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 Kurumu Hikari

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PostSubject: Kurumu Hikari   Fri May 21, 2010 4:03 pm

Bountou Registration

Name: Kurumu Hikari

Rank: Kiser (Leader of Race)

Age: 60 (Late teens)

She is of average height and thin build. Her skin is a soft pinkish colour and her hair white or extremely pale Blue. Her eyes themselves are a more deep blue and are playful, alight with mirth. She has a heart-shaped face and her hair is straight, two bangs falling either side of her face.

On her head she wears a dark blue witch hat with a gold inlay. She also wears a tank top/bra of dark blue with gold inlay (yes there's a pattern emerging!) Around her waist is a skirt with a black overskirt. The dark blue underskirt falls to about her knees from which an under-underskirt sprouts. This is black too. Have I confused you yet?

She also wears black thigh-high suspenders with gold inlay on those two. Her shoes are surprisingly black pumps with golden anklets as the laces. And as a final touch, a broad necklace that holds her tank top (bra) up.

After this we have a staff of wood with an orange crystal mounted in the top. Oh and black gloves. Skin tight of course.

Gender: Female

She is playful and very sexually suggestive. She tends to make men do what she likes by flirting with them. She is one of those girls that likes to take the piss out of anyone and anything. She is also chronically lazy. You would not think her the type to even consider fighting. She's the type to offload anything onto someone else.

For instance, she'll off a loan of money onto a friend or enemy then walk away without a backward glance. In short, she can be a jerk in this respect. She's very much not into taking responsibility at all. She's not grown up at all in her 60 years of life.

However, she enjoys eating the souls of humans simply because it keeps her looking 19 forever. Something that every woman would kill to have. However, she does it as little as possible. She thinks that killing too many humans would bring the wrath of hell upon them. It was a strange predicament she found herself in when she first discovered she was a bount.

However, she can be determined. When one can get her to do something, she WILL do it. When she turns her full force on a task the results can be...invigorating.


Hair Color: Extremely pale blue or white.

Her looks
Her hair
Sleeping in
Shojo Manga

Rude people
People who insult her Doll
"Stupid" fights
Being told what to do
Being made fun of

Crushes: None


Specialties: Being lazy and dodging moves. She's known for her speed.

Kurumu's history begins in Tokyo in the 1940s. She was a well looked after baby, considering all things. She was known throughout the city as a girl who would play mean pranks on people because they got things she didn't. This was the war and such antics were soon cut down: Her father was in Nagasaki when US bombers dropped Little Boy on it. This was the Atomic Bomb, one of the only two used in history. On the 6th of August 1945, Kurumu found out that war was truly horrible.

Her mother was distraught of course. The only reason she kept herself alive was for the sake of her daughter. However, when Kurumu was 18 and settled in a small apartment on Okinawa, her mother turned a gun on herself and died in 1959. Kurumu was saddened by this but in her early days, was deeply religious towards Christianity. She believed her parents were with each other in Heaven and so, wasn't too unhappy for too long.

However, Kurumu was only alive for one more year before she discovered that she was a Bount. Suddenly, she discovered that she could keep herself young forever. That year, in a sunny august, Kurumu found her Doll, Tesla.

For a while, she considered that she was the only Bount in the world. She'd never met another bount in all her years. So, she set about looking for another Bount. It took her three years but she finally found one, feeding off the soul of a young man. This young Bount became her best friend for they shared more in common than just being the same species.

These two travelled around the world, drinking souls and killing strange spirits with white masks. Kurumu did not like the beasts she sometimes saw. She and Tesla decided to kill every one that came her way. But one day she got too full of herself challenging a giant hollow.

She managed to kill it but only because her friend blocked one of its attacks with her own body. Kurumu killed the hollow with her full strength, wrapping the strings around the hollow and cutting it apart completely and utterly.

Kurumu carried her unconscious friend to a hospital where she left her. Kurumu felt too guilty to even look into her friend's eyes. But Kurumu did leave her friend with a little pendant for her to remember her by. Kurumu then left just as her friend was gaining consciousness.

She spent the next forty years running from her guilt with parties and discos and hollow hunting. She did not get with any other Bounts she came across until she felt safe around them. She then tried to find a pack in the year 2000.

She is still searching for a friend today, not knowing that her friend searches for her in turn. She wants a friend as close to her as her original friend was.

Picture of Character:
Commissions ftw xD

Sample Chapter:

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Ajaket Diashi


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PostSubject: Re: Kurumu Hikari   Fri May 21, 2010 7:14 pm

All right then, just edit/post in your history later so the approval is verified.

For now, the rest of the sheet is fine :3 Pending APPROVAL until History arrives.
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Kurumu Hikari
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