameter. They grow at a rapid pace, but cannot support the actual tree/plant systems that go with the roots. The roots are about as strong as steel, but can only grow a short distance at about 15-20 feet. They create a tip and spin around to create spear like projectiles. Controlling the plant life around him, he will be able to create many different types of anti-venom and poisons alike, even though poisons will be smaller less affective poison. (Like paralyzing, sight affected, hearing affected, memory forgetting, etc. Nothing like the person dies. Antidotes, enhancments, etc.) He can make whips out of vines, he can make grass into tiny missle like projectiles, etc. He can distribute the greenish, super nutrious mist at will in small areas.

Bankai: His doubled bladed Zanpaktou will gain a green glowish color, always creating a mist like chemical that makes plants grow at a extreme rate, making them grow to their full potential in seconds. This mist will spread wildly around the area. His hydroponic and airoponics double, making it so he can create a forest on a whim.

Bankai Ability: A large and tightly woven forest will grow around a radius of a half a mile or so. The size matters on Kush and the enviroment. If there in a enviroment that has no support for wildlife, Kush will create withen the mist that comes with his Zanpaktou, and create a soil thats super nutrious, and can stablize wildlife for long periods of time. The forest can even stablize themselves off reiastsu, making it so the forest can appear in mid air. The forest is extremely humid and hot, creating a small pathways and low air space. The forest is extremely dark, only being able to see through the small openings of the top from the sun. Trapped withen the forest is something of a death wish. The forest itself is alive, being tree's and wildlife. The forest is a full illusionary world, in and out, that works off full kinetic or reiatsu or reishi energy. The energy will affect the forest in a way, and create a illusion to keep itself safe. It can, on some occasions, cloak itself and Kush, leaving the opponent out in the "open". The tree's itself create a type of resin thats intuned to reiatsu, and will feed off that source of reiatsu if possible, as long as the source is in the forest or 10-15ft around the tree. The trees are almost as strong as the 3rd strongest thing in the world, and are extremely tall at about 30ft. The treels are about 6-9ft in diameter. The resin is also a reiatsu deflectant, deflecting fire, ice and other harmful natural elements that affect it to a point. Reiatsu based attacks will not be stopped, but will be aten or torn apart or weakend from the resin. Shikai attacks will be stopped fully, while bankai attacks will be weakend and decompsed while travelling, in pursuit, or forming/gathering. The plants and tree's will be fully under Kush's control. Kush can make illusions or the tree's themselves will make illusions to protect themselves. He can make full blown antidotes to most poisons and venoms, make enhancment concoxtions. (Like paralyzing, sight affected, hearing affected, memory forgetting, etc. Nothing like the person dies. Antidotes, enhancments, etc.) Kush can move about the forest freely, by illusion, and knowing the forest completely.


Haidoroponikku - Hydroponics and Aeroponics
(This is in more depth description about the hydroponic, airoponic that the blade uses. Its more for me to read anyway.) This uses the super nutrious soil that Kush has. When a large amount of the soil is in a body of water, root systems will grow extremely fast and absorb most/all the water used. Then, new forests will grow from that large body of water, or will counter attack by cutting through the body of water. The forest floor will be sturdy on water from the soil and roots that make the forest. The same things happen in air. The soil will be applied to the air, the mist and soil that comes from Kush's Zanpaktou will make roots grow extremely fast, eventually hitting the ground and continuing to grow downward. Even in mid-air, the roots will be able to survive off of the mist that super nutrious.

Tenkei - The Gift of Nature
Kush will be able to use the suns energy or reiatsu to create energy blasts. In Shikai, Kush can mimic a photosynthetis and build up large amounts of energy onto his blades. The blades can now shoot a large blast of energy (like a cero) with about a equal strength to one. In bankai, the tree's will store up massive amounts of energy to there trunks. Kush can launch several blasts from different directions with this, and/or, shoot out one very large blast of energy all at once. The blasts in Shikai can be guided through plant life, and shot from different places with plant life. These attacks can be shot from anypoint out of a tree trunk or plant life.
Charge: The tree's continuely make energy, due to them being trees, but will have to charge for three posts after 3+ blasts. There can be a minimum of 4 blasts all together. (So each blast has a one post charge.)

Toudo - Frozen Soil
Using the resin that the tree's create normally, the roots will start to emite this resin. The resin will stick to most of the earth around the whole forest, creating roots that literally "stick" to the earth/sand around it, making the tree's almost impossible to move. The resin is almost as strong as the bacteria "Caulobacter Crescentus", which creates the worlds strongest "glue". After moving deep into the earth and supporting the root systems fully, the resin will slowly begin its way up to the surface. The ground will begin to mist up, creating a large fog of greenish mist. This mist can rise to about 5ft or so above the ground, and start to collect reiatsu from the source. The tree's will become slightly stronger as well, being filled on the inside of the tree's "veins" with the substance. The forest will have about a 40yard coverage from the support out side of the tree lines, and the mist will come up in the forest and about 10ft or so out of the forest.
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Ajaket Diashi


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PostSubject: Re: Hayashii - Forest   Mon May 31, 2010 11:41 pm

Sonova. Approved.
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Hayashii - Forest
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