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 Ink Seal

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PostSubject: Ink Seal   Fri May 21, 2010 2:12 am

Name: Ink Seal

Release Phrase: Art is the spring of life.

Represent: Human

Element: ink

Sealed Description: A small paint brush. A small oak brush with horse hair on one end and the other end a sharp point. Along the side of the brush the word Masterpiece is inscribed in Spanish with gold lettering. The brushes length is about a foot long and the diameter is and 8th of an inch. Though it appears to be slender like a twig this small brush is as hard as a diamond. Axel always keeps the brush when not being used in a compartment in his sleeves.

Released Description the brush turns into a giant paint brush size about Axels’ height with a blade on one end and brush on the other. The Brush is still the same material as before an oak but the width of the brush is increased to an inch in a half. The word “Masterpiece” had changed to a solid black letters that form the words Death brush which is inscribed in Spanish as well on both sides of the brush. While In the released form there is a strap compartment that is on axels back where he can store his brush if no needed.

Ultimate Ability/Attack: By expelling all of the ink from his body and adding a small amount from the brush itself Axel produces about one hundred gallons of ink that he has the ability to manipulate with movements of his hands and eyes. By shutting his eyes he can compress the ink into a large sphere around his body about twenty feet in diameter that is able to stand up to most physical attacks. Also, if he moves his hands in certain motions he is able to wrap the ink around his limbs so that they are extended into eight tentacles that can solidify and liquefy at will. These tentacles length are maxed out at a total of twenty feet each. The ink used for these abilities are moderately corrosive and therefore cause a burning of the skin layer upon contact, though if someone were to simply dive into the sphere a massive amount of damage would be dealt depending on how long the person in question in question remains there.

Innate Ability: Axel is able to produce supplies for art. His sweat glands have the ability to produce a seemingly limitless supply amount of ink. The amount is actually limited to the amount of water he has in his body but an over use is not a way for him to become dehydrated. In addition to this, he can rip off layers of his skin to use as a type of high quality canvas paper that is extremely durable under extreme conditions, including it being both fire and water proof. Again this amount of paper is limited to his amount of skin but this taken skin is a collection of the dead cells on the outermost layer of his body so that is will not expose his muscle layer or cause an immense amount of bleeding.

Tech 1
Name: demon sketch
Effect: By drawing a crude to detailed picture of one of the following Axel is able to summon up demi-hollow(s) that he has total influence over. The types of hollows are as follows; A Bat, An Elephant, and A two headed dog. Only one type of hollow is able to be summoned at a time and the number of hollows depends on how long the technique is charged. Each turn charged is a hollow added to the total number summoned with a max of three at a time.
Duration/Cool Down: Hollows last for either 3 turns or until they are slaughtered / 4 turn recharge

Tech 2
Name: Camo
Effect: axel would use his ink from his sweat glands at a constant rate to cover his body like a chameleon to blend in to his surroundings.
Duration/Cool Down: max of 4 turns / cool down of 6 turns

Tech 3
Name: Acid weapons
Effect: Axel would draw a simple weapon it turns real but made out of only ink. The blade can only be held by Axel for the duration otherwise the weapon will melt back to acid ink. When the blade takes an impact to an object the ink splashes over its opponent weapon or body and burns the person with a highly corrosive amount of damage that can melt through skin and muscle if used against a normal person and causing severe burning and loss of flesh against an elite.
Duration/Cool Down: 3 turns / 4 turns

Rules in making Techs:
0-119 points: 3 techs
120-239: 4 techs
240-359: 5 techs
360-479: 6 techs.... and so on and so fourth... you can add more techs as your points go up.
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Ajaket Diashi


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PostSubject: Re: Ink Seal   Sun May 23, 2010 10:34 pm

It would have been much more preferable to see your Resurrection's name in Spanish, but then again that isn't mandatory.

Anyhow, let's begin. :3

Intriguing choice of a release phrase, makes me think about Oscar Wilde, yet I don't know why. Your element is fine, since it isn't one of those unique illogical ones that end up being overpowered(Time, being an example ... or Gravity ... and so on and so forth). About your representation, YOU sir are the first person I've seen to make the representation of their Resurrection to be that of a human ... I'm not sure if that's good or bad, but there's no rule against that so it's fine also :3

However, there are few points of concern about your brush's sealed and released states

"Though it appears to be slender like a twig this small brush is as hard as a diamond."

Nope, nuh uh. 'As hard as Diamond' doesn't mean much on the spiritual plane, and indestructibility(or even close to it) is highly questionable. I mean, making it extraordinarily tough despite its appearance is fine, but please keep in mind that it IS breakable(though it'd take more than bending it or a knife). No edit necessary, just a small detail you'll need to remember for yourself.

"While In the released form there is a strap compartment that is on axels back where he can store his brush if no needed."

I'm confused ... in the released state, your brush ends up being as large as you are ... and you say there is a compartment? Store? Back? The connotations of these respective words implies that you carry quite a large bag on your back that you shove this thing into ... mind elaborating for my confused mind, please?

About your ultimate ability/attack and any corrosive 'ink' you make ... how severe is it against elite level characters ... and how well does it fare against arrancar hierro? I would much like to see rates of which the effectiveness of the substance is explained. Until then your third technique and ultimate ability are not approved.

About your first technique ... it takes a single post/bout for you to charge up and procure an ink beast/demon? That's what I seem to be getting from reading your descriptions. So if you waited up to three posts, you could release three creatures(which is your purported maximum) ... is this right? So then, the beasts(each one after being created) last up to three posts ... but ... about the cooldown/recharge.

Does this apply after you've summoned all your beasts? Say if you charge for one and then released it due to needing it immediately, and then began charging for another ... is that feasible? If so, when does it halt so that the cooldown is more effective? Again, just elaboration about the charge, duration, and cooldown of your technique is needed, beyond that it's fine.

Your second tech is also fine.

Please, try to answer the questions posed above and I'll see to it that your Res gets an approval if the answers are satisfactory :3
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Ink Seal
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